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Warnings From Beyond, Part 2 of 3

To the Contemporary Church
[Confessions of Hell]

A literal text of the revelations made by the demons

Beelzebub, Judas Iscariot, Akabor, Allida,  and Veroba

during a series of exorcisms from 1975 to 1978
A translation from the French, by Nancy Knowles Smith, of the book

'Avertissements de l'Au'delà à l’Église Contemporaine – Aveux de l’Enfer’ 

by Jean Marty.

 The revelations have also been published in German by Bonaventure Meyer in Switzerland.
 Jean Marty's book in French is available from 'Les Editions Saint Raphael, 31 Ouest, rue King, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

Photo: note the prominent birthmark between the eye and ear of the true Pope (on the left, 1973 photo) and conspicuously absent on the impostor (right, 1977 photo). This birthmark is clearly visible in the picture below, of Pope Paul VI meeting with Cardinal Mindszenty. Also notice the visible difference in the nose. Pope Paul had a longer, straighter, more pointed nose. The impostor had a shorter and rounder nose.

VIDEO: Deception of the Century
10:30 minutes. Watch here...



The following work confirms many of the Bayside revelations. The book essentially exposes the remarks and gestures made by a possessed woman in Switzerland during 1975‑1978. Speaking through the possessed woman, the demons were forced to tell the truth by Our Lady under the Solemn Church Exorcism, which was witnessed by the following priests who have all expressed their conviction of the authenticity of the revelations made by the demons upon the order of the Blessed Virgin.


1. Abbot Albert‑l`Arx, Niederbuchorten

2. Abbot Arnold Elig, Ramiswil

3. Abbot Ernest Fischer, Missionary, Gossau (St.‑Gall).

4. Rev. Father Pius Gervasi, O.S.B., Disentis

5. Abbot Karl Holdener, Ried

6. Rev. Father Gregoire Meyer, ‑ Trimbach

7. Rev. Father Robert Rinderer, C.P.P.S., Auw

8. Abbot Louis Veillard, Cerneux‑Pequignot


All eight priests are Swiss, except Father E. Fischer, a German. All participated in the exorcisms except Father G. Meyer who was spiritual director of the possessed woman. Two other French priests also participated in the exorcisms.


July 13, 1977, (Abridged Text)


January 16, 1976.

April 25,1977.

June 10,1977.

July 13, 1977 - Beelzebub.

September 15, 1977.

July 13, 1977 (Conclusion)

April 25,1977.

June 18, 1977 (conclusion)

June 29, 1977 (Saints Peter and Paul)

June 18, 1977 (continuation)









After a veritable barrage of prayers by numerous faithful; after several nights of penance, the sole desire of the exorcists being to act only in accordance with God's Will, the new exorcism of July 13, 1977 took place.

In the name of the Most Holy Trinity, of Mary Immaculate, of the Angels and Saints, the demons were ordered, by virtue of the priestly powers, to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, which they were obliged to proclaim on behalf of God, and on behalf of the Queen of Angels and Mother of the Church, for our spiritual well-being.



July 13, 1977, (Abridged Text)






E: In which of the texts which have already been written have you lied to us? Where is there error? I order you to tell us...in the name!

B: (He shouts angrily and obviously under compulsion): If I had to say it then. I shouldn't have to say anything at all now! She (the Blessed Virgin) makes me say...and the Trinity...They make me say: it is sad, very sad, that They have had to have so many things said by the demons, because the privileged souls are not believed. She has been obliged to have so many things said through the possessed woman... who, because of that, has received very many graces... and men do not believe them. They criticize constantly and consider that they know better. Everyone thinks he knows even better that Those up there (he shouts in a voice full of hate - in a great rage). She says: Those up there (he points upward) do not know better as men do. [1]? That is what She says, and what the Trinity say (he shouts, full of anger and vexation). She makes me say one last time that we have to repeat it to you again (he cries out in a terrible voice, full of anger): What we have had to tell you is the entire and unchallengeable truth!

It is the truth, and nothing but the truth!...(in a gasping, terrible voice) How we have been forced to say that!

E: Are there any errors in the minor revelations? Yes or no? In the name of... the truth and nothing but the truth!

B: (he shouts angrily): Three times: “Holy, Holy, Holy...” (The prayers are said)

E: Tell the truth now, in the name...!

B: There is absolutely no error. It may be that things have sometimes been said in a slightly incomplete manner, but for all that it is not possible to communicate like veritable dictionaries! But what there is in the book ought to be enough (he shouts with vexation and obviously under compulsion).

Those up there, the Great Lady (the Blessed Virgin) and the Trinity, make me say...that it is black ingratitude on the part of men to criticize their benevolence and not to believe. Men do not want to recognize the solicitude of the Great Lady. Everyone thinks he can criticize and that he knows better, whereas everyone ought, at the very least, to recite a few psalms in honor of the Holy Spirit, before challenging half or any at all of the revelations.

And after having said these prayers, each one should examine his conscience again, and yet again. Finally, everyone should then receive Holy Communion worthily, then ask himself in his heart of hearts: “Am I not possibly going in opposition to the Great Lady and Heaven when I reject or criticize these revelations?”...That is what She makes me say! (He shouts full of hatred and anger) In comparison with those who are in Heaven and who are Saints, you are all, such as you are, filthy little locusts. And these filthy little locusts aspire to demolish, sentence by sentence, everything which She has instructed (he points upward).

E: Nothing but the truth, in the name...!

B: Do you believe we wanted to say that?... Do all of you believe we wanted to say that?... We would so much have preferred to say that half of it was lies, or that a quarter was lies. But unfortunately, unfortunately, we cannot. The business is too serious! (The words only just come out, in a jerky, disjointed way). Furthermore, She is too much at the back of everything...

E: In the name..., tell us: is the Blessed Virgin at the back of all these revelations?

B: She (he points upward) was at the back of everything, and she is at the back of everything! To cut a long story short, if that is not enough for you, you have only to take the whole thing, part and parcel, and throw it out the window! (In a voice full of hate)



Left, above - Pope Paul VI:  Long nose, reaching to the end of the ear lobe.
Right, above - the impostor pope: Nose much shorter in comparison to ear.




January 16, 1976.


Disclosing the existence of a double of Pope Paul VI, in the Vatican.


Veroba: You must say, in the Name of God, that there is a double in Rome. He has a face which is a little different from that of the true Pope; his eyes are not so deep-set as the latter's. The true Pope is feeble and sickly. His eyes are blue, those of the false one are green. The false Pope has studied theology. He is well organized.[2] He is a good actor. He is not the only guilty one, the others, who set him up, carry the greatest responsibility. The diplomatic corps are becoming aware of the hoax but many of them just do not want to know about it.[3] But it is strange that the laity are not aware of it.[4] They should see clearly when he is not well made up... he does not entirely resemble the true Pope. There are several cardinals who installed him. But that has been done in such a way that even the good people are led into error, as the Scripture says. But, nowadays, people do not consult the Scriptures so much.



During the course of the exorcisms and adjurations, the demons, on behalf of the Blessed Virgin, demanded most insistently that the revelations about the double be published in the book.

We have been much less hesitant to do so, now that the work of Theodor Kolberg, “Der Betrug des Jahrhunderts” (The Deception of the Century) - published by the author in November 1977 contains, amongst others, the photographic proof of the existence of Paul VI's double, and of his activities as impersonator and of the deception in the Vatican.[5]




April 25,1977




E: In the name of Jesus, tell the truth, Beelzebub, in the name of the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, speak!

B: She (he points upward) makes me say: Alas! Alas! Some of the cardinals who surround the Pope are wolves and...

E: In the name of Jesus, continue! In the name of the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, tell the truth, nothing but the truth, say what the Blessed Virgin orders you to say!

B: ...If they were not so, they would not be able to maintain in position with such subtle skill, a man who is playing the part of a second Pope, or rather of the first one, for the true Pope is the one in the background.

E: Continue, say what you have to say, in the name of Jesus!

B: It is said that they are doing this, for in this way they are condemning the true Pope to many cruel sufferings, which he would otherwise not have to endure.

E: Continue, in the name of Jesus, speak, Beelzebub!

B: However, we are doing everything to prevent people from becoming aware that there is a second Pope functioning. We are shrewder than all men put together. We are doing everything to keep that hidden...

E: Speak, Beelzebub, in the name of Jesus!

B: I have said that they can keep it hidden with a subtle skill and that even “traditionalist” priests and lay people do not want to believe it nor to acknowledge it. But, unfortunately - for you, I mean - that is the way it is.
E: Speak, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity!

B: They say: “There is no double. It isn't possible; there is only one Pope.”

E: What else must you add? In the name...!

B: This must be said: Be prudent and as cunning as the serpents!

E: Speak, Beelzebub, in the name of Jesus!

B: Be prudent and cunning like the serpents, but do not be in a hurry to give the lie to it, for...(the words don't come)

E: In the name of Jesus, speak only the truth!

B: For there reigns (in a loud voice) in actual fact, there reigns a false Pope,[6] an imitation Pope[7]... It is important that people are woken up gradually, for they are nearly all asleep.

E: Beelzebub, what else must you still say, in the name of Jesus...? Speak only the truth, say what the Blessed Virgin wishes!

B: We are now confusing laymen, priests and bishops, and goodness knows who else! We are seeking to confuse everyone everywhere, and to whisper in their ears...We can even blind the cardinals who come and go in the Vatican. We can organize things in such a way that they are not even aware of it to begin with.

Surgery has made so much progress today that it will soon be able to make a man the same as another even to the feel of him[8] (As to his breathing, that is difficult.) And when a man lives in the Vatican - as the double does - the cardinals can, at their leisure, talk to him, and teach him all the habits and mannerisms of the true Pope so well, that he has no difficulty in imitating all this mimicry. Only, sometimes, he makes a small blunder, but nobody notices it.



June 10,1977


E: Is the double still alive? Tell the truth!

B: Yes, he is still alive. We still have the luck that he is living. If he had been assassinated, that would be our contriving, so that the whole affair could be hushed up. We must say, by Her order (the Blessed Virgin) that he is still in existence. The Pope is suffering a great torment, as we have already had to say. If he had been at the helm, able to say what he would like to say, the Church would never have reached the situation where it now is.

He lives wretchedly in his apartments and is waiting for better time to return for the Church. Yet everything seems hopeless. He is literally tormented by his subordinates who should support and help him in his task and, in the grave situation in which the Church finds itself, back him up in everything.

Instead of that - we don't want to say it - instead of that, we are able to arrange it so that he is no longer as competent. He doesn't have much to say any more. He is a martyr.[9] I have said that previously. He is in a worse situation than the martyr, Stephen. He is very much loved up there (he points upward) - very much loved. And we must say yet again -about what comes from those insubordinate cardinals and those false...it must not he obeyed. E: Does Pope Paul VI know that he has a double?

B: At all events, he knows what is going on. He knows that...that...[10] He is suffering unspeakably[11] because, owing to what those cardinals are doing, it is not what heaven and what he himself would wish which is published in the world and in the Church, and which reaches the bishops. He is very well aware that he is like a prisoner, that he is, as it were, a prisoner of the Vatican. He suffers a great torment because of this.[12]

Because some cardinals do not obey him and also deal in many things which are not the Will of God, Judas was forced to say on August 17, 1975, that now it is no longer necessary to obey them.

Judas said then: “One cannot obey wolves, and no sheep throws itself into the jaws of the wolf.” That should be shouted from the rooftops. All the bishops should be told that what comes from certain cardinals is not the truth, and because of that, obedience is not required. But they are all so blind, so completely and utterly blind, that they do not want to recognize this.

Then there is still another factor: these three senior cardinals (or “controllers”).[13] There are some of them in it, but those are the worst. Because to a large extent, they are in communication with us, we are able to organize and camouflage everything they are doing in such a way that the people are not aware of it. That is our good fortune. We are happy that they are unaware of it. If the infernal game those three cardinals are playing ever came to light...!

In former times, during the fifteenth century, that sort of thing would have led them to the stake as sorcerers. But today - it is a phenomenon of the time - all those who preach and do good are victims of discrimination and are harassed. On the other hand, those who do evil, who squabble with their co-religionists and who act in such a diabolical way...who are involved in plots - which can never, or only with extreme difficulty, be discovered - those are the ones who are much better off. They are accepted as being good and very competent, they must be obeyed and what comes from them is perfect.

It is inevitable that, in this insane and disoriented epoch, that we, down there (he points downward), very often make that which is evil and artificial and which leads, or can lead, to apostasy under the guise of obedience, appear to be good...on the other hand, we make that which is good be considered disobedience, deliberate irreligion and a lack of humility. So it is with Mgr. Lefebvre.

Among the communists and freemasons,[14] there are some who receive such strength from us that they are unable to sleep, neither day or night - they can only work unceasingly to harm the Church. We give them the strength, we have the ability. We have such power that, if they make an alliance with us, we can give them the strength to harm the Church, in a way not spoken of in any book. Absolutely nothing has been said about what we are doing and what is being plotted by the freemasons and by certain cardinals.

E: Is the Pope informed about the cardinals? Has he investigated them? In the name of the Most Blessed Virgin Mother of God, tell us the truth!

B: He went into it a long time ago; he knows everything, everything, but he can do nothing. As we have said, his hands and feet are tied. He can do nothing, he receives injections. The doctor - listen carefully - who treats the Pope, is manipulated in such a way that the Pope receives certain poisons which are harmful to his head and to his mind. But in spite of that, he knows perfectly well what is good.

The Blessed Virgin does not, for example, permit it that he might say one day: “I excommunicate Mgr. Lefebvre.” That She would never allow.

His strength is always so paralysed, so reduced, that he no longer has the power to stand alone against the others. That is his martyrdom. It is a heavy trial and is permitted from On High. He is, as we have said, a martyr Pope.[15] He who does not believe this will see, his eyes will be opened.

Then what a blow that will be for us! We are working day and night to prevent these things coming to light. Many are already aware, but the majority are not.

E: If God wished it, it will come to light in spite of your work. In the name...tell us the truth!

B: The true (truth) will always come out; it always comes out in the end. But when it does, many people will suffer frightfully; they will suffer frightfully as a result of it, just as the Pope, the true Pope, is suffering now.

At the same time, I must say again, because things always happen as Those up there wish, and as it is They who began the development of this book...I must say: that of the important revelations, and of the revelations of the book in general, there is not one which has not been made and written as Heaven wishes now, and wished it in the past, and in accordance with the Will of On High. Even with the minor revelations. They do not allow them to he false. Nevertheless, if anyone should not believe them, we would rejoice about that.

Fundamentally, the Blessed Virgin is always and in every way in command against us. If only She also had a little less power! She reduces us to nothing - our actions, I mean. She is making me say what She wishes at this time of great and frightful confusion: it is that the good people should at least be in agreement with each other and that they should have, as far as possible, one single way of speaking and acting. One must not say: “There is no double, I do not believe it”, while another says: “There is one”. There must be unity.

Because of this, She wishes it to be published strongly and insistently: the double does exist.

E: How does one recognize the double?

B: We have already had to tell you that previously. Pick up the manuscripts, there is more about it in them than we wanted to say; single out the revelations in which we spoke about the double on earlier occasions, and then read Kolberg's book: “Conspiracy in the Vatican?”[16]

E: Is what Kolberg wrote correct?

B: It is correct.

E: Has Kolberg written the truth? In his book, “Conspiracy in the Vatican?”, is he telling the truth?

B: Kolberg tells the truth in his book. He has only a few small things that are not completely correct; but that is not very important.

E: 'Is the evidence of the voice recording[17] authentic?

Voice prints (same exact words, different voice signatures):

Photos are only one type of physical evidence to distinguish identity. Other physical evidence includes fingerprints, voice-prints, medical findings, etc. In his Umsturz im Vatikan? (An Overthrow in the Vatican?), Kolberg presents further evidence for the existence of the impostor pope. Voice recordings of the Latin "Urbi et Urbi" speech of "the Pope" were made on two different occasions. The two recordings were passed through a voice-frequency analyzer made by Kay Elemetrics of Pine Brook, New Jersey. The output Type B/65 sonagram voice prints of the same words pronounced by the "the Pope" on two occasions shows that they they were made by two different men. 

