Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers
Reported Cures


October 3, 1980
Dear Veronica and workers,

     In 1976 I took a five-hour glucose tolerance test and the results indicated a pre-diabetic condition and sever hypoglycemia.
     I have prayed to Our Lady of the Roses for a cure. I have just had another glucose tolerance test, and to my surprise and that of the doctor, the results were normal!  I attribute this cure to Our Lady of the Roses and thank Her from the bottom of my heart!
     Also, my sister J.K. has been an epileptic for about twelve years. I again prayed to Our Lady of the Roses for her. A recent brainwave test shows no epilepsy whatsoever.
     I cannot thank Our Lady enough. I hope these cures will inspire many others to seek Our Lady's help.
Sincerely yours in Our Lady of the Roses,

from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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