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Our Lady of the Roses

1968 to 1970 - The Early Years

In the beginning with Saint Teresa...
For the Church...
Veronica's First Vision...
The Invasion...
"Look up to the sky" - The sun spinning...
The Priceless Emotion of Love...
Love is the essence...
Once There Was Paradise...
A message to Pope Paul...
Our Lady and Saint Teresa - A message to the Clergy
Our Lady's suffering...
When the Roses are in Bloom...
The assassination of a Holy man...
At the moment of conception...
The First Vision of Our Lady - Transcript 1
The First Vision of Our Lady - Transcript 2
The Shrine will be at St. Roberts!!...
The Testimony of Grace Pera
Preparations for June 18th, 1970
Listen with your Heart
Testimony of Raymond Lueken

In the beginning with Saint Teresa Back
The following is a brief account of Veronica's private revelations from Heaven in her own words given on November 10, 1971:

Veronica, a mother of five children, had never before received any manifestations from Heaven until June 6, 1968, when the strange fragrance of roses and a beautiful perfume was evident on that day of June 6 as she prayed the Rosary for Bobby Kennedy, prior to his death from assassination. Veronica consulted Father Sullivan, as she was most disturbed by these occurrences. Father assured her that there was no need to be disturbed, as she was just to pray, and Heaven does work in mysterious ways. Two days later Veronica was awakened during the night by a 'voice' (inner sound that impinges on the intellect, not sound of ear) that said, 'Veronica, I want you to write. Get out of bed. You must write what I tell you.' Veronica arose, much frightened, and Veronica's husband also awakened and watched as Veronica asked him for a pencil. The seer's husband said it looked like she was in a dazed trance or something. She wrote and wrote, and then retired. The next morning a very shocked husband and an amazed Veronica reread the notes to find this:


A delicate petal scented by Heaven
Fell from her bower of roses
As her hand led the way
Up the path on that day
That Bobby kissed Mary and Moses.

Veronica remembered the voice saying at that time: "You must never honor a human being without honoring the Mother of God first. Write this:


Blessed Mother be my guide.
Be here always by my side.
Take me through this world of sorrow,
Show me there's a bright tomorrow."

Later, Veronica was to learn that this unknown voice dictating to her was Saint Theresa, the Little Flower.

After this, many prodigies and manifestations took place while Veronica wrote under the direction of Theresa, and then our Blessed Mother, Who then appeared to her. Our Lady also appeared to a neighbor, Grace Pera, with Veronica on May 19, 1970.

On April 7, 1970, Our Lady said She would come to the site of the old Saint Robert's Church, as She wanted a Shrine there, to be called "Our Lady of the Roses, Mary, Help of Mothers." Full directions were given for construction, etc. Directives were to be given to the clergy of St. Robert's to prepare for the first visit of Our Lady to the Shrine on June 18, 1970.

From the date of the first apparition and message, miraculous photos, Rosaries turning from silver to gold in color, followed by cures and conversions, took place. Our Lady directed a medal to be cast, a miraculous medal of Our Lady of the Roses.

For the Church... Back
In one year Our Lady's messages have been made known in America, Europe, South America, Canada, Central America, Asia--and all in the plan of Heaven.

We need all who care, who love, to join in the spreading of our Mother's and Jesus' words. Time is of the essence. We must save all souls. Heaven will bless in abundance those who will reach out to rescue their brothers and sisters from Lucifer, satan, the ruler of the darkness.

Our Lady carries the light. Won't you light your candle?


VERONICA AND THE MISSION FROM HEAVEN (VN1970 tape transcription, p. 36)

Veronica--Many people have asked me how I felt about being given this mission from Heaven. Well in all honesty and sincerity, I must say I was quite flabbergasted. After all, I mean--I would never, if someone had told me and...[words unclear], that experience like this or any consideration from Heaven would be mine. I would have laughed. Because I'm certainly not worthy of any consideration from Heaven. Being the lowest and the worst of souls I really can honestly say that I can't understand why Heaven would choose me of all people. Since I'm really absolutely nothing, like I have no religious vocation. And not being a child, I don't have the innocence of a child. But I guess Heaven has some reason, not only...[words unclear] that I can--have fulfilled this mission to the best of my ability. I don't have anything really to qualify me for this type of mission. The only thing I could be guided by is love. The love that Theresa taught me in the last two years, because prior to Theresa's coming, I knew what word, the word "love" was as defined in our earthly way, and dictionaries and personal experience, but I didn't realize to what great heights when you really understood love, a heavenly type of love.

FOR THE CHURCH (Veronica 1970 tape transcription, p. 7)

Veronica--...everything that I'm telling you now is in writing with dates, that if only one who cares to see, to understand, would read it. And like Theresa said, after--this is all for the Church, after I leave this is all for the Church, and uh, that's the mission from Heaven.

1. Veronica smells roses for first time.

"On June 5th, 1968, while listening to the radio, Veronica was distraught upon hearing the news that Senator Robert F. Kennedy had just been shot. Veronica was moved to compassion.... While driving her husband to work at a construction site in Flushing, Queens, New York, Veronica listened to the news reports and joined the prayer sessions being conducted for the dying Senator. In her heart she felt that Bobby would be miraculously restored through the many prayers being offered.

"The thought suddenly came to her mind to invoke Saint Theresa, a saint she had only heard about in her childhood.... Veronica explains in her own words what then transpired: 'Though he was very ill, I knew that with enough prayers he could recover miraculously. Suddenly, I was most startled to have this heavy fragrance of roses come towards me. At one point it seemed like there was a petal almost under my nose. Oh, it was beautiful! It wasn't as though I was smelling one flower--it was like walking through a flower shop!'" ("Occulations from Heaven", p. 3)

Veronica's First Vision... Back
2. Veronica smells roses for second time.

"Later that same afternoon, Veronica drove her father to the hospital for his regular medical check-up. While waiting for her father to complete his examination with the doctor, she began to pray the Rosary for Bobby again. No sooner had the first Hail Mary escaped her lips that the peculiar fragrance of roses mysteriously presented itself again. You can well imagine the strong odor of roses amidst the antiseptic atmosphere of a hospital. Veronica then felt a little frightened--smelling roses when there were no roses! Again she brushed aside the matter." ("Occulations from Heaven", p. 3)

3. She smells roses for third time:

"The miraculous scent of roses came over her again a third time while viewing the funeral service for the Senator on television. 'I slipped out onto the porch, and I was looking up to Heaven', Veronica said. 'I started to say Hail Mary, asking for the intervention of Our Lady for his soul. Well, the same thing happened again--this fragrance of roses started to come over me. However, this time I was frightened. I said, 'Oh, please, not again!' and instantly it was gone. Veronica then returned into the house."

4. Letter floats across living room:

"On August 4, 1968, at about 5:30 a.m., Veronica was in the living room making preparations for the early morning Mass. Suddenly this same framed letter went floating across the living room, as though propelled by an unseen, unknown force, and crashed with a loud noise at Veronica's feet. This turned out to be a little much. Veronica hastily sped to Saint Robert's again. This time she spoke to four priests who were, gathered in a room at that particular moment." ("Occulations from Heaven", p. 5)

5. "So Veronica went home, opened the Bible at random, and looked at the left-hand page. 'Oh, my heavens!' she exclaimed. A bright light appeared and blotted out everything but what she was to read. It was Job 27, and it said: 'I am the Almighty. I will teach by the hand of God what the Almighty has in store.' Veronica then began to understand." ("Occulations from Heaven", p. 5)

6. Veronica and St. Theresa:

"Returning to Veronica's experience of the explosion, when she was hit by that tremendous force in the face, St. Theresa entered into her in spirit. For three days Theresa lived in her dictating through her many messages, keeping her awake for three days and three nights approximately. Only after the dictation was finished did Veronica retire to rest. The next morning she was awakened by a force, like a pulling at her, pulling out of her and floating away. It was as if she was losing her very own self! It was a most heartrending experience as she had become so attached to Theresa. Theresa was leaving, and Veronica, to her great chagrin, knew this. Veronica was consoled, however, when St. Theresa appeared to her again a few weeks later.

"St. Theresa using Veronica's body is not in any way related to the false theories of reincarnation; rather St. Theresa was placed inside of Veronica as part of a special mission from God the Father." ("Occulations from Heaven", p. 7)

August 1968: VERONICA'S FIRST VISION (VN1970 tape transcription, pp. 5-7

Veronica--While we are in the area of discussing figures from Heaven, at this time I would like to briefly go back to the date of August 1968, when I saw my first vision. I was walking down Springfield Blvd. and I just chanced to look up into the sky, when before my startled eyes there appeared this large iron cross. Through the years, the last year I found that cross quite by accident in a bible of a neighbor. And it was...[words unclear] as a reliquary cross in Rome. But anyway, as I looked at this cross, there appeared in the center of this, the upper part of a chalice, just the cup....[words unclear] So, the cup disappeared and in its place, in the center there was Jesus, I could see just His face down to the area and above the chest like--where His chin area was. And oh! I saw Him as living as you--I would be looking face to face with you or I. And I do remember His face so vividly--I will never forget it. He has a beautiful face for a man, not just because He is God, but the beauty on His face--there was no hardness, no anger, none of these earthly feelings that we find on the faces of those around us. But He has a face just radiating love and emotion. Oh, He must be very sensitive to what's going on here on the earth now, because as I watched He looked to the side to His right and sort of downward. And the expression on His face was so heartbreaking. Oh, the only way you could explain it, was He was saying, "I can't believe it, I can't believe it."