B: That damned evidence of the voice recording is authentic.[18] We (demons) have been responsible for its being placed in doubt and rejected...the majority of the collaborators were men who work more with us than with the other side...There are also among them, those who say what is not true, in order that they may destroy him (Pope Paul VI) and his words... How we are forced to say that!

E: Have you anything else to say, or is that the lot?

B: She wants nothing more said today, except finally that what she has caused to be said, must be paid attention to.[19]



July 13, 1977 - Beelzebub

E: Exorcist

B: Beelzebub



E: I demand, in the name...tell the truth! What about the double? Have you lied to us? Yes or no? I order you, in the name... tell the truth and nothing but the truth!

B: Because this concerns a very serious revelation, you must first recite a Rosary, to have the guarantee and certainty that afterwards we will tell the truth.

E: (After the recitation of the Rosary) In the name of the Holy Trinity...tell the truth! This is a very important subject. In the name of the God Who will return to earth at the end of time to judge Heaven and Earth, that is the living and the dead, in the name of the Mother of the Church, we adjure you: is what you have said about the double correct? The truth, and nothing but the truth, in the name of the Mother of the Church, speak!

B: (He cries out in a terrible voice) It is the truth! He...does...exist! (He repeatedly utters terrible cries and emits sounds of frightful despair)



September 15, 1977

Avowal of Judas Iscariot (Extracts)[20]


I. It is a trick of fate that many bishops, priests and also lay people often have incomplete views and do not see everything all together, complete and without any falsification. They do not see the whole picture. Thus, for example, Mgr. Lefebvre believes in the Tridentine Mass, and he proclaims it. He proclaims the Kingdom of God completely and without falsification. He acts and speaks truly as Those up there wish (he points upward). But he does not believe that there is a double. Among the others, on the other hand, among the very ones who believe in the double, there are some who do not believe that the Tridentine Mass is also legitimate... I don't want to speak any more...


II. The true Pope (the true Paul VI) has never hugged and embraced people... he has always been very reserved. The true Pope has been very reserved in his gestures and in his behavior, and he never welcomed anyone at all in that way. It is the false Pope who embraces and hugs, under the guise of Christian charity. The true Pope would not do it. Ask the guards who have been in his service. Try to question different guards who have known him well and who know whether the true Pope has acted like that in the past, or whether he still acts that way now... this is difficult to find out because he is no longer seen very much down there. But these are two important factors which could be studied and which should be discussed.



July 13, 1977 (Conclusion)

E: Exorcist

B: Beelzebub



E: What about indulgences? Can a Pope suppress indulgences that another Pope has granted? Tell the truth, and nothing but the truth, in the name...!

B: He can say that the indulgences are no longer valid... but they continue to be valid.

E: Why do they continue to be valid? He still has the power to bind and to loose. In the name...!

B: There is not the full power to loose, if he has not absolutely wished it, She makes me say.[21]

E: Tell the truth!

B: That is the entire truth![22]



E: We wish to carry out the Will of God, the will of the Most Blessed Virgin. We would like to work for the glory of the Most Blessed Virgin.

B: Yes, that is what you would like. We know that, but it will bring you misunderstandings. We are telling you.

E: But we can accept these misunderstandings for the glory of the Blessed Virgin. B: You must offer it up for the Church, in union with the Cross of Christ, through and with the Blood of Christ which has been shed for you... and through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. You must offer it for the Holy Church... Nothing should be too great a cost for you (he mutters with irritation.)

E: We are going to thank the Blessed Virgin for having made you tell us that.

B: It is something above all thanks, She makes me say (he points upward). But what is not beyond all thanks? Was it perhaps the Death of Christ on the Cross?... Was that within the range of your gratitude? When He was insulted and covered in filth by His own people, who previously were crying out to Him: “Hosanna!”... was this within the extent of your gratitude? You are worth much less (than Christ)...

That Woman up there makes me say that as He suffered Death on the Cross, as He had to undergo all that, so you must also walk in His steps and you must take these misunderstandings upon yourselves... until the situation arising out of this has reached the point where Those up there wish - where the Great Lady expressly wishes. That is what She makes me say (he breathes painfully)



E: For the glory of the Blessed Virgin, say what She still wishes you to tell us, in the name...!

B: Once again, She makes me say: Be as hard as granite, as firm as iron, as inflexible as marble! Pursue good, step by step...Look neither to the right nor to the left, neither towards the east nor towards the west, neither ahead nor behind... Look simply and solely upward... towards what she wishes (he points upward) and what is the truth. And that means towards Her. That is what the Great Lady makes me say.

E: Continue, in the name...!



B: She makes me say: you who are taking part in it (the book) and who have anything to do with it, must not become like soldiers who desert the flag, who suddenly say: “We cannot believe that, because it is not yet completely verified.” He said: “Happy those who believe without having seen”[23]

E: Say everything the Most Blessed Virgin wishes you to tell us!

B: Besides, it is also written: “I give Thee thanks (Father) that Thou has hidden all this from the wise and the prudent, and revealed it to little children.”[24]

This is what She makes me say: it is necessary to have the faith of a child. One cannot believe this today and that tomorrow, as many priests do today... and so do many lay people. Whenever anyone says: “Listen here, that cannot be, I have just heard this and that, and according to such and such a privileged soul, that is good too... such a good, well-informed priest has said this or said that”, then one cannot simply sway from side to side like a flag in the wind. Then one must be as steady as an oak. (He breathes painfully)

She says that you are ungrateful with regard to everything She has caused to be said to you through us - everything that we have been forced to say. Now it was a terrible thing for us to have to do this (he mutters in vexation). She gave us orders to say these things with very great precision, in such a way that does not come naturally[25]... so that the printing of the book may proceed. But men want to soil everything, to blunt, to degrade, to put in doubt and to trample on everything. That is not the way of thinking of That Woman up there not Her way of thinking... She is not happy with that. It is necessary to be a good soldier of Christ, and to show courage. And even if at this time, the affair of the double is still outstanding and has not yet been verified in every finest detail. She makes me say...

How many times will it be necessary for me to say again that this is the truth and that it comes from Her up there? (He cries out in a voice full of anger and hatred) How much more time will it be necessary to wait - until the last mind agrees and all people are behaving as they ought to behave? They must accept it in the name of God, and do what She wishes. This is a last chance, one of the last chances (snarling with rage).

E: Have you now said everything the Most Blessed Virgin wanted to tell us?

B: (He shouts in a voice full of spite and anger) We have said everything that She (he points upward) wanted to say. And She makes me say: For the love of Heaven, what is humanity still waiting for? Will it be necessary for the end of the world to come for them to believe?... That is what She (he points upward) makes me say!

We have said, we have said, we... the demons, what she wished to say (he cries out in a voice full of despair and hatred)



June 18, 1977

E = Exorcist

B = Beelzebub



E: In the name of the Most Blessed Virgin, tell us the truth!

B: John XXIII commenced his pontificate in 1958; this John was not especially intelligent, he was not particularly learned. We would rather not talk on that subject.

E: But now, is he up in Heaven?

B: Alas, She (he points upward) would like us to say something about him and the damned Council but that is precisely what we do not want to do. You will have much plainer sailing everywhere if you do not talk about the Council and just simply go on your way.

E: In the name... say only what the Blessed Virgin wishes!

B: Alas, She wishes too much of it - too much of it! (He sighs)

E: Say what She wishes!

B: In 1958, John commenced his pontificate; it was an emergency solution, you could say, but still, it was he who arrived. He was pious and had good intentions,[27] although things did not always turn out as he had foreseen. The fact remains that he convoked the Council, and he would have done better had he refrained from doing so.

E: From what point of view would it have been better if he had refrained from doing so?

B: From the point of view of up there (he points upward)

E: Tell the truth!

B: We don't want to say this; we have no wish to preach.

E: From the point of view of down below (he points downward), how was it?

B: Good! It was like this: it was not provided for, up there,[28] that in the end, the baby would be thrown out with the bath-water. Those up there had not wanted that. But things being what they are now, it would have been better if the Council had not been convoked.[29] There were, it is true, some things which could be said were in need of a renewal. But things being what they are now, the baby has been thrown out with the bath-water so completely that the water can run out, the Devil knows to where, and all that remains in the bathtub is the filth and the dirt of the child who was in the bath. It would have been better...

E: By “the baby”, you mean the Holy Church?

B: Yes, the Church and the Council. With the Council, a very great mistake was made. I mean that it is not without good reason that Pope John has said... (he breaks off). Even today, he would be turning in his grave is he knew what its results are.

E: Doesn't he know?

B: Of course he knows. He already saw on his deathbed that it was not very smart. But it was already much too late. He did not know that this Council would have such deplorable, destructive, catastrophic, frightful consequences. He thought he was doing the right thing. He had good will. He believed that he was doing everything for the greatest good of the Church. He wished to renew what little needed renewing.

Could he know that later, those cardinals, those fraudulent imitations of cardinals, those evil cardinals, would snatch the scepter from his hands and would plunge everything into this terrible state? Could he know that? He acted in good faith, so he reached Heaven -at all events, he is saved.

E: In the name... tell the truth and nothing but the truth!

B: He was humble and good, but he was not very gifted. At that time, it would have been necessary to install a very gifted Pope, knowing how to govern the Church and to maintain his authority in such a way that he could not be countermanded. But he learned that too late.[30] But, everything considered, it was in the plans of Those up there (he points upward) because the Scriptures must be wholly fulfilled.[31] Everything was in their plan, but all the same, it is a lamentable sight for Those up there to see the present situation.

E: In the name of the Father... B: He suffered bitterly for it on his deathbed, and he sent for some of his intimate friends, or those whom he thought were loyal to him. He told them that he would like to shout to the world: “If only I had not convoked this Council!”

Because he now saw the frightful consequences of it. but was able to do nothing more, and because he was now on his death-bed and could no longer do anything at ail to stop everything -may the Lord wish to be merciful to him; that was all he could still say. Let the others, the so-called Heaven, to make that known to the world and also to the next Pope.

E: In the name... tell the truth, and only what the Most Blessed Virgin wishes!

B: But those supposedly trustworthy men thought: “He is on his death-bed, he is no longer completely rational.” When a Council has been convoked, one can't just simply say: “We are stopping it” as if it were a tap which had been turned on full and only had to be turned off again. This Council no longer had a handle by which one could take control or slow it down. Things were already too far advanced for anyone to be able to do anything.[32] The control was broken. It was already broken when John XXIII died.

Naturally, we (demons) were involved in the coup. We were trying to gain an advantage everywhere. Naturally, we did our utmost so that this tap could no longer be turned off to stop the flood. That is why you have dissensions which are deadly, catastrophic, frightful, and everything else the Devil knows how to create.

His trustworthy men said: “Perhaps he has arteriosclerosis, or something like that, and he no longer knows very well what he is saying.” The trustworthy men said to each other: “This must definitely not become known. Things are so far advanced, everything is so much under way and so involved, that one can no longer pull the feet out of the shoe.”

E: In the name...!

B: Then came Pope Paul VI, intelligent and gifted. But what could he do to slow down what his predecessor had set in motion, and to put it into reverse? Besides, Paul VI himself made some mistakes in the beginning. He did not know what John XXIII had said on his deathbed. Then he did learn about it, but too late. At all events, he did not act on it, to his own great harm. He even took some steps that even added to the disaster.[33]

His pontificate has now lasted for almost fourteen years, and those fourteen years have been disappointing for him. He learned very quickly what the Council had brought with it of a destructive nature, hut too late.[34] It is a long time - many years - since he understood the faults he committed but nevertheless, it was too late. Now he follows a terrible road, a martyr's road, as the other demons have previously had to say before me, so that he can no longer do anything in the chaotic situation existing at the present time.

People always say: It is the Holy Spirit, it must be the Holy Spirit.[35] When, for example, the false Pope receives diplomats and all sorts of political men in whatever fashion happens to enter into his head, or as it pleases his cardinals, then the world, or at least the world which calls itself faithful to the Pope, says again: The Holy Spirit breathes! This must be the Holy Spirit! But the majority of people do not know that the Holy Spirit no longer has anything to do with it. Now we don't wish to speak any more!

E: You don't wish to speak? But have you said everything that you have to say, Beelzebub? Was the Council directed by the Holy Spirit or not?

B: In the beginning, the Holy Spirit was still present some of the time, but even at that stage, not always.[36]



Preliminary Prayers: Litanies of the Saints (to which the demons reacted); The Exorcism of Leo XIII (recited in German by all those present.)


E: I order you, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, in the name of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, whose feast-day we celebrate today...!

B: You must all make Acts of Faith, Hope, Charity and Contrition. You must pray. We do not want to say anything today.

E: In the name... tell the truth, and nothing but the truth, in the name...!

B: We do not wish to say anything, we must not speak. Lucifer does not want us to speak. Lucifer does not want us to say what She (he point upward) wishes...

E: But the Most Blessed Virgin wishes...

B: But Lucifer hates her, the Great Lady up there (he points upward). He always gets in a great rage when the Great Lady obtains what She wants and what She has in her crowned head.

E: Tell the truth, in the name of the Most Blessed Virgin!

B: She (he points upward) is there. Naturally, She is exercising her high authority again; It is because today is the Feast of the Immaculate Heart.[37]

E: Is the Most Blessed Virgin there?

B: And how she is there! She is almost crushing me - She nearly crushes me Beelzebub! If I had just recognized her! At that moment, She did not yet exist, but She was shown to us... as She would come.

E: In the name of the Most Blessed Virgin, tell the truth and nothing but the truth, and nothing except what the Most Blessed Virgin wishes!

B: She was shown to us... as She would come one day as the great co-redemptrix... the Great... Great Lady...

E: Was it as the Immaculate Conception She was shown to you?

B: In our majestic, angelic grandeur, we believed ourselves to be so much above Her... and so much higher, that we were not willing to allow one exceptional woman to be higher than us. This was also a powerful motive that contributed to our fall, in which we were hurled down below (he points downward).

E: Say what the Most Blessed Virgin orders you! In the name...!

B: Each day we became more gloomy. I must explain that in Eternity, one does not count in days, but speaking figuratively and according to your measurements, each day we became more gloomy, less majestic, so much so that Michael (the Archangel) who previously was still a little, unimportant angel… Ah! Michael, Michael! (At this name) we become frantic - that Michael, who was for us a little unimportant angel, can now exercise such domination and almost crush us. Almost everything that we lost has fallen to Michael's lot.

E: Is the Archangel Saint Michael now the greatest of the angels?

B: Alas, yes! From that time on.

E: Has he taken your place, and Lucifer's place, in Heaven?

B: It was very necessary that He, up there (he points upward) gave him an elevated rank, so that he can exercise angelic domination over the world as He, up there (he points upward) wishes and commands.

E: In the name...tell the truth! Do you have to speak about the Sacraments?

B: I should, but Lucifer does not agree - I must not speak.

E: ... Speak! Say what the Most Blessed Virgin wishes!

B: But then Lucifer is going to abuse me. It is better for me to keep my mouth shut.

E: What does the Most Blessed Virgin order?

B: We definitely do not like to hear what She (he points upward) says and wishes. Besides, She always wants so much, She always wants something. Let Her stay up there (he points upward), the Great Lady, since we really ought to stay down below. Let Her stay where She is! Let Her stop coming all the time to wrangle with us and to dictate to us!

E: But the demons are also in this world.

B: You are right, but owing to all that, it is in spite of everything, a rotten inferior place for us. She should not come all the time to wrangle with us and dictate to us.

E: In the name of the Most Holy Trinity... tell us the truth and say what you have to say, on behalf of the Most Blessed Virgin...!

B: It is a cursed thing for us... We would rather not speak about it. What that Woman up there wishes (he points upward) is not our province, it is not our business. She shouldn't come to upset our plans...

E: Be quiet about those things you are not required to say! Say what the Blessed Virgin wishes, nothing else! In the name...!

B: She always has these churchy ideas... I hardly dare to say that aloud: you will end up bringing us back to the point with holy water and blessings.

E: You are quite right that we will come with holy water and blessings. Speak, in the name...!

B: She says... that is the last straw for us: that She now wishes that! She says that you should get down on your knees and say first “Holy, holy, holy...” three times, then a “Rosary of Tears”.

But we say: you shouldn't pray; the more you pray, the more we will fight against you, because you provoke us. You will have the most beautiful life if you do not pray, if on the other hand, you do your own will.

