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Fr. Bernard Nunes, O.C.D. of India on the Bayside apparitions 

1976: "Heaven's Urgent Messages and Fatima Secret, Bayside Apparitions, New York. Unique in the History of Apparitions, Begun in 1970, Still Continuing. Evidence of Cures, Conversions and Miracles at the Centre of Prayer & Atonement, the Mother of God Appeals to Mankind."

"Yes, My child, I am going about the world appearing in various places, and I have reason for all. One day, My child, the waters will come up at Bayside, and I will appear over the old church building [old St. Robert's church in Bayside, New York]. Your Bishop then cannot deny My Appearances." - Our Lady of the Roses, May 17, 1986

The following report by Fr. Bernard Nunes, O.C.D., written in 1976, is perhaps the most comprehensive explanation of the Bayside apparitions ever penned by a priest:



 1.         Why Apparitions Today?
One of the most significant aspects of modern life has been the repeated visitations of Our Lady from Her celestial home to earth. It is perfectly true to say that at no time, during the entire history of the Catholic Church, has Our Blessed Mother revealed Herself so often as during the last one hundred and fifty years. So frequently has She intervened within this period of time to warn man that he is treading the brink of destruction and to point out to him the way to salvation, that these manifestations have become a prominent feature in Catholic life, and the expression "Marian Age" has rightly been assigned to our times.

            In view of the importance of these interventions in human affairs, it would seem proper at the very outset to establish the position that these private revelations hold in the Church. As everything necessary for man's salvation is found in the public deposit of faith which is confided to the Churchand public revelation has ceased with the death of the last Apostle,private revelations are not part of Catholic faith. They are to be interpreted only in accordance with the official teaching of the Church, and the assent given to them is not an act of Catholic faith but of human faith, based on the fact that these revelations are probable, and as such, worthy of credence. An individual is free to reject them, but he is equally free to accept them, always with the implicit understanding that the messages or their expression do not fall foul of the official teaching of the Church. 

            Admittedly there is today a strong and widespread prejudice against apparitions and whatever it stands for. Men of learning and scholars of theology need humility and virtue to step down from their podium of scholarship, and take lessons from an unlettered and insignificant creature who is reported to be God's messenger. There is, however, a tremendous lesson for everyone to learn, if he is but ready to listen. For God is wont to reveal Himself not to men of learning or outstanding scholars but to the humble, the simple and the most unlearned, whose minds are uncluttered with the theologies and prejudices of the day, or whose outlook on life is not befuddled by the complexities of the great savants' knowledge and teaching. God writes His message on a clean slate, and gets it across the world through unhampered channels. It betokens arrogance and pride on the part of man to brush aside God's condescending approaches to him, because of the meanness and rusticity of the instrument He chooses, or under pretext that he needs no such messages, as he has a sufficiency in the Bible or the official teaching of the Church. 

            Undoubtedly, God can and does manifest to chosen souls things hidden beyond what He teaches through the public ministry of the Church. It will not do to claim that all divine communication takes the ordinary course provided in the public ministry of the Church. Who would want to shorten God's Hand or limit His power in this way? Or else, St. Paul might as well have been, for instance, one among the thousands who were converted on Pentecost day through the public preaching of the Apostles, but the Lord chose to win him over by revealing Himself to him in a private apparition on the road to Damascus. God inspires not only the head but the whole body of the Church, and His action in a favoured member, whom He enables to overleap the ordinary limits of sense, is one means by which His unchanging revelation adapts itself to the needs of a given time. Thus St. Paul himself saw things he dared not reveal, though he was not slow in writing down his other revelations in the benefit of his ministry for his time. 

            And again, thousands of those who had lost their moorings but were brought back to God through the apparitions of Our Lady at La Salette, Lourdes, Beauraing, Fatima or elsewhere, were under no obligation whatever of giving credence to any of these private apparitions, for they had all that was necessary for their salvation in the Church's official teaching: nevertheless, is it not true to affirm that those thousands would never have found their way back to salvation, as they themselves have testified, had it not been for the reawakening of their faith in the teachings of the Church through the so-called private revelations and messages? And with the confusion and uncertainty that prevail in many spheres of Catholic life and teaching, may it not be affirmed that the man of today, even more than his predecessor, needs a goad to bolster up his faith or to re-enkindle the dying embers of his flickering faith? 

            Men of faith, with their eyes open to all the immorality and evils flooding the world, are not slow to conclude that these abominations cannot but provoke the indignation of an All-Just and All-Holy God, and call down upon mankind a dreadful and unprecedented punishment. In the pages of salvation history one reads the story of man sinking deep in the cesspool of corruption and wickedness, and God, in His mercy, endeavouring to recall him to repentance through His messenger, before exterminating him from the face of the earth by a deluge of water or a rain of fire. If at the present time, man has lost the sense of sin and sin has become a way of life, is it strange that God should send warnings from Heaven to alert man of an impending chastisement, beckoning him to repentance and amendment of life? Would it not be an evidence of pride to reject a priori messages reported to be from Heaven, without caring to read or study them, even when God surrounds the messages with enough evidence to satisfy all the requirements of a cautious and well-founded belief? 

            Anything that is put forward as private revelation demands the closest possible scrutiny, and the reader of history is witness to the extreme care and caution the Church exercises in pronouncing judgement as to its supernatural character. The story of La Salette, Lourdes, Pontmain, Guadalupe, Banneaux, Beauraing, Knock, Fatima and other known apparitions is a story of the ruthless and rigorous grilling the seers were subject to, the prolonged questionings and humiliating threats they had to endure, the countless summons for interrogations they and their associates had to put up with, the deluge of questions they had to answer under pain of penaltyall this official inquiry being conducted by a board of men outstanding for their erudition and piety, men who were experienced in sizing up witnesses, in assessing evidence and in cross-questioning. Every possible evidence was taken into account, every fact studied with an accurate and impartial eye. The whole matter all along was a subject of prayer and fervently recommended to God. With so extensive a process for investigation, which was often carried on for years, and followed by further consultations, is it surprising that an official decision was long in coming? The approvals given to the apparitions in conclusion, were always a pointer to the opportuneness of the warnings from Heaven given to a sinful world, to save man from his path of destruction.

2.         The Seer and the Apparitions
Veronica Lueken, wife and mother of five children, is now (1976) in her early fifties, and resides at Bayside in New York. She had never experienced anything of the supernatural in her life, until one day in June 1968 she sensed a strong fragrance of roses while she prayed her daily Rosary besides her bedroom crucifix. She was soon to learn that her celestial visitor was none other than St. Therese of the Child Jesus, who urged her to write down certain messages at her dictation. These messages, which continued for a period of two years, were intended for her nuns in Carmel at Lisieux in France, and were all sent there where they are today preserved.[1] The heavenly visitations of St. Therese and the accompanying prodigies, from the very start, greatly bewildered and frightened Veronica, but peace was restored on her consulting with Father Sullivan of her parish, and with Cardinal Cushing with whom she corresponded at length, and who, on his own, offered Masses on her behalf. The visitations of St. Therese were only a prelude to the apparitions of Our Lady, who first showed Herself to Veronica in her own home, instructing her that from then on She would appear at the sacred grounds of her parish,in front of the old St. Bellarmine's Church where there stood a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was Our Lady's desire that a shrine be erected there and be named: "Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers." Right from Her first appearances at the sacred grounds on June 18, 1970, the Mother of God instructed Veronica to have Her messages disseminated throughout the world, and also informed her that She would keep on appearing there on the eves of great Feasts, the dates of which would be specified by Her in advance. 

