#42. This is a photo of the sacred vigil grounds looking out over the crowd from the Vatican Pavilion site. It was taken with a Pentax 35-mm camera by Y.H. of Brooklyn, N.Y., on August 14, 1993, the Vigil of the Assumption. But what miraculously appears on the right is a translucent image of ST. MICHAEL (facing toward the reader), all aglow in a greenish Ent, the green being the symbolic color of this highest angel.
- Note the long, greenish-white gown, the wings on the upper left and right, and the form of an arm on the right side, as he is seated (on something invisible, as it were) Just to the right of Veronica's empty chair. Also, note the brilliant radiance from his being that emanates onto Veronica's secretary, Ann Ferguson, and the pilgrims in general.
- Veronica explains that St. Michael 'is present at all the vigils, even when she is absent. His awesome countenance ensures the protection and peace of the pilgrims in prayer and preserves the solemnity of these prayer vigils of reparation from those infernal spirits who are always seeking to encroach upon these hallowed grounds. This powerful Archangel would also indicate the presence of the Heavenly Host at all the vigils of which he is prince and guardian.
- Jesus has said that this 'greatest warrior of Heaven' must be returned to His Church, in sight and in prayer. Heaven exhorts us to pray the St. Michael exorcism daily and the long form (available from address below) when possible.