I did notice that His hair was very dark and long, and in fact I really can't be sure how I ever got up so close to Him. But at one point I was so close as though He was kissing me on the forehead and I could see where the stubble, the black stubble was growing into His skin. And then I noticed too, that He had this beautiful white light--seems to come out from under His skin, just like St. Theresa did. And this light as it grew brighter--it seemed to obliterate everything but His eyes, so that you couldn't really distinctly explain to anyone the shape of Our Lord's nose or His mouth as with Theresa unless you had seen a picture of Theresa. After the vision, because the light seemed to obliterate everything but the eyes, and that always makes me feel that the eyes are a mirror of the soul.

Well when I first saw Jesus, it surprised me that the first thing that entered my mind was I said to myself, "Oh He looks so young to be God," I don't know what I expected to--you know somebody looking like a prophet, but He was very handsome. Then, also, I noticed He had something on His head that was quite different in what we see on the statues or in pictures of Jesus' crown. Now I would assume, then what I saw perhaps the thorns were underneath His basket weave up there...[words unclear] He had on His head. It was a very heavy more like a cap and it was like rolled in wood, sort of a reddish brown wood, but it covered His whole head even to the back down to His--back of His neck and down to His eyebrows. It looks so big and heavy. Well then I was forced to look to the right and I saw this figure of what I thought was this young boy at first, a very slim tiny figure, but then I noticed it was a woman because when the person turned to the left I could see Her hips and the way Her gown--dress was very high with a belt on the top--that She was wearing a--like a scarf or--like this mantle over Her head which looked to me white from where I was standing. But She also had that very, oh that, that anguished appearance of Her chin....[words unclear] hanging down on Her chest in terrible sorrow, but She disappeared and I could see Her as a very tiny figure way off in the distance on a hillside looking down, but in terrible sorrow again. Well then She disappeared and in Her place so life-like, the clearest picture of the whole vision was this bald white eagle. Its feathers were so beautiful and white and it was peacefully sitting there. I guess in the west, I would say. And then, I looked over to the east in area, the other side of eagle, like say the eagle's right side, and oh my goodness there I was almost frightened to death because there was a figure there, like something from the children's "Mad" magazine. Oh, it was a monster but then as I watched this grotesque looking glob of whatever it was--monstrous being, I noticed it turned into an owl with two huge outside eyes, and the eyes were staring over at the eagle. And that was the end of the vision.

The Invasion... Back
August 1968. INVASION OF CZECHOSLOVAKIA (Veronica 1970 tape transcription, p. 30)

Veronica--Everything I'm telling you is written down, with dates, you can check that, I'm only going from my memory, trying to remember, but anyway, it was back in, I think it was September, 1968, I was walking down Springfield Avenue, and if I recollect rightly, it was a Monday morning. And, oh, was I frightened! There in the sky, you know, as I looked up, there appeared--the whole sky was covered by a black eagle. A black eagle! It covered the whole sky. That I wouldn't mind, but then this voice screamed at me, "Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth." So I was frightened. I ran into Landsdon's, the five and ten. I called my husband. he told me, "Well, don't get upset. Go on home and relax."

Well I got home and instead I got on the telephone. I wired Cardinal Cushing: "Cardinal Cushing please listen to me. I know you, you don't believe anything I tell you but listen to Theresa, not me, or someone. I saw a black eagle, and there's going to be a war some place, and you've got to DO something!" Well, instead, no one listened, and I also called Saint Robert's parish. See, all these two years I've been telling all these things, and nobody ever listens to me. So, finally the next day--I believe it was a Tuesday, if I remember rightly--Czechoslovakia was invaded.' And I knew exactly what was happening, but nobody cared...


"PRAGUE, Wednesday, Aug. 21--Czechoslovakia was occupied early today by troops of the Soviet Union and four of its Warsaw Pact allies in a series of swift land and air movements.

"Airborne Soviet troops and paratroopers surrounded the building of the Communist Party Central Committee, along with five tanks. At least 25 tanks were seen in the city.

"[Soviet troops began shooting at Czechoslovak demonstrators outside the Prague radio building at 7:25 A.M., Reuters reported. C.T.K, the Czechoslovak press agency, was quoted by United Press International as having said that citizens were throwing themselves in front of the tanks in an attempt to block the seizure of the city.]

"The Soviet move caught Czechoslovaks by surprise, although all day yesterday there were indications of new tensions."

"Look up to the sky" - The sun spinning... Back
August 1968 (VN1970 tape transcription, pp. 22-26)

Veronica--...but I do want everyone to know that nothing is impossible with Heaven, and at any time Our Lord has a plan, this plan is beyond any means of any human to stop. Oh, with satan's promptings through interference, and martyrdom, but actually whatever Our Lord plans will go forward. Though the road will be filled with thorns. And thinking of Our Lord's graces to those He chooses to distribute these graces on, even the most unworthy of souls like myself, I can't help but remember the time, the August 1968, when even I was skeptical, and wondering whether if I should go along with my neighbors and friends and family, who at the time hadn't received the grace, the light from Heaven, to understand what was going on, and they thought that I was just plain crazy, you know, that I had flipped, in the modern way of putting it. Well, after all, in the beginning before I was giving the full grace of understanding yourself with everyone else telling you that you were crazy, you begin to wonder that how can you stand alone and with everyone telling you, it surely takes investigation on your part. So, that afternoon in August, I was walking down the street to the stores, and I was thinking of this when St. Theresa said to me, "So you still doubt and must have physical proof." Well, of course, I didn't want Heaven to think that it was always necessary to always give me signs, because that would show a awful lack of faith on my part, and I didn't want to offend Heaven or my Family in any way. But I guess that They felt that this small soul needed strengthening, so Theresa said to me, "Look up to the sky!" Well, it was 10 o'clock, and the sun was really brilliant and burning but it was white, a really white-hot sun, so I says, "Oh, I can't look up, it was hurting my eyes." So Theresa said, "Keep watching," well, I did, I kept watching and ohhh! All of a sudden, instead of a white-hot sun the sun turned a deep gray so it was like shading my eyes, and then as I watched the sun came out of the sky, forward! It was like watching [a] three-dimensional movie or something! But it came out of the sky, and then it starting to spin like a top, but a trillion miles an hour!! Oh did it spin so fast! Now I wasn't frightened of that, because by that time I had been quite used to these wonderful phenomena's from Heaven, and I watched this, and all of sudden around the outside there formed this border, this red border oh, about two inches wide, oh it was just beautiful! All around this gray top-like spinning sun. Well, then after a while, I don't know how many moments it lasted, I saw the sun then go right back to where it started, back into the area of the sky, and then returned to its normal white burning state. So I just sure wasn't actually convinced by what I saw, and I was thinking of what the neighbors were thinking. Well, this could just be an optical illusion from the sun, and my staring into the sun, so I thought I would try looking from under a tree, so I ran over to the tree in front of me, and I started poking out from behind the leaves--there was good shading over my eyes--and I noticed that the sun was still white-hot and I said, 'I was right. It was just an illusion.' But then the voice of Theresa said to me, "Aha! Just keep watching!" So I did, and oh my goodness! There again the sun came out of the sky and down towards me--I would say about half-ways from between me and where it came from--and it had turned this deep gray again and started to spin like a top. "Well," I said, "that was beautiful!" But then I noticed that that red line was missing, so I says, "Well, I see that, but it's not like it was before, where there was a red line around it." Well, as I said that, from within the spinning sun itself came outward, right from the very edge, this two--about two-inch border, of this beautiful red, crimson coloring. And then I watched as the whole unit, with the coloring, started to go back into the sky and return to its normal, white state.

Well, I went home so exhilarated and so wonderfully in love with all Heaven for showering such a grace upon me, that there is no way in explaining in the words the happiness that I felt, because I didn't know that anyone in Heaven could care so much for such an undeserving person as myself here on earth. So it only proves that if we open our hearts to Heaven, there isn't anything Our Father wouldn't do for His children, because He does love us so.

The Priceless Emotion of Love... Back
August 1968 (VN1970 tape transcription, pp. 11-14)

Veronica--Now Our Lady and Theresa have often told me, not to try to understand what's given to me, but just pass it on. But being human I sometimes try to figure things out, that's one of my human weaknesses. And oh, I...[words unclear] don't--I do hope that--appears to be--doesn't actually be a reality that the bald white eagle is the United States, and that there's some kind of a monster watching it, with eyes in from the east. But that remains to be seen.

