Letters of Conversions

by Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers

25 years away from the Catholic Church

Our Lady of the Roses,

     I have returned to the Church after being away for 25 years because I read the messages to Veronica and I believe.

Thank you, Veronica.

from Seattle, Washington


I work the midnight to eight shift. I am in a car all night driving around. I get the message about your web site by placing flyers on doors and windows of businesses, I leave post it notes in magazines on bank machines etc, etc, car windshields. It's my honor to do this!
     I was a lapsed Catholic for over 25 years, when I returned to the Church, I could not believe what I was seeing! Placing the Host in the hand! Even myself a former heathen knew this was wrong! It disturbs me every time I go to church to seeing people and these
     Eucharistic Ministers handing out the Host, like they are handing out candy! Another thing that bothers me is everyone seems to be going to Communion, but no one seems to be going to confession. Don't get me wrong as Saint Paul said, There is still much sin in me, but I'm trying to do what is right!
     I fail every day and I ask God for his Mercy and Forgiveness every day. Those of us in the position we are in, should be more zealous in getting out these messages, especially to our Priests and Bishops. Yours in Christ.

Former Heretic from Massachusetts
Somerville, MA


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Revised: March 27, 2010