Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers
Reported Cures

Drug Addiction

December 16, 1981

     Please find enclosed a letter that I would like you to put at Our Lady's statue.
     To make a long story short, I went with friends in my car to the Vigil site on June 13th, 1981. I wanted to change my lifestyle but couldn't do it. I was a drugged and gay disco kid. We stayed all night, praying and taking photos. Nothing happened. So I left the grounds discouraged, depressed, and thought I was too much of a sinner to be saved!
     One month later (July 15, 1981) I quit my job. In September I moved in the country 20 miles from the city. In October I stopped taking drugs, and I rarely go to a disco. When I do, it's only for about an hour. I can't stand it any more. And, also, I've taken a vow of celibacy. My friends find it strange how I've changed. Actually so do I. I know I couldn't have done it by myself. The Lord does work in mysterious ways. Blessed be the Lord and Our Lady!
Bless you, Veronica, and all those you hold dear,

from Wilson's Corner, Quebec, Canada


October 29, 2002 

I too was cured and converted when I found my first Rose Petal in March, 1994 on Market St. in San Francisco, CA. I was cured of a major affliction, hard-drug use and abuse.  I believe Our Lady gave me the strength and grace to stop completely from this suffering.  I was away from the Roman Catholic Church for 26 years when I was converted back because of Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers.  I also completely stopped my homosexual lifestyle and behavior, and followed the counsel and directions of Our Lady's Shrine.  I was brought back to family too.
     I am living the best of my life now.  My faith in the Church and Jesus and Mary through the Shrine.

Thank you for your great website too! 



December 18, 2002

Thanks to Our Lord and Our Lady I have gone back to church and to the Sacraments and am cured of drug addiction! After not going to church or confession for may years my husband went back to church and the Sacraments also, he was also cured of drug addiction! My husband died 2 months ago and received Last Rites before he died praise GOD and Our Lady I know they were waiting for him! I have been very depressed lately and was not feeling well but I know there are more miracles waiting for me! GOD BLESS ALL THE WORKERS OF "OUR LORD AND LADY OF THE ROSES!"

Thank you, Maria.  

Bronx New York

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