September 4, 1968 (VNI970 tape transcription, pp. 5-7)

Veronica--On September the 4th, in 1968, Theresa...[words unclear] most important, that we give this message to the world, that our dear souls here on earth must realize the existence of two forces, the good moment, never has satan been so unleashed upon souls and his agents are coming from the abyss in full...[words unclear] swing. It is only through prayer and our faith and our full trust in Our Father in Heaven that we can avoid these agents and their devious methods, they're dragging us into the abyss with them. Now this writing was called "His satanic majesty": ...[words unclear] with a choice of free will, will make us a disciple in the final choice of eternal goal. For there are among us oddly...[words unclear] for two majesties, God and Lucifer. In His love Our Lord Jesus wants us to follow our hearts to Him, not through cajolery of buying our affection through material things, but the priceless emotion of love, must be given freely, because we want to and not because we have to. Fear never begets love. What has Lucifer to offer...[words unclear] not God he must...[words unclear] be with cajolery...[words unclear] with material pleasures and diversions...[words unclear] crying his way to us, live for today forget God, live now, lie, cheat, steal. Who can see us...[words unclear] you want money and all the things this paper god...[words unclear] can buy. Friendship as long as the money lasts is always so little until friends get together. There is only point of saturation then, death of the body, de-idolize the body, pamper it with costly perfume, lotion, cremes, clothes all ... [words unclear] to make us attractive to one another. But how do we look in the eyes of God? He sees no trimmings, only the bare soul. Will this be a beautiful gift to Him, or a repugnance to have Him banished from His sight and too heartbreaking. Satan has his envoys. Oh, there are many who he works through--people, places, things. All ... [words unclear] to take, to turn the faithful from ... [words unclear] Heaven, would carry our souls to or away from Jesus. Which path are you traveling? One is easy the other ... [words unclear] sacrifice and purpose. What purpose can satan offer- eternal life in the furnace, damnation, anguish, sorrow, fear, Hell. So you say there is Hell on earth. Are you in a constant state of burning. Don't ... [words unclear] you use science and pleasure to ease your pain. In Hell there will be no doctors to help. There will be--only the laughter of Lucifer as he ... [words unclear]extols his conquest before the dear Lord. His tears fall but cannot extinguish the flames of Hell. Our Lord will cry the heartbreak of a loving parent who has lost a child. Here on earth are years are numbered--a temporary home of 50, 60, 70 years more or less. The life hereafter is eternal, there is no measure of time in eternity. It will then, now, and hereafter. This will be our new life eternal. Only those with the good hearts of children of pure love for goodness may enter the Kingdom of God. Better ... [words unclear] to serve a short or long duration of waiting for admission in a temporary limbo.... [words unclear]. Of course we'll be more patient on the shores of the heavenly Kingdom where Peter examines our passports and we'll be in quarantine for the time needed to make well our sick souls. Once the stigma of sin has been healed by our waiting penance, that is the anguish of reaching out, but Our Lord will be just beyond our reach. Then we will be taken to the gates of paradise by a heavenly guide. Heaven offers happiness beyond all human ... [words unclear] words to describe, of goodness that encompasses all human and spiritual emotions. Hell has no goodness to offer, a placing in the hands of a cruel master, another form for satan to torture with delight, another consort from a grieving Father. He will laugh at the trickery and devious methods he used to . . . [words unclear] you to the entreaties of God. God needed no trickery or false illusions or things material. He just gave His Heart and the blessed Truth. Although ... [words unclear] many prefer to throw away ... [words unclear] subversion. Our Lord has His envoys, His Holy Church and teachers. There is salvation all around us, if we open our eyes to the truth. Satan has many helpers who work at his underground church, idle ... [words unclear] to pleasure and body worship. There are many disguises ... [words unclear] to cover the real purpose of soul destruction. Ask God to protect you and those you love against the blandishment of the devil's disciples ...[words unclear] our eyes and hearts to the truth. 1968 (Veronica 1970 tape transcription, P. 22)

Love is the essence... Back
Veronica--... this is what was told me what would happen, uh, Our Lady said that scientists and professional men would try to explain this as a physical phenomenon, because they are unwilling to admit this inadequacy to understand the difference between the physical body and the spiritual soul. January 10, 1969 (FMI970.1 tape transcription, p. 14) Veronica-On January the 10th, 1969, Theresa gave me a message for the world: "Love is the essence of the odeur of divinity. Love surmounts all obstacles, a beacon to guide by to Jesus.' Veronica--"... keep the light of love burning, guide each soul to the eternal flame, to be consumed in the glorious warmth of the hearts of our blessed Family in Heaven." Veronica--... the 11th, 1969, Theresa to Veronica (I'm reading from the notes here): "I saw in the eastern sky an immense dragon with fiery nostrils chasing a poor camel in a northward direction. (Is this Egypt?)"

Once There Was Paradise... Back
Veronica--... the 1lth, 1969: "Life is a stream. The current flows faster and faster, while we battle to keep our heads above the angry surfaces ... [words unclear] anxiety, all ... [words unclear] to the ascent to the true trust, let us ... [words unclear] let our heavenly friends show us how to keep our heads above water in a world of rising tides, to guide our struggling masses to the shore, to find peace in the waiting arms of the Immaculate Mother of Grace, Mary, our Mother."

May 14, 1969 (FM1970.1 tape transcription pp. 14-15)

Veronica--This message was given to me on May the 14th, 1969: "We must subjugate the body to a state f subservience to the soul, for this shell must be an asset to its main body, spiritual, the soul. Our human body must guard the spiritual soul from contamination. Living on earth is but a temporary exile of purification."

May 1969 (AUG1970T tape transcription, pp. 5-6)

Veronica--In May of 1969, Theresa directed me to write "Once There Was Paradise." This explains in the moral form, and makes it most understandable to humans, the existence of the Blessed Trinity, the three Persons in one God.

In the distant heavens, there lived a most loving Spirit. First there was God, a God of love. Knowing love must be shared to be the fullest joy, He sort of subdivided Himself into a Family. For once even a spirit must share life eternal to reach the fullest degree of peace and joy. For love is in giving. He gave Himself to beget a Son and Holy Spirit. Even friendship exists between spirits, for our Father placed the angels to be a heavenly world, the light of love reflected from the Father, giving them all light sublime. Being so sensitive, He wanted this love to be given freely, not under obligation, so His angels and heavenly spirits were given a free will. Our Father's love outshone the darkness of disobedience. But the darkness soon reached the light, for Luciel, the most beloved of the angels, chose to forget this love of his Father and seek to covet the crown of authority. Our Father cried, the Trinity cried, and Michael fought for those who loved and shooed the fallen angels out to wander, the most despised of beings, living in the fires enkindled with [their?] evil desires. Heart-saddened over His loss, our Father sought to ease the pain of this loss by creating more family and calling him man. Placed in another land called earth, the loving heart of our Father knew the loss of loneliness and gave His earthly child a companion, Eve. All was paradise, a joy to our heavenly Father. But unknown to Him and His trusting heart was a snake in the grass starting to wreck His Heaven on earth. A devious plan took form. It was the battle of majesty between good and evil. All-trusting Blessed Father has ... [words unclear] to trusting Lucifer, who was that snake in the grass, that His new children would forever be faithful and true, not prey to the blandishments to a fallen angel. Lucifer whispered to Eve to eat of the tree of life [knowledge?] placed in the garden by the Blessed Father. This tree was a monument to the very weaknesses that got Lucifer kicked out of Heaven, a warning for watchfulness: avoid the fruits of this tree that would be so appealing to the body, but would sicken and kill the soul. Lucifer was really puffed up with his own importance and figured that here were candidates for establishing his own kingdom. Not Heaven on earth, but hell on earth! So many things beautiful to the eye have been man's downfall, and forbidden fruit the most tempting. The serpent's ... [words unclear] whispered on Eve proved the adage "out of sight, out of mind." Finding the deed more joyful than the awaited punishment that might lie ahead, since the wrath of our Father had not as yet descended, Adam would just have to share this newfound delight. With Lucifer's glib tongue, the delight grew sweeter by the moment. Using the oldest of feminine wiles, plus a few new tricks thrown in by the most obliging Lucifer, Adam was a cooked, literally, pigeon. No longer could our Father spare the children the sorrows of the tree of life [knowledge?], for they were now with a free will that could only be strengthened by love and asking forgiveness of the Father. So life began in earnest. Man would have to earn his way back to Heaven, or join Lucifer in his kingdom--the choice is his to make. On the left would stand Lucifer, and on the right all Heaven. By now the devilish creature has many helpers, but Heaven has the best of fortifications, the power of God. Lucifer pampers the body, Heaven will nourish the soul. Leaving the shackle of this body behind, we will fly off to eternity with joy, or find an eternity of misery burning forever in the very desires that brought us to this miserable end with Lucifer. Jesus tells us to keep out of that darkness and always in Heaven's light.

