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Recovery from massive stroke



May 13, 2002 

To Our Lady of the Roses, 

Two weeks ago my 88 year old cousin suffered a massive stroke. We were given very little hope that she would survive. Each day we watched her sink deep into a coma. On the 5th day a friend came into the room to visit. She gave us a Rose Petal and told us to pray to Our Lady. We placed the Rose Petal on the pillow next to her head. That evening she slowly began to open her eyes. By morning she was fully awake. She started talking and was fully aware of her surroundings. The doctors were amazed. By noon she was moved out of Intensive Care into a regular room and was fed lunch. She is now waiting to go to a Rehab for some paralysis on her left leg and hand. Thanks to Our Lady of the Roses for being there for us. This was truly a miracle. 


Mrs. F

Scarsdale, NY

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