E: We do not want the most beautiful life; we wish to do the Will of God.

B: And yet you will have only persecution, you will have only enormous misfortune.

(The prayers demanded: “Holy, holy holy...” three times, and the “Rosary of Tears” are said together)

B: We can easily do without that one (the “Rosary of Tears” - (He adds as an aside): Actually, “tears of blood” would he better than “tears”; but you should just say “tears.”

E: Would it be better for us to say: “For the tears and the tears of Blood”?

B: The two would be better... (he cries out)... (Turned towards a priest) Can't you take your paws off there? We don't want any of those consecrated paws... and no more roses![38]



E: In the name of the Most Blessed Virgin, Mary, in the name of all the Saints, and in the name of all the Guardian Angels whom we invoke...!

B: The souls in Purgatory can also pray. If they can no longer do anything else, they can pray. They also can timidly mumble something for the Church.[39] And if you invoke them for this reason, they must do it, and they do do it. They know what is now at stake. They know a great deal about it, particularly those who are in the higher stages.

E: That means that the souls in Purgatory wish to help us and to pray for the Church?

B: Those who are the lowest, where we can still see them - for there are many levels, if you like -they have little ability; they are for the most part, cruelly tormented. Those who are the lowest - when they have been very wicked people and have committed many sins - sometimes do not know if they are in Hell or if they have been saved.[40] We can still see what is happening to those right at the bottom. They are in what is called the Inferior Lake.

E: But they will come out from it?

B: Only by means of an incalculable number of prayers and sacrifices... Many are staying there until the end of the world, and they are content...and all things considered, they bless God in complete submission that He has sent them down there. It is, you could say, the frontier between Hell and Purgatory.

E: But it is still Purgatory?

B: It is still Purgatory. But there especially, are found those souls which would have deserved Hell, but which, thanks to the sacrifices, the numerous sacrifices of people who offer themselves up, have been saved at the last moment.[41]

We do not like talking about it; you should not pray for the souls in Purgatory; we don't like that. Those in Heaven (he points upward) say - Judas has already had to say it on October 31 (1976) - that the souls in Purgatory are now terribly disappointed. But let them suffer like that, let them hunger like that! We have to do it. You no longer need to gain the indulgences which the Church has granted when you pray. Let them starve! We have to suffer quite atrociously in Hell.

E: In the name... I ask you: can one still gain the indulgence TOTIES-QUOTIES[42] on All Saints' and All Souls' Days?

B: Whatever one Pope has established, another cannot suppress simply and solely as you would take an old shoe back to the shoe-shop, because it is dirty or it no longer pleases you.

E: In the name... tell the truth and nothing but the truth!

B: When you give a present to someone, a very big present... we do not like talking about it... indulgences are presents of inestimable value, incomparable treasures for the poor souls in Purgatory; they are immense treasures.[43]

When a big present is given to someone which pleases him enormously, gives him great joy, which keeps him occupied in a lasting way, and from which he gains some profit, then the giver cannot come and say: “I say, I made a mistake in giving you that present. You have played with it enough. Now, you must give it back to me...” That doesn't work. Then the recipient would reply: “No-you must be joking! Do you imagine that I am going to give you back the present which you gave me?” He would say: “Years have gone by - it is more than ten years since you gave it to me. I am keeping it and that's that. You can't take me to court for that. You should have thought about this before giving me the present.”

So it is with indulgences. Those up there make me say that the indulgences that one Pope has granted, another cannot purely and simply withdraw. For example, merely because beneath the aspirations: “Sweet Jesus, grant them eternal rest” or “Sacred Heart of Jesus, make me love You more and more”, there appeared the words “100 days” or “300 days” or “7 years” or something like that - merely because of that, there is far from sufficient reason for a Pope to suppress these indulgences.

But, to cut a long story short, that[44] was not envisaged and ordered in that way by the Pope himself. What they wanted to do was absolute suppression of the whole thing. It was said: “Men no longer understand these indulgences - of 300 days, 7 years, the plenary indulgence... They believe that Purgatory is cut short by 300 days, or something like that That could have been the subject of sermons, to explain that these 300 days are ecclesiastical punishments, ecclesiastical penances according to ancient customs. The number of days corresponded to the time during which great sins had to be expiated, during which great sinners had no right to enter the church, but had to remain at the door. The penances that they used to do, the suffering that they used to endure, are what the indulgences represent.

We must still add this: these indulgences of 300 days or of 7 years[45] were for all that, very little in comparison with what sinners used to have to undergo through ecclesiastical penances. It was a priceless present for the souls in Purgatory and also for men.

E: The indulgence TOTIES - QUOTIES also?

B: All the indulgences are a priceless present. But what has been bound by one Pope previously, another Pope cannot loose if he has not the express intention of doing so.[46] Although he was involved in it, it was not the Pope alone, others were also involved. He was not involved as much as the others; things were negotiated and manipulated so that the souls in Purgatory no longer receive the benefits of such prayers. E: Does the same thing apply in the case of the Mass of Saint Pius V?

B: Ah! Don't get back on to the Mass of Saint Pius V.

E: In the name of... tell the truth and nothing but the truth!

B: Ah! How we must always tell the truth and nothing but the truth! It is a rotten story that we would like to get away from. You keep coming hack all the time with truth and with that example!

E: Jesus has said: “I am the Truth and the Life”[47] We want the truth, and what Jesus says, and the Most Blessed Virgin. In their names, tell the truth and nothing but the truth!



B: The Sacraments...that is precisely what we do not want to talk about. It is a subject we would prefer not to tackle. Things are now the way they are.

E: In the name... say only what the Most Blessed Virgin wishes!

B: Whether we should now say more about it or not, things are now the way they are and you cannot do anything more to change them.

E: That depends! What does the Most Blessed Virgin wish? Tell the truth, and nothing hut the truth, in the name...!

B: If only you had all stayed at home! What is it you want? E: We want to carry out the Will of God. Tell us therefore, what the Blessed Virgin wishes to tell us about the Sacraments.



E: Say what the Blessed Virgin says, in the name...!

B: The Sacrament of Penance... that is something! Those collective absolutions, those penitential ceremonies do not come directly from the Pope. Nor has he said that they take the place of a true confession. That is an invention of ours (the demons). Without a true Confession, people lose all moral conscience. As a result, they sin much more. They think:

“If one is not obliged any more to kneel in a confessional facing a simple old fellow in a soutane... if one is not obliged to tell one's business... life will be much easier. Then it will be much easier to allow oneself a little slip, or to place an amorous kiss or two on the cheek of a married person. One will no longer be obliged to tell that to a “crow.” They, up there, do not like the use of the word “crow”. But for us, in that situation, they are filthy rubbish and “crows”.

People think also: “Now one will no longer be obliged to kneel down humbly and confess: “Look here, I did this, and I did it a second time, I have been living with this woman, and with this one who is married”: They think quite simply:

“Today, one is allowed to do that.” “The priests themselves say that one only has to go to penitential ceremonies and everything is forgiven. Why then, should huge penances and great acts of humility be imposed upon us? Now we can sin much more easily. We kneel as we please up there at the front, or down there at the back, and we let them give absolution in the penitential ceremonies for our share of the sins. Then we will be forgiven, since the priest says so.”

The priest also says that now the penitential ceremony replaces Confession - that is what is happening. And then you believe that in the penitential ceremonies people do exactly what they should do to make a true confession. You believe that the five or six “B's” still take place, for example “Beten – Besinnen –... Ah! We would rather not say that!

E: “Beten - besinnen - bereuen - bekennen - buszen” (Prayer - examination of conscience - firm purpose (or contrition) - confession - penance (or satisfaction)

B: (“Buszen”) Penance: not only should they carry out their penance, they must also make satisfaction for the punishment due for their sins. They could do that through many, many indulgences. Then the 300 days, or 7 years - or whatever else - would be applicable to them just as the Pope formerly granted these indulgences. These indulgences are still valid today! But the people do not know that. It should be proclaimed again from the height of all the pulpits.

E: In the name of the Father, continue, say what the Blessed Virgin wishes!

B: She (he points upward) says that the penitential ceremony never replaces Confession. We have already had to say that. Never does it replace a confession - far from it. True, complete, sincere Confession must be brought back to its rightful place. This should be proclaimed from the height of all the pulpits.

E: In the name... tell the truth as you must, as the Blessed Virgin wishes! Say what you have to say about Confession!

B: Men should prepare much better for Confession. It would not be too much to spend a whole hour in preparation. On the subject of Confession in particular we (demons) are very knowledgeable. We tempt men in all sorts of ways. We strive to ensure that they do not have true contrition.

If we do not succeed, and if repentance takes possession of the man, we then come, preferably with three more demons,[48] and we put pressure on him, so that he does not have a desire to improve. With many of them, we also see to it that they do not completely recognize all their sins. For that, we deploy particular demons.

When all these stages have been gone through, when the penitent has prayed well to the Holy Spirit, has acknowledged his sins, has examined his conscience and has been sorry for his sins - sorrow for sin is the main part of Confession - then we set to work on the firm purpose and strive for him not to make a firm purpose and thus receive fewer graces. When a man makes a firm purpose about his predominant fault, he receives special graces. He chooses to tell the priest his predominant fault. This is an act of humility, and where there is humility there can be certain graces, which do not come without it.

When the man has not been caught by us and has reached the last stage and has entered the confessional after having made a firm purpose,... then we bring in the last demons so that, at the last moment... at the moment of confessing his sins... he may be overcome by a great fear, so much that he would rather not confess them... even if it is only a matter of venial sins. With grave sins, it is assuredly more fatal not to confess them. If, indeed, one knowingly keeps silent about grave sins, one cannot obtain the state of grace. But even with venial sins which are known, but not confessed, fewer graces are received. Then there is less tendency to change or amend one's life.

When we have reached this stage with pious people - this happens particularly with pious and very pious people - and when the penitent is kneeling in the confessional and has truly said everything to the priest, according to his soul and to his conscience -even better if he has added God knows what - then the Confession is good.

In speaking of adding “God knows what”, I mean that there are people who accuse themselves of faults or of sins when they are not completely sure that these are sins. If in spite of that, they tell them to the priest, which often requires a great deal of humility, they are more at ease afterwards. Through this humility and this openness, they obtain even more supplementary graces (he grumbles pitifully). Such a Confession is good - it is worthy of the name of Confession. Then the penitent receives the great, the deadly (for us demons) absolution: EGO TE ABSOLVO... Ah, how we hate that! Even today, we hate it!

(In a calm voice). But we no longer have to fear individual absolution so much. Now the penitential ceremony has replaced Confession, and now that the Sacrament of Penance is no longer so prevalent... Ah! Once again, how we were forced to say that!

She up there (he points upward) says that it should be proclaimed from the height of all the pulpits that the return of true Confession is required. A penitential ceremony is not a Confession. A penitential ceremony is a mass demonstration; it is a kind of stage setting which gives the illusion that everything is forgiven and pardoned. ;

(We say) Go home with an easy mind, receive the Lord's Body with an easy mind. You have peace in your souls.[49] You can be tranquil.

That represents a terrible loss for Those up there. Such a way of seeing things is very harmful for men. Naturally, not for us. The more respect disappears, the more we celebrate.



April 25,1977

As this text is connected with the subject of the Sacraments, it has been inserted here.



E: Beelzebub, we command you, in the name of Jesus, tell the truth, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! B: She (he points upward) makes me say about the Blessed Sacrament, about First Communion, that it is absolutely deplorable and that” it is unimaginably harmful for a child, when he does not confess before his First Communion (he sighs sorrowfully). One should, before such a great and worthy... We don't want to speak!

E: Speak, in the name of Jesus: tell the truth and nothing but the truth! In the name of the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, tell the truth!

B: Before such a great Sacrament, and most especially before Christ comes for the first time into the soul, and establishes a union between Heaven and this human being who is going to communicate, making a Confession is indispensable; a Confession which is valid, complete, entire, whole (he breathes deeply, painfully). When that has not taken place, respect for the Sacrament disappears, and the same for Heaven... (the words have difficulty coming out; impression of suffocation).

E: Speak, Beelzebub, in the name of Jesus!

B: ... and of all holy things. All piety and all respect disappear almost completely. But what is more lamentable, She makes me say, what is much more lamentable, is that this gives the communicant child a false mentality with regard to the Sacrament of the Altar, and in a more general way, with regard to the Holy Eucharist. These children will have the feeling that they can have as many faults and sins as they like, and can go to Communion, since that will be allowed.

E: Continue to tell the truth, in the name of Jesus, and nothing but the truth!

B: In cases where Confession before Holy Communion is missing an element of incalculable importance is missing; it is harm which, in the majority of cases, or at least in many cases, will never be able to be repaired (he breathes painfully).

E: What else do you have to say, in the name of the Blessed Virgin, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit? Tell the truth, say what you have to say and nothing but the truth!

B: She makes me say that if the priests have little enough sense to send a child to the Holy Eucharist before he has confessed, and even before he has the notion of sin, its pardon and remission: it should not be allowed at all. It is a disgrace - even we down there (he points downward) must acknowledge it - that such children are allowed to do this.

It is said that children do not yet have faults, that children are innocent. But they have more faults and sins than is believed. Down there (he points downward) we have children, many more children than you think! (He groans)

E: Tell the truth, and nothing but the, truth, Beelzebub, in the name of Jesus, say what you have to say about the children! Speak, Beelzebub, speak in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus crucified, in the name of the Holy Cross, in the name of the Precious Blood say everything which the Blessed Virgin orders you to say... nothing but the truth, all the truth! Speak, in the name of Jesus!

B: She (he points upward) makes me say that all the children who are not prepared by their priests, who have had no instruction on the subject of Confession, must, for the love of God, be directed elsewhere where they will be given this instruction... for example, in another parish.

Where that is not possible, the parents themselves must take the catechism into their hands and learn with the child, until he is capable of receiving such a great gift as the Holy Eucharist. Otherwise, the child will never be led on to the good road. Later he will say: “Bah! The very first time, I went to Holy Communion quite well without Confession.” From there, very many children go on to the stage (he raises his voice) where they... we do not want to speak any more! Not any more!

E: In the name of Jesus, tell all the truth, say what the Blessed Virgin commands you!

B: So many children, and above all young people, go from there to the stage where it means' nothing more to them to receive the Sacrament in a state of mortal sin (he sighs sorrowfully). E: Say what the Blessed Virgin says, say only what the Blessed Virgin orders and wishes - speak! B: That is why She calls on all the parents, catechists, teachers to say to the children that they must never, never ever (he howls in a woeful voice) approach the Sacrament, the Holy Eucharist, to receive Holy Communion without having made a worthy, good, complete Confession (he breathes painfully). If they have not done that, far better they do not go at all, because there are many graces a large number of graces, fewer.

People should also be told that each time they make a good Confession, worthy, correct, as it should be made, then the Holy Eucharist, Holy Communion, brings many more graces and has much more value than when the faithful receive the Body of Christ without Confession.

E: Tell the truth, in the name of Jesus!

B: Each Confession gives, contains, incalculable graces which you will be able to understand only in eternity, that is to say in the next world up there (he points upward while sighing).

E: Tell the truth, in the name of Jesus, nothing but the truth, all the truth! Beelzebub, continue, say what the Blessed Virgin orders you to say!

B: She (he points upward) suffers great torments and great sorrows each time that He (again he points upward) is received unworthily, or when He is received as if it were a piece of bread or some other food which is being taken, which is munched and eaten without thought to what It is.

But she suffers most of all seeing children, First Communicants, admitted to Communion not only without Confession, but without sufficient preparation for this Holy Sacrament. Yes, yes...(the words come out with difficulty) they do not even have a good, complete...

E: Continue, in the name or Jesus...!

B: ...preparation for Holy Communion; they have no proper preparation, without even mentioning Confession. Many of the First Communicants do not even know that they should make Acts of Faith, Hope and Charity. They are simply told...

E: Speak, in the name of Jesus, in. the name of the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

B: They are simply told: “Now, you are going to Communion. Christ is good for everyone. He loves all children, he presses them to His Heart. You are still innocent: He loves children like you. Go to Him and open your Heart to Him, unite yourself with Him as often as you like. That gives Him pleasure, great pleasure...” But they do not point out that He cannot be pleased with ALL the children. They do not see that, they pass it over in silence (he sighs).