A message to Pope Paul... Back
September 1, 1969 (FM1970.1 tape transcription, p. 15)

Veronica--This was a message given on September the lst, 1969, and was to be sent to Pope Paul at the Vatican: "Dear Father of the earth, it is with heavy heart that I must beg you, for the earthly salvation of all mankind, to turn back the pages of the present, to return our Holy Mother the Church to the laws of Christ. As a witness of the Holy Spirit, I must tell you that Jesus and the Most High feel that you have innocently been misled to not visualize the destruction to souls wrought by the revision and acts of sacrifice left to the free conscience of the human soul. The word of God is eternal and must not be altered or changed. Restore all changes to the original word of God. Have men follow the rules with a love of God, not change the rules for the love of man. A child must be led in discipline, and not be catered to, for it will weaken the soul, and open the door for the entrance of the evil spirit."

Our Lady and Saint Teresa - A message to the Clergy Back
September 7, 1969 (FM1970.1 tape transcription, pp. 16-18)

Veronica--There was a very important message given by Theresa and Our Lady on September the 7th, 1969, at approximately 4:05 p.m. in my bedroom. Our Blessed Mother was crying bitterly as She said this: "You men of God, ... [words unclear] have to make the choice: My Son or the world. If you prefer the world, God have mercy on your short foresight, then by all means, do not enter the halls of God, but once decided, ... [words unclear] not to bring sorrow to My Son, leave the Holy Church in peace. Take your decisions with you unnoticed. Expose not my Son's sanctuary to the [laughter?] of the debased. From this follows the hand of destruction will fall upon you." Then the Holy Spirit in the medium of St. Theresa instructed me to continue to write as told. Our Blessed Lady couldn't go on so Theresa did: "What is a priest? A priest is a man of God, a soul chosen from the multitudes to bring to the many children of God, the message of the divine Kingdom to come. To advance the cause for human dedication to the Divine Spirit, and lay out the narrow path that will lead to everlasting fulfillment. For this great honor, a man must be dedicated in spirit, in the sense that he be willing to live in mind and body in this world, but that precious hidden self, the spirit, must be within the Divine claim. This state is produced only through sincere love of God, a willingness to place the many pleasures and material things of our human environment second, next to the nourishment by sacrifice, through self-denial and will, subjugated to the will of God. One as a teacher of the truth must be able to place the full emotions and purpose of being within the spiritual plane."

Veronica--... relevant to the marriage state, Jesus said, "[words unclear] for I am the light. Cleave unto Me, be as I am. Strive for the figure of Christ. We cannot serve two masters, the world or the Father, the body or the spirit."

Veronica--... of the flesh, greater than the yearnings of the heart of God. Each priest is a medium, communicating from the Divine Spirit to man."

Veronica-". . . Each priest must follow and endeavor to be a figure of Christ on earth. How can one sincerely teach a doctrine unless willing to be as near as possible a copy of the Leader, the Source of the doctrine. The love of God must be first."

Veronica-". . . A dedication body and soul to the Divine call should not accept the..."

Veronica--". . . those who do not have a dedication, body and soul, to the divine call, should not accept the divine order, for many are chosen, but few are fit. Few have the true purpose of vocation, ... [words unclear] in the world or out of the world. A vocation requires a strong will and self-discipline. It is not necessary to taste all the fruits of life to know which is sweet or sour. Divine grace will do that for you. ... [words unclear] learn through Christ. Some. . . [words unclear] unless I live among them as an equal. ... [words unclear] Experience the things of life. Yes, living is a teacher, but sometimes our learning isn't done by divine grace in this world, for we fall into satanic diversions."

Veronica--". . . it protects the soul against contamination, for how can an excessively sinful soul pass on the virtue of the divine life? We must live the life of grace to be honest in our approach to others. It is a full-time job sending a heart up to Heaven. A priest must rouse his full emotions heavenward. He is in the spirit . . ."

Our Lady's suffering... Back
September 1969 (FM1970.1 tape transcription, pp. 15-16)

Veronica--. . . back in September of 1969, there is a message here in the notes about an event that happened at the confession at St. Robert's. Last Saturday night, after confession, I knelt at the altar rail, and as I looked at the statue of Our Blessed Mother, which had always looked calm and serene, I became ill with fright. For as I watched the face of the statue, it aged at least fifty years. It was horrible to look at it. There was anger, disdain, anguish, hurt, sorrow, loss of hope. It was awful. I cried out and ran all the way home. I was sick with shock. Her face was just awful! The next day at Mass, the statue had returned to normal. Oh, our Blessed Mother has lost hope in us. She has aged in suffering. Her face was beyond all words to describe. I was so frightened! ... [words unclear] despair was there. Jesus says that it is ... [words unclear] to attend the Holy Service without a head covering. It is disrespectful, Jesus says. And the new clothes are deplorable, disgusting.... [words unclear] or cleanness of heart evidenced, just dressed in vanity.

Veronica--. . . habits are frowned on in Heaven as half-hearted vocations.

When the Roses are in Bloom... Back
October 8, 1969 (STORYVER tape transcription, p. 1)

Veronica--Well, as time passed we approach October the 8th. Now, I knew from past messages that something was going to happen on October 8th. Though, because of the messages I thought it might be something either dire or, oh, prophetic things that people ... [words unclear]. I knew that something was going to happen, I had my notebook indicating that She'd come back. Well, I had gone to 9 o'clock Mass at St. Robert's and went to check on the statue of Our Lady setting on the lawn. And, then it passed, Our Lady had asked that I put a Rosary in the hands of Her statue, which I did. But it was difficult because ... [words unclear] being torn out and then the flowers I had given Our Lady and put on Her head as a crown were torn off by vandals or, I don't know who does it. Well, I found one Rosary, a pink Rosary, and oh, that it should be pink. It was the only one that ever remained in Her hands, from October until the present time. Well, I went up there on October the 8th, and was joyously happy to see that the pink Rosary had gone, so now I was running out of Rosaries. And being my big Marian one, that, later I used another that would extend from one hand to the other, but that's a little expensive, and the largest one I had was my big Marian one, but the bandits took that off, too. And then almost ... [words unclear] the fingers, the fingers are cracked now because they tore at the wires, you know. But anyway, on that day I was turning away from the statue when Our Lady said: "I will come when the roses are in bloom." Well, I thought, I can only tell... [words unclear], Our Lady said She "will come when the roses are in bloom.." Now, in New York that would be June! I told everyone. So I wired Billy Graham, Cardinal Cushing, everyone that I knew, Our Lady's coming when the roses are in bloom, in June, . . .

October 15, 1969 (FM1970.1 tape transcription, p. 13)

Veronica-There is another message in the notes that goes back to October the 15th, 1969. Given at approximately 1:27 in my bedroom, by the Holy Spirit: "We are in needy times. The Chastisement is close at hand. Each Christian must take up the banner of Christ and go out into the world to gather just one sheep to save from the engulfment of desolation ahead. If each Christian would gather just one soul the entrance into Heaven would be magnificent and voluminous. If you love your brother, you could not see him in pain, physical or mental, and picture the torture of a damned soul, the anguish of heart to lose eternal happiness. The voices crying out from the fiery engulfment, and the pain of Our Father to have to turn away. Yes, at the final moment, all will know the truth too late. There will be no starting over, or going back, for this is time: past, present, future, now!"

December 11, 1969 (FM1970.1 tape transcription, p. 15)

Veronica--December the 1lth, 1969, a Thursday, at 10:35 a.m., this message was given to me by Theresa for Our Lady, in my bedroom: "The distant Kingdom is inhabited by people, live people, in spirit form. Awaken all people of the earth to the reality of Heaven, for to know them is to love them."

Veronica--in 1969 St. Theresa, in one of her locutions to Veronica, also stressed that the word "death" should be removed from the dictionary, for there is no such state as death, only the exit from our body shell, for the real "you" is housed in the temporary housing for the soul or spirit, the human body casing, which we shed, so to say, on our trip to the Kingdom, in the company of the Heavenly guardians, the angels or the saints or another inhabitant of Heaven whom our Father chooses to send us to escort us home.

St. Theresa has promised to be there when I arrive, that is, with the grace of Our Father, so Theresa told me that "just look for the girl with her arms filled with roses," and I will know her. So you can see that passing away is a most glorious expectation. Yes, you just fall asleep and wake up on the other side. Of course there is judgment at that time for everyone, but if you love God, the Father and all of our Family in Heaven, this won't be such a terrorizing transference, as most people seem to feel. Because actually we are not going into a place that is really unknown, especially when we know and love all of our Family in Heaven.

January 14, 1970

Veronica was bewildered to see in the eastern sky a figure of a man on a white horse.

February 8, 1970 (FM1970.1 tape transcription, p. 10)

Veronica--On February the 8th, 1970, that was a Sunday, there was another message: "The darkness grows deeper and the worse is yet to come, so gather all graces and live for the light, and...

