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"Wherefore be you also ready, because at what hour you know not the Son of man will come." - St. Matthew 24: 44

"My child, My heart is torn anew, for though I have spent countless earth-years counseling you against the evils that have come upon mankind through his lack of prayer and his pursuit of worldly gain and power. Left to your own devices, you can bring nothing but destruction to your country, O man who has given himself to perdition. I have counseled you in the past that there will be accidents that are not accidents. O My children, you did not listen when I told you and begged you to prevent the murder of the young, for murder then would be accepted and promoted among you. Life has become very cheap, My children, and who will be next to die an untimely death?" - Our Lady, May 26, 1979

"My children, I do not approach you to bring fear to your hearts, but to counsel you as a just God, to warn you that there is a great Warning and Chastisement approaching, many accidents that are not accidents! As you sow, so shall you reap!
"You must not reject the Sacraments in My Church; you must not reject the teachings for new modes of modernism and socialism.
"And I say this unto My pastors: you will not change the way to suit man, but you must change man to bring him to My way! This way has been given to you in the Book of life and love, your Bible. You will not change the wording or the meaning to please man! It is a narrow road to Heaven, and so few remain on this road. Many of My priests are on the road to perdition and taking many souls with them." - Jesus, June 2, 1979

"The Eternal Father has been deeply offended and hurt by the man of science who is ever seeking but never finding the truth, because the truth is too simple for him. In his arrogance, in his scientific searching and knowledge, he is ever seeking but never coming to the truth. Better that man seeks a simple way of life and he shall not pass into the web of satan.
"My child and My children, you will continue to send My counsel, My Son's counsel, throughout the world with great haste. Can you not recognize the accidents that are not accidents as they increase upon you? Think, My children, accidents that are not accidents. Satan has a great hand in dulling mankind's mind when he falls out of grace." - Our Lady, August 14, 1981

"There will be accidents that are not accidents, great catastrophes of nature. But I assure you, My children, as I counseled you in the past, you will wear your sacramentals, and you will keep the monuments, the statues, in your homes.
"I ask you as your Mother, too, not to give in or give up in this struggle to retain a semblance of the Church of My Son upon earth. You will speak out and continue to approach the clergy in your parish. The monuments, the statues must remain.
"All honor must be given to My Son in the Eucharist. Man must kneel. My Son's House is the House of God and a house of prayer, and it must not be turned into a meeting hall." - Our Lady, July 25, 1979

"Mothers, and fathers too, have gone astray in these dark days. Materialism has replaced spiritualism, and that is why the many catastrophes are being allowed upon your earth. There will be more floods with death, more volcano eruptions with death, more accidents that are not accidents, until you will surely come to your senses and realize that there is a higher power working at this time to bring you to your knees.
"My child and My children, I have asked in the past for certain days of atonement: the first Saturdays, the first Saturday of each month. Can you not give this to Me, My children, in order to place it before the Eternal Father? For you must pray for sinners. I beg you, My children, as your Mother, your loving Mother Who cries tears of sorrow upon you all, please remember this: The time is growing short. I have wandered throughout earth trying to warn you, My children, depending on a small handful of loyal souls to bring these messages to you. Upon these grounds, My child, We chose you to come forth, in illness and in health, in order to save your brothers and sisters." - Our Lady, June 18, 1986

"There will be many accidents that are not accidents, My children. Many young children shall be removed from the world in a plague." - Our Lady, July 14, 1979

"Remember, My children, the victory, the final victory shall be with Heaven. It is a time of testing for all mankind, and as you are given a free will of choice, the choice, My children, shall be yours to make.
"Parents, protect your homes and your children. Give them a firm foundation of faith, for there will be many tears and gnashing of teeth in woe set upon the world by the agents of hell. Many catastrophes of nature, accidents that are not accidents, murders, robberies, fornication, immorality, and apostasy. These, My children, are the fruits of a generation that has turned away from their God. As it was in the past, so shall your world receive a just judgment." - Jesus, June 10, 1978

"They are performing now prodigies and wonders to confuse and confound mankind. You call one of them the UFOs. They are supernatural manifestations from hell. They are created in the minds of some by the demons, who are capable, because of great power upon earth, to control now the elements, nature.
"And also these demons shall promote accidents that are not accidents. Your seasons shall turn. Upheavals of nature shall be more prevalent. They will increase in intensity until mankind is brought to his knees." - Our Lady, February 1, 1978

"Satan roams throughout your world. He uses every means gained through knowledge of the Father. You will not be approached by him in his true likeness, for he will use the means of persons, places, and things to lead you astray. A soul that falls into the web of satan must not lose hope, for he can be recovered. Believe and you will be given the way.
"There is now upon your earth the legions of hell; five major adversaries of the abyss roam your world. There will be accidents that are not accidents, sudden deaths that are not in the plan of the Father." - Our Lady, July 15, 1973

