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The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass:

God's right to our gratitude


“Pray, My children.  A constant vigilance of prayer must be kept throughout your country and the world.  Do not abandon My Son in His Church.  Do not be deluded by those who call the Mass invalid.  My Son is there.  He does not want the doors to close in His houses, His Church, for He is the door.  Though robbers and thieves often enter, He is still the door.  Come and seek Him in His House.”  - Our Lady of the Roses, September 13, 1978


The following is taken from The Treasures of the Mass by the Benedictine Convent of Perpetual Adoration,  + Imprimatur: Charles Hubert LeBlond, Bishop of St. Joseph, May 19, 1936.


     The Almighty God is, in Himself, eternal happiness. Therefore nothing can be wanting to Him. Were something lacking to Him, He would no longer be God, in whom all perfection dwells. And still, there was a time when God called the wonderful universe into existence. Million and millions of blessed spirits now surround Him in heaven. A host of suns and myriads of stars form, as it were, a via triumphalis--a triumphant way, on which He treads. On our earth, the three kingdoms of nature: the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms, of which He made man the king, proclaim His wisdom and power, His beauty and goodness.

     Considering this, we involuntarily ask ourselves: For what reason did God, to whom nothing is wanting, create all this beauty, and call these many creatures into existence? Reason and faith answer: God did it out of purest love and goodness, out of Divine generosity. He did not wish to enjoy His bliss and happiness alone;--He desired that other beings should share His glory and His riches. For this reason He called creation into existence.


Duty of adoration

     God is the Creator. Man, the creature, is the work of His hands, His possession. It is the duty of man to consider the Creator as his supreme Lord and Master, to prostrate in reverence and admiration before Him; to adore and praise Him.

     To adore the Divinity, to pay homage to God--what an honor for a poor creature!  To acknowledge in God all good, all truth, all that is worthy of affection; to submit one's understanding and will to God's greatness; to offer Him one's soul and body; yea, even to wish to consume oneself in order to procure Him honor and glory--can there be a nobler aim in life?

     God not only called the universe into being but He also preserves it continually. This constant preservation is no less a miracle than the creation itself. Were the Creator to withdraw His hand for but one instant from His work of creation, the great universe would return to nothingness; likewise would every individual creature.

     Hence, God thinks of us, His creatures, at every moment; He provides for us from day to day and preserves us with infinite love. He holds in store for us everything good, everything lovely and beautiful, for He would not enjoy His happiness alone; He wishes us to participate in it.  He has made our earthly life like unto one of paradise; His whole creation He places at our feet.  If we find thorns and thistles, it is not God's fault.   Sin, wilful sin, has spoiled everything.  The malice of original sin and of the many personal sins of mankind is the sole cause of our sufferings and trials here below.

     However, God in His infinite mercy and goodness has destined that these very sufferings and trials should become a source of merit and future happiness for us through His beloved Son.  Jesus has ennobled and sanctified suffering through His Cross. Is it not just, then, that we should prove ourselves grateful for His Divine Providence, for the preservation of our life, for the many benefits He bestows upon us?


God's right to our gratitude

     God has a strict claim to the gratitude of His creatures. Gratitude should incessantly ascend to Him from the hearts of men, because God's providence is without limits, and God's love operates continually for us.  Just as each moment of our life is a new benefit from God, so should it be a renewed thanksgiving toward our benevolent Creator.  Benefits demand gratitude.  Oh, that man would have the understanding and good will to think of his great Benefactor often during the day and often during the night--his life would become an uninterrupted hymn of thanks. But alas! how different the reality! what a misfortune for man!

     Instead of adoring his Lord and Creator and thanking Him, man offends Him fearlessly and impudently to His face. He sins every day!  The helpless creature offends an Almighty God!  Sin is contempt of God, revolt against God, and exacts from the Creator the exercise of His right to demand an account from the sinner, to punish him, and refuse him pardon until he is sorry, does penance and makes satisfaction.