The assassination of a Holy man... Back

February 27, 1970 (FMI970.1 tape transcription, pp. 9-10)

Veronica--On February the 27th, 1970, there was a message that I thought perhaps you would be interested in hearing: Last night there appeared an exceptionally large star in the east. And as I begged Our Father to help save the holy man in danger, the star changed into a large, illuminated cross ... [words unclear] formed with a large "V", the star was transformed into these two shapes by Our Father. This was Thursday, approximately 12 p.m. after Shirley and Catherine had called on the telephone. Well, what this message is referring to is about a week previously I saw in vision a holy man who was going to be assassinated, and it was such a frightful scene that I begged our Father in some way to forestall this, and later on, as time developed, that this holy man was Archbishop Makarios, on the island of Cyprus, and we did solicit prayers at the Archabbey in St. . . . [words unclear] from the abbot and all the priests, to ask and plead with Heaven to prevent this assassination, and with the coming with the date--I believe it was March the 8th--there was an attempt made on Archbishop Makarios' life, but his pilot in the helicopter was seriously wounded, and Archbishop Makarios was covered with blood.2 But in Heaven's goodness and perhaps with the plans for the future, this was averted. This does prove the power of prayer, from loving hearts to Heaven.

2The New, York Times, March 9, 1970, p. 7, "Makarios is Safe in Sniper Attack: Pilot of Cyprus Leader Shot in Assassination Attempt," by Richard Eder.

"Nicosia, Cyprus, March 8--Archbishop Makarios, the President of Cyprus, barely escaped assassination this morning when machine-gun and rifle fire riddled his helicopter moments after it took off from the front of his archepiscopal palace here.

"The news spread rapidly through Nicosia, where many residents had been awakened by the shots. It caused grave apprehension on this island, which has been violently divided by the quarrel between Greek and Turkish Cypriotes. There were no reports of disturbances, however, and there was no suggestion that the Turkish Cypriote minority had anything to do with the attempt on the life of the President, a Greek Cypriote. Instead, suspicion seemed to center on various armed extremist groups in the Greek Cypriote community who are hostile to President Makarios's policies.

"The shots, fired from the roof of a high school opposite the palace, missed the Archbishop by inches. One of them hit the pilot beside him in the back, gravely wounding him. Nevertheless the pilot, identified as Zacharias Papadoyiannis, managed to fly the helicopter over the palace roof and landed safely in a vacant lot on the other side.

"'I am sorry, sir, I am wounded,' he told President Makarios and collapsed. The bearded Archbishop, his black robes spotted with the pilot's blood, accompanied the pilot to Nicosia General Hospital, where he was in critical condition.

"The attempt, shortly after 7 A.M., occurred while President Makarios was leaving for memorial services at a monastery outside Nicosia for Gregoris Afxentiou, who was killed in the war for independence from Britain in the late nineteen-fifties.

"The president made the trip anyway, by automobile. Seemingly in good spirits, he addressed the meeting of veterans of E.O.K.A., a wartime resistance organization, without referring to the incident. at several points, he was seen testily asking his heavy security guard to move farther away."

At the moment of conception... Back

March 6, 1970

Locution from the Holy Spirit to Veronica: "My children, My children, why do you not listen to Me?"

April 7, 1970 (FM1970.1 tape transcription, p. 3)

Veronica--This is the message of April the 7th, 1970, for the world, from Heaven: "The road to the Kingdom of God is found in the reading of the Scriptures. Man does not know God. He no longer looks for Him in the revelations of the holy Bible. The soul in exile can only be nourished by the words of God through Jesus and His sacrifice on the Cross. The Holy Bible is your family heirloom.... [words unclear] partake of the precious gift of the Lamb, and keep your eyes in the Bible as the darkness closes in about us."

Veronica--This is the message given to Veronica by the Holy Spirit: "At the moment of conception, I breath the Spirit of life. No man has the right to destroy a creation from the Most High. For this transgression the sorrow of sorrows approaches. Repent while there is time, turn back for the darkness approaches." This message was also given in April, 1970.

April of 1970 (VN1970 tape transcription, pp. 37-38)

Veronica--. . . And it was in April of 1970 that Our Lady first said, "I will come when the roses are in bloom." And the roses bloom in June here in New York. So I had expected, being then, waiting for the roses to bloom, never knowing that Our Lady would be here in advance of the month of June to tell us of Her incoming visit, so to say. And that is when one of my neighbors, Grace Pera, was permitted also to see Our Lady on the ball, that was May the 19th, 1970. And I'm going over to her apartment now and see if she would tape her story for us. She's given the transcript of it to "Vers Demain", the newspaper in Canada, I understand, her relation of how she saw Our Lady on the ball and the cross on top of the ball, but perhaps if I go over there now I can get her story on tape.

May 17, 1970 (AUG1970T tape transcription, p. 9)

Veronica--Oh, there is a message of May, the 17th of May, 1970, which was given to me from Theresa for Our Lady: "Man has found ways of sophisticated sin, far more diabolical than any mind but satan could devise. Man goes to his destruction by his own devisement."

The First Vision of Our Lady - (transcription 1) Back

Webmasters Note: This has been transcribed to hardcopy twice, apparently from two separate tapings according to the transcription indexes. Both versions are presented here for reading.

May 19,1970 (STORY OF VERONICA tape transcription #1, pp. 1-7)

Veronica--Now as time went on May the 19th a strange set of events set in. Now, I didn't expect this, but Our Lady didn't say anything would happen on May the 19th. So I worked that day, on May the 19th, and there on my back porch, there are a lot of roses in the backyard, there the bathroom window and the kitchen window where I usually stare out into, I say, Heaven's direction, the eastern sky. So I noticed these two wild roses, red ones on the bush. Now to me that was strange, because I had been waiting for the roses to bloom, when we were not in Bayside, as far as I could understand--all around Bayside, no roses. Well, I passed that out of my mind, and about 4 o'clock that afternoon, it was dark and dreary and rainy. I was. . . [words unclear] and shocked to look in my back yard and instead of seeing two roses the whole bush was filled with roses! Now I'd began to wonder what's going on, because how did the whole bush get filled up in a few hours? Well, my brother, I had told him about it and well, he's the type that ... [words unclear] used to odd things, you know. But then around 6:20, that evening, the sun came out-- ohhh, it was beautiful, like the first day of summer! So, my brother said, "Well, let's open the windows and air out the apartment", because it was stuffy. So I opened the bathroom window, and ohh!! what a shock, there in the sky was this man! Now, I could see him from his waist up, and I knew immediately he was a saint or an apostle because he had that wonderful good--and you get a feeling, whenever you see anyone from Heaven, people have asked me, how can you tell a Heavenly person. Well, you don't have to know, you feel! Because it sends a cause of feeling through you that's so good that you could lie there suspended and just watch him forever. But during that, there sort of goes through you a good feeling, that's beyond anything that you could ever experience, anywhere on earth, that you are, ahh!! like in a state of suspended animation, you know! So I looked at this man, and I remember he was a young fellow, and he had curly hair--you have to remember this because I found out later who he was from Our Lady--and but the strange thing about it was he wasn't looking towards me, he was traveling like, southwest, and he was waving with his hand over his head, and the strange thing, I thought was he's got a mitten on his hand! Now, I must bring attention to that mitten because several weeks later Our Lady requested--the Father of St. Robert's--She said, "Mittens must be worn in all formal processions." Now, Our Lady when She's saying mittens, she means gloves. So there was this fellow waving with a mitten on his right hand, over his head! Now, from the chain of events that happened later, I know he was heralding Our Lady's coming. Now, I didn't know that at the time, but now I know what that mitten was, you know, formal procession ... [words unclear] All ... [words unclear] signs from Heaven. Well anyway, he passed by, in a southwest direction, and then as I watched the sky there came this light. And I was a little startled, but then I really, really shook, because I thought, "this is the end times", because out this light emerged this large ball, at first I thought the moon was falling! It was a big white ball, and I was startled, you know, and I watched as it came out of the clouds and soon though-- ohh!--there on top of the ball was Our Lady! Now first She looked like a statue of about 4 feet high, and I thought it was a statue in church, you know! So I was looking, but the ball floated--like I said the ball was floating. Everyone from Heaven seems to float, they don't walk, they float-like, glide. So the ball floated closer to me and I could see Our Lady, and that She wasn't a statue because the wind was blowing through Her dress. And it was blowing Her dress in the wind, now She was floating--She didn't say a word, and I wasn't close enough to see Her face, but what I could see, because there was a sky-blue . . . [words unclear] so I'm sure She was dressed in white, white, what might have been a pale blue, but it looked white to me. There She passed into the clouds and then She was gone. But then what happened when She passed by was so beautiful I have the treasure of the world already because down through the sky was rays--thousands of slivers of cut glass, diamonds, thousands! And the sun shone through them, you know, the sun was shining through them, and I looked at this and I'd seen the treasures of anything, beyond anything that you could see here, to me the world looks like a dark and dreary place and the world is just as nothing compared to what I saw in Heaven in the past two years! So then, that just lasted an instant, it was, ohhh, millions of pieces of cut glass!! Ohh, and the sun was shining through them!! Ohh, and then it was over and I ran back into the kitchen and I got my brother up and I said, "Guess what I saw!"

