Letters of Conversions

by Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers

7 years away from the Catholic Church

Dear Veronica,

     I too have a testimonial for Bayside. As a complete skeptic I reluctantly accompanied my wife to a vigil on May 14th, 1977.
     That night was extremely cold for the middle of May. It was so cold that I gave my wife my coat along with a blanket.
     We brought a gallon of water along to be blessed just in case all of this was true.
     I took the gallon of water up to Our Lady's statue to leave it at her feet. When I got there I knelt down to say a Hail Mary and then it happened.
     On that very cold night the cement stairs that I knelt on were as hot as if they were in an oven. Immediately I rationalized this; saying, that the cement should be "stone cold" since it conducts both heat and cold. But they were hot, this didn't make any sense to me. So I said my prayer an started to go over to my wife, and the heat that I felt so strong on the stairs was in my knees, legs, feet, and my whole body. I got scared for a moment; then, as if Our Lady herself put her arms around me, I was comforted. From that moment on my life was changed, to the point of being appointed as one of Veronica's guards.
     Just as a point of interest: prior to our first vigil my wife and I were away from the Sacraments for seven years.
     So I guess two miracles happened that night.
Jesus and Mary's servant,

from New York City, New York

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Revised: March 27, 2010