Letters of Miraculous phenomena

by Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers

aroma of roses

January 31, 1989

I wish to express my eternal gratitude with all of my heart to Jesus and Our Blessed Virgin Mary, for having cured me of diabetes. Thank you so much, dear Blessed Mother, thank you for the miracle received.
     My cure:

     For several months, I had been suffering for diabetes. My brother Rafael, brought me a petal blessed by Jesus and Mary, and I have had it with me ever since.
     When I went for consultation to the doctor's, he smelled a strong aroma of fresh roses, and after smelling it several times, he told me: The result of this exam is a miracle, you are well, but it is necessary to continue having blood exams every so often, to prove that you are totally cured.
     After several months I had the last exam taken. I feel perfectly well and, as proof, I am sending the result of the last exam, which proves that I am totally cured.


from Guatemala, Guatemala


January 18, 2003

I love your website. I have visited many times for the last two years. It is Mary herself who first took me to the sacred Grounds.  When the first attempt on the World Trade Center happened I came across a flyer with Our Lady's prophecies. I became curious and wanted to go but never did. This was always on the back of my mind.  Then about 7 years later I was leafing through a newspaper and saw an advertisement of Our Lady of the Roses with an invitation to the vigils. This time I didn't let the opportunity pass me by and I went. My spiritual life has changed ever since. I must say from the bottom of my heart that I am a new person. I have learned so much of my Catholic faith through Our Lady of The Roses. She saved me from the snares of the Evil one and brought me closer to God. Our Lady's Messages are so complete and full of wisdom that I have no desire to learn if it is not from her messages or the Bible. I don't trust any other form of information in these days unless it is the writing of the Saints. I must also give testimony here that Our Lady of the Roses answered my prayers. I was looking to buy an apt but did not have the means. I prayed very hard and went to vigils. I went through all the motions and was able to save enough money for a down payment. Finally, on Feb of 2002 I purchased my apt in Kew Gardens Hills. All this happened in less than a year! When I came to see the apt that same day after the closing, I found in a small closet a picture Our Lady that the seller had left behind. To me this was a message. She was welcoming me to my new home.
     Not only do I have a new apt but, I am also very close to the Vatican Pavilion! I have to add that after I moved in June, I went to a Sunday Holy hour at the Vatican Pavilion to thank Our Lady. As I was stepping on the grass that encircles the Pavilion, I smelled the fragrance of a thousand roses. It was as if the pavilion had an invisible wall made up of the fragrance of roses that as stepped on the grass I had the sensation of hitting something because my head and whole body went backwards as if when you hit an invisible wall. But, it was the fragrance of a thousand roses. My sister and niece were with me and they too smelled roses but didn't really know what to make of it. I give this as a testimony so that the blind clergy can step off their high horses and humble themselves to believe in that which cannot be seen or understood because it comes from a greater power than they will ever be able to comprehend.



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