God's right to satisfaction

     God is infinitely good, but likewise infinitely just.  He will not yield His right of demanding satisfaction from the sinner.  God cannot allow a haughty creature to despise His commands and break His laws with impunity.  His dignity and sanctity cannot tolerate this.  Not to punish the sinner would mean to disregard sin and, indirectly, to approve of it; it would mean to discourage the good.  A father who does not punish the child that is indulging in vice and showing no signs of amendment--is such a father to be considered a good father?  Sad to say, all too many people look at sin in a different light.  But God must punish sin; hence sinful man--and we all are sinners--must render satisfaction, or live and die an enemy of God and be forever separated from Him.


Necessity of prayer

     God gives to man the life of the body, and, in holy baptism, the far more precious supernatural life of grace.  If our natural life cannot continue even for one moment without Divine Providence, much less can the life of grace be retained without Divine assistance.  Did not God's generosity always accompany man with His blessing, how would he ever attain to eternal blessedness?  What is man without the grace of God?  Grace, however, is a free gift of God; God even desires to lavish grace upon us.  We need thousands of graces for obtaining life eternal, and we must ask for them: that is the Divine will; hence, the necessity of prayer.

     God has created and redeemed us without our meriting these benefits; but He will not give us eternal happiness without our cooperation.  We must merit heaven.  He expects that we toil for Him.  He expects our cooperation with His grace, and our cooperation by good works.  This cooperation is to be of our own free will, not forced.  Were God to do all, and we nothing towards our eternal salvation, where would be our merit?  Where our claim to reward? Or, if God were to force us, where would be our liberty in our actions?  God leaves every man free to decide for good or evil, and, according to this choice, we meet with good and wicked men in this world.  If we choose the good and perform it, we acquire merits for heaven.  However, of ourselves we can neither will nor accomplish any good;  for this we need the assistance of God.  "Without God you can do nothing," said Our Lord (John xv, 5).  We must ask for this assistance, for this grace of graces.  In other words, we must pray.


Four claims and four duties

     What has been said in the foregoing paragraphs regarding the mutual relations of God and man, the Creator and the creature, may be briefly summed up as follows:--

    1. God is the supreme good, the Creator of all things, the most holy One.  Therefore, man owes God, in the first place, adoration.

    2. God is the origin and motive of good; He is the Author of all man is and has.  Hence, man must show gratitude toward God, his greatest Benefactor.

    3. God is offended by sin.  Therefore the sinner must ask His pardon and render satisfaction for sin.

    4. God has decreed to give His special graces only to those who ask Him for them.  Therefore, man must pray to obtain these graces and to live in grace.

    Thus we see that, from the four claims of God upon His creatures, arise four duties of the creature toward his Creator.  But we, poor children of Eve, how can we fulfill these duties?  Are we at all capable to fulfill them so as to win the approval of God?  To this there can be but one answer: No. We have become so helpless through sin that even with the best of will and the greatest exertion it would be impossible, of our own strength, to regain the friendship of God.  Our adoration will never correspond to the infinite majesty of God, nor our gratitude to the benefits we have received; our satisfaction could never repair the insult and contempt we have offered to the Supreme Being; and our prayer, alas!  Our poor, distracted prayer, could of itself never reach the throne of God, could never merit to be heard.  There is a deep abyss between the almighty, thrice holy, eternal God and His poor sinful creatures.

     Since we cannot, of ourselves, comply with our four principal duties to God, what remains to be done?


The unspotted Lamb

     Behold!  In the midst of this desert of sinfulness and helplessness there rises before our eyes an altar.  A priest ascends the steps; a supernatural, indelible mark is impressed upon his soul.  He places upon the altar a chalice and a host.  From his lips proceed a few omnipotent words which he pronounces over this chalice and this host--and, O wonder!  The Body and Blood of the Son of God are present upon the altar.  Earth awakens, its exiled children arise; they draw nearer and nearer; they gather about the altar, and from millions and millions of hearts ascend humble and grateful prayers.  Songs of praise resound; fervent petitions are heard; and from on high, from heaven's heights, resound melodies that betoken love and forgiveness, blessings and joy.  Heavenly spirits proclaim glory to God and peace to men.