So then I had to tell my friend Gracy, Jesus decided to send me what Theresa called a "companionable spirit," to sort of console me, I guess, and someone I could talk to because He's knows I'm a real (knocker?), you know. So He sends Grace to me. So, anyway, Grace is the twenty-seven year old girl next door, and she's a working girl, whereas I'm a housewife with a family, but she's a business girl. So she came over for coffee after she was done with work, and I wanted to tell her all how I saw Our Lady on the ball. So, I took her to the kitchen window, and she said, "Well, where did you see Our Lady?" Well, I was starting to point in the direction beyond the tree where Our Lady was on the ball, when we got the shock of our life! There in the sky was placed a huge ball, but on the top a big cross, a big cross on the ball. Now, it didn't look like the ball Our Lady was on, but it looked more like an outline of a, a smoky-gray outline of the ball, and then the cross on the top. But then the ball started to float in the same direction as it was when I saw it. Ahh, but then! As it got closer outside the cross seemed to disintegrate or evaporate and there She was! Our Lady standing on the ball! So when Grace and I saw it together it was a little different than when I saw it through the bathroom window, so She would seem to be real solid-like, from the waist up we could see Her, but from the waist down--I think it's because the clouds were going through Her-She looked more transparent, but there She was! And Grace and I stood there in shock, with my son Raymond in the kitchen, he's saying, "Let me see! Where is She?" ... [words unclear] but don't get excited, you're ... [words unclear] Well, Grace went home calmly while I'm just ohhh! ... [words unclear]

That's when Our Lady starting directing me. Now She gave me explicit things I was to tell this one and that one and this one, and everything. Now then there were directives to St. Robert's. Now Our Lady said--I'll start down the list, uhh, uhh. First She said mittens were to be worn on all formal occasions, that I was to send that to the Fathers. Then She told me to tell the Fathers in writing and also through phone calls, which I did, that they were to provide facilities for the pilgrims. And then also they were to make available chairs for the elderly and the infirm. Then they were to announce at all Sunday Masses--now they got, each priest got a letter for everything Our Lady requested--in order to announce at all Sunday Masses Our Lady's coming, and because Our Lady said She did not want any of Her children to miss the opportunity to see Her. Now if you listen to this, you can understand why Our Lady was so broken-hearted on the 18th, and why only a handful of graces could She give because She said if only one, one of Her requests had been heeded, She could see. But none were answered. Then She asked me to write to the nuns at the convent, and tell them to prepare the children--which I did--and to be there, and give Her a proper welcome--which I did, which they didn't. And then She also told me to send the drawing of the Shrine and called--which She said would be called, "Our Lady of the Roses, Mary, Help of Mothers." And that was to go to Fr. Mc Donald, Msgr. Mc Donald, the pastor, which I did. And also I was to call Fr. Dunne, an old ... [words unclear], I must call him ... [words unclear], though I hate to mention names, but like I say I wouldn't want to be like-- sound antagonistic to our Fathers, but as a basic truth we did try our best to do as Our Lady said, I did, honestly. I also called Fr. Dunne and I told them that Our Lady had told me to call him and tell him that he is to bring all peoples--with an "s", Our Lady stressed that I must stress the "s" on it--"bring all peoples."3 So Fr. Dunne said, "I'll be deposed." So I have the feeling he was kidding there, till the very end I hoped that they would listen to one thing I told them and then there were other things that, but then, the day came, and went, and that very day that I gave that directive and he said, "I'll bring the flowers." I passed by Our Lady's statue setting on the lawn, and I got a terrible fright, because the face had changed and there, the statue, I saw Her eyes swelled up, swelled shut as though She had been crying a long time. And Her lip was curled under, and everything. That was about two days before She was to come. I should have realized that something was wrong, but I didn't. That the sign She was giving me, but I didn't take it because I was so overjoyed at Her coming, that I didn't take that sign that She was unhappy. But I couldn't understand--because the next day when Martha Hallsman--I picked her up at the airport, the next day--we went back to see the statue and Our Lady's face had returned to being calm and serene. So I sort of forgot, about seeing Her face like She had been crying all the time. Her eyes were all puffed over the lids and closed shut. Also, Our Lady was most unhappy because I wrote to all the Fathers and told them that Our Lady had requested that the ladies of the Rosary Society run a continuous Rosary, and Our Lady even suggested that I write and tell them that in order to do this She would suggest that the ladies "stagger'--that's the word She used, "stagger"--and take turns so that it wouldn't be too difficult on the others, but they didn't even do that. So not one thing that Our Lady asked me to do at ... [words unclear] Our Lady cried so pitiously, and that's why everything happened the way it did, you know, Thursday night because I thought even though we prayed fifteen hours on our knees, after hearing Our Lady cry, like She did--you will read the message, everything that Shirley Mc Carter took down, that she tried to catch what I was trying to repeat.

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May 19, 1970 (VN1970 tape transcription #2, pp. 38-46)

Veronica--At this time, I would like to tell you how I saw Our Lady on May the 19th, that's 1970. Well,as I said before, I was waiting for the roses to bloom in New York, but I figured that would be around June, thought maybe it was June. So I remember on May the 19th, it was a dark and dreary day, it had been raining off and on, and it was a muggy day--in these apartments here in New York you do feel the oppressing heat--so I had opened the bathroom window that looks onto the backyard, and there's a large rosebush there with wild roses, but naturally I didn't expect to see any there, because watching the neighborhood, watching for the blooming of the first rose, I would have noticed that we were due for roses, but the roses, as I have said, don't bloom until June here in New York. Well, on May the 19th, it was approximately 8 o'clock in the morning, when I was surprised to see a rose--two roses on the rosebush, out through my bathroom window. Well, I thought that was strange but I passed it out of my mind with the occupation of the day, and I came back about 4 o'clock and happened to look out of the kitchen window which also faces on the backyard and I was quite startled to see, instead of two roses, it appeared that from the time from 8 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon the whole bush had bloomed, with roses. Well, I thought that very strange. But not being one to jump ahead, it never had any dawning on me that anything miraculous would be happening. But since one does get used to the supernatural, and the manifestations happening that you kind of take it in your stride. Well, it was around 6 o'clock when all of a sudden on this dark and dreary afternoon or evening, the sun came out. Oh, it was beautiful! It was like the first day of summer. Oh, what a gorgeous view from the back windows! So my brother said to open the windows and we'd get some air into the apartment. Well, I opened the bathroom window--and naturally the view is right up to the sky--and I was startled! For there in the sky was a man. I could see him from his, oh, chest up. Oh, he was a curly-haired young fellow and very pleasant, and just as living as you and I so I knew then I was having a vision. Well, he was waving with his right hand over his head. But you see, I was looking into the eastern sky, and he was traveling towards my right, you know, in the direction of my right hand I believe, that would mean, about, oh, southwest, I guess. So it didn't seem that he was noticing my watching this going on, because he was waving very joyfully to someone in the distance, that he could perhaps see! And, but the strange thing, on his hand was a mitten, a glove. Now I thought that was quite odd, not knowing at the time what that meaning was, which I found out later. But anyway, he passed on, and my attention was drawn to the sky again by this light. Well, as I watched this light in curiosity, all of a sudden I thought, "Oh this is the end of the world!" For through the sky came what appeared at first to be the moon falling! A huge, white ball! It started to come through the clouds, bottom first through.

When all of a sudden as it came forward there on top of this ball was Our Lady! Well, from the distance She looked at first like a statue--oh about four feet high at the most. But then as the ball floated closer--I say floated, because I do want to remark that everyone from Heaven doesn't walk like you and I, they seem to float, glide! Well, this ball was floating. It was a large, round ball, whitish in color, but like I said, the gray of the sky and the blue cast might have destroyed the color, but it did appear to be sort of a white-looking ball. Well anyway, there was Our Lady standing on this ball. Now the ball was floating in the direction that the young man, that I knew was a saint or an apostle, because ohh! he looked so wonderful! He had such a happy peaceful look on his face! So joyous that I knew right away that he was an apostle or a saint. But anyway, Our Lady's standing on the ball, when the ball came closer towards me I knew She couldn't be a statue because the wind was blowing through Her skirt and it--ohh, I could see that Her skirts were very full, Our Lady always wears very full clothing way down to the tips of Her feet, I haven't seen Our Lady's hair, yes, I saw Our Lady's hands once, but I had never seen Her feet, because of Her full skirts-and Our Lady had this mantle-like scarf over Her head. Now for the color I couldn't be exact about the color, it could have been a sort of gray-blue, or almost a white. But anyways, the ball with Our Lady on it started to float into the clouds and I couldn't see Her any longer. But then when She passed on I had the most beautiful gift from Heaven! For there from the sky there fell these thousands of slivers of crystalline, or crystal glass, cut chips of diamonds, there's no human words to describe the beauty of this! It was like raining cut diamonds or something! And the sun was shining through them and causing them to glitter. Ohhh! It was so beautiful! There are no words to describe! So then I ran outside because that only lasted an instant and then it was over--and I ran out to my brother and then I waited excitedly for Grace Pera to come home because I wanted to tell her how I saw Our Lady on the ball.