            Ever since Veronica began receiving the heavenly communications, she observed a profound change coming over her, not of course without her own cooperation with the personal directives she was receiving from Heaven. She was exhorted by Our Lady to live retired from the world, to break off unnecessary contacts with people,this, even as a protection against her "enemies,"and never to leave her home without being armed with her crucifix. In time, she was also instructed to mortify her eating habits, and maintain a rigorous fast with only one meal a day. Moreover, by way of reparation for the immodesty of others, she was directed to have her dress reach up to the ankles, and instructed how to wear the head-gear. She was repeatedly warned by Heaven that she would be rejected, scoffed at and would have to suffer much, for her own purification and her mission demanded this. She was advised not to defend herself in the face of opposition, but to keep on praying for the "enemies" and her clergy, and her Hierarchy as well. She was particularly disturbed for having mentioned names of certain persons in the course of her messages, but she was repeatedly told not to fear, and to give out the messages exactly as they were given to her, for she was merely a voice-box, repeating the words which Heaven was dictating to her, and was not judging anyone; and the evil had to be exposed. In one of the visions Jesus also admonished her: "Do not be affrighted, My child, by the Message given by My Mother. She has directed you as a voice-box. You must give out the message exactly as it was given to you. The truth must come to light."  

            On the eve of appointed Feast days Veronica and the pilgrims keep up a three-hour vigil of prayer from 9:00 to 12:00 midnight, during which the apparitions occur, and the messages are given out while Veronica is in ecstasy. It is Our Lady who speaks for the most part, though, from time to time Our Lord, St. Michael the archangel, and saints appear and speak on appropriate occasions, and give out messages. Veronica repeats the messages word for word as she receives them from Heaven, though she also now and then describes what she sees. The visions give expression to the messages and describe them very vividly. The Messages and descriptions of the visions, as spoken by Veronica, are straight away recorded on tape. Cameras aimed at the statue of the Madonna or at the sky while Veronica is in ecstasy and sees visions have miraculously caught pictures of objects or persons which she alone beholds, and these, too, are a means by which Heaven communicates with her. Apart from these night-vigils of prayer, Veronica, as directed by Our Lady, also holds a Holy Hour every Sunday from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. for the intentions of the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI, and for all the clergy. 

            Apart from the uncounted night-vigils of prayer held at the shrine since 1970, there were 29 such vigils in each of the past two years; and notwithstanding the inconvenience of the hour at which the prayer vigils are held, they have attracted a large concourse of people from all over the country and beyond, many of whom arrive in chartered buses from Canada. A pilgrimage to Bayside is not a picnic but an occasion of penance. For the pilgrims pray and sing hymns all along the journey to dispose their souls to receive graces from Heaven: nor can they rest, if they want to, except on their bus seat. The apparition grounds are a true centre of prayer and atonement, as Heaven intends them to be, and pilgrims are expected to show themselves in a manner worthy of holiness of the place, modestly dressed. Ladies are not to wear pants but dresses that reach midway between knee and ankle. All pilgrims present themselves in a penitential spirit with the hope of receiving graces from Heaven, "graces," which Our Lady said, "will be given in abundance for the asking, graces of cures and conversions." The world is fast catching up with the Bayside Messages, though Veronica is frequently urged to speed up with the messages and send them out "in great haste."  

3.            "Evidence of Miracles"
The salutary impact the Bayside Messages are having on those who have been perusing them with an open mind and sincere heart; the beneficial effects the night vigils of prayer are producing in the hearts of those who participate in them with devotion and in a spirit of penance; the cures of soul and of body effected at the apparition site or through the sacramentals blessed there by Heaven; the miraculous pictures shot by cameras that were blessed by Our Lady to purify and guard them against satanall these, and each of them, are Heaven's signs and evidence of miracles, witnessing to the truth of the Bayside apparitions and messages. This witness is superior to that of men and their objections and claims, for the divine intervention can with difficulty be doubted or misinterpreted without violating the rules of human testimony. A true miracle, in the Christian sense, is not a barren marvel or a meaningless magical display. It is a sign or an exception that is ordained by God in the order of nature to turn men's eyes toward their salvation: It is a marvel or a mystery which defies all human explanations, and for which science has no answer. The investigators must make a sincere attempt to dispel the mystery; yet they will have to bow and salute it, if the facts compel them. 

            Priests, brothers, nuns, scientists and people from all walks of life and of different denominations attend the vigils, and they are witnesses to the miraculous at the site of the apparitions. Veronica keeps a file with many testimonials, including crutches that were left at the shrine after the miraculous cures. Lest we should miss the point with regard to the reported miracles, the Mother of God has made clear the purpose of these miraculous manifestations. She says: "We are permitting at this time manifestations and evidences of miracles more abundant than ever in the past history of your world: We use this means to fight the armies of satan. I promise as Mother of God and Queen of Heaven, to bestow upon earth to those who come to My sacred grounds powers within their sacramentals for cure and for conversion." The sacramentals referred to are all "Godly objects" blessed by Heaven during the prayer vigils at Bayside: they also refer to rose petals, whose special significance as sacramentals have been explained by Our Lady: "I have used rose petals as instruments significant of the graces I shall bestow upon you," for the shrine to be erected will be known as "Our Lady of the Roses. . . ." 

            Among the most extraordinary phenomena taking place at the site of the apparitions are the miraculous photographs taken on Kodak Polaroid film of the coming chastisement or "Ball of Redemption,' Christ, demons, etc., all of which were seen in vision during ecstasy by the seer alone. People unknown to each other and of different nationalities caught these amazing pictures on various Instamatic Polaroid cameras that produce tamper-proof photos. Polaroid has no explanation. Our Lady, however, explains: "The photographs miraculous, My children, will be given for your edification. They will witness to the truth... the cameras must be blessed. Satan has much power over mechanical implements; however, all that are blessed by Me, My children, shall not fall into satan's power." (Our Lady, March 22, 1975) The miraculous photographs have all a message to convey; some to the people at large, others are of a personal nature; but Veronica alone[2] has the key to their meaning. Since in an age of disbelief and denial of the supernatural even evidences of the miraculous are apt to be rejected. Heaven sounds a note of warning: "Many have rejected the photographs. Why? The Father looks into their hearts. Many shall reject them for if they want to be accepted, My child, they would have to change their ways; and many do not wish to change so greatly do they love their sin." (February 1, 1975)  "Many will reject the miracles because they do not want to face up to the knowledge that they offend their God." (September 28, 1974) 

            A few examples in point will illustrate the miraculous manifestations that occur at the site of the apparitions. One evening during a vigil Jesus announced a miraculous cure. He said, "One who is upon the bus will be given a great cure this evening, My child. You must receive assurance from them that they will give you this in writing. You will receive this writing within a week. It must be publicized for the promotion of My Mother's cause upon earth." Veronica in ecstasy then saw Jesus move towards the person, extending His hands from which rays of light proceeded towards the person. The man was cured the same evening. Another typical case was that of a woman with a paralyzed back, who after two unsuccessful operations was to undergo a third. She participated at one of the prayer vigils and was miraculously cured. This physical cure was followed by another miracle, for when she approached the shrine to leave her crutches there, a picture was shot, and the result obtained was a lovely outline of Our Lady in an attitude of prayer. Another instance of a miraculous photograph is a picture of pilgrims reciting the Rosary, while high up above them are seen strings of beads forming lines of musical notes starting from a G cleft: this was a symbolic expression of a statement made earlier by Our Lady that the devout recital of the holy Rosary was music to Heaven! More puzzling and astonishing are pictures of unearthly objects such as a serpent, hell-fire, a glowing comet, etc., unseen by all save the seer alone while she was in ecstasy; cameras aimed at the statue of Our Lady show in the pictures not the statue but these visionary objects. 

