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"Well, then,” the doctor blurted out, "I've got to tell you there was a miracle, because your cancer is completely gone! There is not so much as a pinhead of cancer left!”

Jack Irey's cure of cancer

"Many manifestations are given to you. It is in the merciful heart of the Eternal Father that many miracles shall be wrought for you. But blessed is he who does not see and still will believe. Believe and you shall be given the way." - Our Lady of the Roses, October 6, 1975


Jack Irey, 42, a truck driver and machine operator from New Jersey, was one among the thousands present at the June 18th, 1988 Anniversary Vigil in Flushing Meadows.

    Like hundreds of others coming for the first time that evening, Jack had come with a dogged determination to move all hearts in Heaven with his prayers. He was going to rid himself once and for all of a terrible condition that was slowly eating away at his innards. The truth was that he was a victim of a malignant cancerous growth in the stomach area. On the operating table, doctors discovered that a cantaloupe-sized tumor was growing and spreading to many vital organs in his body; that it was already too late to surgically remove it.

    In January 1988, the doctor pulled Susan, his wife, aside and privately confided that Jack's situation was hopeless, that he could not tell whether he had a day or a week left to live. Susan relates, her voice broken with emotion while fighting to suppress the tears welling in her eyes, that the only words of advice and encouragement the doctor could give her was that she knuckle down and do some serious praying.

    Initially, the doctor remained adamant in withholding the truth from Jack; however, the doctor finally leveled with him: since he was going to die one way or the other (with or without surgery on the tumor), they might as well try chemotherapy as a desperate last ditch effort. Meanwhile he'd better do a lot of praying. If Jack had previously only inklings of how far gone he was, now he knew the whole truth, and was positively frightened at the prospect of death.

Actually, the tumor had been at work for the last twenty years, but it was only in August of 1987 that his health seriously deteriorated to the point that he could no longer work or eat; he could barely drink water. He also lost much weight: he was down from 190 to a mere 150 pounds. The pain was so great that he would thrash in bed all night long, and barely get in an hour's sleep. His bones became very weak and brittle. He would actually hear them crack when he would bump into something. He lists eight broken ribs as part of his casualty list.

    Well, April finally came around, and amazingly, Jack was still valiantly clinging to life. Just after Easter, a friend gave him a Bayside rose petal, which he promptly placed in his wallet in his left back pocket. That is the side where the cancer started, and that is where his cure began. From the moment that he started carrying the rose petal, he started to feel better. In fact, he began to regain the weight he had lost. He also was able to go back to work after being home for four months.

    But the final healing was reserved for the Apparition grounds on June 18th. Though Jack had all the reason in the world to go inside the infirm circle (an enclosure especially reserved for those who are quite seriously ill or incapacitated, next to the inner circle), he preferred to sit just immediately behind it. Self-admittedly a retiring person, he would not yield to others who coaxed him to go within the infirm circle. He dissipated these promptings of others to do so with a confident, "She (the Virgin) can see me over here.”

    On being asked if he felt a spiritual uplift at the Vigil, he replied that he prayed like he never prayed before.

    After the Vigil that Saturday, Jack had a CAT scan done the following Wednesday. One week later, seeing his doctor for the results, he was amazed to hear the doctor say to him: "Do you believe in God?” Jack was quick to answer, "Yes, I believe in God."

     "Well," he went on, "did you go to any healing Masses?" Jack now starling to realize what the doctor was getting at, answered: "No, I didn't go to any healing Masses, but about two weeks ago Susan and I went to a healing Rosary." "Well, then,” the doctor blurted out, "I've got to tell you there was a miracle, because your cancer is completely gone! There is not so much as a pinhead of cancer left!”   

   Jack now weighs a hefty 205 pounds (the most he has ever weighed), and is happily back at work--something which makes his fellow workers shrug their shoulders in wonderment and say to themselves: perhaps, just perhaps, something is really going on at those prayer vigils in New York. If you ask Jack today how is he feeling, he'll tell you: "I feel great! I've never felt better in years!"

   When asked if he is a firm believer in Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers Shrine at Bayside, he's quick to respond, "I'm a believer in all that, and even more!"

    Has he grown spiritually since his cure? His answer is that he's in church a lot more now; he says his Rosary at night, and he'll never remove the three medals he received at the Shrine from around his neck. 

Jack Irey
New Jersey



Sister Mary's sight returns after she blessed her eyes with a Miraculous Rose Petal blessed by Jesus and Mary at Bayside

Dear Gary,

A happy and blessed New Year to you and your loved ones as well as all who help you in your tremendous task.

You know I had awful fear of losing my right eye because after the cataract removal surgery last year.  I was blind in my eye!  For 6 months or more I had an inch long deep red blotch in my eye that blemished my sight.  Besides a white rolling bright stream above and below was going back and forth all the time.  Reading became difficult and the recognition of faces and items was faulty.  I saw numbers and letters, not correct in format.  My heart sank.  I knew I must read and write but with disturbed vision but it wasn’t possible.  