     What has happened?  Why this jubilation, this hope?  Mankind has offered upon the altar the pure, unspotted Lamb to the Eternal Father.  By this Sacrifice mankind worthily acknowledges God's sovereign rights, thanks Him for His gifts, renders atonement for its misdeeds and petitions His help.  The Eternal Father accepts the sacrifice of His Son, the homage of mankind: It is Holy Mass--the rescuing oasis where, as on another Calvary, God and man meet and offer friendship's hand.


The Sacrifice of Calvary perpetuated

     The Sacrifice of the Cross was the greatest act which the Divine and human love of Jesus Christ accomplished for us.  Through the death of Christ on the Cross we were redeemed.  Through His immolation on the Cross, the Lamb of God took away the sins of the world and reconciled mankind with the heavenly Father.  No further sacrifice of redemption was necessary.  However, the Sacrifice of our Savior on the Cross did not do away with the personal duty of His creatures to pay unto their God and Creator the highest form of outward worship possible to man--sacrifice.  Otherwise man's worship would have been shorn of its most important feature, its highest and principal function.  Therefore the unfathomable love and wisdom of the Savior provided a means of daily renewing the Sacrifice of the Cross in the holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  The Sacrifice of the Cross MERITED for us immeasurable treasures of grace; through Holy Mass these graces are APPLIED to our souls.

     Holy Mass is, according to the teaching of Holy Church, the same Sacrifice as that which our Savior offered on the Cross, differing only in the manner of offering.  "The same Sacrifice!"  Who can fully grasp the purport of these words?  Yet they are true, nevertheless, for in Holy Mass we have the same Priest and the same Victim as in the Sacrifice of Calvary.  On the Cross, Jesus Christ offered Himself by shedding His Blood and meriting for us; on our altars He sacrifices Himself through the ministry of the priest, without shedding His Blood, and applies to us the fruits of His Passion and Death.  The Sacrifice of the Mass does not increase the merits of the Sacrifice of the Cross; it merely applies them to souls.

     Since Holy Mass is a renewal of the Sacrifice of the Cross, it follows that Holy Mass is the most sublime means of honoring God and the richest fountain of grace and blessings for the Church and for the faithful.  A spiritual writer says: "Just as the sun surpasses all other planets in brightness and strength, and brings more benefit to the earth than all the stars combined, so the Sacrifice of the Mass surpasses all other works of devotion."

     Holy Mass possesses an infinite value.  The Heavenly Father looked with infinite complacency upon His Divine Son when He accomplished the Sacrifice of the Cross.  With the same complacency His eye rests upon every altar whereon the holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered.  From each altar a stream of grace flows out over the whole Church of Christ.  Ceaselessly we can draw from this stream of grace in Holy Mass for our life on earth and for our glory in eternity.  How great is the loss that one suffers who passes through life without drawing from this ocean of graces, to which he may so easily have access, the blessings which he needs to make him truly happy!  Jesus on our altars offers us His help and His consolations, His blessing and His peace, His goodness and His joy, His sufferings and His Death, with all their merit.  He yearns to come to our assistance in our need, and whose need is not great?


Means of fulfilling our fourfold duty

     Through the holy Sacrifice we can perfectly fulfill our fourfold duty toward God.  This spotless Sacrifice redounds to God's greatest honor and glory.  It is likewise the most perfect sacrifice of adoration and praise that the Majesty of God can demand.  We can offer this Sacrifice to thank God for all the graces which He has granted to ourselves, to those near to us, to the Church, to all mankind, as well as those which He has granted and will continue to grant to all the saints and angels for all eternity.  We can also offer this Holy Sacrifice to make atonement for our own sins and for the sins of the whole world.  This Sacrifice of priceless worth we may also offer to implore blessing, grace and protection for ourselves, for our dear ones, for the Church and for all mankind, as also for the relief of the souls in purgatory.