Veronica - There will be accidents that are not accidents. And there will be a plague, a plague that shall take many. - June 9, 1979

"You cannot understand in your human nature how his role is being played now among man. But I assure you, My children, you must not cast aside the supernatural, for I told you in the past, and I repeat it anew, that satan now is loosed from hell and he is walking the earth. He is going about now searching for an abode in the body, the shell of a human being. Any man, woman, or child of conscionable age can be his abode.
"He will use individuals, places, and things. Being of the highest intelligence next to God, the Eternal Father, he has the knowledge to promote accidents that are not accidents. He has control of nature.
"Understand, My children, you must not question but accept in belief. You understand, My children, if you set yourself to question, you are advancing on the same path as Lucifer when he, too, questioned the Eternal Father, and he lost Heaven forever. He was placed upon earth, and the Eternal Father sent an army of souls to defeat him." - Our Lady, October 1, 1977

"You see, My child, there is no honor among those who are not with My Son. Exterminatus will rage throughout the world. The angel of death shall claim many. There will be acci­dents that are not accidents. Satan shall be given power over the elements.
"Yes, My child, it is but for a short time; then satan shall be chained. You may not question the will of the Eternal Father, My child. You will accept all as is given. There is a plan in Heaven for everyone. However, in man's free will, I must make it known to you that many are called, but few are chosen.
"Do not fall into error. As I look into the hearts of mankind, I see many who have fallen into this error of teaching. My Son died. He died at the hands of those who did not believe. And My Son is now being recrucified in His Church at the hands of those who do not believe. Because My Son died upon the cross does not mean that man shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven without penance!" - Our Lady, January 31, 1976

"I have cautioned My children in the past that there will be accidents that are not accidents. Those who are of the world will question this statement, for in their search for knowledge they are ever seeking but never finding the truth. They do not understand the difference between the body, the human body, and the spiritual soul." - Our Lady, March 18, 1976

"My children, your homes are not prepared well for your children, for you fill them with mind destroyers. Your children are being enticed and seduced through their mediums of entertainment. I have warned you over and over to clean your house out; cleanse your home before you weep! Many children shall turn against their parents, for their minds shall be poisoned by satan. Murders shall abound; there will be accidents that are not accidents. Sin is truly insanity." - Our Lady, October 6, 1979

"Your world, My children, is now filled with demons. They will promote accidents that are not accidents, destruction, and even false miracles in the air. And I repeat to you, My children: your UFOs are not unknown to your God, for they come from satan. They are one of the false miracles of the latter days. They are vehicles from hell, transporting demons. Though these demons of the spirit can act upon their own, I cannot, My children, give you full details at this time on the reason for calling them transports from hell. In time this will all be given in knowledge to you.
"You must read your Bible every day, even a short verse, My children. Read your Bible and learn by it. The Revelations, the Apocalypse of Saint John, the scrolls are unfurling." - Our Lady, May 27, 1978

"My poor children, hopeless of heart, know now that the future after the cleansing will be glorious, far more glorious than your human mind could ever conceive. Beauty of beauties! Emotion superb! The fulfillment of every desire that man could conceive on earth will be yours in the Kingdom. Is this, My children, what you will discard for the few short earthly years given to you, as you run about aimlessly seeking the pleasures of your world and the riches, willing to close your hearts and your ears to the truth? Many have chosen this path, for they find to shut out the truth will take the conscience, God-given to them, away. How mistaken they are! They cannot run from the Spirit.
"There will be in your world accidents that are not accidents, deaths not of natural causes, planned by the satanic sons." - Our Lady, March 18, 1973

"The message must reach all corners of the earth. Hasten now and continue. If necessary, My child, send all to knock upon the doors. Yes, it is a necessity, My child. The time is running out.
"There will be much woe set upon the earth by 666: accidents that are not accidents, floods, famines, sin, impurity, immorality. My child, you will go about your earth--My children, you will all go about your earth wondering if mass insanity has set upon mankind. Oh, yes, My children, sin is surely insanity. As time accelerates and becomes an era of evil, My children, many will feel that life has reversed itself, for the good will be persecuted and the evil shall be glorified. As it was in the time of Noe and Sodom, so it is now, but the evils are far worse and more sophisticated. But as it was in those days, My children, so it will be now. The Chastisement is fast approaching upon mankind. Do not slow or slacken the pace of your work because of scoffers. I assure you, My children, even the scoffers will one day recognize the truth, but too late." - Jesus, April 9, 1977

