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throat problem

Sept. 12, 1976
Dear Veronica,
     I have been going to most of the Vigils held at the Vatican Pavilion. I have seen so many things that leave no doubt that Our Lady is appearing there.
     Last June, I put a petition on the altar, and asked Our Lady to please help my 12-year-old nephew who has a congenital condition of the throat, which did not permit him to swallow solid food. His diet consisted mostly of shakes and soft food. He could not swallow anything solid--like meat--without bringing it up. He had to go under general anesthesia to have his throat dilated, and was told that, for the rest of his life, he would have to dilate his own throat with special tubes, but meanwhile, the doctors were doing it every two weeks.
     Last August, he went in for another examination and dilation. His father was waiting for him, and when the doctor came out, he had the strangest expression on his face. He said, "Mr. Walsh, I donít know how to explain this, but Jimmyís throat is perfectly normal. We donít have to do anything for him." That same day, the letter that I put a petition in for Our Lady of the Roses Shrine came back to me. Needless to say, there was much tears of happiness about this cure.
     It has been three months, and this boy has gained 20 lbs. and eats everything he hadnít eaten during the last 12 years. We are very grateful to Our Lord and His Mother, and when we can get enough money together, the whole family will be coming to give thanks in person at one of Our Ladyís Vigils.
     I donít know why the Church doesnít recognize the wonderful things that are happening at those Vigils. Iím doing my share--spreading the Messages and telling people about this cure.
God bless you and your family.

from California

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