Letters of Miraculous phenomena

by Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers

spinning of the sun

Dear Veronica,

     I went to Bayside in September to disprove the Shrine to my sister, who I thought was getting caught up in something akin to the Holy Rollers. Since I have gone on that special September 7th, my whole life has changed completely.
     That day when I arrived at 5 p.m., I sat in a chair near other people. At 5:21, someone said to me, "Oh, look at the sun." I then turned and tried to look, but tears came to my eyes. It was too bright, and I moved a little bit further towards the people and started to stand and look. When I looked up, there I saw the silhouette of Our Lady. She was in a very dark blue color. I only saw Her from the head to the waist. I could make out no features. She slowly turned to the right and faded out.
     Then the sun started to turn about very slowly. It would bounce up and down and then from side to side. I stared directly into it--my eyes didnít bother me anymore. I watched with a warm inner feeling until it set. During this time, when I realized my camera was hanging from my wrist, I took four pictures. When developed, a beautiful rainbow came out in two of them.
     I had one intention that night--that my mother-in-law, who had not been to church in 31 years, would return. She now walks nine blocks to church every week. I have never told her of my intention. It was a sudden change. On Fridays, we go to say the Stations of the Cross, and she comes with us. I have four children, so it is a carful. She has changed so much--I thank God for this help.
That evening, two of my pairs of Rosaries changed. I also smelled beautiful fragrance three times, so heavy you felt you could chew it. I have showed all of my friends--the people I work with--my Rosaries. Most think I am now some kind of a nut. They blame the air or the acid in my hands for the change of the color. I continue to talk to them and reason with them. I donít know if I should just pray for them or continue to talk. They are on my back all the time, but I accept this. If I am quiet and just pray for them, I feel I am not fulfilling my obligation to help.
     May God and Our Lady continue to guide you, Veronica, and bless you in this mission.

from Massachusetts

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Revised: March 27, 2010