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The REAL Third Secret explains the chaos

"I gave Lucy the Revelation as a temporary secret—as I revealed [the Third Secret] to you on two occasions. Make a concerted effort to bring its entirety to Our children on earth. The hierarchy have not listened to My counsel—thirty-two years lost in indecision and fear of exposure. The Faith is shattered for many." - Our Lady of the Roses, April 29, 1992


Our Lady of the Roses message has revealed the REAL Third Secret of Fatima, which explains the true reason for the tremendous chaos in the Catholic Church, and explains the contradictory and disobedient actions of many bishops and cardinals throughout the world:

"I say this evening, as your God, that on that date, as promised at Fatima, satan entered My Church upon earth. He brought with him his agents—and satan himself, the deceiver of all mankind—sat in on Vatican II and maneuvered all the outsiders to come in and distort My doctrines and distort the truth....
     "Therefore, I must make it known at this time to you. If you are perceiving and interested in My Church upon earth, I do not have to explain Myself too fully; for you will already know of the chaos that satan has wrought when he entered My Church. And why did he enter, you say? This I want it made known, My child—and you will not be affrighted as you are now—you will speak out for Me and My Mother, and the Eternal Father in the Holy Spirit; you will speak out and say that satan is in the Church, My Church upon earth. He knows his time is growing short.
"And if you think you have seen carnage now already in the Church, the worst is yet to come, unless you follow the rules, given by My Mother many years ago, of prayer, atonement, and sacrifice. By your example you may be able to save others. For soon there will come upon you the great Chastisement. It comes in two parts, My child and My children: the Third World War and, also, the Ball of Redemption. These can no longer be delayed. For the good seem to go about their way, perhaps pridefully. We do not seek to accuse or place a stigma on any, but some may pridefully sit back and let others go forth and make these sacrifices and prayers and penance. Because they have become smug, or because they have not the grace to understand, that once you receive this grace much is expected of you. You must even work harder to save your brothers and sisters.

     "My child and My children, this message will not be greeted gleefully by your clergy. But since Lucy has been silenced, it is necessary that the world knows the truth. I will also send this message out through one more seer in the world, and if it is not abided by I have nothing to do but to allow the chastisement to fall upon mankind.” - Jesus, June 18, 1986


REAL Third Secret suppressed because of “fear of exposure”

The history of the Third Secret of Fatima is one of cover up. As Our Lady of the Roses has said, "The hierarchy have not listened to My counsel—thirty-two years lost in indecision and fear of exposure. The Faith is shattered for many." (April 29, 1992)  The following are several historical highlights concerning the Third Secret, as well as incidents of coverup:

·         September 2, 1952 - Pope Pius XII sent Father Schweigl to interrogate Sister Lucy about the Third Secret at her convent in Coimbra, Portugal. On his return to the Russicum in Rome, Father Schweigl confides this to one of his colleagues: "I cannot reveal anything of what I learned at Fatima concerning the Third Secret, but I can say that it has two parts: one concerns the Pope. The other, logically--although I must say nothing--would have to be the continuation of the words: In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved."

·         SUPPRESSED: 1960 comes and goes without the Third Secret being released - In 1946, Sister Lucy was asked when the Third Secret would be revealed to the world, and without hesitation she said, "In 1960." In 1955 Cardinal Ottaviani asked her why it was not to be opened before 1960. She told him, "because then it will seem clearer (mais claro)." Sister Lucy had made the Bishop of Fatima-Leiria promise that the Secret would be read to the world at her death, but in no event later than 1960, "because the blessed Virgin wishes it so." And from Canon Barthas: "Moreover, it [the Third Secret] will soon be known, since Sister Lucy affirms that Our Lady wills that it can be published beginning in 1960."  Nevertheless, in 1960 the Vatican said that the Third Secret would not be released. (Read more...)