E: Tell the truth. Beelzebub, nothing but the truth, in the name...!

B: They do not point out that it is often an abomination for Christ to go into a Heart that already carries in it very many sins, some of them capital sins...[50] We don't want to speak any more! Not any more!

E: In the name of the Jesus, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus, tell the truth, say what the Blessed Virgin orders you to say! Tell the truth. Beelzebub, continue!

B: She (he points upward) launches an appeal. She makes me say that, before all other things, the preparation for Holy Communion should be made in a more serious way, more complete and more fitting than is the case today.

Above all - but this I have already said - Confession absolutely must precede it. Parents should prepare the child very, very carefully; and, moreover, should pray each day with him. They should ask him questions and do everything that they can so that he makes a good Confession. It is not necessary for them to go to find the priest to reproach him for not having done it (himself), and thus provoke an argument.

They are not absolutely obliged to do that (to speak thus to the priest); they can do it, but it is not an absolute duty for them. (However) they can, in all peace of mind, instruct their child themselves[51] and prepare him for his First Confession.

In many towns, there are several churches. If they live in the country, they can and should take their children somewhere else, in cases where they would be obstructed by their own priest.

By purifying his soul, the child will receive many greater graces; immense graces, crucial for the rest of his life, are lost because the child has not learnt to approach Christ on his First Communion day with a pure heart, in some way worthy of Him (he cries). I had to say that again! I had to say that again! It is also necessary for this to be included in your cheap and rotten book!



E: In the name...!

B: There are some quite sincere people who believe that this comes from the Pope and who do not know of the existence of a double. Nor do they know that it is a sin to receive Communion in the hand. They do not wish to stand out from the crowd nor to be conspicuous; they do not know, for example, what is said in the book, “Warnings...”, or what has been said previously through authentic privileged souls, namely that Communion should not be taken in the hand; such people are not committing a serious sin;[52] it is not their fault if the priest does things that way.

And then, there is also this: in many churches, when people genuflect and wish to receive Communion in the mouth, they are made to feel unpopular as far as the priest is concerned. In that case also, the sin is not so serious. He up there (he points upward) judges each case individually. It cannot be said categorically that such a person will go to Hell because he receives Communion in the hand, when he does not know that this practice is not desired up there.

These people act through obedience and believe that it comes from the Pope, because they do not know that there is a double and that there are some cardinals who are disloyal to the Pope. They go along under the banner of obedience. I want to say that if these Christians should happen to get hold of tracts coming from other genuinely privileged souls, or from priests, which warn them that they have no right and should not, and if they receive the interior light - which, when received certainly comes from On High - and if, in spite of everything, they do the opposite, saying to themselves: “It's all the same whether I receive Communion in the mouth or in the hand - it is of no importance”, then the situation is different. Then, naturally, it is a sin. That is what else we must tell you. It depends always on each individual case.

The same thing applies to the Holy Mass. The Mass of Saint Pius V is considered by Those up there (he points upward), by Heaven, to the preferred Mass. But many priests should be told that they have no right to trouble (or upset) people by saying: “If there is no Mass of Saint Pius V, do not go at all... say a Mass[53] for yourselves at home on your own”.

This attitude is not good. In spite of everything, such a priest is not a good pastor (shepherd). For we have already said it on a previous occasion: It is a huge loss of graces, it is true, but the New Mass to the degree in which it is celebrated in all good faith and through obedience to the bishop, still brings nevertheless, many graces. Even if it does not have the plenitude of graces of the Mass of Saint Pius V, it brings some graces all the same. If people stay at home and believe that they only have to open up their missals, thus believing themselves to be better and superior to the rest, this is not good.

There are also some “traditionalists” who exalt themselves above the modernists. Those up there do not want any of that. That is not the Spirit of On High (he points upward). They think in Heaven that this smacks of phariseeism, and no one has the right to be like that. She makes me say that there are also many “traditionalists” who are full of themselves... We do not wish to speak any more!



E: In the name...!

B: There are numbers of “traditionalists”, as many lay people as priests, who are full of self-righteousness, who are steeped in a kind of new phariseeism. They say, and sometimes they preach: “We are the good ones, we are the just, the rest are not worth much any more. We will go to Heaven.” That is pretty close to the sects: they say the same thing. Those up there (he points upward) do not like this behavior at all.. They do not love men very much who are righteous in their own eyes.

If, in this book, it has been necessary to speak about the Mass and about the Church, and amongst other things, the Mass of Saint Pius V, that does not mean to say that certain “traditionalists” should exalt themselves above the modernists, as if they were the only ones who know how to make a sound judgment, in a suitable way, and with all the necessary competence. That is not what this book is all about. It is simply intended to expose all the abuses in the Church, such as they exist today.

But, to complete the picture, we must still say this: The priests who say: “It is better for you to stay at home rather than go to such Masses”, are making a mistake. If the Mass is degraded to that point where the priest himself no longer believes in the words of the Consecration, and no longer pronounces the words as they should be pronounced, if he no longer has the intention of consecrating, then the host is not consecrated, it is true... but, for all that, people can still pray in the church.

I have to say this also: they are defrauded of Christ and of the fullness of the graces, it is true, but certain graces are still attached to it. Especially when good Christians, of deep faith, go to Mass and Communion full of devotion, with the intention of receiving Christ, then Heaven is fair enough not to say simply: “Because the priest is not doing things properly, there will be no graces here!” Those people nevertheless do receive certain graces.[54]

E: Do these people fulfill their duty to the Lord?

B: If the people have the opportunity of going to a Mass of Saint Pius V, then Heaven prefers that, very much so. But if there is no other possibility, they may go to another Mass. After the Mass of Saint Pius V in Latin,[55] the Tridentine Mass[56] in the vernacular comes in second place, provided that it comprises the totality of the words of the Tridentine Mass as far as this is possible. Only after these, in third place, comes the New Mass. But those people, if they do not know these things and are of good faith, nevertheless fulfill their duty to the Lord, in so far as that is their intention.

On the other hand, if they know very well that a kilometer further away, they would find a Mass of Saint Pius V, and if they say to themselves: “Bah! That, is too far away for me, I am not going to run over there!”; and if they know very well that that would be better, then we have a different situation. Then, they have lost out enormously through negligence. They should have gone that kilometer. Do you know (in a tearful voice) how far we would go, if we were still able to share in such great graces? Ah! We would travel to the ends of the earth, if we still had a chance! We do not wish to imply by this, that the other Masses are as good. We have already said enough about which Mass Those up there prefer (he points upward).

We have to reveal the error which many priests are making. It is a fundamental error to instill into men that they must not go to any New Mass, that it comes from the devil, etc... That also is throwing the baby away with the bath-water, it is going to the opposite extreme. Never does such a condemnation have any place under the mantle of love of neighbor. In these circumstances there are modernists who have love of neighbor, who are sometimes better than such “traditionalists” who exalt themselves above others. We are obliged to say that as part of this... and everything we have just said about the Sacraments and other subjects...

And it should also be said that there are many “traditionalists” who are Pharisees. Otherwise, the modernists will think that all the “traditionalists” should be lumped together, that (all) the “traditionalists” are fanatics, rebellious fanatics, and will fight them with every means... Now we do not wish to speak any more (he grumbles).

E: In the name of the Blessed Virgin Mary...!

B: This is the way it is: Those up there (he points upward) love all their children, even if they have fallen into error. If, under the cloak of obedience, because they no longer know what they ought to do, they follow the opinions of. the bishops and the priests, then it is hardly their fault. If they act in all good faith, it will not be held to their account so strictly, although these circumstances are so frightful, frightful, frightful.



E: What is the story about Communion in the hand as far as the priests are concerned? In the name of the Holy Trinity...!

B: What do you mean by “Communion in the hand as far as the priests are concerned?”

E: Should the priests give Communion in the hand when the people ask for it?

B: In no circumstances! Absolutely not! Do you believe that the priest is the puppet of his people? He has the right of command! Broadly speaking, we have to add this: if the priests were to give Communion in the mouth, as Those up there wish (he points upward), they would probably meet with opposition at the beginning, because we (demons) put oil on the fire, but in the long run, they would have many more faithful in their churches than in the ones where Communion is given differently, where there is this lukewarmness.

E: And if I, as a priest, am going to help a colleague who gives Communion in the hand, what should I do?

B: Then you should...

E: In the name..., tell the truth and nothing but the truth!

B: Then you should say to the priest whom you are going to help: “Father, I believe that Communion in the mouth is the correct thing. In no way can I take the responsibility of giving Communion in the hand. I hope you will accept this.” For you it is a fundamental obligation to give Communion in the mouth, because you know that there are many more blessings and much more respect.

There are people everywhere who are going to make things difficult for you. The opposite effect also happens. But, essentially, they will raise their hats to you. Here is the way it is with such people: even if sometimes they contradict and vex you, in their heart of hearts, they say to themselves: “Perhaps he is right after all; he still knows what should be done and goes his way through all obstacles; he acts according to his conviction; his way of doing things is probably the correct one.” Those up there (he points upward) are of the opinion that he who is still able to, someway or another, must, for the love of Heaven, give Communion in the mouth, for it is a sin when one knows yet does not do it. “Happy those who believe without having seen.” Then there would be no more horrible profanation of the Sacrament as there is now.

E: In the name of the Holy Trinity..., how should the priest cope with the smallest fragments?

B: The best way would be for the priest to pour water over his hands after Communion; or, for example, when he has given Communion in a home, to dip his hands into a glass of water and then drink it to the last drop. That way, there would be more respect. That is still done here and there... but now, we do not wish to speak any more!

The Sacrament of Baptism and the Responsibility of the Godparents

E: In the name... tell the truth, and only what the Blessed Virgin wishes!

B: Baptism, Baptism...

E: Baptism?

B: She has ordered: Baptism... Do you understand? All of a sudden, She (he points upward) has ordered: Baptism... but then. She is always giving orders! Let Her go away up there into her seven clouds! We are obliged to be bored to tears down below (he points downward).

E: In the name... say what the Most Blessed Virgin wishes to tell us!

B: Many priests do not administer Baptism properly. The complete rite with its adjuration to the spirits is no longer used as it should be.[57] Often the words: “I renounce...” are not even said any more. We do not want to say our own name.

E: “... the demon, and all his works and all his pomps.”

B: That is not even said any more, and that is something we are in agreement with. It is a great stroke of luck for us. Not saying that any more is deplorable, first and foremost, for the one being baptized. There are many possessions today[58] because Baptism is no longer properly administered ...We do not wish to speak! Not to speak! Ah! This is almost crushing us!

E: In the name of the Most Holy Trinity...!

B: She is almost crushing us... Many things have their beginnings through that; that is why it is deplorable. When a godfather holds and represents the little one being baptized, he should say: “I renounce, etc...” The godparents should say that on behalf of the child; in the same way they would also have, for their whole lives, the important, the serious, but also the magnificent duty, of helping their god-child and guiding him onto the good road, should he happen to stray off it.

Instead of that, now they look at the prettiness of the little baby: what hair has he got; what is the cushion like - is it embroidered or not; has the priest made the baptistery ornate enough, or is there nothing there except the baptismal fonts; is the godmother wearing a new dress, or is she just as usual; is the godfather the only one with a completely new outfit. They no longer think of the responsibility they are undertaking. They hold the child and let the water run over its forehead, but very few today think about anything else.

Formerly, it used not to be like that - naturally one cannot generalize - but today there are scarcely any people who take Baptism truly seriously and who still do things properly.

Formerly, the majority of godparents were fully aware of what they were doing. A day or two before the Baptism, or more, according to the time available, they would kneel down and pray for their godchild. They were conscious of the heavy responsibility of their office. They continued to pray for their godchild and often spared themselves no trouble for him. They were concerned with the life of this human being right up to the time when death came to carry them away. That was the way they fulfilled their obligation.

They concerned themselves much more with the Christian life of their godchild; they asked themselves how they could benefit him through their prayers; how best they could help him, what was the best way of coming to his aid if he had strayed from the good road.

Now it is all quite different; now it is all the same to them - as often as not it is they themselves who have strayed from the good road. Now they ask themselves: “What partner has my god-child chosen? Is he happy with his wife?”... I do not want to speak any more!

E: In the name...!

B: “Has she brought a good dowry? Do they make a fine looking couple? Is the baby pretty? Does he dress well enough to make a good impression? Does he have a good job? A profession that gives him good standing in society? What it boils down to is that I want a godchild who is presentable! Not one who goes about in rags...” Ah! We do not wish to speak any more! It crushes us to he obliged to say these things!



E: In the name... tell us more: may the priests, should they, do they have the right to use the old rite in the administration of the Sacraments? Tell the truth and nothing but the truth!

B: The old rite, complete and unabridged, is what they should use. The new rite is an invention of ours (he points downward) and of the freemasons, who have succeeded in manipulating the cardinals, and sometimes even the Pope, who did not become aware of it soon enough. There has been such a sell-out with all those Sacraments which have been changed. It is the result of our scheming, even for the Sacrament of the Sick.



B: We no longer wanted the Five organs of the senses to be anointed with the holy oils, while the corresponding words were said, for example: “May God forgive all the sins which you have committed through the sense of hearing!” Particular attention was given to the ears and to the eyes, to the mouth, and to the nose, as well as to the hands... We did not want that any more. That used to obtain too many graces for the seriously ill or the dying. We thought that if we... but we do not want to say that.

E: In the name of the Holy Trinity... of the Most Blessed Virgin, tell us the truth!

B: We thought that if we could lead the cardinals and those in Rome to the point where only the hands (and the brow) are anointed with the holy oils, or better still, where the holy oils are not even used at all any more, then we would have gained a great deal. The more they do things superficially, the fewer the grace received by the dying. And then perhaps we will be able to grab the man by his coal-tails at the edge of the grave and pull him down below. That is what we thought and that is why we have organized and arranged things in this way; what I mean is, in collusion with the freemasons.[59]


I must say that there is still a “mini-blessing” from Up There; there still remains a little “mini-blessing”. But fundamentally, nevertheless, there is for Those up there (he points upward), a much greater loss than if things were still done properly.

Now, it is necessary for me to repeat this: All five senses must be anointed completely and fully. The relatives should kneel around the bed, and everything should be made ready for the priest. There should be water, a cross for a happy death, holy water,[60] five small cotton balls set out tidily. All those present should pray for the one dying. Then we have less power and strength to make him disorientated and bring him to the stage where he is no longer capable of making an act of contrition. This is particularly valuable (for us) in the case of a man who is not in the state of grace. But if he were blessed on the five sense organs, if these words were said: “The sins which you have committed with your eyes” or “which you have committed through your hearing” or “which you have committed through you mouth”,[61] etc., if the corresponding parts of the body were named and anointed, then there would be many much greater graces for the dying person.[62] It even happens that people in a state of mortal sin can still be saved through that... To think that we had to say that!

E: In the name... what else must you still say on behalf of the Blessed Virgin? But only the truth!

The Sacrament of Confirmation

B: And Confirmation... that is another special chapter. But we do not want to speak about that!

E: In the name of the Most Holy Trinity, say what Heaven wishes, tell the truth, say what you must say!

B: That was all we wanted: to be obliged to deal with that! The old one (Lucifer) is going to get into a rage again. He is going to start dancing about, saying: “You are earthworms - completely stupid... Can you not keep your mouth shut? But the Great Lady (he points upward) forces us... She forces us... The old one knows that very well, naturally, but in spite of that, he gets in a real frenzy! He torments us.

E: In the name of the Virgin Mary...!

B: (turned towards the exorcist) We cannot look at you, with your large Rosary with its large cross on the end, which you make shine in the sun, and in all weathers. We cannot look at that, when one of you is there with your habit to which this crown (Rosary) is attached, with its shining cross hanging from the end of it. We cannot look at it; we hate those things; we hate those things.

E: In the name...!

B: Ah! Confirmation! Confirmation... this damned Confirmation. That would make a special chapter. But we do not want to speak about that now.

E: Then say only the most important things, in, the name..., say what the Blessed Virgin orders you to say and what is more urgent for us!

