Letters of Conversions

by Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers

40 years & 41 years away from the Catholic Church

February 23, 1989
Dear Veronica and Our Lady's workers,

     I want to tell you of two or more beautiful things that have happened to me: First, my beautiful Rosary has turned gold, and I am so happy about that. Second, my husband returned to communion after being away at least 40 years, I am so thrilled and thank Jesus and Mary for him returning to the sacraments. Third, we were in an auto accident and our car was totaled, but for the grace of Good we were both spared; I had just finished saying my Rosary about 10 minutes before the accident.
     Please put this letter at the next vigil to thank Jesus and Blessed Mother for all she has done for us.

Thank you, 
from East Syracuse, New York

August 3, 1989
Dear Veronica,
I have been going to Our Lady of the Roses shrine for 9 years now, and have been blessed in so many ways.  My husband had been away from the Church and the Sacraments for over 40 years.  The beginning of this year he started going to Church again and for Easter He went to Confession and Communion the first in over 40 years.  I thank Our Lady of the Roses, Mary help of mothers, Our Lady truely answers prayers. 
     God bless you Veronica.

from La Trobe, Pennsylvania

March 6, 1991

     Thank you for the scapulars, I really appreciate it.
     I am not sure of the exact date when I received my first paper from the Shrine, or who sent it to me?  But it was 1981-82.  After reading my first paper, I felt I had to return to the Church and sacraments.  I had been away since 1950.  I tried on & off at different churches, but couldn't find no peace or answers.  I'd lost my husband in 1980, to a heart attack, he'd just turned 50.  All we had, were 23 short years together.  I've had a hard life.  Born in 1938, my parents were chronic alcoholics, & divorced when I was in 6th grade.  Being the oldest of three children besides the [word unclear], my mother had me clean, cook, & take care of my younger brother & sisters.  I dropped out of high school in my first year, & went to work.  When I lost my younger sister in '78 to cancer, I though that was pain.  But when I lost my husband, my world ended.  I tried to commit suicide, even though I had two children.  I don't remember anything about it.  It was right after this, I received my first paper from the Shrine.  God bless whoever thought of me then.  My pain now is my two adult children, ages 27 & 32 who have no love for Our Lord & Our Lady.  My deepest wish, is to pray for them, & see them back in church with me.  I pray Sweet Jesus & Our Lady will let me live to suffer all for my sins, & to bring them back to Our Lord.  As of last year, I receive Social Security, thank God.  He heard my prayer.
     A few years ago, I sent Veronica a sterling silver Rosary.  The beads were all roses, & it was a large Rosary.  I thought it'd be nice if Our Lady would accept it, for the Shrine statue.  I never heard whether Our Lady accepted it, although I did get a thank you from one of Our Lady's workers, back then.  As it's been a few years ago I sent it, I wish now I had kept it.
     Would you do me two favors?  Would you thank Veronica for me, & ask her to pray for me & my family.  A blessing from Our Lord & Lady would be asking too much.  And would you please send me the old Shrine's papers, I would deeply appreciate it.
     I've been back to church ever since, receive the sacraments, & say a Rosary as often as I can.
     Thank you & God bless you all. Sincerely, a humble sinner,

from Sauk Village, Illinois

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