Letters of Miraculous phenomena

by Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers

aroma of incense

July 26, 1977
To Our Lady of the Roses:

    I wanted to report a most beautiful phenomenon I experienced on the Vigil of the Queenship of Mary, May 14, 1977, toward the end of the Vigil. I was kneeling in the front on the right side slightly under the tree. I smelled the most beautiful aroma of incense all around. It was like Benediction. But the aroma was even more pure and beautiful than what we have in Church. My mind was drawn to God the Father and the Blessed Trinity. (The Trinity is my favorite mystery. I long to go to Heaven and learn of and be with the Trinity.)
     What beautiful feelings of peace and love enveloped my heart! The aroma lingered awhile and then faded. Well, I enjoyed what happened and thought about it for awhile.
     What a surprise when several weeks later, I was reading the May 14th message, and at the end, there was St. Michael incensing the area, and while he was doing that I had smelled it! What a beautiful blessing. I shall never forget it. I for certain would have to testify to the truth of the apparitions of Bayside.

B. V.
Glendola, New Jersey

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