When you sent me the packet of Directives from Heaven and the Rose Petals, I said to the Blessed Mother, if you want me to read all this precious material, help me see at least to know what you wish me and those to whom I send your guidance.  Help me to regain my vision injured by the operation.

So I blessed my eyes and put the blest Rose Petal on and tried to read the pamphlet.  Slowly I felt the sight was clearing slowly but surely.  After some reading I blessed my eyes and went to bed.  

The following morning when I put the light on in my room I saw all things clearly.  I picked up the messages and could read them well.  When I went through the entrance of the Chapel I saw I could recognize everyone and all items before me.

I thank Our Lady of the Roses, Her Son and the Trinity for this significant grace.  I already read all the directives and passed them on to everyone I felt should receive them.  Thank you!  I also sent Rose Petals to very sick relatives and friends.  God bless you for this great grace I received through your kindly help.

May this New Year shower you with an unending chain of graces and Divine love from the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, through Our Precious Heavenly Mother!

With love and prayers,

Sister Mary

Our Lady of the Roses Bayside messages: 
These messages came from Jesus, Mary, and the saints to Veronica Lueken at Bayside, NY, from 1968 to 1995

"I hear all the entreaties of your hearts, My children. Some I will cure, others must carry their crosses. Do not misunderstand My words, My children. Those who will carry their crosses will be doubly blessed. We have asked for victim souls in these dark days. Carry your crosses, My children, with purpose. Offer your sufferings with My Son, Who suffered much for you." - Our Lady, March 25, 1972 

"Many manifestations are given to you. It is in the merciful heart of the Eternal Father that many miracles shall be wrought for you. But blessed is he who does not see and still will believe. Believe and you shall be given the way." - Our Lady, October 6, 1975

"Many miracles and cures, cures of the body and cures of the spirit shall be given. Much shall be rejected, for so deep is the evil." - Jesus, August 21, 1976

"Priests in the houses of My Son, why do you waste your time trying to disprove My warnings to the world? You are rationalizing My supernatural manifestations. Pride and arrogance have set many onto the road to destruction, soul destruction." - Our Lady, December 24, 1974

"Many miracles in photographs, My children, shall be given. They will encourage you in the battle ahead." - Our Lady, September 28, 1977

"I bless you all, My children, as My Son blesses you in the Father and in the Holy Spirit. He will send among you the Spirit of light. Many miracles in cures and conversions shall come upon you to bear witness to the Message from Heaven." - Our Lady, June 4, 1977

"You must keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your world. You will meet with great opposition in this struggle; the Message from Heaven will meet with great opposition. My children, We ask of you obedience to your God; We ask of you obedience to the Message from Heaven.
   "Many miracles, cures, and conversions shall be given in the name of the Eternal Father for the promotion of the mission upon earth." - Our Lady, May 30, 1977

"We are permitting at this time manifestations and evidence of miracles, more abundant than ever in the past history of your world. This is a means We shall use to fight the armies of satan. I promise, as the Mother of God and Queen of Heaven, to bestow upon all who come to My sacred grounds, powers within their sacramentals for cure and conversion." - Our Lady, March 18, 1973

"The Father sends many graces upon you. He has chosen this center of atonement with great purpose. Many will be saved. Many miracles of cures and conversions will go forth through the world from these hallowed grounds. The cause of Heaven shall not be stopped. The well of curing will arise, and man will not stop the waters from flowing.
   "Know well, man, that you cannot defy the Father, for it is in the will of the Father that this land be claimed for the salvation of souls. All who come to these hallowed grounds, My child, will receive graces in abundance, graces of cure and conversion. The crippled shall walk, the blind shall see. Those in darkness shall come forward into the light." - Our Lady, February 1, 1974

"No man shall stand as judge upon these grounds. No man shall set himself above the Father, for what takes place in sacredness upon the grounds shall be directly from the Father and His merciful heart. Cures, conversions, and many manifestations, miracles in the eyes of mankind, shall take place. Many shall be rejected. But know, My child, the weakness of mankind. Many will reject them because they do not want to face up to the knowledge that they offend their God." - Our Lady, September 28, 1974

"Many manifestations will be given to bear witness to the reality of My visit to your grounds. Many instruments of Heaven have been chosen to bring the word in this battle of the spirits. The word of God shall be forever. The Kingdom of God will be triumphant over the darkness. However, these are the Days of days, and the battle rages." - Our Lady, March 18, 1974 

"If the amount of cures that are claimed were true, Lourdes and Fatima are nothing, compared to Bayside" - Msgr. Otto Garcia, Chancellor, Diocese of Brooklyn 


Directives from Heaven ../directives/directives.htm

D6 - Sacred Grounds   PDF
D51 - Cure and Conversion 
D116 - The Supernatural   PDF
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