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Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind. - St. Matthew 22:37

"This generation shall pass away, but My words shall not. For the end is fast coming upon mankind, the end of time as you know it, and your nation shall fall. All because of your rejection of your God. All because you have given yourself to the mores of the world and satan, as I have cautioned you and warned you through countless years upon earth."   - Jesus, May 30, 1981

"Pastors, you shall be called and shall you stand before, in judgment, the Eternal Father and say that your teaching has been pure in His sight? Better that you fear your God than man! Obedience? Obedience is commanded by the Eternal Father for good, not for evil!"  - Our Lady of the Roses, May 26, 1976

"You will not be led into false obedience, for in this way you will be led as sheep to the slaughter."  - Our Lady of the Roses, September 7, 1971

"Obedience, My child, obedience--how sad that the true meaning has met with distortion. Satan has used the rule of obedience to bring about the destruction of souls. There is, My child, only one majesty Who commands your obedience. This is the Father--the Father, the most high God in Heaven, the Kingdom of light. You must not honor man before your God. You must not sell your soul to man! For you, therefore, are selling your soul to the devil."  - Our Lady of the Roses, December 6, 1974

"We ask obedience, My child, to your elders but not when it is misleading. You must search out the sheep and the goats. We do not expect you to join the goats. Remember, My child, all will be judged with a firm hand."  - Our Lady of the Roses, October 2, 1974

"The Eternal City of Rome shall pass through a great conflagration. Discipline must be restored. Obedience, yes--but true obedience to their God and not the mores of man. Much evil is being condoned, disguised under the guise of obedience. Let us, My children, call this a false obedience, clouded by errors and satanism."   - Jesus, August 21, 1976

"My pastors, you shall not give as your excuse for your false teachings, a rule of obedience! And who are you being obedient to but satan? Shall you stand before Me and say that your teaching has been pure in My sight? I say unto you, I shall spit you out as vipers into the flames!"  - Jesus, September 28, 1976

"Bishops, awaken from your slumber! I repeat, My children, My bishops, shall you be obedient to sin? Shall you unite and destroy your Faith? Shall you compromise your Faith with the ultimate destruction of souls?"  - Our Lady of the Roses, December 24, 1975

"Obedience, My child, places many restrictions. You will understand that many pastors, many men of God, face restrictions. It may not be of their decision. However, a guide to clergy and the lay people, My child, is truth. You will not sacrifice in any way your soul for the things of your earthly world. Man has one master only, the God who created him and his universe. Man will answer to only his Master."  - Our Lady of the Roses, September 7, 1973

"Many in My Son's Church have fallen away. Pray for your brothers and sisters, My children. Pray for your bishops, your priests, who are under great attack by reason of false obedience."  - Our Lady of the Roses, December 7, 1977

"And God never changes. And neither must you change to please man. But you must change always to please God. And obedience: there is a false obedience, if you displease God, just to please man."  - Our Lady of the Roses, June 18, 1982

"I have wandered throughout the world crying to My children, and My tears fall upon you, for as I have cried for obedience to your Eternal Father in Heaven and, also, to Our Pope, Our poor Vicar, who suffers much on the hands of the enemies of your God."  - Our Lady of the Roses, March 18, 1983

"O My children, what more can I say to you? What more can the Eternal Father do to awaken you--you who are apathetic, not caring until you are struck by destruction; you who watch as the warnings go by, not caring until it enters your home; and you who go by like ducks in the waters, not caring or wondering or questioning why you proceed in that path; and you who, in your blindness; and you who, in your blindness of blind obedience, have given yourselves to destruction and destroying My Son's House in your obedience to man! No man shall be obedient to satan."  - Our Lady of the Roses, November 20, 1976

"If you compromise by pleasing those who have set themselves to rule you, and if you compromise without the love of God and accepting the will of God, and replacing it for the will of man, in obedience that has been darkened by sin and false obedience-blind obedience-no! You shall not cast aside your God to please any man!"  - Our Lady of the Roses, September 13, 1975

"Man has set himself into the web of satan by straying from the path given by the Father. Discipline, self-discipline and obedience to the rules of God are the only path."  - Our Lady of the Roses, November 24, 1973

"My child, there is much confusion in the world. We ask obedience--yes, We ask, My child, obedience. But this story I must repeat to you. It is one of truth. Your obedience is to the Father in Heaven. Abraham, directed to give his son as sacrifice: it is the law of God, as written by Moses, that thou shalt not kill; but when the Father had asked this sacrifice, he, Abraham, listened unto God, and knew that the law of God first and above all is, 'Thou shalt honor the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, with thy whole mind, and with thy whole body.'"   - Our Lady of the Roses, April 13, 1974

"You must recognize the forces of evil now loosed upon your world, My children. You must not follow like sheep to the slaughter. Your obedience is to the Eternal Father.
     "We have given you through the past ages the knowledge for your redemption. Man has set himself, in his arrogance, up to be worshipped. No man shall place himself above the Eternal Father! Man upon your earth is traveling the same road as the fallen angels. His arrogance shall be his destruction."  - Our Lady of the Roses, February 10, 1975

"While you are upon earth you are there to do honor and glory to your God in heaven. You must know Him, love Him, and serve Him in this world, so that you will be happy with Him forever in the next."  - Our Lady of the Roses, June 1, 1978

"For to whom much is given, much is expected; and discipline and obedience means suffering and sacrifice. Unquestioning love, unquestioning obedience, that is the only way to Heaven."  - Jesus, May 30, 1981


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