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“The light of thy body is thy eye. If thy eye be single, thy whole body shall be lightsome. But if thy eye be evil thy whole body shall be darksome. If then the light that is in thee, be darkness: the darkness itself how great shall it be!" - St. Matthew 6:22-23


"All Heaven stands by and watches the battle. Man, on his free will, will hold the decision for the fall of his soul.
     “We do not wish to have one of Our children fall into the abyss. Therefore, guard your souls well. Use the armor that My Mother has given to you, of prayer, penance, and sacrifice. Learn, My children, to cast aside the things of your world that bring your soul into darkness. Keep your minds filled with pure and holy thoughts, for it is the main point of entrance for the evil spirits.” - Jesus, September 28, 1972

“I do not wish to instill fear in you, but I must admonish you with a Mother’s loving heart to bring the souls you love to Us, soon.
     “I am not leaving you, My child. [Our Lady had stepped back.] I am standing a distance from you.
     “My heart is heavy. I feel the last drops of blood have left My heart, and My Son’s has already filled the cup. I want you now, My children, to keep a constant vigil of prayer. I will be with you to guide you.
     “My Son has made you His messenger, and this We expect of you: the carrying out of the mission of love that We have entrusted to you as Our voice-box. Though We may seem distant to you, all you will have to do is call. Lift your hearts and thoughts to Us, for We are always with you, even in the days ahead.” - Our Lady, March 24, 1971

“Remember, My children, to keep pure and holy thoughts in mind, for your mind is the main point of entry of the evil one. Yes, one stands on each side ready to enter you.
     “This war is on! In war all barriers can be cast down. The evil one uses the foulest schemes. It is to degrade and destroy. He is cunning, often parading as an angel of light. Unless you have the light of grace, you will be blind to the truth. How will you recognize them? You will be led to become confused between right and wrong, until darkness, blindness, carries you off—another victim.
     “Keep the armor on you—your Rosary, your crucifix around your neck, or you, too, will receive the stamp of the man of perdition.” - Our Lady, May 30, 1971

"The road to hell has been paved often by good intentions. Remember this, My children. Without prayer you cannot remain in the light. You must always direct your talks, your thoughts to the Eternal Father and the personages of Heaven to protect you and guide you. Seek not the counsel of man when it concerns the state of your immortal soul. For what man is there left upon earth who will counsel your in truth? Very few, My children. For the pastors, the shepherds shall stand before My Son and shall they say that their teaching has been pure in His sight? He shall cast them out as the vermin and the vipers they have become, for many have sold their souls to get to the head. What does it matter, O pastors and shepherds, if you gather and gain all of the treasures of your world, the earth, and you come bare across the veil with no treasures stored in Heaven? You shall be banished in the everlasting dead realm!" - Our Lady, August 5, 1977

"My children, pray a constant vigilance of prayer. Keep your thoughts going to Heaven, the Eternal Father. Ask your angels to protect you. They are invisible supports, My children. Pray, pray to your patrons, your saints. They have removed My visage from among you. My child, explain: that is My face. They have removed My visage, and why? To place out of sight, out of mind!" - Jesus, August 5, 1977

"Keep pure and holy thoughts in your mind at all times. The eyes are the mirrors of the soul.
     "Therefore, My child, make it known to mankind that satan has set much before the eyes of mankind to deceive and degrade his good nature. He will subject mankind through visual aids from satan to degeneracy and to the ruination of the light within his soul." - Jesus, June 18, 1975

"It grieves me much as a Mother, for I am truly a Mother of great sorrows--grieve, as I watch My children succumb to all the snares of satan, giving themselves to the lusts of the flesh. Paganism, lewdness, nudity, whatever shall become of you and your children! Unless you keep pure and holy thoughts in your mind and keep your body clean, you cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven! Your body is the temple of your eternal spirit! Your eyes are the mirror for your soul!
     "Why do you place abominations in your homes to destroy the souls of your children? Why do you not have the monuments of your God? All who keep the monuments in their home shall be saved." - Our Lady, July 25, 1974

"All who remain in the light of well spirit will have nothing to fear, My children. You will go forward in the days ahead with perseverance, for all who persevere to the end will be saved.
     "Keep a constant vigilance of prayer in your homes, throughout your world. The power of prayer is great. The demons must flee at a constant vigilance of prayer.
     "Keep pure and holy thoughts in your minds, for the eyes are the mirror for your soul. Your example, as parents, must be one of discipline, of faith, and of purity. As you sow, so shall ye reap.
     "There will be, I repeat, much woe set upon the earth by the evil forces now loosed upon your earth. Recognize these signs and act upon them. Protect your children, protect your homes, and above all, pray that you, too, will not be led into darkness." - Jesus, December 28, 1976