B: You will have to say again: “Come, Holy Spirit, enlighten us with your grace, strengthen us.” For that, you must get down on your knees; otherwise we will not be obliged to speak about Confirmation. And the very first thing you must do, is sing a hymn to the Holy Spirit, says That Woman up there, the Great Lady - now would be the time.

(The hymn is sung together)

E: Come, Holy Spirit, enlighten us, strengthen us, guide us; soul of my soul, give me your understanding.

B: The Great Lady also wishes you to say a decade (of the Rosary) in honor of the Holy Spirit. There will be still more revelations, unhappily there will be more, as we would prefer not to make any at all.

(The third Glorious Mystery is recited - the Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles)

B: (He interrupts) And then Seven more “Hail Mary's” in honor of the Seven Dolors of Mary, and three times: “Holy, holy, holy...”, and the hymn: “May the covenant of my baptism remain firm”; if possible, all the verses...

What doesn't the Great Lady want! What doesn't She have in her head to get what she wants (he grumbles in vexation)!

(During the recitation of the decade, at “Hail Mary, blessed art thou,” Beelzebub cries out: “Not blessed! If only She were not blessed!” - At “Who has sent the Holy Spirit, to us”, Beelzebub interrupts: “If only That One had not sent the Holy Spirit!” (he is heard making frequent grumbling noises of vexation)

E: Speak, in the name...!

B: We do not want to say anything (Turning towards the exorcist): Go away to somewhere else! You are three creatures wearing trousers (the three priests); that is what you are, three creatures wearing trousers!

E: In the name of the Most Holy Trinity... say...!

B: (Turning towards a priest) And that one who is making Signs of the Cross all the time, that one there in the corner, everywhere Signs of the Cross, and still more Signs of the Cross. It almost breaks us in two! (He sighs) I hate those Signs of the Cross. It would have been much better if that one had stayed at home. Why did he have to crawl back here again today?

E: Say now what you must say, in the name...!

B: Ah! Confirmation...

E: The Immaculate Heart of Mary commands you - you must obey!

B: Confirmation is no longer administered as it should be, at least not everywhere. First and foremost, She makes me say: “When a candidate wishes to receive Confirmation, he should first of all prepare himself well for it for several weeks. He should always pray again and again to the Holy Spirit, asking Him for many graces. If this is not done, there are many graces which he should receive, but which he does not receive.

It he does not pray and receives only a superficial instruction about Confirmation, as is the case most of the time, and then goes trotting off to church, to kneel in a pew and then goes up to let the Bishop make a little flick at him... and then goes back, without thinking much... then there are hardly any graces to be gained. Then, that does not produce true Soldiers of Christ as it should.

E: Taking all that into account - is the ineffaceable mark (character indelibilis) still there?

B: Of course it is still there, but it must be done correctly.

E: Is it done correctly with the present rite?

B: It is no longer done properly everywhere, but most of the time. The essential part is what takes place in the heart of the candidate. He should prepare himself very well, as I have said. For several weeks, he should prepare himself, and beg the Holy Spirit and the Great Lady up there, and everyone in Heaven (he points upward) - he should beg them to pray for him, so that he may become a true and good Soldier of Christ.

E: Should he also pray to the Souls in Purgatory?

B: He may also pray to the Souls in Purgatory. The souls in Purgatory bestow much more on a man who prays for them. Then they are much better disposed and they intervene actively. One may pray to all of them. For Confession too, one should always invoke all Heaven, all the Saints and all the Blessed, all the souls in Purgatory and all the Choirs of Holy Angels.



E: Guardian Angels?

B: They are all together. Naturally, one's own Guardian Angel should be invoked in particular; or if one has several, they should all be invoked. You priests especially, have more than one of them. There are some of you who have two or three Guardian Angels... if you are involved in Work of the Angels, according to the responsibility that they have to fulfill. But also... we do not want to speak any more.

E: In the name...!

B: ...but most of the time, the rest of the priests also receive a second Guardian Angel at their priestly ordination, unless they have only a very limited responsibility when one great and competent Angel is enough. But most of the time, priests receive a second one. E: Do bishops have even more Guardian Angels?

B: Yes, their Angels are assigned to them according to the importance of their function and their burden... I must explain that the Guardian Angels are all great, but they do not all possess the same might and power of protection. There are all kinds of them: it is in the hands and the disposition of God.

It can happen that the Guardian Angel of a child who has grown up not having the dignity or the protective power of a great one (1), or even an Archangel, may be assigned to another child; and that this man who is grown up and who is subject to greater trials, may have a more powerful one allotted to him.

That is how God, He up there (he points upward), treats you. He does everything for your greatest good - He orders and directs and does everything; you really have no idea of what He does. Thus it is that His Paternal Eyes watch over you. And as for us, down below (he points downward), what do we have? (With a tremendous sigh:) Ah! We do not like speaking about the Angels!

E: You have been able to teach us wonderful things about the Angels. We are going to thank the Blessed Virgin especially for that.

B: But then, She is always wanting something, something which is in opposition to our schemes.

(1) This means an Angel superior in rank, and therefore in power



E: In the name...!

B: I must get back to Confirmation. If such a candidate has not prayed to the Holy Spirit beforehand, and prays to him even less afterwards, he will never be a true Soldier of Christ. He will drift along, he will follow the crowd. He now receives far fewer graces than if the Sacrament were still administered in the proper way, with all the oil and with all the words which were said formerly.[63]

The candidate should also, to as great a degree as possible, make his own commitment to become a true Soldier of Christ; then he would not change direction to the left[64] at the first trifle which is found to be blocking his way. Being a Soldier of Christ means putting oneself alongside Christ and the Church, even when that becomes difficult - even when it becomes difficult on all sides.

There are some situations where one is pilloried by the world and where one would prefer not to hold fast in front of men to what should be done and said. But it must be done, because Christ has said: “He who will acknowledge me before men, I too will acknowledge him before My Father.”[65] That happens only when one really does the right thing and is a true Soldier of Christ.

E: Say what the Most Blessed Virgin wishes! Tell us the whole truth!

B: During all of your life, it must be remembered that you carry an ineffaceable mark. When a man has been confirmed and bears this ineffaceable mark, we can torment him much more in Hell than one who has never been confirmed. But, nevertheless, he who has been confirmed has much more strength to resist evil and to do good, than he who has not been.

E: In the name of the Most Blessed Virgin...!



B: And then marriage. One cannot say: “Now that we are engaged, and will, in any case, be getting married, we can, to all intents and purposes, consider ourselves as married; and therefore, we can do and allow ourselves whatever we like. Are we not made for each other?” One cannot do that! Those up there (he points upward) do not want that.

Self-denial and sacrifices are necessary, until the day when one will approach the altar with his or her fiancé(e), to seal the union before a priest and before Those up there (again he points upward)... before the Church, and before everyone, before all the Angels and Saints... for one's whole life.

When people who live in a free union - we have had to say this before - have not learnt how to practice self-denial and to make sacrifices, they will be no more able to do that within marriage.

It often happens... that a protestant man and a catholic woman, or the other way around, come and say: “Father, what should we do? Is there no solution? We would very much like to be married in the Catholic church.” They still say that. If only they had reflected beforehand, that marriage with a Protestant constitutes danger. So they come, and the priest holds out his hands to them and says: “Yes, we have our way of doing that. You can both come to the Catholic Church. We will make it an ecumenical service.”

That pleases the people; they lap it up. The Protestants in particular, say: “It was great for us to see something like that. It has done a lot for us.” Naturally, they do not see what a loss of graces and blessings the mixed marriage represents for the Catholic party. A good Catholic may not contract a protestant marriage. What will happen later on? The mother-in-law, the father-in-law, will assert themselves... and it will be very difficult for the Catholic partner to persevere.

Not to mention the fact that married life can often become very difficult, when the crosses will come unexpectedly and the husband and wife will have misunderstandings. If at those times, they do not share the same religion, or the same religious persuasion, that is an extra very heavy cross. Also, these things often give rise to arguments and irritations. Married life is often enough very rough.

We must say this in addition... She (he points upward) makes me say that everyone, before keeping company (going steady) (young men and young women alike), or when on the point of doing so, must without any delay, ask the prospective partner which religious persuasion he or she belongs to. If necessary, it must not go on; the logical conclusion must be drawn: break it off as becomes a good Soldier of Christ.

E: Heaven does not want mixed marriages?

B: Heaven does not want mixed marriages. It tolerates them, but it doesn't like them.

E: I believe that these are the things you had to tell us about the Sacraments; now would the Most blessed Virgin like you to tell us anything more about them? In the name...!

B: The Sacrament of Marriage must be contracted with all possible seriousness. Many years ago, at Cana, Christ first of all prayed for that couple, he exhorted them and counseled them about the life they should lead. He had them enclosed within His Heart. He loved them very much.

People who are invited to a wedding should also have the intention of praying in a special way for the young couple. Every time there is a marriage, all the people involved in the wedding, parents and friends, should pray, nothing but pray, for the couple so that they may attain the highest place in their state of life, that they may fulfill their spousal duties until death separates them. The whole matter should be taken much more seriously than it is.

E: “Until death separates them?”, in the name of the Father...![66]



B: Marriage is not at all easy. We whisper to the Catholic priests: “You are missing out on a lot, if you remain faithful to celibacy; if you do not drink to the bottom of the cup of joy!” That is what we insinuate to the priests all the time, with so much insistence, so much perseverance, until the priest... It is enough then for a... We don't want to say anything, nothing at all.

E: A “dream woman”?

B: ...a “dream woman” comes prowling around the priest. That blasts the bottom out of the barrel... We whisper to them: “Don't say your breviary any more, it is a waste of time.” If they were still to say their breviary, these temptations would come less frequently. We know very well what actions to take...

E: So, the breviary should be said every day?

B: If all priests, without exception, were to devote one hour each day to their breviary, as used to be the case formerly, then we would have very little power. There would only be a few of them who would fall; but they would come back sooner as they would not be blinded to the point of marrying this “dream woman”. They would think about it well beforehand if they were to say their breviary every day (ironic laugh).

E: And the women who seduce priests?

B: Most of the time, they carry an even greater responsibility... they are well aware that this is a Catholic priest and what an abundance of blessings... we do not want to speak.

E: You must say what the Most Blessed Virgin wishes!

B: ... they know what an abundance of blessings the priest has, and how important his function is. That is why they should absolutely not prowl around him. These are grave sins, very grave, whose punishment will not be far away.

Therefore, when these priests marry... many are almost immediately plunged into misfortune. We will put this idea into their heads, among others: “If you take this “dream woman”, you will have a share of Heaven!” E: A share of Heaven?

B: A share of Heaven. We cannot give Heaven in its completeness. That is not within our powers.

E: Not even to promise it?

B: Nobody would ever dare to promise it completely. But a share - that is what we trumpet into their ears. We put these ideas into their heads. Then we make one of these erotic fancies whirl all around him, and we tie up all the threads, until the barrel loses its bottom completely!

Then when he is already in a state of grave sin, the priest thinks... then we do not let him off so easily. We do everything to make him think: “It would be wonderful if we had children.” Then we whisper to him again: “Since you have gone so far, whatever else you may still do is of no consequence.” And they continue along the road of sin, until they are completely stuck in the mire, and can no longer either advance or retreat.

E: And they must be rescued?

B: And even then, they still imagine that everything will go well for them. This flighty - Excuse me - but this woman who has little enough character to pursue a priest, will have no more character when married. Do you believe she has any virtues at all, that she is an angel of virtue? Then the mask drops; then the cloak falls away; Then one can see what lies underneath - nothing but filth and - we do not want to speak any more!

E: In the name of the Father...!

B: Many priests soon bitterly regret their actions and there are quarrels. Because the priest has studied theology and has been molded in a certain way, and as he is not a crude sort of person, most of the time he does not let himself get too involved in these quarrels. But what cannot be changed continues to screw him up, gnawing at his heart like a cankerworm. Many priests soon bitterly regret...

We must say this in addition: everything spiritual, everything which is concerned with higher things, with religion, with doing good, is as far above sensuality as Heaven is above the earth. That is what the Blessed Virgin makes me say. The flesh only lasts a short time, and then with... Ah! We do not want to speak!

E: With many miseries!

B: You have guessed it. Just think of the divorces, etc... We hold out bright prospects to them of a Heaven on earth. In reality, many will have a terrible mountain to climb. Sensuality is a tremendous distance below spirituality. If the priests could know what they are losing by giving in to themselves! They would tear out their hair, they would travel miles to escape from such a woman and to avoid the temptation.

God's grace is great and powerful, more universal and more exalted than all sensuality and all the pleasures of the world. Just think, about the legend of Venus and Tannhauser.[67] Better Sermons would soon be found in that than those of many of today's priests. The profound repentance of this man would still be seen, and how he almost melted away with suffering for having taken himself off to be close to this Venus in the mountain. That would indeed be a better sermon than many actual sermons of today...

This is still valid today. The times have not changed. In Heaven time does not exist. It is an eternal NOW. All this is still valid today. All this still retains - in our place down below as well as up there (he points upward) - its full validity, although today's man believes he must have a much easier life, that one can sin as one likes... that he will no longer be held to account for it so rigorously. That is not the case in the sight of Heaven. They (he points upward) have quite a different idea, a different opinion, altogether.

E: Not: two heavens, one down here and one up there?

B: You have hit the nail on the head, you are absolutely right. Up there, They are of the opinion that Heaven should be merited through many crosses and self-denials. Priests and lay people must become aware of that again. Heaven, with all its sweetness and all its grandeur, can only be merited through heavy crosses, sacrifices, self-denials, and everything which puts restraints on, and runs counter to, one's own nature. But when it is merited, it brings an infinite beauty and dignity to all those who will have followed the narrow path.



June 18, 1977 (conclusion)



E: Say what you have to say, in the name of Jesus, of the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and in the name of the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar!

B: (He sighs) There is a book... it has already been on the market for a number of years. It is called (he moans): “The Lady of All Nations”[68] We have claimed that it originated from a privileged soul, who, moreover, had suffered much. We mixed many good things into it, in particular about famine, war and catastrophes. The freemasons are not afraid to use the name of the Cross in order to harm the rest of the people. The Great Lady up there has never said that it was now necessary to accept the novelties, that it was necessary to go along with one's times, that Heaven wanted things so...

The book comes from Amsterdam[69]: read it right through once. The little picture that goes with it is displayed in many churches. On it these words appear: “Send now your Spirit etc...” and, at the end: “Deign, O lady of all Nations, who was formerly Mary, to be our Advocate”. This last sentence should give food for thought. “Who was formerly...” She is not that any more?[70] We, together with the freemasons, turned that phrase.[71] It was a great success for us. They have copied details in certain lives of the saints, thinking it necessary to finish it off with something analogous. But, at the same time, they have always laid stress on the Church that must draw nearer to Modernism. We have even succeeded in getting it published with an imprimatur.[72] (He laughs) Ha! Ha! We have really “finished it off” with that!

Besides, nearly always in the book, it speaks of “The Lady”, not “The Mother of God, or any other similar title. And on the picture: “Was formerly Mary”. Ha! Ha! “Was formerly”, for the Church which no longer believes in Her.

For many, she was that once - for those who question her virginity, and do not want... there to be a Hell.

We often mimic what you do for your Church. Often, too, we mimic the privileged souls. With our wise heads, we are successful in many things.




It will be noticed that, with several repetitions during the course of the Exorcism, the demon has denounced freemasonry as being responsible for the inspiration and the instigation of an anti-Catholicism as virulent as it is secret. This refers, in fact, to Occult High Masonry - a parallel hierarchy - whose membership and workings the freemasons themselves do not know, even if they sometimes suspect that it does exist.

The Occult Power - which we also call: SYNARCHY, from the Greek: SYN = with, ARKHE = authority, that is to say: collegial government - is in the hands, at the worldwide summit of the pyramid, of a Supreme Council of nine members, in the bosom of which High Masons - private capitalists - and High Communists - State Capitalists - sit side by side, uniting their efforts in a single SATANIC hatred for God and for Christ, to wipe out Christianity: through bringing the Church under control, which is practically completed, thanks to the felonious prelates on the inside; and through the enslavement of the Sovereign Pontiff, which is in progress.

