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Moses at the Red Sea and the Consecration of Russia

"Russia has but one plan: to capture the whole world. They will do this without heart or conscience. Therefore, know that I ask you again, as your God in the Trinity, I ask you to contact the Holy Father—through pen or prose, or the written script—to contact the Holy Father and beg him to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. This has not been done, My children." - Jesus, May 17, 1986



Many people will not change or do the right thing, unless they are compelled to do so. For the Pope and most of the Catholic bishops throughout the world, they are not under immediate threat of physical harm or death. 

But Our Lord has told the Pope and bishops of a future date when this will happen, their lives will be physically threatened, if they do not obey God and consecrate Russia. In August 1931 Our Lord Himself expressed displeasure at the Pope and bishops for their lack of obedience, and referenced the King of France as the example, who delayed in consecrating France to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. One hundred years after the request a successor, King Louis XVI, was guillotined during the French Revolution. At Rianjo, Spain, Jesus told Sister Lucy:

"They did not wish to heed My request! ... Like the King of France they will repent of it, and they will do it, but it will be late. Russia will have already spread its errors in the world, provoking wars and persecutions against the Church. The Holy Father will have much to suffer." 

Moses at the Red Sea 

As I have pondered over this quote from time to time, I recalled the marvelous explanation given by Fr. Nicholas Gruner at a Fatima conference I attended years ago. Fr. Gruner gave the analogy of Moses at the Red Sea being applicable to the Pope and bishops, as time runs out for them to consecrate Russia.  

Essentially, the time will come when only a miracle will enable the world to escape enslavement by Russia and its agents. Not by military force or nuclear weapons will this war be won, because it is primarily a spiritual war. Victory over communism will be the result of a miraculous intervention of Our Lady which will take place when the Pope and Catholic bishops obey God, and consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 

Below are excerpts from one of Fr. Gruner's talks, in which he used this theme of Moses at the Red Sea: 

"What is the relationship then between the Blessed Virgin and the Pope and the Church? The Blessed Virgin is superior to the Pope… She is Queen and Mother, and as such She is to be honored, not just with piety but also in our deeds and actions and obedience. …  

"I would like to point out that the moment of history we are in right now is something like the moment that Moses and the people of God in the Old Testament found themselves in on the banks of the Red Sea. … The analogy is perfectly applicable. The Catholic Church, the Catholic Faithful are standing at the banks of the Red Sea. They are totally surrounded and they are without a weapon. And our enemies have their swords drawn and are prepared for the kill if we will not convert to the 'new world order' and to the godless one world religion. That is literally true. …  

"So, we are standing on the bank of the Red Sea, we are totally surrounded and we have nowhere to go. God also led His people to the Red Sea, you might remember, and they were put in that crisis as we are put in this crisis by our own sins. … God delivered the people, but remember it was through one man. It was through recognizing God's sovereign authority over them. We recognize God commanded that Moses and only Moses was to extend his arm over the sea with his rod and that God would deliver them by this simple act of obedience….  

"The one simple act of obedience of the leader of the people of God, the Holy Father the Pope, is disproportionate in human terms compared to everything that is against us. Yet it is by that one act of obedience that the People of God of the New Testament … will be delivered and there will be no other way. Because God wants to establish in the world devotion to the Immaculate Heart and this is the way He is going to do it. It will happen in no other way….  

"We are standing on the banks of the Red Sea. We are surrounded. We are without weapons and we have only one hope, the obedience of the Holy Father to the command given at Fatima.  There will not be any change in that, and therefore we have only one real option, and that is to do our part to bring about the obedience of the Church to do this act of Consecration." (Our Lady Awaits) 

Now is the time to do all we can to impress upon the Pope and Catholic bishops that they must obey the command of God to consecrate Russia. We still have freedom to make the Fatima and Bayside messages known, to inform the Pope and bishops that the consecration of Russia is the only way to victory and avoid further enslavement under communism. But our time is limited. If we do not obey soon, Russia will be the instrument of chastisement against the whole world for its disobedience to God's holy will. 