"The statues, the monuments, must be returned to the House of God. For what enters through the eyes and the mind leads to contamination or edification of the spirit. Keep pure and holy thoughts entering your mind, for it is also the focal point of entrance for the evil spirits." - Jesus, November 24, 1973

"Modesty must be retained. Modesty must be taught to the young. Keep pure and holy thoughts in your minds and the minds of your children, for your eyes are also the mirror of your soul." - Jesus, May 18, 1977

"Man must not flee from the Houses of My Son. Much evil and corruption have entered into the hearts of many, even in the Houses of My Son. However, it was doomed and deemed for this time to come about, for man to pass through a crucible of suffering, one which is a test. All that is rotten will fall. The sheep will be separated from the goats.
     "I ask you, My children, to retire from your world which has been given to satan. Keep pure and holy thoughts in your minds and hearts. Set an example of godliness for your children, for many shall be gathered in the days ahead. Many will be taken unprepared to enter the Kingdom.
     "My warnings have gone unheeded in many areas of your earth. I have found the doors closed to My entrance. It truly rains teardrops from Heaven!" - Our Lady, October 6, 1973

"Keep pure and holy thoughts in your mind for all others are the creation of satan. As long as you remain in your earthly body, you will have a strong battle against the forces of darkness. Come victorious through this darkness carrying the light. My Son has given you the Light and you will go forward as candles through the darkness." - Our Lady, April 13, 1974

"I shall not, My child, be repetitious in My speech of the many abominations and atrocities that condemn the souls of mankind to hell! In purity of heart, in purity of spirit, redeem yourselves by coming to My Son in belief. Believe and you will be given the way." - Our Lady, September 13, 1974

"Accept the facts in truth, My children. I had it written all down for you in the Book of Life, your Bible. What are you reading but filth and pornography! You will not save your soul in that manner. Your children will be lost to Heaven in that manner.
     "As parents you must treasure your children's souls. Keep them shining in goodness and holiness and purity. Many children of tender age have been robbed of this purity. Woe to the man who scandalizes the young!
     "My children, when My Mother warned you of the arrival of Lucifer upon earth, She prepared you for his advance upon mankind and his plan. You will review Her counsel and act upon it. And I say unto you all: prayer, penance and atonement for all! For the time given in the Book of Life, the Bible, is at hand. Read your Apocalypse, the words of St. John written in script. Learn by it. Ask for guidance in the Holy Spirit to give you knowledge in reading." - Jesus, August 5, 1978

"My child and My children, I have come to you under many names in the past, but I want you to acknowledge Me as the Mother of Grace. Because that is why I come to you now. My children: to give you the graces necessary to remain upon earth in a state of purity and perseverance, and knowledgeable to the truth, that will lead you and keep you on the narrow road to Heaven.
     "My child and My children, many miraculous photographs have been given to you to try to make you understand how futile it is to go about seeking to buy happiness in a world that is materialistic. You cannot buy happiness, for that is one thing I instilled in mankind: the knowledge that the spirit within him is to be guarded and nourished with the fruits of true life--the knowledge of the Bible, past and present and future.
     "My child and My children, you may ask your priests for knowledge of the stories coming from the old, elderly fathers of My Son's Church, but can they tell you the truth now that their seminaries have become polluted with errors? Mothers cry to Me; I hear all of their prayers, prayers to Heaven to save their children. And where can they find the knowledge of the truth to teach them? That will depend now upon an earnest mother and father, and discipline. Children are like soft flowers that must be nourished so that their stalks will grow; and their faces, the purity of their faces, shall rise toward Heaven and be nourished with the fruits of life." - Our Lady, September 14, 1985

"Prepare your children well, and they shall not bring sorrow to your hearts. Children must return to the fold. Children must have respect for their parents, respect for their elders, and children must remain pure of heart and pure of spirit. This We find lacking now in your world. The purity of your children has been destroyed!
     "Parents must struggle now to retain the Faith in the lives of their children. You must accept the responsibility for the salvation of your children's souls. Teach them; prepare them; fortify them against the rigors of the attacks of satan when they leave the comfort and the safety of their homes. Do not expect your pastors to guide you now. Many have fast fallen into darkness, and must be brought out themselves." - Our Lady, December 28, 1976