Here, their goal is clear: to destroy Paul VI's will to resist, to bring him to the point of surrender; then the double would become superfluous. But Paul VI is not yielding. May our fervent prayers and our generous sacrifices sustain him untiringly in his appalling martyrdom.


That is why we maintain that Christians, who make use of the sterile as well as inauspicious weapon of diatribe, polemics and accusation against the Holy Father, Paul VI, instead of the Divine weapon of prayer and penance, and bringing help to him - particularly in distinguishing between his person and the deceptions of his entourage, often disguised behind his personal signature - are acting, in essence, as veritable tools for this Plot which has been hatched against Christ and His Church.




E: Was the publication of “Warnings from the Beyond” the wish of the Most Blessed Virgin? Answer, in the name...!

B: Yes, that is correct. When the Great Lady wants anything, She always gets there, through all obstacles. She maneuvers as much as is necessary, until She has obtained what She wants. In any case, They up there (he points upwards) have their own methods - we do not want to speak, we do not want to speak. We were tremendously joyful when we saw that things were not proceeding well for the book.[73] We had hoped that the book would fall through without having seen the light of day. But this filthy, cheap rag[74] has, in spite of everything, succeeded in breaking through. Ah, but only because They up there wanted it. If you look at things from the human viewpoint, this cheap rag would not have been successful. Alas! To think that this cheap rag had to come out! It is a terrible defeat for us. Ah, this cheap rag will end up driving us crazy!


(With the speed of lightning, Beelzebub pulls off the stole from one of the priests!)

E: The stole is mine, it doesn't belong to you. Continue in the name of the Most Blessed Virgin!



B: With what satanic pleasure would we pull of all the stoles...: take them down to Hell... and burn them! Can you imagine how we would dance with joy, if we could throw all the stoles and the headgear of all the priests and bishops into a heap and set fire to them? If only we were able to do that! We demons would set fire to them in every corner at the same time. That would produce a smoke in Hell which would rise right up to the earth. If that happened, we would have another of our celebrations!



June 29, 1977 (Saints Peter and Paul)


B= Beelzebub


The Lord has sworn an oath there is no retracting:

“Thou are a priest for ever in the line of Melchisedech”

(PS 109, 4)


He made an everlasting covenant with him and gave him the priesthood of the people.

He adorned him with impressive vestments; he dressed him in a robe of glory.

(Si 45, 8-9)



E: In the name of the Most Blessed Virgin, say what you have to say about the Sacrament of Orders!

B: What we must still say about his Sacrament will have to be included in the book.

E: Then, come on, speak, in the name of the Most Blessed Trinity!

B: For that to happen, you will need to say a complete “Rosary of Tears”, and three times: “Holy Michael, Archangel...”, and one “Hail Mary” in honor of Saints Peter and Paul and each of the twelve Apostles. Only after that, will we be obliged to speak about this Sacrament...; and so that it may he the truth, She says you will be required to pray, to say all the prayers She asks for.


(The prayers requested are recited in unison)


E: In the name of the Immaculate Conception, tell the truth!



B: The Great Lady does not very much like the priestly ordination as it is now practiced. They (in Heaven) do not like this new rite. This new ordination is done more with the people in mind than with God and His Majesty in mind. The rite of the past must he used, and the accent put on the fact that the priest is a priest of the Most High according to the Spirit of Jesus Christ, the eternal and unique High Priest.

Instead of that, it is more from the people's point of view now, both in the consecration and the rite. Arising from that, there are far fewer graces. That is why these priests, later on, will have much less understanding of good and of evil. If the priestly ordination were administered as it used to be, there would be a much greater understanding of the Holy Spirit, the understanding of what is right and what is not. That commences at the very moment of ordination. It is the same kind of thing that happens at Confirmation.

E: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, in the name...!

B: The priestly ordination is no longer administered exactly as it should be... so much so that there is no longer the plenitude of graces... it is no longer the complete ordination.[75] It is the priest's mission to teach, to celebrate the Holy Mass in a proper way, to administer the Sacraments in a proper way; to bless and to consecrate.

E: In the name of the Blessed Virgin, tell the truth!



B: The priestly ordination is a very great, very exalted, universal Sacrament, before which the rest of us down below (demons) must capitulate. This Sacrament also imprints on the soul an ineffaceable mark. When the priest has fulfilled his duties badly, has lived a bad life, and comes to join us in Hell, we are able to torment him much more.

This applies to three Sacraments: holy Baptism, holy Confirmation, and the holy consecration of a priest. These three Sacraments imprint an indelible mark on the soul, which will never be able to be removed, not even in Hell. That is why these men, these Catholics - such as Judas - suffer much greater torments in Hell than those who have never received these Sacraments.

These are incomparably great Sacraments, which bring to those who receive them much more elevated graces than men can appreciate. When he does not correspond to these graces, this priest or this bishop is then tormented much more, in a much more persistent way, than if he had never received them. That is why he who wishes to become a priest must examine his conscience, must make himself examine it carefully and seriously, to see if he is called to it.

There are many of them who believe that they are called to the priesthood, but in fact their call would be to another state... as lay people (Here Lucifer interrupts and violently torments the possessed woman)

E: In the name of the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus, the Son of God made man, Who died for us on the Cross, in the name of the Most Blessed Virgin, of the Immaculate Heart and of all the Angels and Saints, in the name of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul - whose Feast we celebrate today - tell us now the truth and nothing hut the truth, say what the Most Blessed Virgin wishes to say to us about the priestly, ordination and what relates to it!



B: Ah!... That cursed Ecône... it will conquer! We are scheming madly and doing everything that we can against it. But it has the only true Priesthood.[77] We have to acknowledge that. It will conquer in spite of all the opposition and all the attacks. It will conquer! There would be no need to attack it, if it were not true and authentic. Whatever they do at Ecône should make no difference to the others who are always talking about solidarity and dialogue. (he sighs and breathes heavily). Why don't they leave him alone (Mgr. Lefebvre[78])? Why do they torment him like that? It comes about only because we want it, because we do not want the truth and because we fear that the Church may come to life again. We do not want the Church to prevail and to come to life again in order to become once more what it ought to be, and what They up there (he points upward) want it to be. We do not want that. That is why we have, in addition to our fury against Pope Paul VI, a mad fury against Archbishop Lefebvre. The second of our hatreds is directed against him. But, in the end, those two will conquer.

E: What does the Most Blessed Virgin still wish to tell us about priestly ordination? Tell the truth and nothing but the truth, in the name...!



B: The priests must teach. Do they still do it properly? Do they still preach properly? Do they still instruct the children properly? Most of the time they don't any more. They distort many things and no longer teach the truth in the way they should teach it. They no longer instruct the children; they no longer preach on the virtues and vices, nor on the art of practicing the virtues. What the majority teach and preach today... are anecdotes. They derive many of their arguments from their “mini-synods”, because they mutually support each other in their modernism and would like to impose it on the people.

The people don't want the truth any more... they want to take the line of least resistance. So they have a very easy time of it. Today, they don't like hearing talk about the virtues nor about the imitation of Christ. Suffering, much suffering, carrying the cross... the man of today does not like to hear talk about those things. He would prefer not to follow the Cross of Christ as Those up there (he points upward) would want him to. He would prefer to please himself how he lives.

Not all the priests still say the Holy Mass every day. Many now say it only once or twice a week... and the people are barely aware of it, as hardly any go to Mass any more. Just look in the Churches. The more they are becoming entrenched in Modernism, the fewer people they have in the church. It is in this way that Christian life is disappearing.

E: Speak, in the name...!



B: There are now some priests who do not even believe any more that it is necessary to genuflect at the Consecration. But when, for example, the bishop comes to administer Confirmation, or for some other occasion, then, all of a sudden, they bend their knees, because they believe it would create a bad impression in front of the bishop, if they were to remain standing upright like a military man. This would have a much worse effect, if the bishop himself were making more than just a simple genuflection.

So, we (demons) whisper in their ear: “Make some gesture of reverence, kneel down, otherwise you are going to be hauled over the coals by the bishop!” That is what we whisper in their ears, so successfully that the bishop does not become at all aware that they are not doing things correctly in their everyday life.[79]

But when only the people are there, and there is no bishop nor other superior, then they do not consider themselves small enough in the sight of Him up there, to have to bow down before Him. They have more of the feeling that before Him (He points upward) they can just as well remain standing... that it is of no importance. In the same way, it no longer matters any more when the people remain seated in the church and pay hardly any attention to the Consecration and remain standing like sentries during the Blessing. It is of no importance; it is only Him up there! (He points upward)

We must also say - we have had to say it before: this “aggiornamento” represents a terrible, deadly loss for the people and for the priests. Many people are aware of this, but for a good number it is fine this way, because it is easier, when one can remain seated during almost the entire Mass, and when things are made easier on all sides. If the people were still obliged to kneel at Mass... as formerly... - in many places they do kneel - but if everywhere, throughout the whole world, they were still obliged to kneel and to show Him up there the respect which is His due, there would be so many more graces and enlightenment. If they were to get back on their knees and pray very devoutly, they would become aware that the life they are leading is much too easy and too even, for the bishops.

E: In the name... tell the truth!



B: The true Priesthood preserves celibacy, the Great Lady makes me say. The true Priesthood keeps its distance when confronted with easy living and the line of least resistance. The true Priesthood expends all its energy, entirely and totally, for the people, whom it identifies with Christ... with the Mystical Body of Christ. The true priest would sooner let himself be killed than fail to accomplish what Christ wishes, in the way He wishes it, and in the way Those up there wish it (he points upward).

Nowadays, the priests would have plenty of time to make visits to homes. Formerly, they did not even have any means of transport and they used to devote hours to pastoral visits. They used to make visits several hours' distance away, if they suspected that they could convert a soul. No sacrifice seemed too great to them. Today... look in the towns... are the people still visited? Very few still do so, and not through love for the well-being of souls.

Many people complain that they are not visited. The more the priests have the means of transport, and the easier it is, the less are they going out to meet the people. This comes about because they possess fewer graces and because they pray less... because they no longer say the breviary, because they are not ordained in the proper way, because they are no longer living the true Priesthood of Christ, the true imitation of Christ, which preaches, in the Name of God, the Cross: suffering and sacrifice. A true shepherd is ready to shed his blood for each of his sheep. He goes looking for the least of his sheep - if they are lost or tangled up in the brambles - through sacrifice and self-denial. Christ has said in the parable of the Good Shepherd, that He searches for His lost sheep until He finds it, that He takes it up on His shoulders and then Heaven rejoices. He did not say that idly. He was saying it principally for the priests and the bishops, for the clergy...

This is an unchangeable teaching, which must be taken very seriously and if it is not done, then it is no longer the imitation of Christ. Those up there take no pleasure, in priests who are unwilling to go looking for their sheep and who do only what happens to come into their heads. E: In the name of the Most Holy Trinity, speak!



B: It is necessary to make sacrifices, as a parish priest, Vianney of Ars, used to make them. He used to pray for entire nights when he knew that there were some sheep in his fold who were not living at all according to the Will of God. He used to give everything and sacrifice everything. He did not even sleep in a proper bed. Often, he used to pray for hours in front of the tabernacle... sometimes in order to save only one, single soul.

He came under furious attacks from the rest of us down there (he points downward), often because of just one soul... and that when he was not at all clever, and was very weak in theology and Latin. The priests of today say to themselves: “We are clever, we are doctors, we know everything better.” But in the final analysis, those are not the things which They are concerned about up there (he points upward). They are not concerned whether someone is clever, or about what he has in his brain, or about what he knows about philosophy and mathematics. Before all else, they consider this: is he a true shepherd? Does he go to look for his sheep, is he ready to give his life and everything that he has for his sheep? That is what Those up there are looking at (he points upward); and the great evil today is that the priests of this time do not do those things any more.

There should be preaching again about the Curé of Ars, and about Catherine Emmerich, who, on her bed of pain, did nothing but suffer and pray for the Church. Many other Saints have done that too. Padre Pio has suffered much for the Church and for sinners. It should be proclaimed from the height of the pulpits that it would be better to devote one's time to imitating Christ, rather than to gaining doctorates.

There must be some of those, it is true. But for the majority, it would be better if they did not study philosophy or mathematics or theology, etc. For many, it would be better to spend half their nights in prayer and invoking the Holy Spirit; to live the true imitation of Christ and the Marian doctrine of Saint Grignion de Montfort, for example: putting their trust completely in the Blessed Virgin, in her Most Pure Heart and in the Sacred Heart of Jesus; to look towards the Cross and do exactly what Those up there wish (he points upward). That would be better than toiling and studying for hours, simply to make an impression before the world... How I have been forced to say that (he shouts!) How I have been forced to say that!

E: In the name... tell the truth!

B: Lenin, for example, the Father of the Russian Revolution, has said that it was necessary to give up whole nights and all his time for the Revolution... But many priests do not even do what the unbelievers do. Lenin knew what had to be done to make the Revolution succeed. He gave up everything for that... But, She, the Great Lady, makes me say, the priests of today are no longer prepared to sacrifice themselves entirely, and to sacrifice everything that they have for the people.

It is true that they must reckon with this: the more someone sacrifices himself, the more we fight against him. That was the way it was for the priest Vianney. We started a fire in his room. But that is of no consequence, Those up there make me say (he points upward). In spite of everything, Those up there and the Great Lady will be victorious... and the priests who still practice the true priesthood will carry off an incomparable victory.

No doctorate, nor any other title, can he compared with the good done by priests who still have the true understanding of souls, and the true understanding of men, and who know how to put themselves in the place of each man. They ask themselves: “What else could I do to save these people? What is the best way to preach? What must I do to bring them back to the practice of the Sacraments?” Naturally, it is necessary at the same time for them to administer the Sacraments in the proper way and according to the ancient rite, so that the heavenly blessing may be attached to them. UNLESS THEY DO THIS, THEY HAVE TO SOME DEGREE LOST GROUND.

Heaven must be earned painfully. Christ exercised the true Priesthood in the most perfect, the most pure and the most incomparable way; and His Apostles did too. They did not wonder whether they would be imprisoned or martyred. They had no fear. Our priests, on the other hand, are afraid of losing their position if they do not do exactly what many bishops say, although this is not the truth, and this is not obedience any more according to the way Those up there see it (he points upward). For we have already had to say that, now, one can no longer obey in cases where the command is not what it should be... Ah! This is crazy, that we have been obliged to speak in this way!

E: Can it be said that it is better to obey God than to obey men? In the name...!

B: God MUST be obeyed in preference to men! Did the Apostles have regard for men, Romans or anyone else? They had courage. They went to prison and gave themselves up to martyrdom for Christ...

Where, therefore, among today's Christians, is the Sacrament of Confirmation, the mark of the Soldier of Christ, which they have on their brow? Catholics still bear this mark - and the priests have, in addition, that of their priestly consecration - and they would have the Angels to assist them. Why, for the love of Heaven, don't priests pray to the Holy Angels? Why don't they call on their patron Saints? And Saints Peter and Paul? And all the Apostles and Doctors of the Church? What things they could teach them, or how they could inspire them, if only they were invoked! And, before all else, the Holy Spirit.

The Apostles had no fear of anything and nothing was too high a price for them. They used to administer the Sacraments properly, and they had a great respect for them. That is where you should be looking - towards the first Apostles... not towards those who came later, towards isolated groups who did not live and did not act at all after the example of the Apostles. You must not look towards the mediocre, the negative, but upwards, towards the best and what was done by the best. If you do this, you cannot say: these ones here and those ones there did things well... and no more can you imagine that now the same thing is good. This is a monumental error.

Ah! How we hated this priest of Ars! We were in a terrible rage against him! He was so stupid,[80] he did not even know Latin properly. How was he able to snatch such a great crowd of people away from us - people who, without him, would have come to Hell?

Ah! She makes me say: “If only there were more priests like this Curé (parish priest) Vianney!” It is not money, nor possessions, nor intelligence that count. What does count, is what the priests do, what the state of their soul is, and the way in which they carry out the Will of God. That is what counts, even if they should be the least among men in the eyes of the world, and seem to be of no consequence and to occupy only the lowliest of positions. Those priests are much greater in the eyes of Those up there (he points upwards)... than he who wears a bishop's miter, or a cardinal's hat, or anything else you like! Ah! How we have been forced to say that!