            Over 10,000 miraculous photographs have already been taken so far. To these may be added other striking phenomena such as metallic beads of the Rosary changing color, possessed or mad persons being cured by wearing a medal blessed at the shrine in Bayside, rose-petals dropping from the sky, etc. In the line of the marvels occurring at the site of the apparitions, the miraculous photographs are, however, unique, and in the eyes of Heaven they have a special significance and value: "You will continue to read the photographs very carefully, My child," said Our Lady, "they are a special grace to give you strength in your mission ahead. They will also be, in the future, positive evidence for the investigation." (Dec. 27, 1975).  

            As God's Great Messenger, Christ came into the world as a Sign to be contradicted, so, too, all His true Messengers have, in small measure or great, become signs of contradiction, the cross casting dark and long shadows on their life and mission. The seers of all well-known apparitions of Our Lady or Our Lord have one common tragic tale to tell: until their apparitions were recognized by the ecclesiastical authority, they were greeted with skepticism, sneered at, rejected as frauds, threatened and even punished. The seer of the Sacred Heart apparitions was even looked upon as diabolically possessed, and avoided; the seer of Beauraing was mocked and beaten: the seers of Our Lady of Fatima were threatened and imprisoned. Is it surprising that the seer of Our Lady of Bayside has been slandered, mocked at and persecuted? Forewarned is forearmed. With reason therefore has Heaven been again and again warning Veronica: "You will be hounded, scorned at, rejected and persecuted: accept all the false judgements, My child, and offer them all for the salvation of souls." 

            Veronica has been on the anvil of trial and persecution from the very start of the apparitions. One of the great trials in her life has been the rejection of the apparitions by her own parish authorities; they have removed the statue of Our Lady from the Shrine, taken possession of the sacred grounds, and ousted Veronica and the pilgrims from the hallowed place. Heaven has been watching the drama, and has assured Veronica: "The sacred grounds are not closed to mankind, for no fence can reach to the heavens. The wall has been set to stop you: but no wall shall transcend the supernatural. It is in this supernatural state that My children shall be with Me on the sacred grounds." The prayer vigils and apparitions now taken place at the New York World's Fair Grounds, at the former Vatican Pavilion. Veronica has been assured by Our Lady, however, that the banishment from the sacred grounds is only temporary, that is, until the Great Warning, when the Bayside residents, until now her "enemies," will fall on their knees and join the pilgrims in prayer. 

            Another source of trial to the seer has been the stiff stand taken by her bishop to whom she was directed by Heaven to send a particular message of warning: he awaits a sign from Heaven, and Our Lady has assured Veronica that a sign will be given him. But in the meanwhile the diocesan authorities, it is reported, have already conducted and terminated an official inquiry on the apparitions. The five member committeetheir names have not been given outwe are told, have arrived at the conclusion that Veronica's visions are "spurious" and "the product of a fertile imagination," and that Catholics should lend no credence to the visions and should not attend the vigils. However . . . [this] has not deterred the people, from the country and beyond, from joining the prayer-vigils, and listening to the Messages that continue unabated with regular frequency on appointed days at the Vatican Pavilion. The immense and spontaneous flocking of pilgrims instanced on the vigil of May 17, 1975, with about 5,000 people joining in prayer, was a tremendous demonstration of faith in the Bayside apparitions, notwithstanding the jeers and yells of a hostile mob launching an attack on the pilgrims with wild screeches. 

            In an age when false maxims of modernism and progressivism are destroying the Church from within; at a time when pride and prejudice, like noxious germs, are eating at the vital members of the Church; or when the very teachers of truth are misled into error,in times like these, there is reason for the unsophisticated believer to be wary of what he is driven to believe or accept, and to inquire, if circumstances demand, whether the statements made are true, or is there another side to the question. Apropos of the Bayside apparitions, we make no effort at trying to convince the skeptic or the doubting Thomas of the claims to the credibility of the visions or messages. Veronica, the seer, was herself frequently admonished by Heaven not to be concerned with those who reject the messageswhich many will rejectbut to pass on the messages to the next door, and speed up disseminating them. Our aim is simply this: having collected facts from the messages themselves and from other sources, we present them to the interested reader, leaving it to him to judge whether there be sure grounds for a reasonable belief in the Bayside apparitions, and to draw the conclusion. 

            FIRSTLY, is it possible to have an official inquiry conducted into a reported apparition and arrive at a conclusion without a close and careful interrogation of the seer of the apparitions? In the matter of inquiry into a private revelation or apparition, we are awareas remarked in the Forewardhow much weight of the investigation the Church throws on the interrogation of the seer, even before scrutinising the reported messages or the evidence of miracles. Strange as it may seem, this basic factor has been brushed aside with regard to the Bayside apparitions. From Veronica's own affirmation we have it, that not once was she ever summoned for interrogation by the investigation committee; and for that matter in the five years since the beginning of the apparitions, never was she summoned for cross-questioning either by the clergy of the parish or by her bishop, though, on her part, she has never failed to make the approach. With such a basic flaw in the official inquiry, does the conclusion of the so-called investigation not leave one groggy with disbelief? 

            In these circumstances, any sincere Catholic who has taken part in the prayer vigils at the site of the apparitions and witnessed the devotion, piety and sacrifices of the pilgrims and the salutary effects the vigils are having on them, and therefore has serious reasons for doubting the truth of the statements issued by those in authority, is honestly tempted to ask such questions as: Who were the members of the inquiry commission and who were the persons who were interrogated? How long did the investigation process last? Have those who were chosen to judge the case ever taken part in the prayer vigils or been eyewitnesses to the occurrences there? Have all these persons read the messages? On what evidence have the conclusions been drawn? These and other questions might be asked not in a critical spirit but with a sincere desire to know how certain conclusions were arrived at. And if no satisfactory answer could be given to these questions, no sincere Catholic could feel compelled to follow the guidance of those who have issued statements on these matters.  

            SECONDLY, how do you explain a remarkable show of knowledge in theology in a person who has never taken any lessons in theology? And a courage in the teeth of opposition that falls nothing short of heroic? Armed with her crucifix and the sacramentals as admonished by Heaven, the seer of the apparitions while in ecstasy is found to utter messages that re-assert dogmas of Faith against the new prevailing trends in theology: she pin-points the departures from the official and traditional teachings of the Magisterium and from the Biblical teachings of the past; she even unfolds the prophecies from the Book of Revelation (Apocalypse), reading their meaning in the events to come. Without the divine intervention, is all this possible in one who is an ignoramus in theology and kept busy with her family affairs? Or again, we find the seer of the apparitions launching on a penitential programme of three-hour vigils of prayer till midnight: conducting Holy Hours Sunday after Sunday at midday for the intentions of the Pope and clergy; pursuing her mission in the teeth of relentless persecutions and open hostility; dispatching messagesquite in fear and against her willto her bishop and the Cardinals at the Vatican; enduring with wondrous patience and charity of heart acts of provocation and harassment from her enemies; undertaking a rigorous fast with only one meal a day, and praying for her persecutors. All this, anyone will admit, calls for courage and virtue far beyond the human. As often as she found her courage giving way, Veronica received encouragement in words such as these: "Do not fear, My child! As you give yourself to Us, We ask you a full dedication to your mission. Your road will be filled with thorns and trials; but do not fear. You will be given the necessary grace to fulfill your mission." 