·         SUPPRESSED:  Fr. Alonso's definitive study of the Fatima apparitions - To defend the Message of Fatima against revisionists, in 1966 the Bishop of Fatima, Mgr. Joao Venancio commissioned a learned Claretian priest, Father Joaquin Alonso, to establish a complete critical history of the revelations of Fatima. Ten years later, Father Alonso completed his work, entitled Fatima Texts and Critical Studies. The massive work presented 5,396 documents, ranging from the beginnings of the Fatima apparitions until 12 November 1974. His manuscripts were "very well prepared," according to the Abbé René Laurentin. In 1975, Father Alonso’s 24 volumes of 800 pages each were ready for publication. The presses were literally stopped by the new Bishop of Fatima, Monsignor do Amaral, preventing Father Alonso’s ten years of research from reaching the public. Two of the twenty-four volumes were finally published in 1992 and 1999, respectively, but only in a heavily edited form. The other 22 other volumes remain under lock and key.

·         WHY WERE FR. ALONSO'S BOOKS SUPPRESSED? It is highly probable that his works have been suppressed because they are too revealing and would have exposed the Vatican's June 26, 2000 document as a fake. Two of Fr. Alonso's quotes are especially revealing:  "In the period preceding the great triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, terrible things are to happen. These form the content of the third part of the Secret. What are they? If ‘in Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved,’... it can be clearly deduced from this that in other parts of the Church these dogmas are going to become obscure or even lost altogether." He also writes, "Thus it is quite possible that in this intermediate period which is in question (after 1960 and before the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary), the text (of the Third Secret) makes concrete references to the crisis of the Faith of the Church and to the negligence of the pastors themselves." Father Alonso speaks further of "internal struggles in the very bosom of the Church and of grave pastoral negligence by the upper hierarchy," of "deficiencies of the upper hierarchy of the Church."

·         THIRD SECRET IS ABOUT APOSTASY: March 1990 - In March 1990, Cardinal Oddi confirmed the belief of many that in the Third Secret "the Blessed Virgin was alerting us to the apostasy in the Church", and that the date for its revelation, 1960, indicates that "the Secret had something to do with the convocation of Vatican II.”

·         June 26, 2000 – The Vatican releases what it calls the "third secret" of Fatima, but a great deal of evidence indicates that this is a forgery. 

ü       CONTRADICTIONS: First sentence of REAL Third Secret is missing - According to the Fatima scholar, Bro. Michael of the Holy Trinity: "Along with the many historical facts and positive criteria already pointed out, in effect we are aware of a little sentence which is, in all certainty, an element of the authentic third Secret. It is this sentence which gives us the key: 'Em Portugal se conservara sempre o dogma da fé, etc. In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved, etc.' This little sentence which, curiously, has gone unnoticed by the majority of Fatima historians, is obviously of vital importance. Since Lucy's Memoirs were published in their integral text, in effect we can make a decisive critical remark: in her third Memoir, written in July - August 1941, Sister Lucy had been content to mention the existence of a third part of the Secret, but as yet she had said nothing about it. A few months later, in her fourth Memoir, written between October - December 1941, she decided to say more. She recopied almost word for word the text of the third Memoir, but adding after the final words—'... and a certain period of peace will be granted to the world'—the new sentence: 'Em Portugal se conservara sempre o dogma da fé, etc.' Thus we now know the first sentence of the final Secret. This addition is definitely significant. For it is certain that Sister Lucy did not insert it here out of levity, but in the specific intention of showing us, in a veiled manner, the essential contents of the third Secret. Indeed in 1943, when Bishop da Silva had asked her to write down the text, and she was encountering insurmountable obstacles in obeying this order, she declared that it was not absolutely necessary to do so, 'since in a certain manner she had said it.' [VSF, (Spanish Edition), Alonso, p. 64]  Undoubtedly she was alluding to the ten words discreetly added in December, 1941, to the text of the great Secret—but added so discreetly that almost nobody noticed them. However, they are very enlightening when we stop and think about them." (The Whole Truth About Fatima, Vol. III, Bro. Michael of the Holy Trinity, pp. 683-684) 

ü       EVIDENCE OF FORGERY - The alleged third secret released by the Vatican on June 26th, 2000 was examined by Speckin Forensic Laboratories, an international forensic firm specializing in forgeries and handwriting (famous for the JonBenet Ramsey case). In a study of this Vatican document they stated, "it is my opinion, based on the documents examined, that the Questioned Document 'Third Secret' can not be identified with the purported known writings of Sister Lucy." (see Speckin report and handwriting analysis).  

