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Our Lady of the Roses spoke to President Reagan, warning him to stop communist plans against the United States

"My child, let the world know that Nicaragua is a center point for the capitulation of the United States of America and Canada. Already there are plans afoot, and in the making, with missiles and all dire instruments of destruction. These plans are being formulated from Nicaragua, to go into Mexico, and thereupon into the United States." - Our Lady of the Roses, June 18, 1987

"You see, My child and My children, I am sure that with My attempts to approach your President of the United States [Ronald Reagan]. . . . Yes, My child, though he is not of the Faith, I have approached him.  He heard My voice. He heard My voice but cannot speak of it. He does not understand the fully supernatural.  I asked him to be sure that he does not let the evil go from the shores of Nicaragua, and also cut off all the supplies in the Persian Gulf.  You understand, My children, that what you read in your newspapers are not fully the truth.  They are, also, guarded well by a group named the Illuminati." - Our Lady of the Roses, June 18, 1987

Shortly after the message above was given by Our Lady of the Roses, a Los Angeles promoter of Our Lady's message, David Martin, arranged that a packet containing Our Lady of the Roses message be given to Ronald Reagan's brother, who agreed to personally convey this information to President Reagan.  After receiving the information, President Reagan had the Secret Service contact David Martin by phone. After confirming Mr. Martin's identity, the Secret Service agent informed Mr. Martin that the President of the United States wished to speak with him. In this telephone conversation, the President thanked Mr. Martin, said that he had gone through all the literature and added, "I will do my best to serve Him."

The fact that the White House did call David Martin was verified by a TV show called "The Reporters" (which investigated this claim).  The White House phone records indeed confirm that this telephone call was made to David Martin.

In 1984 Ronald Reagan said, “The time has come to turn back to God and reassert our trust in Him for the healing of America. This means that all of us who acknowledge a belief in our Judeo-Christian heritage must reaffirm that belief and join forces to reclaim those great principles.”

According to the CBS News special commemorating President Reagan, "When it came to the Russians, it was always 'High Noon.'" President Reagan did heed Our Lady of the Roses warning about communism, and his docility to the requests of Our Lady of the Roses should be an inspiration to us all. 


Was the "mysterious nurse" really Our Lady of the Roses?

According to an article by WorldNetDaily.com:

As Reagan was fighting for his life after being shot by John Hinckley March 30, 1981, he was having trouble breathing. His skin had turned so pale, Nancy Reagan remembers, "He was the color of paper – just as white as a sheet, with dried blood around his mouth."
     Reagan later recalled looking up from the gurney and praying. Half-conscious, he realized someone was holding his hand.
     "It was a soft, feminine hand," he writes in his autobiography, "An American Life." "I felt it come up and touch mine and then hold on tight to it. It gave me a wonderful feeling. Even now I find it difficult to explain how reassuring, how wonderful, it felt."
     Despite great efforts to find out who was holding his hand, no one in the hospital could help the president.
     Reagan's children believe those mysterious nurses that helped pull their father through this life-threatening ordeal were angels.
     "Patty believes they were angels, and so do I," said Michael Reagan, who wrote the foreword to "Hand of Providence."
     The president had experienced a similar event when he was critically ill with viral pneumonia many decades before. He had been working on a movie with Shirley Temple when he became gravely sick.
     In his autobiographical book, "Where's the Rest of Me?" he described days and nights of shivering with chills and burning with fever. His temperature kept rising, and it was difficult to breathe.
     "Finally I decided I'd be more comfortable not breathing," recalled Reagan. "I don't know what time of night it was when I told the nurse I was too tired to breathe. 'Now let it out,' she'd say. 'Come on now, breathe in once more.'"
     This went on all night, and Reagan says he decided to keep breathing out of courtesy to the nurse.
     Once again, despite his efforts to thank the mysterious nurse, Reagan could never locate her. This led family members to consider other possibilities – such as angelic visitations. ("Did angels intercede to save Reagan's life?" WorldNetDaily.com, March 11, 2004)

            Was President Reagan's "mysterious nurse" really Our Lady of the Roses?

President Reagan's televised funeral service was at the Washington National Cathedral on June 11, 2004.  The very first song was the AVE MARIA sung in Latin by Ronan Tynan, an Irish Tenor.  It was  composed by Franz Peter Schubert (1797-1828).  Surely Our Lady of the Roses was close to the heart of Ronald Reagan.




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