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The European Union and Communism

"The forces, the red forces are gathering within the Eternal City of Rome and throughout all of Europe, My children. Unless man turns back quickly, blood shall flow in the streets. Revolution shall come, and many shall die. The world is entering a time of great trial. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer, My children." - Our Lady, September 7, 1976


(excerpt from American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character by Diana West):


We see this all over the European Union, once the central battlefield of the Cold War. With a new constitution known as the Lisbon Treaty, the EU has become a supranational federal state led by an unelected president and foreign minister, exerting concrete control over the rights of over five hundred million citizens. With its rigid centralization, unelected ruling body, flagrant corrup­tion, and, recently, colossal states of bankruptcy, the governing structure the EU most closely resembles is the old USSR—"though admittedly only a pale copy," as onetime Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky is quick to explain. Still, Bukovsky, a self-described "ex-convict," sees chilling parallels, for exam­ple, in the police powers of Europol, particularly in the force's diplomatic im­munity. Bukovsky writes, "A policeman with diplomatic immunity can come in, take whatever he likes, beat you up, and you can't even sue him. EuroPol will police us on 32 criminal counts, 2 of which are particularly interesting because they don't exist in the penal codes of any other country. One is 'racism' and the other is 'xenophobia.'"[1]

Bukovsky further notes that "the authorities"—the unelected commission­ers (commissars?) who run the EU—have already indicated that opposition to EU immigration policy, for example, may count as "racism," while opposing further integration of Europe may trigger a "xenophobia" alert. With Europol up and running—and did I mention that the EU has also streamlined country-to-country extradition?—who needs to go to the trouble of setting up a Gulag?

After all, one thing the rise and fall of the Soviet Union demonstrates is that the Gulag is a cumbersome means of social control—in the end, more trouble than it was worth to the dictatorship. (Then again, as a source of slave labor, the Gulag remains unsurpassed.) Today, turning one individual into an example seems to be all that's necessary to keep the citizenry in line. We've already seen a series of recent precision prosecutions for speech "violations" in the Netherlands (Geert Wilders), Denmark (Lars Hedegaard), Austria (Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff), and elsewhere. Even when these trials end in acquittal, the time, expense, and wear and tear on the spirit do wonders to check the voice of the people, any people. On these relatively narrow shoulders of repression, then, central state power rises.

According to the Soviet-era archive Bukovsky amassed by copying thou­sands of classified Kremlin documents in 1992, these Soviet-lite developments in Europe are not accidental. Rather, as Bukovsky discovered in the minutes of secret meetings that would continue until shortly before the December 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union, we are seeing the results of "convergency" plan­ning by Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987 to create an EU-USSR "counterbalance" to the United States. In an extraordinary Moscow meeting in January 1989 between Gorbachev and members of the Trilateral Commission—David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Yasuhiro Nakasone, and Valery Giscard d'Estaing—recreating Europe from "the Atlantic to the Urals," as Kissinger sweepingly put it, was discussed there before the treaties to make such a Euro­pean superstate were drafted.[2] Twenty years later, after the Lisbon Treaty was finally ratified—after being rejected in three separate referenda—English-language Pravda, of all publications, published a column highlighting similari­ties between the EU government and the USSR government, in particular their powers to check individual rights. The headline was an attention grabber: TWENTY YEARS AFTER THE FALL OF THE BERLIN WALL, THE EU IS A REINCARNA­TION OF THE FORMER SOVIET UNION. [3]