Veronica--Well, it was about 7 o'clock, Grace had had her dinner, so I asked her to come over to the apartment for coffee, because Grace is a working girl and she spends a full day at the office, but often she drops in for coffee and it's been Grace who's been with me when Heaven had many manifestations that she was allowed to share. So she was a companionable spirit also in the last year or so. So we were sitting down having our coffee and I was telling Grace about Our Lady standing on the ball and this wonderful saint or apostle that was with Her, and she asked me to show her through the kitchen window where saw Our Lady. Well, we went to the kitchen window and I was pointing to the sky where Our Lady had appeared when ohh my goodness! There in the sky was the huge ball again, but it had a different appearance. The only way you could explain it was like a smoky-gray outline of this huge ball and there on top of it was a large cross. Ohh! We were really shocked! Grace stood there with her mouth open and of course I got overjoyed, I says, "There She is again!" Though Our Lady wasn't on it then, but then this ball, with the large cross on the top started to float towards the clouds. But before it went into the clouds-- the only way I can explain it is that the cross seemed to disintegrate or evaporate, just disappeared gradually--and there She was! Our Lady! Standing on the ball again. She looked a little different when I saw Her through the bathroom window. This time, due to the clouds probably passing in front of Her, She looked sort of very solid from the waist up, but from the waist down Her skirt looked kind of transparent, that's the only way I can explain it, and I myself saw the other figure with Her, standing next to Her, it was, I knew the same apostle or saint who I had seen from the bathroom window. But Grace doesn't remember seeing him there. She was so shocked just to see Our Lady.

The Shrine will be at St. Roberts!!... Back

Veronica - Well, that evening on May the 19th was when Our Lady started talking to me with directives about Her coming. Well, it was a long list of circumstances or quite a long story involved with Our Lady's coming and how She set up the plan which I have tried to give on the taping at various times. But anyways, that evening, many people have asked me, well who was this apostle or Saint, this nice looking man who was with Our Lady when She was on the ball? Well that evening, when Our Lady was talking to me, giving me directions to give to St. Roberts, I asked Her who this nice looking young man was and She said, "St. Aloysius!" That's the way it was pronounced, Aloysius. So I had never heard of a St. Aloysius, so I woke my husband up--this was quite late in the evening, it was about 12 o'clock I guess, midnight--and I asked Art if he had ever heard of a St. Aloysius. So he said, well no, but we have a saints book and we would look it up. So I went all through the "A's" and finally I found the one, it said, "Aloysius ... Aloie" it looked like in the book Gonz--Gonzagner or something like that. Well, we started reading about Aloysius' life and ohh!! Were we surprised! Because on reading his life, it stated in the same book that the father confessor and the teacher of St. Aloysius, the one who taught him everything he knew and they fought heresy and tried to keep true doctrines of the Church intact, was St. Robert Bellarmine! That is the name of my church! Veronica--Well that evening and on towards--that was May the 19th--and on through the latter part of May and into June, Our Lady gave me many directives to give to the Fathers at St. Robert's, which I did by telephone, and by writing letters to them. And, well, actually, being human, the good Fathers just couldn't really ... [words unclear] into a story like they said. Now, they had to have proof. Naturally, I guess, since the history of the Church, I mean the Church has been in existence a long time, and I do imagine there are many souls that have come that weren't quite, let's say, on the up and up, and came with stories and hallucinations. So by now they are very cagey about acknowledging anything supernatural. So, I accepted the letdown, I naturally in my exuberance I expected them to really be overjoyed and the spirit would catch on of Our Lady's coming. Not realizing that it wasn't happening to them but to me, and that seemed outside the light of grace temporarily, that they couldn't understand. Veronica--Well, we have all the arrangements, oh the days became so exciting waiting for the 18th. Oh, I didn't explain to you, I was quite surprised that Our Lady picked the date "18th". In fact when I asked Our Lady what day She was going to come to New York, when the roses bloomed, She said, "June the 18th." Well, I was quite surprised. I wondered why not July, August, or September. Well, right now I was surprised because it was through talking to Joseph Lomangino, by telephone, that he asked me one time when I told him that Our Lady said She would come on June the 18th. He says, "Well, do you know what June the 18th is?" And I says, "No." And he says, "Well, that's the anniversary date of Our Lady's arrival at Garabandal in Spain." Well, gee, I was just as shocked to hear that but I wondered why Our Lady had picked the 18th here in New York. Well, Heaven has its reasons which we will find out in the future. Veronica--And then at this time Our Lady gave me messages also for Joseph Lomangino and about, Our Lady had said, which I didn't understand, but I just passed it on, to tell Joseph to "gather the lilacs from the bush and bring them to the Shrine." Well, I told Joseph this by telephone, and I was so happy, because I knew that he--at that time, he did believe me, and it was kind of, being worldly still, I haven't lost enough of my own feelings that I could stand alone, and it was wonderful to know that there was someone who believed me. And I thought that Joseph did, until some time later, but I think someone had really come to him and kind of talked him out of believing in me, I don't understand that, but of course, that's also one of the crosses that I've learned to live with. But anyway, Our Lady did give that message for him to me, to give to him, "gather the lilacs from the bush and bring them to the Shrine." For when I told Joseph, three days later, I think it was, I called him up again, and I asked him if he knew what Our Lady meant by that, gather the lilacs from the bush. And also, where was the Shrine? Well, he didn't seem to know, so that evening--I was quite depressed--and when Our Lady was talking to me I asked, "Dear Mother, where is the Shrine? I don't understand." And Our Lady said, "The Shrine is at St. Robert's." And I said, "Oh no, I don't know of any Shrine at St. Robert's." And Our Lady said, "Oh yes, there will be!" And then that is the time that Our Lady gave me the drawing for the Fathers and also have a copy in my notes, Our Lady says the Shrine will be called Our Lady of the Roses, Mary, Help of Mothers. And Our Lady drew, had me draw this picture, it looks like a round oval type of concrete background for a statue. And Our Lady said, "There are to be gold letters saying 'Our Lady of the Roses,'" and it appears to be a statue of Our Lady's holding a Rosary in each hand, it's very pretty looking and then at the side is another plaque and it says, "Mary Help of Mothers."

The Testimony of Grace Pera Back

May 19, 1970: Testimony of Veronica and Grace Pera (Events of May 1970 tape transcription, pp.1-3)

Veronica--. . . of June, 1978. It's most fortunate that this week I have staying with me my neighbor Grace Pera, a young girl who was witness to Our Lady's appearing over my--from the kitchen window, in my apartment in Bayside, on May, that day in May, I don't at this time remember the exact date for the taping, but it was May of 1970. I feel that it would be best for Grace to tell you in her own words how she saw Our Lady standing on this huge ball in the sky from my kitchen window. I was living at the time in the Garden complex in Bayside. Now, I can remember as though it was yesterday. I was in my bathroom and something just drew me to look out the window of the bathroom and I was startled because there in the sky over the trees and over the tops of the roof of the Garden complex was this huge ball coming through the sky, I was very frightened at the time and I felt myself almost sinking to my knees because I thought it was the end of the world, or the moon's coming through the sky or something. So I looked up and then though, I looked to the top of the ball-it covered a great part of the sky--and there was Our Lady standing on the ball and She was as human and as solid as you and I. Oh! She was dressed in this beautiful white gown, and She had Her hands out like, in our statues of Our Lady of Grace, but oh, She was smiling and, just standing on this ball. The ball was solid but yet it seemed to be weightless because the ball was floating across the sky in front of my view, going like from left to right, and also at the side of the ball, a young man, a very, very nice looking young man with curly blondish hair and he was waving--he was like accompanying Our Lady--he was standing also at the side of this ball, and being carried along with it, and he was waving! And on his hand, waving, there was a white glove. Our Lady later said it was a mitten. And, of course, through the apparitions later with Our Lady She said that mittens must be worn in all public processions--mittens, Our Lady calls the gloves mittens. Now I waited until Grace Pera--she was a young girl in quite a different vocation or let's say, career than I had as a housewife and mother, Grace was a stenographer, a career girl, a business girl, and a young girl in her twenties at the time, and I waited for her to come home because she was a very spiritual girl, and she had often been over to my apartment, we had discussed Jesus and Our Lady and the road with us in our human lives on earth. So I knew that she would be happy to hear what had happened. So I waited for her to come home--it was about, a little after seven in the evening when she arrived home--and I rushed into the house and I was making coffee and I said, and I was telling her what happened, and she said, "Where did you see Our Lady? You know, show me where you saw Her!" So I took her to the kitchen window, though at the time I was standing at the bathroom window, they're side by side facing the same direction, the east I found out later, but I took her to the kitchen window and Raymond, my young son that is in Heaven now with Jesus, he was doing some dishes or something at the sink, and we started to hop up and down because when we looked out the kitchen window Grace was shocked and I was of course happy to see that somebody else was seeing something besides me! You know, it kind of helps, like, to have company! So we looked up and there in the sky--it was a little different now. When I saw Our Lady on the ball, it was a solid ball, I don't know how to explain it. A solid, heavy ball, and Our Lady was as human as you and I--real solid. But now, what we saw was a huge ball made like a smoke ring. It was floating it was more supernatural looking than when Our Lady first appeared that afternoon. And it was like a smoke-ring, a huge smoke-ring right up in the sky, and it was passing from left to right, the same as when I saw Our Lady earlier, and but, we looked upwards and instead of the, there was a cross, a large cross made also very smoky looking on top of this huge globe-like ring. But then as we watched the cross began to dissimulate or disintegrate like vanish, like vapor blowing away and there was Our Lady standing on top of the ball again! But this time She was very wispy looking and smoky sort of. Not like when I saw Her earlier, and then that lasted--it's hard to say when you see something like this how long a time it was, but I would think it was only a matter of a few moments before it all just disappeared going from left to right across the sky over the buildings. Now, since Grace is staying with me this week, I would like you to hear what Grace has to say about this because it's very important--at this time, that May of 1970, after this happened I called Joey Lomangino in Lindenhurst. Joey, of course, is the leader of the group of Garabandal apparition children, the apparitions that appeared to the children in Garabandal earlier--and I knew he would surely like to hear this, and of course, this has always been a very sore spot in my heart for Joey because actually I felt-- well, Our Lady told me to call him in the first place! That was in May of 1970, after this happened this voice, that I can't explain to you, I knew it was Our Lady, though it was like--they call it a locution, I guess--Our Lady when She told me to call Joey, I wasn't like unconscious or in a trance like during the vigils, I was just standing there when Our Lady said to me, "Call Joey!" So I called Joey Lomangino and I told him what had happened, and then I put Grace on the phone so she could tell him, and I remember at the time, that he asked Grace, "Do you believe what you see?" And she said, "Well, I saw it! I was standing there!"

