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Should patens be used to catch particles of the Sacred Host during Mass?


1.  About the purpose of using a paten:
The use of patens during Holy Communion are two-fold:  1. First the patens are used to catch the Sacred Host that may inadvertently drop during distribution.    2. The second purpose is to catch particles that may fall from the Sacred Host during Communion.

2.  Whether each Particle is the True Presence:
"Christ is present in every Particle of the consecrated Host and of the consecrated wine, when separated from the rest." - Council of Florence DB 698. CT 717
"If anyone denies that the Venerable Sacrament of the Eucharist that Christ is present under every part of each Species when separated, let him be anathema." - Council of Trent DB 885 CT 730

3.  Whether the Church Fathers were concerned about each Particle:
What does St. Augustine say:
"Each receives Christ the Lord, and He is entire in each portion.  He is not diminished by being given to many, but gives Himself whole and entire to each." (The Catechism of the Council of Trent, "Christ Whole and Entire Present in Every Part of Each Species." p. 235)

4.  Whether Sacred Scripture refers to Particles of the Sacred Host:
During the multiplication of the loaves, which is a prefigurement of the Holy Eucharist, in John 6:12 it says, "And when they had eaten their fill, He told His disciples, 'Gather up the fragments left over, that nothing may be lost.'"
During the multiplication of the loaves in St. Matthew's Gospel 14:20, it states, "And they took up twelve baskets full of the broken pieces left over."

5. Whether it is scrupulosity to be concerned about each Particle:
What would St. Therese, patron of missionaries, do if she found a Particle on a paten?
    "Once when St. Therese of Lisieux saw a small Particle of a Host on the paten after Holy Mass, she called the novices, and then carried the paten in procession into the sacristy with gracious, adoring comportment that was truly angelic."
    What would St. Teresa Margaret do if she found a Particle on the floor?
    "When St. Teresa Margaret found a Fragment of a Host on the floor near the altar, she broke into tears because she thought about the irreverence that might be shown to Jesus, she knelt in adoration before the Particle until a priest came to take It and put It in the tabernacle."
    What would St. Charles Borromeo, patron of seminarians, do if he accidentally dropped a Particle?
    "Once when St. Charles Borromeo was distributing Holy Communion, he inadvertently dropped a Sacred Particle from his hand.  The saint considered himself guilty of grave irreverence to Jesus, and was so afflicted that for four days he had not the courage to celebrate Holy Mass, and as a penance he imposed an eight-day fast on himself!" (
The above three quotes are taken from, Jesus Our Eucharistic Love by Father Stefano Manelli, O.F.M. Conv., S.T.D.)

6. Whether Church documents support the care of Particles or not:
"Priests and deacons must remember that the service of the table of the Bread of the Lord imposes on them some special obligations which refer in the first place to Christ Himself present in the Eucharist and secondly to all who actually participate in the Eucharist or who might do so.  With regards to the first, perhaps it will not be superfluous to recall the words of the Pontificale which on the day of the ordination the bishop addresses to the new priest as he hands to him on the paten and in the chalice bread and wine offered by the faithful and prepared by the deacon: Accipe oblationem plebis sanctae Deo oferendam.  Agnosce quod agis, imitare quod tractabis, et vitam tuam mysterio dominicae crucis conforma."  It is from this admonition that the priest's attitude in handling the bread and wine which have become the body and blood of the Redeemer should draw its inspiration. Thus it is necessary for all to examine carefully our actions at the altar, in particular the way in which we handle the food and drink which are the body and blood of the Lord in our hands: the way in which we distribute Holy Communion; the way in which we perform purification." (Dominicae Cenae: On the Mystery and Worship of the Eucharist p. 26-27)
    "Even after Communion the Lord remains present under the species.  Accordingly, when Communion is distributed, sacred Particles remaining are to be consumed or taken by the competent minister to the place where the Eucharist is reserved." (Inaestimabile Donum: Instruction Concerning Worship of the Eucharistic Mystery p. 9)
    "In Memoriale Domini, it states, 'the precepts of the Church and the documents of the Fathers amply testify that the deepest reverence and the greatest prudence have been shown with regard to the Holy Eucharist,' and continue to be shown.  Especially in the manner of receiving Holy Communion some points indicated by experience should be most carefully observed.  Let the greatest diligence and care be taken particularly with regard to fragments, which perhaps break off the Hosts.  This applies to the minister and to the recipient whenever the Sacred Host is placed in the hands of the communicant." (Immensae Caritatis: Instruction on Sacramental Communion in Particular Circumstances issued by the Sacred Congregation for the Discipline of the Sacraments 1973, p. 11.)


The amazing Bayside Prophecies

"My child, I know you are in wonderment of why Michael is holding the chalice with anxiety. I must tell you: within the chalice in Michael's hands are the Hosts collected from throughout the world that had been discarded by the faithless. I have asked that My Son's Body be protected upon earth. But many clergy now have cast aside My warnings from Heaven, and His Body has been placed and thrown on the floors, and into the water fonts of many of My Son's churches throughout the world." - Our Lady, May 17, 1986 

"You cannot worship, you cannot follow two masters, for one you will love, and the other you will hate or learn to hate. And is there not much hate against My Son in the world now? Is there not much derision and laughter and abominations against His divinity? Do you not take His sacred, purified Body and cast it into the water font? Do you not, in your arrogance, do you not, O pastors, protect My Son's Body, His Body that is being carried to be mocked and abused in a form of worship from satan?
     "O pastors, evil men of the cross, whatever shall become of you?" - Our Lady, February 1, 1977 

"My child, please, you must make it known to Our clergy that they are defiling My Son's Body in many ways. Disrespect and dishonor�how many tears have I shed at the sight! Only consecrated hands shall give and bring My Son to the peoples of earth, legally ordained and given the Holy Spirit�the clergy chosen by the Father to bring His Son to you! Unclean hands shall not touch My Son's Body! You must not allow My Son to be defiled any longer. No children shall carry My Son's Body in the hands! 
     "Know, My child, that only one exception can be made: when a legally ordained priest is unable to reach the dying, he will send his deacon to bring My Son to him. But only in severe trial and need, I say! Only to the dying. All others, My child, will be given the needed grace if they pray.
     "If Our clergy become deluded by satan and lax in their responsibility to My Son, they will be set in judgment before the Father for their part in the defilement of My Son's Body.
     "You must warn My clergy, My child, with your message. We are not pleased by the manner in which they honor the Son of God.
     "A thorough cleansing must be made within the House of God, the Church. Women shall not receive My Son dressed as pagans�naked, and without absolution! Many have made a farce and a meal of My Son. They come to receive Him without penance. What manner of abomination is this, My child? Mankind must do penance and prepare himself for the reception of the Host, My child." - Our Lady, December 31, 1974 

"I repeat again and again that none but a duly-ordained, legally-ordained priest in My Son's House shall bring His sacred Body in the Host to another. Foul deeds are being committed upon My Son's Body! And you allow them, neither caring..."
     Veronica - Our Lady is now reaching down to Her mantle. She is bringing it up to Her eyes, placing it over Her eyes.
     Our Lady - "My child, My heart is torn. It feels as though a thousand knives have pierced My heart. Every day another enters. How many shall console Me in My sorrow? I am truly the Mother of Sorrows. And why? Because My eyes look and watch the multitudes of My children entering into hell day by day! I cannot stem the tide now. I ask, I beseech, I plead with you as your Mother, to hold back the darkness. Fight the forces of darkness and evil that have entered upon your world." - Our Lady, November 1, 1977 


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