The bottleneck 

Are we so unrepentant, so shortsighted, that it will take worldwide communist enslavement before we see the urgency of the consecration of Russia? Or will we have enough faith and love to act now? On July 15, 1946, the author William Thomas Walsh interviewed Sister Lucy for his book, Our Lady of Fatima. He asked if Russia would take over the whole world. Sister Lucy replied "yes," if the Pope and bishops do not consecrate Russia.  

So it is not wild speculation. Sister Lucy has warned us; Our Lady of the Roses has warned us. 

The world's leaders will arrive at a bottleneck when they have been checkmated by Russia militarily. This may arrive by a surprise nuclear strike against the U.S., which is part of Russian military doctrine. Our Lady of the Roses has warned us about Russia's plan to invade the US with missiles. This may be accomplished through the prepositioning of nuclear devices within the U.S., as Jeff Nyquist has written about. The Russian nuclear submarine fleet is also key. Our Lady of the Roses warned: "Do not take lightly the reports of ships out on the sea and submarines….  It is all part of the master plan for the takeover of the United States and Canada." (April 14, 1984) 

Russian submarines patrolling off the U.S. coasts could rain nuclear devastation within 15 minutes, or sooner. And there would be no way to stop it. 

General Colin Powell said that Russia is the one country in the world capable of destroying the U.S. in less than 30 minutes: 

“Whatever the future state may look like, the land of the czars and commissars, after all is said and done, will still possess by far the strongest military force on the Eurasian land mass. The Soviet Union, now and in the future, will remain the one country capable of destroying the United States in less than 30 minutes.” (American Legion magazine, October 1991, p. 21) 

What Our Lady of the Roses has told us about Russia's deception and military plans is staggering:

If the United States were defeated, Russia and China would rule the world and no military on earth could resist them. Moses at the Red Sea. Only an intervention by God will free the world at this point. The miracle has been promised by God, through the consecration of Russia.

Our Lady of Fatima said of herself, "Only she can help you." (July 13, 1917) This would appear to be part of the meaning of her words that there is no other option, no other recourse given by God by which we are to be delivered from the Russian, communist threat. 


How the consecration of Russia may be accomplished 

Our Lady has specifically said that Russia, not the world, is to be consecrated to Our Lady by the Pope and all the Catholic bishops of the world:  

"When I came to Fatima many years ago, I knew that communism would go throughout the world destroying many nations and attacking My Son's Church. Therefore, I made a promise that if the Pope, the Pope of those days and the Pope today, would unite with all the bishops of the world, all together on one day--not the world--but the bishops and the Pope will unite and pray for the consecration of Russia. I do not mean the world, My children; I mean Russia--Russia, the scourge of mankind. You will pray for Russia." (October 2, 1987)

This has not been done. Our Lady, who cannot lie, has repeated God's precise plan for the consecration of Russia. 

So how is the consecration of Russia to be accomplished, when many of the bishops would refuse to participate in such a consecration? Fr. Nicholas Gruner presented the possibility that the Pope attach to the order to consecrate Russia the penalty of excommunication, for all those bishops who will not obey and join the consecration. Thus, there would be 100% participation by the Catholic bishops of the world, because only the obedient ones would remain in the Church.  

If the consecration is not done soon, the campaign to consecrate Russia may very well be from an underground Church, in the event of Russia winning a nuclear war. All the Catholic faithful have an obligation to inform the Catholic bishops of their indispensable role in liberating the world from communism, through the consecration of Russia.


Pray for the Pope and bishops to consecrate Russia 

St. Augustine writes, "God does not command what is impossible, but in commanding admonishes thee to do what thou canst and to ask for what thou canst not do." (De natura et gratis, PL, XLIII, 50; XLIV, 271) 

Pray and sacrifice that the Pope and bishops may be enlightened, protected and strengthened to do God's holy will. 

God is not suggesting that the Pope and bishops consecrate Russia, He is commanding them. 


"When she [Russia] is consecrated she will be converted, My children, and then you shall see the world of joy again." - Our Lady, August 21, 1985


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