B: On this subject, we must say this again: it would be better for many bishops and cardinals if they had remained as the lowliest of laymen, and had never occupied such high positions, rather than manage their responsibility badly, and fulfill it in a mediocre way. They have a terrible responsibility. In the event of their coming to Hell, we are able to torment them much more. For many of their number, it would be better if they stayed as laymen; for a high position is also a weighty responsibility. For many, it would be better, unless they pray for entire nights and fast like the Curé of Ars, or unless they always do only what Those up there wish (he points upward).

If they had prayed to the Holy Spirit to obtain wisdom and enlightenment... about what they should do, before foolishly banning places of pilgrimage, or before acting simply in accordance with the advice of their Episcopal vicars or goodness knows who else! They must, even though it could make them unpopular, impose their own point of view and ideas, in opposition to all the ideas and points of view of their subordinates which do not come from the Holy Spirit. It would be much better to send those (subordinates) away, saying: “I am sorry; but I must act according to my soul and my conscience”; and to show courage, like the Holy Apostles, Peter and Paul, who had an incomparable courage.

And Christ - what courage He had! He was persecuted. He suffered the attacks and the harassments of the Pharisees right up until His death on the Cross. Did He give way because of all that? Did He say: “If they attack me this way, I am giving up My mission. It is senseless to allow Myself to be crucified; men will not listen any more after that”? He was able to foresee how many men would not follow Him. That should have been enough to discourage Him completely.

Certainly, He was God, but in the Garden of Olives, He was only a man.[81] His Divinity was, in a kind of way, withdrawn from Him. He had to endure His humanity in all its weakness and all its loneliness. Nevertheless, He remained steadfast to the end, and it is in this way that His Apostles imitated Him. Did they say: “If we are attacked in this way - we had not expected that - we will not be able to stand fast any longer?” They did not say that. They remained steadfast to the end. Christ gave to the last drop of His Blood on the Cross in order that He might be imitated. And this imitation is indispensable, particularly for the Priesthood.

Bishops, cardinals, priests, the Great Lady makes me say, where are you going? Where is your modernism leading you?

E: In the name of the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son...!



B: Among the first Christians, under the emperor Nero, many let themselves be tortured to the extent of shedding their blood. They followed Christ to the point that they did not fear death. But the men of today look at the example of the priests, who are no longer what they should be and who also take the line of least resistance.

If the faithful were to see priests prepared for all sacrifices and for whom nothing is too much, no sacrifice too great or too difficult, no prayer too much, in their desire to do everything for their sheep, they would be the object of a great veneration and a great respect. The evil lies first and foremost within the clergy.

If they (the faithful) could once again depend on them (the clergy), if they were to hear proper sermons again, if the Sacraments were once again administered with all the respect which is their due, if they (the priests) had such a respect (they would receive) such graces that the lay people would more easily find the road towards Christ, and would see that it is necessary to follow the Way of the Cross and to make every effort so as not to go off along the slippery road, and the wide path which leads to the abyss. Many thousands of souls would then come back on to the narrow pathway that leads to Heaven.

We have already had to say previously, in connection with celibacy, how Heaven must be earned through sacrifices and self-denials, and that it can be earned. Heaven cannot be earned through automobiles, television, creature comforts, dissoluteness and high living. It requires self-denial, fasting, the cross, the imitation of Christ... We do not want to speak any more! How we have been forced to say those things!

Jean-Marie Vianney, for example, paid absolutely no attention to eating. That is why he used to receive graces for his sheep, because he used to fast rigorously and to pray. He scarcely noticed that his potatoes were bitter. He used to eat what he had; he did not even notice when he was hungry. Naturally, it would not be reasonable for a priest to stop eating altogether. It is absolutely necessary for him to eat, but he must not go from one extreme to the other, and get into slovenly ways through dissolute living and gluttony.

While on this subject, we must now say (he cries out in a tormented voice): You priests, you bishops, you cardinals, preach again about virtue! Follow the Way of the Cross! Take refuge in the Heart of the Immaculate! Invoke the Holy Angels! In particular, invoke the Holy Spirit with His Strength! Preach the Gospel in its most authentic spirit - the preaching of virtue and of the cross!

E: Tell the truth... in the name of the Blessed Virgin!



B: For the love of Heaven! Come back you priests, follow the Way of the Cross... recognize at last that you are no longer leading your flocks in the proper way. The GREAT LADY makes me say: Bishops, cardinals, laymen, priests realize at last that the hour has struck! It is five or ten minutes past mid-day... it is past mid-day She makes me cry out.[82]

She makes me say: Follow at last the way of virtue and of the cross, and see once again where you must go; where your place is, for you no longer know it. Do penance, pray - if possible day and night - and be converted; do penance and be converted... for... the day is going to come (he cries out in a terrifying voice)... the day of the just anger of God... of Him up there. Who will crush you if you are unwilling to see how you should lead your flock!

You laymen, pray also and do penance for your priests, who no longer see what road they are following! Set about this with all your powers and all your strength, otherwise there will be many more thousands of souls who will be lost!

Bishops, priests and lay people, follow the Way of the Cross. Behold: it is a long time since it struck mid-night. This is one of the last warnings, warnings from the Beyond, which will still be given in order that men may be converted and see clearly.

If you knew what road you are on! If you knew what hour has struck and what it is like down there in Hell, you would crucify yourselves! You would make martyrs of yourselves and you would do penance so as not to be damned; so as to be able to shorten that terrible Purgatory by only a few years.

That is what She, the GREAT LADY makes me say, and that is what Those up there (he points upward) make me say, over and over again.

For this book, the second part of it, this is now the last statement: Do penance, pray and change yourselves, for... the anger of God will crush you if you do not come back (he sighs)...

The GREAT LADY is weeping bitter tears, because She sees how many of her children, how many priests, bishops and cardinals are blind and do not see clearly.

She says, and makes me say: For the love of Heaven, hear at last the warning, the final warning from the Beyond, and do what She wishes. Beg God for grace. Come back, before it is too late and the anger of God comes crashing down on you... and She comes... and before She is obliged to let fall the arm of her Son!

We have spoken, we have spoken... this is the end, we have said the final words... for the second part of this book... How we have been forced to say these things... by order of the GREAT LADY! (He howls in a heartrending way).



June 18, 1977 (continuation)



E: In the name of the Blessed Virgin, tell the truth!

B: Here is the way it is: the Sacraments should not have had to be changed at all. This was brought about partly through the machinations of freemasonry.[83] On the other hand, with Holy Communion for example, the Pope happened to say that it was rather a severe law, which obliged people to remain fasting all night. In the mission areas especially, they could be obliged to remain fasting until midday, or even until the evening, and this was often hard.

But it was also an invaluable gain, because people were obliged to do penance, to make very great sacrifices, which had the general effect of saving thousands and thousands of souls. Through these sacrifices and trials, very many souls used to be snatched away from us. That is why Heaven would have preferred that the law of the Eucharistic fast was not changed. Somebody said - the Pope or the cardinals, it doesn't matter who - that it could no longer stop at that point, and that a step should be taken to meet them.[84] So the law was first reduced to three hours, then to one hour.

The law of the full fast: Before, one could not even have milk or anything like that - even liquid was not allowed: it was a penance, but Heaven approved of it. Heaven preferred that to the way it is now. The cardinals, and the Pope also to a certain extent, believed that now the crowds would flock to the communion table if the law were lightened for this reason. At first it did have the effect that a few more people were able to go to Communion. But now the situation is much more serious than it was before the law of the Eucharistic fast was changed. Now fewer people come to Communion, to the communion table - at all events, (fewer) people in the state of grace than used to come before the Council changed the law.[85] Now the situation has become deplorable, and it is one more thing which is not at all pleasing to Those up there (he points upward).

If this law were still in existence, it would be more those who are deeply pious and in the state of grace who would go to Communion because they would be obliged to be fasting and through that, making more sacrifices. But if they are obliged to fast for only three hours, or even one hour, that is not a sacrifice any more.

Broadly speaking, on the subject of this law of the Eucharistic fast, many people say to themselves: “If the Pope has been able to change the law and reduce the fast from all day to three hours, then to one hour, one can very well take something - say a quarter of an hour before going to Communion. It is no longer important. Now everything is easier: whatever one does, it is no longer important.”

The same applies to abortion, and it is the same for everything now. Formerly - the Pope would have done better to think of this - it was very much better, when the law of the Eucharistic fast was in existence. For when there is no more sacrifice, no more self-denial there are far fewer heavenly blessings and far fewer graces. And men think about things much less when it is just like going through a turnstile.

Formerly, it was always necessary to think: “I must not eat. Who is coming into my heart today? The Most High, the Holy of Holies, Whose grandeur and majesty no human being would ever know how to attain.” That is the way people used to always think, and they used to pray about it beforehand, even during the night. Many still do, but not as many as before. Taking everything into account, there were (in Holy Communion) before this relaxation, many more Divine Blessings. The same goes for Confession.



E: In the name...! What is the story about Communion in the hand in the earliest times of the Church?

B: Christ - we saw this ourselves at the time - when He broke the Bread, did not give It into the hands of the Apostles. We do not wish to speak any more! Not any more!

E: In the name....!

B: We do not like saying that! But we particularly do not like saying it at this time!

E: In the name of the Most Blessed Virgin!

B: At the time when Christ said: “This is My Body”, at the Last Supper, He put the bread directly into the mouths of the Apostles.[87] There is no question about the Precious Blood; they drank It, and did not have It in their hands first.

The Apostles who were present at the Last Supper never acted otherwise; they gave Holy Communion in the mouth ... Christ did not wish that later It would be received in the hand ... if later, they did receive It in the hand, it was because they had a wrong understanding of things... Christ never wished it. He Himself gave It into the mouth; and even the Blessed Virgin never received this Sacrament any other way, and always kneeling, bowing very deeply... Ah! We do not like saying this!

We were full of fury against Her (he points upward) whenever She received Communion. She saw and, in a mystical way, experienced everything that happened at the Last Supper. She nearly always knew everything. She was destined to guide the Church. The Apostles were also destined for this, but She had in a very large measure, to work with them.

We have had to say this before: She was on her knees[88] day and night, praying for the Apostles, so that everything would go well in Christ's Church. The Apostles, who were at the Last Supper, never gave Communion any way but into the mouth. If that happened differently later on, it was not the fault of the Apostles. No more did Jesus and His Mother have any part in it. They (he points upward) neither planned for nor wished for that. It was absolutely not their intention.

E: Who did want to introduce Communion in the hand?

B: You must not ask that question!

E: In the name of the Father...!

B: It is we who schemed and plotted for that.[89] We said to ourselves: If we can manage to introduce Communion in the hand among the early Christians, then later on they will be able to say: “There was Communion in the hand previously at the time of the first Christians.” And so it was that this Council, these men of today, would be able to say: “The first Christians communicated in the hand, therefore there is nothing wrong in it. They were the first Christians, It was the time of the life of Christ, they were near Christ. Therefore, it absolutely cannot be sinful.”

True, they did not know that this was not wanted by God. At that very moment, even then, we said to ourselves that if we could make that happen, the result would be a certain lukewarmness. However, Communion in the mouth was brought back. Certain saintly souls and very great Doctors of the Church saw clearly where this was leading, and that it would be better and that there would be much more respect if He up there (he points upward) were received in the mouth... if they could not simply take Him into their hands, into their filthy hands ... with nails too long or varnished, or uncared-for hands. We cannot even say it all. There are often people who have not washed their hands all day, when they go somewhere... I do not want to say that! ... It is a frightful irreverence.

There are many who do not believe in God so much. They see symbolism everywhere, a little like the Protestants. At the beginning, the Council was not like that, but later it was decided that it had to take steps towards the Protestants and the others. This was solidarity; this was good; this was Christian Charity; and so, partly with the help of the freemasons, we were able to reach the point where it was being said: “It is necessary to be charitable, conciliatory, to practice love of neighbor, to have dialogue[90] one with the other...” until finally, the stage is reached where everything can be softened and changed a little ... and things rearranged in such a way that they lose their value and their profound meaning. So it can happen that important graces are lost because one goes along with the crowd.







At the author's request, the possessed woman prepared a curriculum vitae, from which the following passages have been taken. At our discretion, we have omitted the names of places, and for brevity we have abridged the descriptions.



“My parents lived on a small farm. The place is very isolated. I was born in German-speaking Switzerland in 1937, on the Sunday of the Holy Scapular. I was baptized the following Tuesday.”

“According to my mother, when I was still just a baby, I used to cry inordinately and I practically never slept except for a very little. My condition was even then already giving cause for concern.”

“In the spring of 1944. I started going to school. I was a shy, very quiet child. I learned easily. In particular, reading, writing and counting presented no problems to me.”

Indeed, the person concerned is endowed with an above average intelligence, with an active mind and a good memory.

“My favorite place was the river bank, in the midst of the grass and the flowers. My companions and I often used to have long discussions on religious subjects: Heaven, Hell, Purgatory.”

“In 1946, I made my First Communion. I took this very seriously and prepared myself to the best of my ability. From an early age, I went with my parents out into the fields and tried to make myself useful. My little brothers occupied much of my time and attention.”

“After I made my First Communion, I used to go to Mass and Holy Communion almost every day. If I was reading my missal carelessly or praying less than usual, I used to feel that there were fewer graces present.”

“I used to love going to church, and when, during High Mass, the choir was chanting, the altars adorned with flowers and the smoke of the incense filled the atmosphere, I felt that we who were there in the church were very close to Heaven.”



“Some time after the death of my grandmother (in 1951) a time of ordeal began for me. Suddenly, anguishes and scruples such as I had never known before, took possession of my soul.”

“The suffering continued in a terribly disturbing manner: I was no longer myself; what I mean is that my basic ideas and my attitude towards God were the same, but my whole mental world began to totter and I was plunged into deep confusion. My judgment was less keen and without interior discernment. On the other hand, the illness and sufferings seemed to pierce me like a needle to the point where I was, so to speak, shattered. Thoughts would come and go.”

“Whatever the subject of my thoughts, I could find no light whatsoever. And the worst thing was that I could not rid myself of these thoughts. Everything seemed to be blurred and far away.

“In 1952 (at age 15), my anguish increased so much that I could no longer bear to find myself alone, in my bedroom. My father changed my room, and I was able to be nearer my mother. Although she was right next to me, the anguish and the terror clutched at my throat. My heart-beats reverberated in my head; I was seized by a boundless terror to the point that I could scarcely speak. I was consumed by anguish and inner torment, and an hour seemed to me to be half an eternity.

“But, quite apart from that, I had the feeling that God wanted me to accept these Sufferings for the salvation of souls. I strove to accept them. In this time of darkness, something extraordinary happened which urged me to accept this suffering. “This was simply the beginning, of total insomnia, and the easiest thing to do was to accept it as if it were God's Will. Later, I realized that I was twisting and turning in this cruel obscurity without finding any way out. This torture was my lot, day and night, and nobody was able to help me.”


So it was that this poor child was subjected from her fifteenth year to the hard lot of the martyrs. She spent the following years as a family helper - her work being interrupted by medical treatments and short spells in the hospital.

As if these suffering were not enough, she still had to allow her beautiful teeth to be pulled out, by order of a doctor who believed these were the cause of her sufferings. This brought about no change in the poor woman's condition except to bring about additional suffering.

Divine Providence then brought to her a man, with no means, but thoroughly decent. She married him in 1963 when she was 25, although at the beginning her family had tried to dissuade her from doing so.

This wife, aged today 40 years, brought four beautiful children into the world. During her pregnancies and confinements, she experienced no relief from her indescribable sufferings. On the contrary. Even more debilitated she experienced yet again clinics and rest homes; but the specialists - in the end, from a very famous clinic - sent her away as mentally sane, but an inexplicable case.

Injections, electroshock and treatments gave rise to an increase in her intolerable sufferings broken by fleeting rays of light.

About 1972 (at 35) there was a slight improvement. She writes on this subject:


“It was discovered, quite by chance, that I was suffering from an almost total lack of phosphorus.[92] I was given several cachets and the result was an improvement in my general condition. To what extent was it the phosphorus, to what extent was it God's Will which finally brought me some relief? I do not know. I was able, if not to sleep - if you can call it sleeping - at least to doze a little, when things were going really well, to drowse. The states of anguish became rarer and rarer - I wanted to laugh again and I was once more able to see to my household duties, although not in any brilliant manner.