            THIRDLY, though each apparition of Our Lady has a definite purpose in view, nevertheless there is a feature common to all the apparitions wherein we recognize the voice of the Mother of God unmistakably: it is the piteous tone of Her appeals to the world as She tries to make a last desperate effort to save Her children from destruction. One of the most salient features of the Bayside apparitionsand this is without parallel in history,is the extreme volubility of the Mother of God and the extensive stretch of time during which She has been communicating with Her children on earth. The Bayside apparitions which began in the middle of year 1970, still continue until now (1976) with regular frequency on appointed days, the mode of communication being triple, namely, words, visions and photographs; this last, strikes us as one of the most remarkable phenomena. Important as these features are, of far greater significance and irresistible in its appeals, is the piteous cry of a loving Mother, who admonishes, cajoles and entreats Her children to listen to Her. Repeated in diverse ways, this is Her constant plea: "I have travelled throughout your world, crying, begging, pleading for prayer, penance and atonement. I beg you as your Mother to listen to My appeals. I have cried many bitter tears of sorrow, My children. We in Heaven are now without feelings: this is a mystery you will understand when you pass over the veil. I come as Mother of Sorrows, Great Sorrows,prepare, My children, prepare! You will not approach these final years without preparing your souls. The Warning approaches! Many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption!" 

            These touching appeals of the Mother of God, run like a golden thread all through the Messages. One discovers in them the last desperate efforts of a Mother striving to save Her children from their own folly, pointing out to them a sure way of salvation and preparing them for the great trials ahead. Repeatedly She tells us to pray, and pray the Rosary; repeatedly She implores that we do not reject Her appeals. "As a Mother," She pleads, "I implore you to listen to Me. If you cast aside My words, you will be lost. How many more earth-years will I be permitted to be among you, My children, with My voice crying to make you ready?" Here is all the anguish and love of a Mother deeply offended, but whose love for Her children causes Her to exert every effort to save them, despite every rebuff. Who would fail to recognize in these sorrowful appeals the voice of the "Lady in Tears" of La Salette, or of the "Immaculate Conception" of Lourdes, or of the "Lady of the Rosary" of Fatima, and now appealing to the world as the "Lady of the Roses" at Bayside? 

            FOURTHLY, the authentic character of the doctrine contained in the Messages which adhere closely to the teachings of the Magisterium and the Councils, bears no small marks of the Divine Hand in them. The whole story of the apparitions centre on the Messages that contain the basic ingredients of an over-all message particularly called for in the present perilous times. The messages are addressed to all classes of persons, but there is a pick of Messages to parents and women, to the clergy and to consecrated persons, to the purple Hats and the Red Hats. The messages are repetitious with a purpose, and open a window upon the crimes and abominations committed in society and even in the House of God, but they also show up the errors and illusions that have infiltrated into the Church together with the right path the Pastors and the people should tread to disentangle themselves from satan's web into which they have fallen. Pride and lack of prayer has been the chief cause of the downfall of many, resulting in a loss of faith. 

            The spotlight of reproach is turned principally on such errors as the false maxims of humanism and modernism, paganism in churches, permissiveness and rationalization of sin, a new moral theology, abortion, and other abominations. Attention is also focused on such deceptions as separation of faith from tradition, misinterpretation of the Bible, denial of the reality of our First Parents, of the existence of satan and hell, of angels and of the Virgin birth. Heaven also deplores such mists of error as removal of statues of saints from the House of God, noise and novelties in the churches, neglect of the use of the sacramentals, plan for a one-world religion and a host of other errors. A sure way to return to the narrow road is prayer, much prayer, and penance, companionship with Jesus in the Eucharist and the reception of His Body in Communion, devotion to the angels and return of St. Michael, Defender of the Faith, to his place in the Church, an unfailing use of the sacramentals, particularly of the holy Rosary which has a special power over the demons. Prayer and penance is urgent now if we are to mitigate the intensity of the Great Warning and Chastisement. Urgency in spreading the messages is also heavily underlined. 

            The Bayside Messages provide ample food for thought and serious reflection, and are apt to give a rude awakening to those who have deviated from the right path, provided they are open to correction and are lovers of truth. However, as foretold by Our Lady, many will reject the Messages for the "world is in deep darkness of spirit"; it will be rejected by those who in their pride refuse to admit their error, or who love their sin. Frequently does Our Lady refer to this rejection of the Messages: "My warnings at Fatima were cast aside, as they are being cast aside now. Man in his arrogance has chosen to cast aside the warning from Heaven. As in the days of Noah, you close your ears. I beg of you as your Mother to listen to My words. You are fast approaching a major calamity. I bring you a message of warning to make you ready. Awaken from your slumber, Shepherds! In your pride do not cast aside the warnings from Heaven; you, too, will stand in judgement! Repent, make atonement now, for the hour of reckoning is coming. Pastors, do you reject the Message from Heaven because you fear it? Or do you prefer to ignore it because it will expose your error? Pride! False pride, My children, is the downfall of many." Men of good will who have perused the Messages with unbiased mind and a desire to profit have unmistakably been moved by them, and considered them a grace from Heaven. Moreover, they have invariably felt obliged to share their convictions with their less fortunate brethren. 

            LASTLY, like a bolt from the blue darts the startling warning to the Pastors of the Church, which gives us the clue to the real reason for rejection of the apparitions by the authorities of the diocese of the seer. Time and again in the Messages occur these thundering words of Heaven: "Bishops, awake from your slumber! Blindness of heart and intellectual pride have set many of our high-priests onto the road of damnation!" Speaking figuratively, Our Lady said: "My children, if I were to give you an over-all picture of your present world and of those who have been given power over you and your souls, you would find that many mitres have faces of goats! Yes, My child, goats! We use symbolic language, My child, for a reason. So do not be disturbed." (March 18, 1975). Six months later, Veronica was given the following message to be delivered to her bishop: "The sheep shall be separated from the goats. My child you must warn your bishop that we have watched him, and found him wanting. Shall he remain counted with the goats! Pray for him, but make it known to him that we look into his heart!" (Sept. 27, 1975). Veronica delayed communicating the message to her bishop through fear. Four months later came this Message: "My child, take courage and speak the truth! You must tell your bishop that he has placed himself among the goats, and he must remove himself immediately, the bishop of Brooklyn. Do not shudder! You must save this soul." (Jan. 31, 1976). 

            Conversion is a work of grace; and God attaches His graces or conveys them through sensible signs that form part of the Sacraments or sacramentals. Water from Lourdes and pilgrimages to that Shrine and to others that have been hallowed by Our Lady's visits, have brought cure of soul and body to many. It is not for man to question God's choice of the things or places He chooses to communicate His graces; and if His choice appears foolish to man, He would in this way confound the wisdom of the wise. God is free to choose ever new places for His own purposes, and to hallow these grounds by His Mother's visitations. To brand peremptorily visits to these places as superstition, or discourage them as though they betokened unsavoury devotion, would be preposterous. Prudence would rather suggestand this has been the practice of the Church in the pastthat the authorities concerned command complete silence from the pulpit in these matters, until a thorough investigation has been concluded. 