     Would to God that we appreciated aright the immense treasure which we possess in Holy Mass!  How happy we should then be!  How zealously we should embrace every opportunity to hear Mass, and how attentively we should assist at its celebration!  Too many Catholics look upon attendance at Mass only as on obligation; they fulfill that obligation largely through a sense of duty, and only when the law of the Church prescribes attendance.  Alas!  Of what treasures do those Catholics deprive themselves who absent themselves from Holy Mass when the could so easily be present each morning at its celebration!

     Ah, how shall we excuse ourselves before God on the day of judgment for having neglected to assist at Holy Mass on account of our trivial occupations, or our love of ease?  It is true, we are not commanded to hear Mass on weekdays, and God will not condemn us for not doing so.  But may He not accuse us of being slothful in His service, and of wasting the talent of grace which was confided to our keeping--that is, the graces which would have been communicated to us through daily Holy Mass?--May these humble pages inspire many souls with a deeper understanding and a more ardent love of the Holy Sacrifice, and urge them to assist more frequently, more fervently, and more fruitfully at its celebration!

"My children, My Son, your God, He is the Truth; He is the Word; He is the Way. Do not abandon Him in this crisis within His Church. Stay, My children, and fight; fight with prayers and acts of penance and good works. Remain with Him at His tabernacles, My children. They have not been closed yet. Comfort Him by your presence daily. He is sorrowful, for He is lonely, My children. So few visit Him, and those who visit Him on Sunday, the day of the Lord, they come with blank minds, minds clouded by pleasure, bodies stripped to impurity and immodesty. They come not to honor, but they come by habit, with no purpose." - Our Lady of the Roses, September 7, 1976


Our Lady of the Roses Bayside messages
These messages came from Jesus, Mary, and the saints to Veronica Lueken at Bayside, NY, from 1968 to 1995.

"Do not lose faith in My Mass. It is valid. Man may distort, but it is valid, I say! When a legally-ordained priest of the Roman Catholic Church conducts this Mass, it is valid, I say!"  - Jesus, December 7, 1976

“I say unto you as your Mother that the Eternal Father is most displeased by the manner in which you conduct yourselves, O clergy, and also all laymen—the manner in which you conduct yourselves during the Holy Sacrifice of My Son. Less and less respect and honor is being given to the Eucharist.”  - Our Lady, July 25, 1979

"... Do not abandon My Son's Churches throughout your world, My children. The Mass, the Holy Sacrifice, is still valid.
     "Do not judge your Church, My children, by the standards of man, for a legally-ordained priest, a man who has been legally ordained, will be used by the Eternal Father, through the Spirit, to bring to you My Son, His Body and His Blood, which He is shedding in sorrow now for you!"  - Our Lady,
August 5, 1976

“I ask you again not to abandon your parish churches.  You will maintain the papacy in Rome.  I tell you anew that 666 now is in Rome.  Do not judge My Son’s Church by His pastors.  In their human nature they can err; however, as legitimate legally-ordained Roman Catholic priests they will bring My Son to you if you come seeking Him at the tabernacles of the world.  The Mass is valid, I say unto you!
     “My Son is waiting for you at the tabernacles of His Church.  My children, do not abandon Him in these days of deep spiritual darkness.  You must all keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your country, the United States, and Canada, and all of the countries throughout your world.”  - Our Lady,
June 10, 1978

“Do not abandon My Son any longer by rejecting His Church. Do not judge My Son’s Church by man. The foundation is My Son, Jesus. And though the walls may develop cracks, the foundation is solid. Will you not remain and patch these cracks, My children? We do not wish that you break apart into small groups of discord. No schisms must take place in My Son’s Church. For all who are baptized a Roman Catholic must die Roman Catholics to enter Heaven. A rejection of the papacy, a rejection of the Faith because of human reasoning shall not be accepted by the Eternal Father in Heaven. Remain faithful and true forever unto the end.”  - Our Lady, November 20, 1979