"In My counsel of the past, My children, I have told you many times that satan has control of the elements. There will be accidents that are not accidents, disturbances of nature claiming many lives: floods, tornadoes. My children, are you ready to face this crisis?
"I ask you, My children--you ask Me many times in your prayers, shall you accept My Son's Body in your hands? I say no! And no again, for reason!
"You cannot judge all those about you, My children, who have accepted this diabolical practice under the guise of leadership. No, My children, this was brought about to desecrate My Son, to take from Him the truth of His divine nature. No one who hears My voice must accept My Son's Body and Blood in the hand! The chalice shall turn, and you shall be bathed in His Blood." - Our Lady, February 10, 1978

"My children in the United States of America, must you go hungry? Many parts of your country shall suffer from want of food, for the winter will be cold. Many shall die in the coming year, My children. There will be accidents that are not accidents. Hunger shall be in the homes of many.
"My children, do not despair, for it will appear that satan has complete control of the world. But know that he is only being given a short time. In this time shall We be able to separate the sheep from the goats. It is truly a battle far greater than any battle that has been set upon mankind. These are the days before the coming of your Lord." - Our Lady, December 7, 1978

"All you who have given yourselves to all manners of evil: astrology, cards, fate readers--and what is fate? Who has the hand of fate among you, but your God, the Eternal Father? No rock, no star, no planet shall guide your life. The Eternal Father placed you upon earth, and He will guide your life unless you turn from Him and accept as your master satan, which you as a majority now are doing.
"Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth! Wars and more wars until mankind shall set upon himself a point of non-recovery! Tremors, floods, disaster, accidents that are not accidents--you are blind, My children.
"My pastors, go onto your pulpits now and shout the truth. America the great shall fall! Immorality--your country has become a cesspool of sin and filth." - Jesus, May 15, 1976

"In the past few months, My child and My children, much has happened within your country and other countries of the world. There have been earthquakes, floods, and also a nuclear disaster. Know now, My children and My child, that this is not the end of suffering for mankind. Because of the fact that My Message has reached many but not all at this time, there is evil now brewing within the world that is heading for the Third World War. In My desperation, My child, I have even entered upon other countries to try to stop the evil among man--the evil of murder: murder whether planned or accidental, in accidents that are not accidents." -
Our Lady, May 17, 1986 

"My child, many exhortations and warnings have been given to mankind. You must go forward and refresh their memories. Many have forgotten the warnings from Heaven, for they go about saying, 'Where is the promise of His coming, and where are the warnings that you speak of and write of?'
"O My children, you are truly blind! These warnings have been given for time, and an extension of time to mankind before the major catastrophe shall be sent upon you, the baptism of fire. You have received these warnings that have gone by unnoticed: floods, hurricanes, fires, disasters, accidents that are not accidents, earthquakes in places that have never experienced such terror before. How many warnings must the Eternal Father send upon mankind before they will awaken and do penance?
"Prayer, atonement, and sacrifice, My children--is this too much to ask of you, in the realization of what you are going to pass through?
"In Rome, the Eternal City of the Father, there is much confusion, error. And heresy, O mournful heresy! Whatever shall become of you?" - Our Lady, September 28, 1976

"The world and the world's peoples are fast running to the edge of their own destruction. My Mother has wandered now countless earth-years pleading with you to make an effort to change your ways, restore My House, and do the atonement necessary to not only hold back the darkness that engulfs your world, but to hold back the great Chastisement and the ever increasing accidents that are not accidents, catastrophes, wars, famines, earthquakes. My children, so few recognize these signs being given to you.
"The Eternal Father is not an angry God, but, My children, He will chastise those He loves. Mankind has given itself over to all manners of sin and degradation until We see a world that has become a cesspool of sin and error. There was a great possibility for retrieving many before the great test, until it became evident that because of pride and arrogance, those with the greatest power to prevent the Chastisement have plunged forward faster, heading the world to its own destruction by fire." - Jesus, April 2, 1977

"My child, there will be very many victims upon earth: those who are willing to sacrifice their own pleasures, their own human pursuits, to give them over to the salvation of souls, their brothers and sisters, who are marked with the mark of satan and are seeking to take it away. There is only one way: conversion, and then cure of the sick soul.
"My children, now that the time has grown shorter, the attacks shall be greater upon mankind. There will be accidents that are not accidents. Satan has a plan to eliminate the good. Do not be affrighted, My child or My children. You will wear your sacramentals. Specifically, We have asked you, and My Mother has asked you to wear the brown Scapular, and also a crucifix, and with that the highest indulgenced medal in the Church." -
Jesus, July 25, 1985  


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