            Apropos of the Bayside Apparitions, we may refer to the following Messages in this context: (Christ) "We have chosen these grounds with purpose. We expect to retrieve from your efforts many souls that would otherwise have been lost to Us. All prayers and acts of atonement will be used for the repatriation of the wandering sheep." (Bayside, July 15, 1973). And the Blessed Virgin Mary added: "I give you graces in abundance for the asking. Instruments for the conversion of sinners are all sacramentals blessed on the sacred grounds." (Bayside, Feb. 10, 1973). Count, if you can, the millions of Rosaries, prayers and acts of atonement that have gone up to Heaven from the apparition grounds, and that have brought down blessing upon thousands of pilgrims. By today these thousands would have swelled by five or ten times the number but for the stigma that has been cast upon the apparitions by those, whose duty it was to conduct a thorough investigation before pronouncing upon them. But could it be honestly affirmed that the investigation was thoroughly, impartially and prayerfully carried out, as in the history of past apparitions? This is a question that baffles us. 

            We would be at a loss for an answer to this question but for the light that comes to us from One who reads the secrets of the heart. (Our Lady): "Make known the Message to the world, My child. Hearts have been closed to the Message from Heaven only because they are on the road in deep darkness. Many in the hierarchy are found wanting at this time. Pray much for them, My children. Your bishop must know that he is travelling among the goats; pray that he receive the light of understanding, and pray much for your clergy. I am much saddened, My child, that My Message given with heart to you, has been cast aside among Our clergy." (March 18, 1975). Veronica was shown in ecstasy something that pertained to her parish clergy with a message in secret, at which she exclaimed "My goodness! . . ." and Our Lady added, "Yes, My child, now that you know, you will pray for them." (July 25, 1975). 

            The reader who has followed us carefully all along will be in a position to judge for himself whether these Messages are from Heaven or not. The facts we have presented are a few out of many. We may remark, however, that for a man of faith, few facts would be needed to convince; for one without faith, no amount of facts would suffice, for "he shall reject what he refuses to accept, even if it is truth. He will refuse because of two prominent reasons: one, he has become blind, blind through sin; and (the other), he has become misled and deluded." (Bayside, May 29, 1976). 



1.         The Reason for the Apparitions 

The Blessed Virgin Mary's previous appeals to mankind have fallen on deafened ears. Many are fast falling into the web woven by satan. She now comes to prepare Her children for what lies ahead and lessen the coming punishment: 

"I have wandered throughout your world begging for atonement, prayer and sacrifice. My pleas have fallen on deafened ears and hardened hearts. I have come now, as Mother and Mediatrix sent by the Father, to plead for the salvation of your souls. I have been shedding tears in many places, tears of sorrow, as I watch the world going further into darkness. Many are fast falling into the web woven by satan. Many of Our dedicated have fallen in line with the false maxims of modernism. Our hearts are saddened at the blindness that has entered into the hearts of many in the House of God." 

            "Do you wonder now why We plead with you? To make yourselves ready, My children, for what lies ahead. Your world will be cleansed by trial. It is not My intention to fill your hearts with fear at the sight of what is to come upon this ungrateful generation: all I can do is to prepare you for the days ahead. I am doing My utmost to lessen the punishment upon your country and the world. However, My children, you must understand that I cannot do this alone but you must follow My direction." 

            "I have given you the plan for your salvation. You will wear your sacramentals and remain close to My Son in the tabernacles of the world. The road before all who are destined for the Kingdom will be one of trial. Prepare yourselves to be scorned, to be mocked and to be cast aside by your own. That which you cherish you keep near you: why have you discarded the objects of your Godthe blessed images? The murders of the unborn must cease now; all who even in small measure participate in the slaughter of the holy innocents shall be burnt in the abyss. You will keep, My children, a constant vigilance of prayer,of prayer, atonement and sacrifice. Now, graced children, you must all unite now and fight the common enemy of My Son. Make your homes a fortress of godliness. Remove your children from a world that is given to satan. Keep the faith in the heart of those you love." 

2.            Heaven's Messages are Urgent 

Veronica is frequently urged to hasten, in words like these: "You must work now, My child, with great speed! Send out the Messages in great haste!" For man must repent and do penance now; time is growing short. If Heaven's Messages are not heeded now, the world will pass through a great trial and many will be eternally lost: 

"I have come, My children, to bring you a great and final warning: unless you amend your ways by a complete reversal from your path of destruction, you will set fast on a major World War. Your world will be bathed in blood; it will go through an extreme crucible of suffering." 

            "Do not cast Me aside, My children; if you do, you will lose your souls, and the teachers and representatives of My Son shall enter the kingdom of satan. The Eternal Father commands great penance from mankind at this time. The eternal fires shall claim all who do not repent now. Shout from the rooftops: time is approaching. Do not speculate on dates, but know that the hour is at hand. I would not count ten years upon your two hands unless there is a great change in the ways of mankind. Now you will understand the great urgency of our warnings to mankind. You must work fast to bring the Message to mankind." 

            "All the children of the earth shall be tested. Learn a simple lesson, My child: When one does not want to accept the truth, he will try to disprove and sully the truth. Knowledge has been given that a great Chastisement will be sent soon upon your world: in this manner the Eternal Father shall separate the sheep from the goats; mankind shall be set in two camps; on one side the sheep; on the other, the goats. Hasten, hearken, and act upon the warnings now! Many of Our children have chosen to reject My words: many tears shall be shed, but too late! Blessed is the soul that has taken My words and acted upon them. The time is growing short! The Warning approaches! The Ball of Redemption nears! Many will die, I repeat, many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption."   

3.         Why Bayside in New York has been Chosen 

Chiefly because: New York being a centre of evilmurder of the unbornhas also to be a centre of reparation. Moreover, if it has great influence for evil, it has also great influence for good. The people of the country, too, are very courageous: 

"We have chosen the sacred groundsin New Yorkwith purpose: New York has become a centre of evil, like cancer spreading its evil all over; like an octopus, spreading its tentacles throughout the world. This is Babylon the Great, the harlot among the nations, that has led many astray. Now, My child, I tell you one major reason why the Father sent Me to choose this site as a centre of reparation: it is because of the murder of the young. The murder of the unborn promoted in your city of evil has been watched by the Father with great anger! The unjust in your city and state will be dealt with severely!" 

            "Your country has lost the knowledge of the Father. Sin within your country is truly an abominable way of life. Your children are walking the road to perdition. The murders in your city have not ceased. The murders of the unborn must cease now, for your city will fall. Woe to those who have the responsibility of nourishing the soul and set them unto the road to perdition. Better that they had died in their mother's womb." 

            "Your city, your nation, has great influence throughout the world: Discipline must be restored. Your example will be followed by many. We expect to retrieve from your efforts many souls that would otherwise have been lost to Us. This has been the centre set up by the Father for the repatriation of sinners. We have chosen to give this Message through you, My child and My children in the United States, for we find there is much courage in the hearts of your countrymen."   