ü       MORE EVIDENCE OF FORGERY: Signs of a skilled professional calligrapher or accomplished forger - Known writing samples of Sister Lucy do not match the style or quality of the writing present in the June 26, 2000 Vatican document. In fact, there is evidence that a professional calligrapher or accomplished forger wrote this document. Bear in mind that Sister Lucy is not a calligrapher and does not have the writing skill indicated in this Vatican document.  A writing expert, upon examining the Vatican document, noted that "Great care was taken in that article in that the 'weight' of the stroke is almost flat, relative to the plane of the paper, throughout the whole document. Humans don't as a rule write that way. As an expert on legibility (among other things), I can state with some confidence that except for persons trained in the ritual art of copying or calligraphy, humans leave impressions in the act of writing which betrays things like how the body was held at the time of writing. Such things as whether there is something to act as a wrist brace and how far away from the writing surface, all leave impressions in the act of writing. The offered document has none of these apparent. In fact the absence of normal human writing 'quavers' (as they are known in the trade) suggests with some certainty that this person was trained to penmanship as an adult. Such people are rare these days, except in the catholic and orthodox (russian/greek) churches."

ü       CONTRADICTION: June 26, 2000 document does not fit with Pope’s May 13, 2000 sermon - "The message of Fatima is a call to conversion, alerting humanity to have nothing to do with the "dragon" whose "tail swept down a third of the stars of heaven, and cast them to the earth" (Rev 12: 4)."  (Read more…) The known Fatima message does not mention the "dragon" or the Apocalypse. From what source did the Pope get this?

ü       FORGERY QUOTING A FORGERY? A letter quoted in the Vatican's June 26, 2000 document was also proven to be a forgery many years earlier. According to a written report on October 22, 1990, a highly regarded forensic expert from Canada indicated that Sister Lucy’s signature was forged on the November 8, 1989 computer-generated letter. This bogus November 8, 1989 letter was used as "evidence" in the Vatican’s June 26, 2000 document that Russia has been consecrated. (Read more…)

·         SUPPRESSED: June 27, 2000 Vatican press conference allows no questions - The day after the Vatican released a forgery instead of the REAL Third Secret, the Vatican held a press conference in which no questions were permitted. As Fr. Paul Kramer remarked, “Whoever heard of a press conference at which the press is not allowed to ask any questions?" Mass murderer Mikhail Gorbachev was a guest of honor at this press conference, seated next to Cardinal Sodano. For what purpose would the Vatican refuse to answer questions about their document released the day before?

·         CONTRADICTIONS, July 1, 2000:  The July 1, 2000 Washington Post was one of many newspapers noting that the Vatican’s "interpretation" of the Secret did not square with the text the Vatican released. It also noted that two Vatican officials contradicted each other as to when John Paul II first read the Third Secret: "On May 13 [2000], Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls said the Pope first read the secret within days of assuming the papacy in 1978. On Monday, an aide [Msgr. Bertone] to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, prefect of the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, said that the Pope first saw it in the hospital after his attack." (Bill Broadway and Sarah Delancy, "Third Secret Spurs More Questions: Fatima Interpretation Departs from Vision," The Washington Post, July 1, 2000) 

·         CONTRADICTIONS: August 2, 2000 - John Hogue, author and scholar of prophetic traditions, made the following accusation against the Vatican: "In all of my 30 years as a scholar of prophetic traditions, I have seen some interpretative stretches, but Cardinal Ratzinger's spin of this prophecy is as weak as they come. Indeed, I have seen more imaginative twists of reason made by the National Enquirer. Even the third secret's physical pages, offered as evidence at the news conference, are suspect. Up to June 26, Cardinal Ratzinger officially agreed with other witnesses that Sister Lucy wrote the prophecy in 24 lines on a single page. Now Ratzinger presents a four-page handwritten document of 62 lines! These and many other inconsistencies and prophetic stretches only add support to the growing belief that the highest echelons of the Vatican are involved in a coverup. Why?" (Laura Lee radio show, August 2, 2000)  John Hogue has challenged Vatican officials to debate him on this subject. His challenge remains unaccepted.