Given that Europe was the primary theater of the Cold War—a war that was plenty "hot" at times[4]—this is quite a mind-boggling concept. Then there's the leadership. The EU's first foreign minister—appointed in Politburo-style secrecy by its governing body, the European Commission—is Baroness Cathe­rine Ashton. Not even the baronial crest awarded her by Tony Blair's Labor government in 1999 hides the fact that Ashton is the former treasurer of the British organization Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), a Marxist-infiltrated, Communist-led organization deemed "communist and subversive" by MI5 for its Cold War-era efforts to disarm Britain, force U.S. cruise missiles off British bases, and decouple Europe generally from the U.S.-led NATO alliance—the latter a point of Soviet strategy documented in Bukovsky's bless­edly purloined archive.[5]Ashton's tenure coincided with the final, covert Soviet drive of the Cold War, the Moscow-orchestrated and Soviet-bloc-funded "peace movement" to strip the West of its tactical superiority in nuclear weaponry. In other words, in answer to the question, "What did you do in the Cold War, Mummy?" the baroness would have to include the fact that she advanced the cause of the Other Side. Then again, has "convergency" reached a stage where we still recognize there was one?

Gerard Batten, member of the European Parliament for the United King­dom Independence Party, laid out the case against Ashton's appointment pub­licly, concluding, "CND was, knowingly or unknowingly, the Soviet Union's Fifth Column, and its senior members were either traitors or what Lenin called 'useful idiots.'" As for Baroness Ashton, he wrote, "She, who would have uni­laterally removed Britain's nuclear defenses, will now direct the foreign and defense policies of Europe's nuclear powers: Britain and France."[6] Not only did Batten's plaint not stir outrage, it failed even to lift an eyebrow.        

Meanwhile, if Ashton denies she was herself ever a Communist, not so seven of twenty-seven members of the European Commission, the unelected supercouncil Bukovsky likens to the old Soviet Politburo.[7] Among the commission's recycled revolutionaries is its president, Jose Barroso, who, while Baroness Ashton was a top official of the CND in Britain, was himself a leader of an underground Maoist revolutionary party in Portugal in the 1970s. This was a period, Batten notes, "when such parties were directed from Beijing in the same way as the Communist Parties were controlled by Moscow." Another commissioner, Joaquin Almunia, who currently belongs to the Marxist wing of the Socialist Workers Party in Spain, was a minister (1986-91) in the "fanati­cally pro-Kremlin" government of Felipe Gonzalez. Batten writes that this Spanish government "enthusiastically supported the Soviet project of the cre­ation of a 'common European home.' [and] also opposed the independence of the Baltic states." The should-be shocking litany goes on, as Batten elaborates on six more EU commissioners with notable Communist associations.[8]

The European Parliament, to say the least, was unmoved by Batten's toc­sin, validating Bukovsky's comparison of that body to the old USSR's mori­bund, rubber-stamp Supreme Soviet.[9] Indeed, the empowerment of longtime Communists and Soviet sympathizers in Europe's new superstate is non-news everywhere. Maybe the apathy is itself another consequence of our struggle-cum-encounter with Communism: The West has been down-to-the-nub ex­hausted, bored, or to-its-very marrow co-opted by the whole experience.

Such ennui, if that's the right term, is no match for the persistent animus toward capitalism, individualism, and "bourgeois" culture that, again, seem­ingly paradoxically, has long outlasted the rotted Soviet superstructure. Indeed, in the person of President Barack Hussein Obama, two decades after the disin­tegration of the USSR, such animus pulses through his administration.

Of course, here I am talking about Barroso the Maoist, and Ashton the fel­low traveler, and Almunia the Marxist, and assorted apparatchiks running Megastate Europe, and I imagine readers nodding along, not registering any upset at all over the terminology I've chosen. In other words, the ideological labels I have affixed to these European figures have violated no intense, doctrinal taboos.


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[5] Ian Gallagher and Daniel Boffey, "U's New 'Foreign Minister' Cathy Ashton Was Treasurer of CND," [UK] Mail Online, November 21, 2009.

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[9] The European Parliament mainly exists to vote on European Commission bills. It is not empowered to introduce legislation.


"There is a massive web of evil now fanning out from a nucleus of power. There is a plan now to engulf your world into a united center of power with a central head of man--man uniting all nations into a common dictatorship, man seeking to discard My House and set up one to his own liking and nature. I allow you to proceed but for a short time.” – Jesus, December 24, 1976


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