4.            Warnings and Chastisements 

As the sins of man have multiplied beyond measure, the world will be cleansed gradually by great trials and sufferings. There will be domestic divisions, famine, plague, diseases, disasters and upheavals in nature: these are warnings to alert mankind to penance. Russia will be the scourge of the world, causing destruction and enslavement: 

"There will be many warnings before the Chastisement (great Chastisement). Already the punishments have started. Man shall lose all regard for human life and charity, because he has given himself to satan and the pleasures of the flesh. We do not intend to destroy the world completely (by the Great Chastisement), but We shall cleanse it by steps. The sins of man have multiplied beyond expectancy. There will be placed upon your world great trials. It is the plan of the Father that the cleansing begin. In the past many warnings have been given you, but they have not been recognized as coming from the Eternal Father. Now there will be cataclysms such as have never been seen upon your earth. Grievous trials are now starting for mankind." 

            "Before the Great Chastisement, there will be visited upon your country and the world a great plague. With the coming plague many of the young, in the mercy of the Father, will be removed before they become of the age of reason. When the great rains start, know that many shall die. There are going to be heavy rains and floodsmany lives will be lost. Many waters will be contaminated. Drinking water will bring a disease of the intestinal tract. Many will die. There will be freezing in areas of your land that have never experienced freeze; bursts of heat in areas that have never known such heat. Death shall come upon many. There will be earth tremors in areas that have never before experienced these terrors. The approach of the Ball of Redemption shall bring upon mankind climatic changes. There will be accidents that are not accidents." 

            Veronica in ecstasy sees four angels coming down upon the earth. The first angel has a "V" shaped banner that turns out to be "something with great cosmic forcea TORNADO," and thunders: "Waves, great waves will rise high above your land: waters to carry and to cleanse." The second angel carries a sword, and on a band across his chest is written: DIVISIONfather against son,mother against daughtersister against brother: divisions in the homes. The third angel has HUNGER written on the band across his breast, and holding a balance, says: "Denarius, Denarius, a measure for the wheat: what will you give for your bread?" Lastly, Veronica sees tremendous waves washing the shores of Europe and portions of England breaking away and falling into the sea, and she hears voices crying: "War! war! war!" 

            In another vision, Veronica hears a frightening, booming voice of an angel, crying: "Woe! woe! woe! to the inhabitants of the earth. Blood shall flow in the streets. Revolution from corruption! Revolution from corruption!" And Our Lady: "Yes, My child, it will be a most terrible sight. Blood shall flow in the streets. Brother against brother; mother against daughter; sin shall place little value on life. Wars are punishments of sins. One nation, Russia, My children, shall be your scourge, as they go across the world, ravenous in appetite, destruction as their means for enslaving the world. Blood shall flow in the streets of all the nations of the world. The red flag shall rise over many convents and Houses of My Son. All that is rotten shall fall. Pray that they should destroy your bodies but not your souls." "Many will be placed upon the cross as victims for their faith; many will be martyred for the cause of My Son. Much blood shall be shed upon the earth. The time of the persecution is now accelerating." 

            "Many will be removed from your world before the crucible of suffering, for we are not concerned of your body but of your eternal soul. Learn from these warnings from Heaven. Much has been happening in the present, I warn you, to alert mankind to the necessity of prayer and atonement. You must pray now for the conversion of Russia. I have asked you, My children, many times to pray for the conversion of one nationRussia. Unless there are more prayers and acts of sacrifices, Russia will spread her errors throughout the world, causing great suffering and loss of faith."   

5.         The Great Warning 

The Great Warning which will come unexpectedly, will be in proportion to the sins of mankind. It will come shortly. It will cause external fright and inward suffering. After the Warning, if man does not repent and do penance, the Great Chastisement will soon follow. It is important to be ready: 

"I have a great Message for mankind. The Father has deemed it necessary to send upon the world a Warning of great magnitude. This Warning will be in proportion to the sins of mankind. Pray much, for the Warning is the beginning of the terrible sorrows. The Warning is not the Chastisement, but the beginning of sorrow of sorrows. The time is not long for its coming. I admonish you, My children, there is to come upon you a great Warning of such magnitude that every man, woman and child will feel the burning fires withinyou will not see the burning of the body, as you viewed in the abyss. Man will feel that the very powers of the elements have shaken the very foundations of his being. So great will be the impact of this Warning from the Father, that none shall doubt that it comes from the Father. All who remain in the light of grace will have no fear: they will pass through this Warning without suffering. However, We do not wish to send this Warning upon mankind, for there will be some who will perish from fright." 

            A vision given to Veronica on April 21, 1973, is described thus: "It is though everything has exploded in the skythe flashand it is very hotvery warmoohhhoohhhit is feels like burningoohhh now the sky is very whitecolorsblues, purplesit's like a huge explosionnow this voice, the voiceand the voice, Our Lady says it is a voice within you: your warning before the Chastisement: flash, fireand the voice within you: the final warning before the Chastisement." "A great spectacle will then be placed for all to see. The agents of hell will try to disprove the Hand of the Father in this miracle. Do penance and atonement, for the Chastisement will soon follow upon this great spectacle." 

            "It is important that you be ready. The Great Warning will come at a time you least expect. Unless the scale is evenly balanced, the Warning and Great Chastisement will be sooner than mankind could believe possible. Cleanse your soul of all sin. Wear your sacramentals, and retire into a life of prayer and self-sacrifice: this will please the Father much and mitigate the extent of the Warning. Keep a constant vigilance of prayer in your country and throughout the world; only in this way will the Father lessen the extent of the coming Warning upon the world. Prayer, penance and sacrifice are the cries of Heaven for your salvation and the lessening of the Warning and punishment planned by the Father for your cleansing. After the Warning if mankind does not repent and change his ways, there will be sent upon him the great destruction in two parts: the Great War, and then, the Ball of Redemption." 

            This great Warning was described by Conchita, the seer of Garabandal, in 1962: "It will happen in the skyit will frighten all humanity regardless of where one happens to be at the timeit will be a thousand times worse than earthquakeslike a fire that will not burn our fleshit will be recognized as coming from Godit will resemble a punishmentit is meant to be a purification, like the revelation of our sins, and what we feel in our hearts will be worse than sorrowit will not kill us . . . if we die it will be caused by the emotion within usone would prefer to die than experience it."   

6.         A Great War 

Unless mankind now converts, prays and atones, a Great War will mushroom, destroying a great part of mankind. The spotlight is on Africa, Palestine, Asia, China and Russia in the fore. Unless America acts now, she, too, will fall into slavery, and the Church will be persecuted. Many nations will disappear from the face of the earth. 

"A great, horrible War will soon be upon you. There are not enough prayers to stop the evil. The Bear is now massing on the borders. The power of satan shall be exercised to cast mankind into a War that will end all wars, for no flesh shall escape the fires, bodies will burn and blow away, and find no resting place. Bodies shall lie in the market places, unburied, uncovered; so great will be the number of the dead. Nations shall disappear from the face of the earth. The great War will take away from your earth one third of mankind. This War shall come upon you suddenly." 

            Our Lady showed Veronica in ecstasy a large globe, and pointing to Asia, Africa and Egypt, said: "A terrible Warmany, many people will die, many souls, unprepared. No flesh shall be spared. Satan will have his hand upon the button"here Veronica saw a tremendous mushroom-like explosion that blew up everything; and looking far into some distant land, she cried out: "Oh, it's Russia." In another vision she saw a large cross over the world, one side of the globe being bathed in blood, and she saw written in the sky: Yellow against white/white against black/Palestine/Jerusalem/, and heard Our Lady say: "There will be a great War." In yet another vision she saw terrible fighting, and people dying, "they have yellow skin, dark skin,Africa: China and Russia from the north."The world is fast heading for the culmination of the Armageddon." 

