Letters of Miraculous phenomena

by Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers

19th Anniversary Vigil

February 3, 1991
     I had the privilege to attend the June 18 Vigil of Our Lady of the Roses, four times '87 to '91. On June 18th, 1989 I was given a very special blessing. 
     I was praying my Rosary very devotedly, as I had a very special intention. I was attracted toward the sun, as I noticed so many were looking. The sun seemed to be shining directly onto the Sacred grounds. It was pulsing, pulsing then it began to revolve to the left, continuing to pulse and revolve around and around. 
     A very indescribable colorful ring formed around it, as it turned. As I watched and prayed, a perfect 19 formed inside the circle. I was amazed! I was seeing a special miracle before my eyes (it was the 19th anniversary of Our Lady). I watched and wondered if it would descend closer to the earth, as in the Fatima miracle of the sun. I could look directly into the sun.
     I will be forever grateful, for this blessing I received, on the 19th anniversary of our Blessed Mother's appearance there.

Ethel Swim
from Paramount, California

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