Letters of Conversions

by Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers

in the occult

February 1, 1992

     I, Eileen B. give this testimony before God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, in honor of Our Lady of the Roses and before all the Angels and the Saints in Heaven that I saw the golden rays.
     There were many people at the Vigil that night, including Veronica, the Seer. While praying the Rosary, there about twenty feet above Our Lady's statue, coming from a point down and outward were streams of bright and light gold.
     In my heart, I knew it came from Jesus' Heart. It reminded me of the picture of Jesus with the rays, bright gold for His Blood, and light gold for the water. The fountain of mercy.
     As I gazed at the beautiful golden rays, which stayed about a half an hour, I told Jesus and Our Lady that I loved them and that I was sorry for all my sins. I thanked Jesus and Our Lady for everything and for the special grace of believing in Our Lady of the Roses.
     It was the mercy and love of Jesus and Our Lady that I am here at the Holy Grounds because I was once in the occult. The 70s were hard years for me and with many things going wrong.
     One day my cousin and I went to a fortune teller who turned out to be a warlock, which was the beginning of many wrongs. It is strange how one can make many excuses for one's actions. About four years in the occult, I will never forget the last day. It was the warlock that mentioned what was going on in New York and how he was going there to try to take over. Then he mentioned their queen and I said that there was only one Queen, the Mother of God. He became very angry and for the first time I realized how wrong everything was. In my mind I told Our Blessed Mother that I was sorry and asked Her to help me. The warlock was furious, he said that there was something around me, like a wall. I knew it was Our Lady and I said, please take me out and I will never come back. It was shortly after that I met Carol, it was in 1979 that I went for the first time.
     I was very grateful just to be on the Holy Ground. For many years I was afraid, every time a worker would take a picture of the crowd my heart was afraid. I asked Jesus, please let me stay. After about seven years of going to the vigils, I saw the golden rays.
    I want to thank Jesus and Our Lady of the Roses for all the graces and their great mercy.
     It was Our Lady who took me out of the occult and Jesus who showed me His great mercy, the golden rays.
     This is my testimony.

from Fall River, Massachusetts

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