            "Unless you mend your ways, your world will be cleansed by trial, a great trial; it shall go through a crucible of suffering, it shall be bathed in blood. In the past I had begged prayers for the conversion of Russia: too few have come forward to pray for her conversion; and therefore her errors have spread throughout the world. Your country, is being prepared now for capitulation. Act now, return to the Father, and restore discipline in your daily lives, or you, too, will fall to the sword; you, too, will feel the captivity and slavery, and the closing of My houses, the churches, throughout your country." 

            "Our tears fall in abundance upon an unrepentant generation. There are not enough prayers to stop the evil. Unless you pray now more for the conversion of Russia, a great War shall soon be upon your earth. Without the counted number of conversions by the Father; without prayers, sacrifices and much atonement sorely needed at this time, your world will be engrossed in a Third World War of such magnitude that almost no flesh shall be saved. The great War will claim many lives throughout your earth. Many will be lost to Us, as they have not prepared themselves for this great War. Prepare yourselves, and retire from your world which is given to satan. Guard your faith in your homes and in the hearts of those you love."   

7.         A Great Chastisement 

Man, by his excessive sins and lack of repentance, has forced a great Chastisement from the hands of God: the Ball of Redemption. Of supernatural origin, the Ball of fire, after a great darkness, will pass through the earth in a sheath of fire in which many will die. When iniquity has reached its peak, the fire will come down. The Ball is already on its way; prepare yourselves and others: 

 "There shall be sent upon mankind a great Chastisement: a great Ball of fire. It was not the will of the Father to bring this Chastisement: the will of man has forced His Will upon you. You are asking for the Chastisement. The sins of mankind have hastened this trial upon you. All manner of sin, abominations, murders, far in excess of any in the past history of mankind is being executed in your country and in the countries of the earth. The Ball of Redemption shall come to cleanse the world to its original purity. Man will be subject to a cleansing that has never been experienced since the beginning of the world. The Ball of Redemption will take away from your earth another one third of mankind." 

            "The Ball of fire is of supernatural origin. Those who have cast aside the knowledge of the supernatural will not be given the grace to observe the coming of the Chastisement. As in the days of Noah, man will be eating and drinking and marrying, and then the Ball of fire! A great darkness will come over the earth. The air stagnant, lacking in oxygen. There will be no light. The candles will be few. The heat will then become intense. Penance will then come too late. When the Ball of fire enters your atmosphereit will be seen about two weeks in advance before it hits the earthheats will be gripped with fear. Many shall run to hide themselves recognizing the wrath of their Lord. The Ball of Redemption will pass through your land and your world in a sheath of fire. All those who have defamed their bodies, these bodies shall burn. Houses shall blow off in the wind; flesh and skin will dry up and blow off the bones, as if it had never been. All those who live through this trial, will envy those who have died. Many shall die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption." 

            Veronica's frequent description of the Ball of Redemption may be recapitulated thus: "A huge Ball of fire like the burning sunspinning very fastshooting across the skyleaving a large trail of fire behind, emitting intense heatspewing out great particles of dust and rocksvapours and gases forming around itit becomes grey, become very darkit is daytime, but particles of dust and vapours make the sky very darkyou can't see even your hands in front of youlights flicker and diecars slow down and stand stilla piece breaks off from the Ball and oohh!it hits the sunoohh, oohh! a great explosionshooting of particles of colourit spews choking dust and large rockseverything on earth rocksbuildings fallpeople run into the streetsvapours are chokingpeople clutching at their throatsthey are running in panic in all directions, stumbling and fallinghuge rocks fall into the waterthe water steams and rises very highwaves roar and rise 14 to 15 times higher than the normal breakerswater overflows the landcities are on firepeople run aimlessly through the streets screaming, not knowing where to hide or runaahh, aahhoohh, oohhit's very frightening"Veronica begins to faint; she affirms: "I assure you, it will be the most frightening incident for most." 

            Jesus: "You are receiving the final warnings. My Mother has passed among you and begged for time that you will make atonement. Your time is growing short. It can only be counted with the balancing of the scale. When the weight of iniquity has reached its heaviest, the wrath of the Father will fall heavy on mankind. Already the Father has started the Ball on its way. The Ball is hurrying to your earth. There is no constructive measure or advantage in giving dates. What does matter is that a permanent change to goodness is undertaken by mankind. All those who remain close to My Mother will not be caught unprepared. This is a great grace for many. The beads of the Rosary will be the major instrument for lessening the fury of the Chastisement." 

            Our Lady: "I must also tell that you prepare your souls and the souls of all you love. Go throughout your world, saving your brothers and sisters, preparing them for what lies ahead. In the time left before the Chastisement, you will spend your time now in gathering your prayers and graces for those who do not have the strength of spirit to acquire these graces for their salvation. You will remain from out of the world that has been given to satan. Protect your homes and those you love with your sacramentals. All who keep our monumentals in their homes shall be saved. The mystery of these sacramentals will be known to all very soon. You will keep a constant vigilance of prayer in your country and throughout the world. The time of sorrows is approaching. I emphasize that you are to prepare and make ready for the cleansing which is close at hand." 


8.         Agents of Hell 

More powerful devils are now let loose upon the earth. They are battling against the children of God, spreading errors, capturing souls that have fallen from grace, debasing them most foully. The Antichrist forces 666 have trapped many throughout the world through visual aids and media of communication which are under their control: 

"It must be known that there are demons loosed upon your earth, demons from the abyss far more powerful than have been sent upon your earth in past history. They are doing full battle against the children of God now. You are in the days known as apocalyptic days of Revelation; Lucifer, the prince of darkness, now rules the world and goes about among you as a ravenous wolf spreading his errors throughout the world. Satan shall be given power over the elements for a short time. He has great powers on earth, and one of these is that he lives in a world invisible to your human eyes, unless you are given the grace to 'see.'" 

            Seeing in ecstasy legions of horrible, dark-looking figures crossing the sky, Veronica exclaimed in horror: "Oh Blessed Mother, I don't want to see them, oh, oh!""Do not be affrighted, My child: recognize what is upon your earth now. However, they will not appear to man as you see them now. They will enter into the body of any man, woman or child that has given his or her soul to satan. Satan cannot work upon his own image or in his own image. He must enter into the body of another. Any man, woman or child of age of reason, who has fallen from grace, shall become a consort of satan, who is loosed upon earth in all fury. He has started a great war against Us, and has captured the souls of many, and is using their forms to do his will." 

            "Many creatures in many countries of the world, have given themselves to satan. Immodesty, immorality, fornication and all manner of abominations that destroy the soul have captured many souls for satan throughout the world. Man has allowed demons to direct his actions, and has become perverse, degraded and debased. He has given his body and spirit to satan who will debase him in so foul a manner, that you will know no human being could conceive of such vileness of sin. All manner of foul deeds, of cruelty and death shall come from evil minds or those who have fallen from grace and have been captured and used by satan and his agents. In these latter times, women shall seek to cast off their role as mother under the direction of satan, and murder their children. Woe to them! Repent, O woman, or be lost forever! Satan shall seek darkness of spirit, and in those places all manner of evil shall spring up, such as has never been seen upon your earth: human beings infested by the devil, working all manners of evil against their brother and sister!" 

