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"That great city Babylon, that mighty city: for in one hour is thy judgment come.... And mariners ... in the sea, stood afar off and cried, seeing the place of her burning, saying: What city is like to this great city? And they cast dust upon their heads, and cried, weeping and mourning, saying: Alas! alas! that great city, wherein all were made rich, that had ships at sea, by reason of her prices: for in one hour she is made desolate." - Apocalypse 18:10,17-19

"Now, My child, I will tell you one major reason why the Father sent Me to you and chose this site as a center of reparation. It is because of the murder of the young. It is because your city, your nation, has great influence throughout the world. Your example will be followed by many. But you must return the Father and restore discipline in your daily lives, or you, too, will fall to the sword.
    "I repeat, the evil spreads out like a cancer, strangling all in its web. The mariners will stand far off and weep in grief as they see you burning. O city of Babylon, your sins have caused your destruction. Repent now or be lost forever." -
Our Lady, March 18, 1974


"This is--Babylon the great will fall. Babylon, the master of deceit, will fall. Many good must suffer as martyrs with the bad. Babylon the great will fall! She has raised herself high above her God, and she invokes the vengeance of a just punishment. Ships will look upon her as she burns. Woefully they will shield their eyes from the sight. Babylon the great, the harlot upon nations, the harlot among nations, will fall. Babylon the great, who has led many astray, will fall." - Our Lady, July 15, 1973

"I have come to what I believe, My children, to be an oasis in a barren land, to this seat of evil--your city of Babylon. But, My children, I know within this city of evil there are many that can rise above it and reach out and save their brothers." - Our Lady, April 1, 1972

"I have cried, My child, many bitter tears of sorrow. It is a great remorse to know that We are watching a repetition of the terrible days of old. Sodom and Gomorrha--they were as nothing in comparison to your Babylon today! Your world and your country have accepted sin as a way of life. The young are the victims of their elders. The example is poor, and many souls will be led onto the road to eternal damnation." - Our Lady, August 5, 1974

"Because of the major role the city of New York plays in the world governments and the governing of your nation, the United States, My child, it is for this reason that satan chose that area for his start to bring into your country a full overthrow of Christian belief." - Our Lady, October 1, 1977

"Because of the sins of omission and commission, I will destroy this proud city as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrha."  - Jesus in locution*, October 5, 1988

*A verbal communication from Heaven to the ear or directly to the intellect.

"Your city, New York, is teetering, My child, teetering on a brink of destruction of its own making. There are forces of evil gathered within your city. Keep a constant vigilance of prayer, My child, going. Only your prayers will hold back this great evil. Without these prayers, My children, there will be a great destructive act committed in your city of New York. The forces of evil are gathering. Pray, My children." - Our Lady, September 14, 1976 

Our Lady revealed to Veronica on September 11, 1990 that there would be a terrorist attack "on the state building." Veronica thought this was alluding to the Empire State building in New York City but actually it was the World Trade Center. In November 1990, Our Lady told Veronica that the targets would be New York City, and Washington, D.C. These prophecies are recorded in Our Lady of the Roses Shrine February 1991 issue of Rose Notes newsletter.

Sin has become a way of life in your nation and many nations upon earth. You have, in your country, the gathering of the forces of evil. Never before in the history of mankind has man set up Babylon.
     "Your city, New York, shall be set in reserve for a punishment far greater than shall be given to any city upon your earth. The forces of evil fan out like a cancer, polluting the world.
     "Amen, I say to you: you will listen and act upon the warnings given to you throughout your world by many emissaries from Heaven. Act upon them or be destroyed.- Jesus, June 18, 1976

Veronica - I see coming through the sky a tremendous, huge ball.... Now I'm looking into a street. It's a very large city. And I see people pointing up to the sky, and they look like they are filled with terror.
     They're running and they're screaming... I see what looks like bodies, but I can't recognize them because they look - oh, they look like they've been burned, burned black. Now I see--everything is flattened back there....
     "The mariners are weeping. "
Veronica - Mariners weeping? Now out on the water there are ships out on the sea.... The men are crying. And then one man is saying: "But that I could have the dust to throw over my head of that once great city. Oh, Babylon the great, you have fallen!" - Our Lady, April 13, 1974

* Heaven has warned us repeatedly of a pending great Chastisement consisting of two parts: WW III and a comet (Ball of Redemption), the culmination of which will result in the loss of millions upon millions of lives worldwide. The comet will particularly devastate North America, with New York City destined to be a direct hit. Still, it is important to remember that the length, timing, severity, or even occurrence of this Chastisement is totally dependent on man's response, i.e., his willingness to repent and repair for his offenses and ingratitude to a long-suffering and merciful God. See Directives from Heaven, D57 thru D62, The Great Chastisement, parts 1-6.  

"Much of your money from the world's capitals arrives in New York. These monies are being gathered to start another war. There is a group in your nation called the Illuminati. They are made up of the major money holders, and for money they have sold their souls and the souls of thousands." - Jesus, October 1, 1988

“You have allowed the evil to grow strong in your country. You will remove from your country this seat of evil that grows strong in your city. The mark of the beast has labeled your city Babylon! Open your heart and eyes now to the truth, before it is too late. You are being blindly led to your own destruction. The brood of vipers [United Nations] within your city must be removed at once!" - Our Lady, February 1, 1972

"Your city We place as Babylon--your city, the city of murder and evil, corruption and godlessness--your city will fall!
     "Those who have remained in the light and accepted the graces given to strengthen them in these dark days will be saved. This I promise you as your Mother. My Son, and in the Father, does not wish that any be lost. Every opportunity will be given to man to prepare himself and be made ready for the trial." - Our Lady, July 25, 1973

"We want the world to know again that there was a locution given to My child, Veronica, and it talks of this: Sodom and Gomorrah. Does this seem similar to you, My children: are you not living now among the realms of Sodom and Gomorrah? And what happened to that adulterous city? It was destroyed, just as Babylon the Great shall be destroyed, also." - Jesus, October 6, 1988


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