"Full dedication is the road to purity, sanctification and sainthood, My child. There will be many latter-day saints created. But there is a price for it, My child. Remember this when the thorns are heavy and piercing." - Jesus, November 20, 1978

"Parents must guard their children, for their purity, their spirituality, is being taken from them at a tender young age. Childhood—in the manner now of the evil despots and the leaders of the governments of many nations, children no longer are children but are to be led like robots and slaves." - Our Lady, August 14, 1979

"Graces are earned and can be gathered by the prayers and the penance of others. Therefore, you who have received these graces have a great responsibility to your brothers. You must not sit back and accept your redemption with pride, for this offends the Father. Your graces will be earned with thorns. Therefore, you will overcome your obstacles with prayer and sacrifice.
     "All sacramentals will be worn as armor. No sacramentals are given for decorative purposes. They are to be with you in time of need, and to protect you from infiltration from satan.
     "Man has free will and can cast aside his armor at any time. He may paint a picture of purity and holiness before the world, but the Father will see into his heart. The truth will be pictured in your heart." - Our Lady, March 24, 1973

"In rare circumstances and occasions the Eternal Father deems it necessary for the ordinary creature to act as the eyes for the world. That is why I have come in My travels to many countries, to many nations upon earth to give the urgent warnings for mankind, choosing humble souls and those with a purity of heart of a child, neither questioning nor seeking to dethrone her or his God in Heaven--obedience to truth, doctrine and tradition." - Our Lady, November 21, 1977

"I have chosen, My children, to call My sacred grounds a garden of roses. The rose is the perfect insignia of purity and divinity among the flowers.
     "Each soul placed upon the earth, My child, is a flower that must be nourished with pure waters so that the stem may grow and be strong and the flower face of the child shall be turned upward to receive the light. We give to each parent the trust of this fragile flower--the child.
     "We are much grieved in Heaven to view the abominations being committed in many homes! The darkness has set into many homes! All parents must open their hearts and look into their homes objectively. Have you set your house in order? Have you brought the knowledge of your God to your children? Have you cast out of your home the abominations placed there by satan: The box of evil, your television, the books of degradation and perversion - pornography? Yes, My child, do not be startled! Many parents read these abominable books and set a bad example to their children!" - Our Lady, December 28, 1974

"If you do not have purity of purpose in your worldly life, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Light, the Kingdom of the Father, where purity reigns." - St. Theresa, October 2, 1975

"Now I speak to the parents. Parents of all young children, are you earnestly making an effort to protect your children from a world that has been given over to satan? What do you do when the teachers in your schools teach your children sexual conduct, taking from your young children the purity of heart and the innocence of the youth? What do you do? Just let them take over? Parents, you say it will not affect your child? Look what is happening to the children of the world, young of age, three years old and upward, even younger than three.
     "I cannot upon these holy grounds use the words given in print for all of these abominations being committed to the young child. But, My children, I tell you: it is happening. To those who do have good heart and a right mind, they feel as though the world has gone--shall I use the word, My child, 'crazy'? Yes, I will use the word 'crazy,' My child, insanity, too. My Mother has always told you that sin is insanity."
- Jesus, November 1, 1985

"My children, parents, you must guard, safeguard your children's souls. You cannot expect others to do this for you. As parents, you have been given a God given trust to instruct your children. In your world and a polluted mankind, a fallen generation, little children cannot retain their innocence of heart; little children cannot retain their modesty and purity of intention; little children are being educated in filth, corruption, and the breaking of the Commandments of your God. Woe, woe, woe to a man who defiles the young! Better that he had died in his mother's womb!" - Jesus, February 10, 1977 

"My children, know the value of these sacramentals. Guard your children well. You must awaken to the knowledge that you will not be protected without the sacramentals. Guard your children's souls. They must be surrounded with an aura of purity. Remove them, if necessary, from the sources of contamination, be it your schools or even false pastors. Is not the destruction of one small soul heartbreaking to the Father? The value of one small soul recovered far surpasses all the saints ascending to Heaven. Therefore, be cautious with your children, My children, for it is you who will suffer when their souls go to satan." – Our Lady, February 1, 1974 

"The world must follow the example of the Queen of Heaven. Modesty, purity of heart and purpose." - St. Michael, December 7, 1973 


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