            "Recognize the great evils upon your earth. Secret societies of satanall who do not recognize My Son as Saviouryou call their nature Antichrist. You are living in an era of Antichrist. Recognize the signs of the times. Read the book of the Biblethe Book of the Apocalypse--and follow the truth. Mister 666, the Antichrist forces, are now loosed fully upon earth. The existence of the agents of hell known as 666 is not one man, but a full army of demons led by six demons of major incidence, sent from the abyss on special mission. Six is for the 6 who are comingfive being present, and the 6th is on his way; six is for 6 days of suffering; and six is for the 6 who shall be punished and chained forever. You will observe the forces of 666 that now rage throughout your world. You could not in your human nature understand the full meaning of this supernatural phenomena 666." 

            "Satan has set many ways to entrap you. Many are fast falling into the web by him. Man's fall is created by satan with literatureinfiltration through the mindnewspapers of the enemies of God, magazines of obscenity and ways of recreation and entertainment. Satan has set many delusions upon mankind: your schools and your way of life have been steeped in sin: you accept his traps as a way of life. The plague of drugs came upon you from Lucifer to weaken the mind and will, and make his infiltration for the claim of the soul by him. He has set much before man's eyes to deceive and degrade his good nature. He will subject man through visual aids to degeneracy and ruination of the light within his soul. Television you may consider as a mechanical agent of satan now: but in the future, it will be used to brainwash your children into submission to evil. Astrology is a false science created by satan to deceive. The media of communication in your country and most countries of the world have all been now given to satan; he has mobilized the industry and media of communication of your world. He has set many agents in high positions in all fields of entertainment, culture and government of your world. There is nothing satan will not do to seduce the nations." 


9.            Onslaughts and Defences 

Satan's fiercest attacks are on the hierarchy of the Church and on the young. He has infiltrated into the holiest Church institutions and in the highest places in the Vatican. Through secret societies and fallacies in theological teachings, new modes of modernism and humanism many have fallen into his web. Much prayer, Eucharistic visits and Communion, constant use of the sacramentals and flight from occasions of sin are now the necessary defences of the children of God: 

"All the children of the earth shall be tested. Man shall be set in two camps: on one side the sheep; on the other, the goats. All manner of diabolical temptations shall be set upon those who are destined to become the children of God. The closer you come to your salvation, the harder satan will fight and send his agents to destroy, and the more you will be attacked by him. The greatest attacks of satan are upon the hierarchy of the Church and upon the young. The prince of darkness controls your world, and many pastors for lack of prayer have fallen into the web of satan. He has entered into many houses of My Son, the churches throughout the world. He has employed many agents to enter into the bodies of those in the highest places of My Son's Church. It is countless knives in the heart of My Son when we known that Our houses have fallen to satan. It is the plan of satan to close the doors of the House of Our God. His purpose will not be achieved, but in this battle many soulsvictims of satanwill be lost to Heaven." 

            Veronica was shown a terrifying vision which shook her: "My goodness! Human beings wearing black garments, slit holes in their faces." "See, My child, the worship of the prince of evil! You are shocked? Do not delude yourself that this does not exist upon your earth now: worship of satanpagans! Pagans in the House of God! The secret societies and search for the Holy Spirit are entering into the realm of satan. Too many are searching outside the House of God. The new modes of Humanism and Modernism are snares set by satan. My Son's representatives will answer to the Father for their fallacies and their falling into false modes of modernism and humanism which We find prevalent among many. Without much prayer satan will bring about darkness in the holy places, darkness in the hearts of men, darkness of spirit. Understand when I speak of darkness of the spirit: satan must assume the body of a fallen man, woman or child to promote his diabolical deceptions. Sad to say, satan has captured the minds of many in the highest places of the Church of God. This condition did not come in one move but has crept through the course of time and planning by satan. My warnings of the past also fell on deafened ears." 

            "The forces of Antichrist do their work by capturing the spirit, the body of men, women and children. The Antichrist forces of the agents from hell are now out in great numbers invading our convents and seminaries. The Antichrist forces of evil have gathered within the Eternal City. In figurative language, there are three popes in Rome, not counting Pope Paul VIthree, directed by satan. There is one who is ruling in place of Our beloved Vicar, Pope Paul VI, an impostor, created from the minds of the agents of satan. The three popes have brought forth an impostor; he must be exposed and removed. The deception must be exposed to mankind. Only in this way you can prevent the seat of Peter from capitulating and falling into full control of the Antichrist 666 forces.' 

            "There are devils loosed upon earth assuming human form for destruction. The rabbi is the teacher of life. Do not be fooled by those who have fouled their garments. They will deceive with cunning; they will rationalize sin until satan has his great count. Satan seeks to take away the reality of his existence and of his kingdom, hell, from the minds of men. If he makes a farce of his existence among you, he will deceive you so that you will sin and remove yourself from the Spirit of Light and from the eternal Kingdom of Light. The clergy must pray more, and you, My children, must pray more for them. You will chase satan out with a vigil of prayer. A soul that has fallen into the web of satan, must not lose hope, for he can be recovered. Believe, and you will be given the way. Pray, pray very much, for you can send him out only by prayer. Accept fasting and atonement." Veronica adds: "Prayer is now the major instrument against satan. Prayer, sacrifice, and atonement: and of course, wear your sacramentals, because the sacramentals are your armor against satan." 

            "Have no fear in the days ahead. With My Rosary, and thisthe ScapularWe shall crush the head of satan. Satan will seek to remove this protection from you. You will all keep the sacramentals as I have directed you in the past. Protect yourselves and those you love with the armour We have given you. Know that your sacramentals were given for a reason. Do not cast them aside. If satan removes the sacramentals from you, he has more advantage over you. You need all the armour now to withstand his attacks."(Christ): "My Mother's Rosary to mankind is very powerful. Do not discard your sacramentals, for they have power over the demons; were them proudly, for they are the keys to your salvation now, your armour against the evil that is raging in great force upon your world." (St. Joseph): "Why has man no longer chosen to bless his home with the sacramentals and the water?" 

            "The tabernacles in the world shall be your refuge. Visit My Son often. Be with Him while you can, for the day will come when you will have to hide yourself from your tormentors who will seek to take this grace from you. You must remain close to My Son in the Eucharist. Come to My Son. He will nourish you with His Body. Unless you eat of this Bread of life, you cannot be saved, so great are the forces of evil, demons loosed to do battle with the children of God. You must eat His Body so that you will have the strength to resist the evil forces that have now invaded and multiplied upon your earth. The Bread of life, My Son, is your salvation; without Him you will never be able to withstand the attacks of satan and his agents." 

            "Flee from all evil, from all occasions of sin. I have advised you all in the past to retire from the world which is given to satan. He has plans to do full battle with you, knowing that his time is growing short. The battle of the spirits is now on in great force: you cannot bargain with your soul. Cast off the books of satan from your home. Read the Book of lifethe Biblethat the truth may enter your mind. Keep pure and holy thoughts in your mind at all times. Call upon your angels often, for you shall not survive the coming battle without them. Use the invocation to St. Michael, Guardian of Faith, at all times. He must be returned back into the House of God. His removal has opened the doors for the entrance of evil spirits into the House of God. The children of God shall suffer much persecution from the agents of darkness. Read the Apocalyptic pageswritings of the Book of Revelationand you will understand the trials before you."

    [1] Unfortunately, these messages were tragically burned by order of the superior of that convent.

    [2] The miraculous pictures are not interpreted by Veronica alone, as common symbols such as luminous Rosary bead patterns within the pictures are discernible by any pilgrim to the Shrine grounds.



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