·         MOTHER ANGELICA, May 16, 2001 - Mother Angelica has publicly stated that she doesn't believe the entire Third Secret has been released: "As for the Secret, well I happen to be one of those individuals who thinks we didn’t get the whole thing. I told ya! I mean, you have the right to your own opinion, don’t you, Father? There, you know, that’s my opinion. Because I think it’s scary. And I don’t think the Holy See is going to say something that does not happen, that might happen. And then what does it do if it doesn’t happen? I mean the Holy See cannot afford to make prophecies."


Akita, Fatima, and Bayside apparitions all agree

To make sense out of this tangle of information, it is worth examining statements made by Bishop John Ito of Akita, Japan in April 1984, and those made by Cardinal Ratzinger in November 1984. 

Bishop Ito and the Akita, Japan apparitions - Bishop John Ito, on April 22, 1984, after eight years of investigating the Akita apparitions and after consulting with the Holy See (including Cardinal Ratzinger), approved the messages of Our Lady of Akita. He authorized, throughout his entire diocese, the veneration of our Holy Mother of Akita. A dossier was turned over to Cardinal Ratzinger at the Vatican who, after studying it for himself, reaffirmed that the events were credible and reliable and worthy of belief by all Catholics. Howard Dee, former Philippine ambassador to the Vatican, said in a 1998 interview with Inside the Vatican magazine: “Bishop Ito [the local bishop, now deceased] was certain Akita was an extension of Fatima, and Cardinal Ratzinger personally confirmed to me that these two messages, of Fatima and Akita, are essentially the same.” Part of the Akita message reads: "The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres. Churches and altars will be sacked; the Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord."

Cardinal Ratzinger on the Third Secret - Only months after Bishop Ito approved the Akita apparitions, Cardinal Ratzinger was interviewed on November 11, 1984 by Jesus magazine, a publication of the Pauline Sisters. Within this 1984 interview (titled "Here is Why the Faith is in Crisis"), published to millions in Italy, Cardinal Ratzinger acknowledged that he had read the Third Secret and that it speaks of "The dangers threatening the faith and the life of the Christian, and therefore the world, and also the importance of the last times." Cardinal Ratzinger said that the Third Secret had been suppressed since 1960 “to avoid confusing religious prophecy with sensationalism.” He also said, "But the things contained in this Third Secret correspond to what is announced in Scripture and are confirmed by many other Marian apparitions...." As noted above, Howard Dee stated that "Cardinal Ratzinger personally confirmed to me that these two messages, of Fatima and Akita, are essentially the same.” Therefore, when Cardinal Ratzinger mentioned in his interview that the Third Secret corresponds to "other Marian apparitions," this reference includes the Akita apparitions. But in a subsequent publication of the same interview in the famous Ratzinger Report, this language was mysteriously deleted. Apparently, Cardinal Ratzinger had said too much. 

How are the Third Secret and the Akita apparitions the same? (Remember that Cardinal Ratzinger had received a dossier of information on the Akita apparitions prior to his interview with Jesus magazine, so this information was fresh in his mind). We believe the following line from the Akita apparitions is the key: "The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops."  A WorldNetDaily article also makes this same connection. (Read more...)

At this point, if we can prove that "bishop against bishop and cardinal against cardinal" is part of the REAL Third Secret, we have yet another piece of evidence to affirm that the June 26, 2000 Vatican document was a forgery. 

Our Lady of the Roses message supplies this proof we are seeking:

"My children, long ago I warned you from Fatima, I warned you through many voice-boxes throughout your world that the time will come when you will embark upon a stormy sea, and it shall be bishop against bishop and cardinal against cardinal, and satan shall set himself in your midst." - Our Lady of the Roses, November 20, 1976 

Where is "bishop against bishop and cardinal against cardinal" in the Vatican's June 26, 2000 document? 

Connect the dots.


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