“My children, I have asked you not to abandon My Son’s House, His Church upon earth.  But I must also counsel you that you must recognize the faces of evil about you, even in My Son’s House.
     “Regardless of the state of the soul or the human body and its frailties in the body and the nature of man in the priesthood—regardless of how he disports himself upon earth, as a legally ordained priest, he will have the power through the Holy Spirit to bring My Son’s Body to you.”  - Our Lady,
February 10, 1978

“Pray, My children.  A constant vigilance of prayer must be kept throughout your country and the world.  Do not abandon My Son in His Church.  Do not be deluded by those who call the Mass invalid.  My Son is there.  He does not want the doors to close in His houses, His Church, for He is the door.  Though robbers and thieves often enter, He is still the door.  Come and seek Him in His House.”  - Our Lady, September 13, 1978

"Yes, My child, Jesus is always present in His House. The Holy Sacrifice of His Mass is always valid when performed by a duly ordained priest. No matter what his human character is, at the time of the Consecration the Father sends the Holy Spirit down to use this human being known as your high priest, to bring to you the Body and the Blood, spiritual and physical, of My Son to you….
     "You ask, My child, about the state of soul of the priesthood. This, My child, is not for you to question or judge. A human being he is, yes. Subject to error, yes. Subject to fall, yes. But still during the Consecration, and when he hears you in the confessional, the Holy Spirit comes down upon him, using him as an instrument to bring absolution to you.
     "It is satan's plan to drive you from My Son's House by creating a fallacy and the outright lie, My children, that the Mass is no longer valid and My Son not present! We see and watch and use human instruments to make the corrections necessary to right the houses of My Son. Many have hardened their hearts and do not listen to these warnings from Heaven. Then, My child, all the Father can do is to chastise them.”  - Our Lady,
October 6, 1973

“I ask you this: do not abandon My House, My Church.  Remain in your parishes as an example.  If you unify against evil you can vanquish this evil!  If you run away, you leave My Church open to thieves and robbers!  Shall you deny to your brothers and sisters the opportunity to enrich their souls with My Body and Blood?  The parish church must remain open.  I shall be there with you, though man is desecrating in his rituals.  I shall be there always with you.” - Jesus, May 27, 1978

“I have asked you, My suffering little children, to remain in your parish churches.  Pray and be an example.  Do not abandon My Son’s Houses in your district.  For while the doors are open--and My Son is the door though thieves have entered, and robbers--My Son is the door, and if you come through that door you will be received with the light.”  - Our Lady, July 15, 1978

“I have asked you once, I have asked you again, My children, not to abandon your parish churches.  It is the plan of satan to shut the doors.  Remember, My children, and I repeat again, that My Son is with you in the Eucharist.  He is present with you in Body and Spirit.  He will be brought to you by a legally-ordained priest, a man of God.  Do not judge My Son’s Church or its structure by the ways of man.  The Spirit will work miracles over the corruption of the man.  A legally-ordained priest is a priest for life.”  - Our Lady, March 25, 1978

“You must still in your human nature not become prideful or arrogant. You must accept the counsel of the true priests who are in My Church. You cannot and must not break away and form your own groups.
     “I have given a procedure from the beginning of the Book of life and through to the end. You must follow fully the procedure. My Church will not be subdued, though it goes through great trial now.
     “I do not want you to leave your parish churches. I want you and counsel you as your God to remain! If you have any dispute, I ask you for the preservation of your salvation upon earth, to not cast aside the role of the priesthood as given through the Apostles, My followers.
     “Peter was My first Pope and your first Pope, and as all others who followed him, they must be accepted. Be they weak or noble, be they with sanctity or unholiness, they must be accepted and followed.”  - Jesus,
June 9, 1979

“Do you understand Me, My children? I ask you not to abandon My Son’s Church in the crisis of Faith now, but to keep the bark of Peter afloat. I ask you not to remain silent when you meet with wrongdoing, but to speak out and act to correct a situation that is offensive to your God and destructive to your soul. Speak once, and if not hastened or listened to, speak no more, but pray that the Eternal Father in Heaven will open up the ears of those who have closed their hearts and their ears to the truth.”  - Our Lady, November 20, 1979

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