(pp. 4-5)

Veronica--But I would like you now to hear from Grace Pera. I do hope that she'll remember to put everything that she can into the taping, so that peoples of the world will know what happened when Our Lady first appeared in May of 1970, in reference to the starting of the Shrine in Bayside. Because you know that St. Theresa and Our Lady appeared to me first in 1968, in June of 1968. But in reference..

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Now I will give the tape over to Grace, and I pray that she can remember all the details that are so important to mankind and the words of Our Lady's beginning of Her Shrine at Bayside.


Grace Pera--Hello. This is Grace Pera and I want to give testimony of seeing Our Lady at the home of Veronica, Bayside, in May of 1970. I was at Veronica's, and earlier in the day Veronica was telling me of her experience of seeing Our Lady through the window. At that moment I went to the window and I couldn't believe my eyes! There floating through the air was a ... [words unclear], with the cross on top, and as it was moving along the cross dispersed into the outline of Our Lady. Veronica was then directed by Our Lady to call Joey Lomangino in Lindenhurst to tell him of what we have just saw. Joey was very happy to hear the news and said that "It was surely a miraculous sign," and that Veronica should write down everything about it and send it to him. I thank God every day Jesus and Mary for giving me the privilege of seeing what I saw, and I know that this experience will remain with me for my entire life.

July 27, 1970 ( 2nd Testimony of Grace Pera)

Grace Pera-Hello, this is Grace Pera. I want to express the wonderful experience I had on the evening of May 19th. I was having coffee at Marney's when I wandered by the window. I happened to look up at the sky. It was a dismal sky without a cloud, as the sky would appear before a rainstorm. There I beheld a dark gray circle moving across the sky, and there was a cross above the circle. But as it moved, the cross started dispersing itself like smoke, and there appeared the outline of our Blessed Mother, and within a second the entire view disappeared. Another experience I had was about a year ago, in August of 1969. I was walking this particular night with Ronnie. We happened to look up at the moon. The moon was very orange, but to our amazement we seen drippings falling from the moon, and there was an illumination around the moon, as though the moon was on fire. It made one recall the Bible teachings of the moon bleeding. And this was exactly what it looked like.

Preparations for June 18th, 1970 Back

May 19, 1970 (VN1970 tape transcription, pp. 46-48)

Veronica--During this time also Our Lady gave me instructions, I mean directives to the Fathers like make facilities for the pilgrims, and Our Lady said thousands will pass by the doors of St. Robert's, but also to provide chairs for the elderly and infirm, and to notify the nuns in the convent so that they can make ready for the children for Our Lady's coming, and also to ask Fathers to announce at all the Masses on the previous Sunday Our Lady's coming as Our Lady did not want any of Her children to miss this opportunity to see Her or to ... [words unclear] when She arrived. And also I called Father Dunne, and I asked him, I told him that Our Lady had said that he was to bring all peoples with an "s", and Father said, "I'll bring the flowers." And, right now, I think that quite funny, but at the time I knew it was just a way of saying that he wasn't going along with the whole thing you know. And well, I just leave that in Our Lady's hands, because many of the things that are difficult to carry through, have their reasons for their difficulty. I find that in the long run, you find the things that were such heavy crosses were more, really like ... [words unclear] blessings and gathering more blessings, because by their hardship of a thing, we reach out and gather many more souls than if we had a straight and easy course.

Veronica--Oh, I want to also tell you that during this time previous to Our Lady's arrival on June the 18th, ahh, there were so many companionable spirits that came my way. St. Theresa with saint helpers and chosen ones from Heaven. Well, I would like to mention that at this time ... [words unclear] that the dress that I wore at Our Lady's coming that I wear at all the vigils, you see Our Lady requested that, She told me what I was to wear. That the dress would be blue, must be blue or white, with long sleeves and long. And belted, you know, with a belt on it in the front. And also--that could be blue or white--and then I was to wear a white scarf or mantilla on my head. Well, in our present modern age, you could imagine how difficult it was to find a dress like this, especially in my size, because I am quite well fed! So, Emma Jacobson, oh, she asked if I would allow her to make the dress and ohh! I was so overjoyed I thought that was so wonderful, you know, and I knew, and when the dress, when it was finished, it was just like a blessing from Heaven. For, with a little bit of fitting and everything we did before the making of the dress, it fitted like it was just sent right from Heaven. It was perfection in fitting. So, ohh, I don't know how I could ever thank Emma for this wonderful dress, and for the love she's shown in making it for me, and also Joan Smissima, when she gave me the mantle that was so specially blessed. And it was a beautiful mantle too, and I wear that at all the vigils too.

Listen with your Heart Back

June 6, 1970 (FM1970.1 tape transcription, p. 11)

Veronica--On June the 6th, 1970, at approximately 10 p.m., I asked Our Lady, "Will you cure Joey?" Our Lady said, "I cannot tell you now, as you are [not] wont to keep a secret. Your love of sharing makes your heart open for all to read, so patiently watch the signs. "I had to look up the word "wont" W-0-N-T, and I read that, "You are not used to." So I really had to laugh, Our Lady knows me exactly! Because I do find it difficult to keep a secret!

Veronica--I think I also would tell at this time that previously I had a vision in which I saw Joey and Our Lady, and Our Lady placed Her hands on Joey's shoulders from behind as he was kneeling in front of what appeared to be a Shrine. I was watching in the vision from the rear so I couldn't see what he was kneeling in front of, but I'll never forget how beautiful it was when Our Lady raised Her hands--but I just couldn't see where She had placed them, around his head, or something--and then as I watched, She moved over to Joey's left side, and placed Her right arm around his right shoulder, and it was so affectionate and loving, it was so beautiful to see. Veronica--I also was given a message for Joey by Our Lady, and I did give it to him over the telephone, and I believe in writing. Our Lady had said, "Gather the lilacs from the bush and bring them to the Shrine." And this I told Joey, though in Heaven's plan sometimes I believe that these messages are for future use, but it was through this way that the lilacs and the mention of the Shrine, that Our Lady revealed to me about the coming of the Shrine to St. Robert's and gave me the drawing of what the Shrine will look like, and also the name, "Our Lady of the Roses, Mary, Help of Mothers." It's quite a long, involved story, but I've only given you--let's say, a small part of it--but perhaps later on in the future tapings I will be more full in the explanation.

June 18, 1970 (VN1970 tape transcription, p. 66)

Veronica--I do want to mention at the time of June the 18th when Our Lady was planning to arrive in New York, She did give me this message for the world, and She said: "Close your eyes, close your ears, listen with your heart and you will be cured." What Our Lady did mean by that I would be feeling is that, shut your eyes against what you see, . . . [words unclear] intimately ... [words unclear] and close your ears, because what you hear is not always the truth. You must listen only with your heart. For it is in your heart that the Holy Spirit will talk and give you the truth and the light to understand.

June of 1970 (FM1970.1 tape transcription, p. 13)

Veronica--But the figure of the white horse might have perplexed me, but about two weeks ago, this is June of 1970, I saw a figure on a black horse. A black horse just turned across the sky with a man sitting on it, and all had such an ominous, black appearance.

Testimony of Raymond Lueken Back

July 27, 1970 (Testimony of Raymond Lueken - Veronica's son, )

Raymond Lueken--1968 I saw Saint Theresa in my mother's bedroom. She had a fat face that looked all lit up. I told her all the kids ... some of them made fun of me. I keep this now a secret. My name is Raymond Lueken. I'm 12 years old, but I was 10 when I saw Saint Theresa. Hello, this is Raymond Lueken. People think we have spooks in our house because Cardinal Cushing's letter says the Lord came flying across our living room. Over five feet across! Wow!


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