“My husband was walking on air, but without doubt, no one was more relieved than I. I was able to have two children near me again, which brought me great joy. I praised and blessed God for having finally freed me. Nevertheless, I understood, or believed I understood, that the suffering was a grace,[93] hard and oppressive as it was, and I used to think that He knew well why He had led me through this darkness.”



In 1974, came a serious relapse: “My sister took me to a fine man, who had previously been very helpful. In his presence I suddenly experienced a jerking in my arm, although I had not moved it. The man suddenly cried: “I believe that you are possessed!” Thereupon, I took myself to a priest who was very skeptical, but who nevertheless performed an exorcism. Then he declared that all the signs of a possession were present.”


Eventually, after laborious adjurations and long prayers, an experienced exorcist achieved the breakthrough. After repeated exorcisms, demons, both angelic and human, were obliged to reveal themselves one after the other; a temporary delivery was even achieved, but the demons all came back. A request was made for a bishop's authorization to perform an official exorcism with the bishop assuming the responsibility for it. On December 8, 1975, five exorcists received the authorization[94] to perform the great exorcism.[95] The other exorcisms, which follow, took place in a more limited setting.

The revelations made by the demons during these exorcisms, by order of the Blessed Virgin, for the salvation of souls and for the Church in the critical situation in which she finds herself, have been published in the book, “Warnings from the Beyond, Confessions from Hell.”



The possessed woman is not free yet, because her mission has not been accomplished yet. Her parents, just like their terribly afflicted daughter, did not know the origin of her unspeakable sufferings until 1974. They had tried everything they could, whether through medicine or through psychiatry, to bring her relief and cure. But in vain. The only thing left for them was to take refuge in prayer.

The most striking thing about the parents is their simplicity and their horror of any desire for the marvelous or the spectacular. To them, the origin of their daughter’s sufferings is inexplicable and they commend themselves, in prayer and a calm confidence, to the unfathomable Wisdom of God.

The numerous documents: Letters, tape recordings and photographs taken during the exorcisms, are at the disposal of the Church for a canonical investigation. But everyone will understand that in this book there are no names of people, nor places, nor are there any illustrations, in order that a flood of visits and disturbances are not drawn to the tormented woman and her parents particularly, as Divine Providence has willed that her friends and neighbors know nothing of what is going on. Her possession is manifested only in her interior life; while for entire nights she is cruelly tormented, during the day she is able to carry out her household tasks.



The expiatory sufferings which this woman accepts with so much generosity, the inner distress and the total abandonment she endures, particularly on the days following the exorcisms, will, in union with the Sufferings of Christ, His Last Agony and His total loneliness, contribute towards the salvation of souls. The great concern of this expiatory soul is not to hinder, through any fault of hers, the revelations being made for our times by the demons, by order of the Queen of Heaven and of Earth; and not to allow, through weakness or negligence, any souls to go to their eternal damnation who could have thus been saved.






Dr. Michael Gabriel Mouret





“Who can disapprove of my cries, I am a little lamb, as I try to wake up my shepherd, whom I believe to be asleep and about to be eaten by a cruel beast”



Father Lamy (died 1931), the holy parish priest of La Courneuve, a suburb of Paris, whom Cardinal Amette, the Archbishop of Paris, used to call “a second Curé of Ars”, relates this anecdote from his frequent conversations with the Blessed Virgin and the Holy Angels[97]:


“While he was conversing with Our Lady, she suddenly stopped speaking, turned around and said to the demon who was standing behind Her: “What are you doing here?” And the Adversary, in reply to the Immaculate Virgin, said these extraordinary words, which should be engraved in letters of fire (make no mistake about it) where they can be seen by everyone, in all the churches and chapels of the whole world:







“In Me, the Eternal, there is no change.” (Mal. 3, 6)


Hell does exist, and it is eternal. Saint Matthew writes in his account of the Last Judgment: “Go far from me, you that are accursed, into the eternal fire which has been prepared for the devil and for his angels.”

(Matt.25, 41)

So speaks the Divine Master, Who finishes His discourse with these words:

“And these (the accursed) shall pass on to eternal punishment, and the just to eternal life.”

(Matt. 25, 46)

Saint Paul gives details about these ungodly, hardened “accursed ones”:

“...the day when the Lord Jesus appears from Heaven... as He pours out vengeance on those who do not acknowledge God, on those who refuse obedience to the Gospel of Our Lord. Jesus Christ.. They will be condemned to eternal punishment, far from the presence of the Lord, and the majesty of His power.”

(2 Thess.1, 7-9)

And Saint John, in the evening of his life, completes the description in the Apocalypse: “The smoke of their torment goes up for ever and ever; day and night no rest is theirs, who worshipped the beast and his image, who bore the mark of his name.”

(14, 11)

In affirming that there is a Hell, and that Hell is eternal, the Fourth Lateran Council (1215) has only repeated what the Scriptures tell us. So:


“Make no mistake about it; you cannot cheat God.” (Gal. 6, 7)





An Interview with Mgr. Joseph Hoeffner, Cardinal-Archbishop of Cologne, by the Press Bureau of the Archdiocese of Cologne


PB= Press Bureau

CH= Cardinal Hoeffner

SOURCE=Cardinal Joseph Hoeffner, “Devil Possession. Exorcism” In “Theological Questions”, No. 10, October 1976, ed. Joseph Kral, D-8423 Abensberg.


PB: During the summer of 1976, the tragic death of a student teacher, Annelise Michel, who died at Klingenberg exorcisms, aroused very strong feelings. It is outrageous, people were saying, that in a civilized century such as the twentieth century, there can still be belief in the devil and in possession. The priests who conducted the exorcism on her would be co-responsible for the death of this young student. Exorcism should be banned by law. Cardinal Hoeffner, what is your opinion on this subject?


CH: There are two separate questions here:

  1. Do these wicked spirits, whom we call Demons, really exist?
  2. Can wicked spirits have influence over a human being?


PB: Let us start with the question of the existence of the Demon. Pope Paul VI explained during the General Audience of November 15, 1972: “We know that this dark and troublesome being truly exists and that he is always at work with a treacherous guile.”

On July 23, 1976, the Munich journalist, Hannes Burger, commented as follows about the Pope's teaching: “One can in a general way smile at such discourses which have for a long time been considered absurd, even by contemporary Catholic theology.” CH: Let us not talk about the self-satisfied tone adopted by Mr. Hannes Burger. I am just going to say that it is incorrect to maintain that “contemporary Catholic theology” denies the existence of wicked spirits. Professors Karl Rahner and Herbert Vorgrimler declare that “the existence of extra-human Forces and wicked Powers and their action in the world” are “a truth of faith.”[99]

Professor Leo Scheffczyk, of the University of Munich, declares for his part, that “in the preaching of Jesus, Satan is presented as the enemy of the work of salvation.”

Likewise, Professor Heinrich Schlier of the University of Bonn, writes: “the multiple powers, whose sole task is to spread the unique, satanic power, are manifested as a kind of personal Power.”

In the work of Joseph Ratzinger of the University of Ratisbonne, we read: “In a world blinded by demons, exorcism is connected inseparably to the spiritual way of Jesus and to the center of His own message as well as to that of His disciples.”

I could go on quoting from numerous other theologians, including Protestants, but these few examples will suffice.


PB: Karl Rahner and Herbert Vorgrimler declare that the existence of wicked spirits whose individual characteristics are “fundamental data from the Bible and from the Magisterium” is a “truth of faith”. Can you, Cardinal, enlarge for us on the meaning of these words?


CH: The Fourth General Lateran Council of 1215 summarized the teaching of the Church in a perfectly clear way:

“At the beginning of time, God through His all-powerful Virtue, created from nothing the two creatures, spiritual and corporal, that is to say angelic and terrestrial, and then humanity, which encompasses in a certain way the two, being composed of body and soul. For the Devil and the other wicked spirits were created good in their nature by God. But they became wicked of themselves.”[100] This significant text comprises three affirmations:


(1)    God created everything from nothing: the Angels, the Universe, and Man.

(2)    The wicked spirits themselves have also been created by God as good beings, that is to say, as Angels. Evil is not a fundamental part of their being; it is not a cosmic force of their being.

(3)    These beings have become wicked spirits through separating themselves from God.


What the Fourth Lateran Council teaches us is the primitive doctrine of the Catholic Faith. In 561, The Council of Braga declared:

“If anyone says that the Demon was not created by God at the beginning as a good Angel, and that he is not through his very nature a creature of God; but that, on the contrary, he was born out of the darkness and has no creator, but that he is himself the principal and the substance-of evil... let him be anathema. If anyone says that the demon... produces through his own power the thunder, the lightning, the storms and the drought... let him be anathema.”[101]

Even quite recently, the Second Vatican Council declared that, through Jesus Christ, God has “snatched us from the bondage of the Demon and of sin”[102] and that the goal of the church's activity is “the confusion of the demon”.[103]


PB: Professor Haag maintains that it is anti-biblical to believe in the existence of the demon; that in his allocution of November 15, 1971, Pope Paul VI indulged in some “Pseudo-exegesis”;[104] and that he interpolated passages from Scripture “as no student in his first semester would dare to do”.

When in June 1975, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith published its document on “Christian Faith and Demonology” Professor Haag stated that “Rome has once again spoken outside of its time.”


CH: Authorized theologians have firmly refuted the reproach that it was anti-biblical to believe in the existence of the Devil. Professor Joseph Ratzinger writes: “It is not in the capacity of exegesist, of a commentator on the Scriptures, that Haag bids the Devil farewell, but as a “man of these times”, for whom the existence of the demon is indefensible. The authority, by virtue of which he formulates his judgment, is therefore only that of his modern philosophy, not that of the biblical interpreter.”[105]

In the preaching of Jesus, Satan is the great enemy, who however, “has no power over Him” (John 14, 30) for Jesus has broken his power: “The Prince of this world has had sentence passed on him already” (John 16,11). Satan is not at the centre of Jesus' preaching, but “the struggle against the power of the demons” is part of the mission of Jesus, Who came into this world to “undo what the Devil had done” (1 John 3, 6)


PB: Professor Haag asserts that “in all the passages of the New Testament where there is mention of Satan or of the Devil, this can just as well be understood as “Sin” or “Evil”.[106]


CH: Definitely not. In Holy Scripture, we read: “The Devil was a sinner from the first.” (1 John 3, 8) You cannot say “Evil was a sinner from the first; for only a person, endowed with soul and intelligence can sin, and not “evil”. PB: Professor Haag asserts that in Holy Scripture, the demon is “a figure in a parade, with no identity of his own”;[107] that in the New Testament, the Devil appears as “the representation of evil according to the mentality of the time”; that Jesus and His Apostles were motivated “In this mentality of the time, as was the world around them.”[108]


CH: At the time of Jesus, belief in angels and demons was not an integral part of the spiritual universe. The Sadducees in particular, claimed “that there is no resurrection, that there are no angels or spirits” (Acts 23, 8)

It must also be noted that Holy Scripture has strongly condemned magic and sorcery, universally prevalent in the ancient world. Deuteronomy says: “None must be found among you to consecrate son or daughter by making them pass through the fire, to consult soothsayers, or keep watch for dream-revelations and omens; there must be no wizard, or enchanter, none who consults familiar spirits and divinations, and would receive warnings from the dead. For any man who does these things is hateful to the Lord.” (Deut. 18, 10-12)

It seems to me that this warning from the Old Testament is valid for many of the “Cultured men” of the twentieth century, who have become addicted to so many superstitions.


PB: Is it true that the wicked spirits can exert an influence over men?


CH: Holy Scripture, in the New Testament, gives, a positive answer; indeed many cases are cited where Jesus has delivered possessed people from the wicked spirit. Professors K. Rahner and H. Vorgrimler write that the influence of demons must be accepted not only where there are “extraordinary phenomena”, but also that there exists “in nature, and history, a normal, natural, explicable chain of events, a dynamic of demonical forces oriented towards evil.”[109]

Professor Heinrich Schlier declares that the demonical Forces “can become masters of the souls as well as of the bodies of men and of the world”, “so as to show their power in them and through them”; that these Forces have an ally in Me: in my egocentric tendency, and my reluctance vis-à-vis God and my neighbor.”; also that in our times, one cannot depart from the idea that the problems of the world and of history derive from evil.[110]

Between heaven and hell, there are many things about which our “cultured men” have no idea.





By Rev. Father Renz, S.D.S.



There are:

-          the teaching of Christ in Holy Scripture;

-          the teaching of the Church's Magisterium;

-          the teaching of the Pope, the representative of Christ;

These teachings are in accord - the Demon does exist.



The demon exercises a great power, not only through his interior action over men and through temptation in order to make them fall into sin and turn away from God, but also through his domination over specific people by means of possession.



Although possession can be neither proven nor invalidated by Science (Psychology, Parapsychology), nevertheless Science ventures to do so, thus exceeding its competence. Possession must be acknowledged. Even disregarding the teaching of the Magisterium and of Holy Scripture, it is evident from the experience of the Saints (for example, Saint John of the Cross; the case of a nun in the life of Saint Theresa of Avila; the holy Curé of Ars and many other Saints).

The history of the Church provides a great number of cases of possession that are not mentioned here. Prudence is certainly necessary in the belief in possession, for there are psychological maladies that are very similar to possessions. There are several phenomena or manifestations that prove that a case of possession exists, but the most conclusive is the reaction when confronted by exorcism, called in a purely intellectual way “exorcismus probativus”.

But even then, it is possible for the demons to remain in hiding, neither manifesting themselves nor reacting. If they do not react, that still does not prove that they are not present. But if they do react, that proves there is a possession. An important indicator is provided by the behavior when confronted with blessed objects - relics, holy water, medals ... but in this case, the person must not know beforehand that the objects are blessed.

Behavior in the face of ordinary water and holy water is an indication of the presence of demons. Certain people have the gift of being able to distinguish between holy water and ordinary water, but their reaction is not a furious rejection. It always depends therefore, on this reaction of furious rejection that cannot be explained naturally.

Another conclusive sign is the result of the exorcism. To quote just one example: the possessed children of Illfurth.[111] These demons were successfully expelled. After their expulsion, which extended over two years, the two little boys were absolutely normal.




(a) If there is no actual possession, the exorcism cannot succeed. Then the condition can become even worse.


(b) There are some cases of possession that have a particular objective - for example, the purification of a person who is living in sin, or the chastisement for a life of sin. This is the case particularly when people have given themselves to the Devil. Such instances are most often long-lasting and require a laborious effort on the part of the exorcist. But they are not hopeless, especially when the person has good will. (Magda, with Rev. Fr. Kofiewyk)[112]


(c) One particular type of possession consists of what is called “expiatory possession”. Such people have no personal culpability. For example, they may have been cursed.

Why is a curse effective in some cases and in other cases, not? That will always remain a mystery.

When people accept suffering on behalf of others, that can take the form of a possession. Possession brings with it terrible suffering. History shows that possessed people who have endured a great deal, do not live to an old age (the children of Illfurth). There are possessed people who suffer for men in general, for the Church, or for particular groups of people - for example, priests.


(d) When cases such as that of Nicolas Wolf, of Rippertschwand,[113] or that of Altotting[114] are considered, it may be thought that these cases have a special mission to fulfill for the Church, not only through their sufferings, but also through their revelations; to these could be added the case which is the subject of “Warnings from the Beyond” (the present book) and equally, that of Klingenberg.[115] The revelations made during these cases should be for the Church to witness and a help for the difficult times she is going through.

These cases resist exorcism until their mission is fulfilled. In the Klingenberg case, the suffering was similar to that of Christ and the death on the Cross. Annelise died of hunger and thirst.

The demon of “Warnings....” says about Klingenberg: “God has subjected this family and all who were involved in the affair to a trial beyond words; He has taken up this poor suffering soul so that her pitiful and hard life may end and she can enjoy the eternal beatitude.”

In the exorcisms of “Warnings...”, the demons have avowed: “Even if she (Annelise) did not attain eternal happiness immediately, she nevertheless was brought very high up - very high up (in Purgatory)” (June 10, 1977). The death of Annelise was a permission from God, not a failure of the exorcism.



When people are possessed, the demon does not just take possession of the soul, as is the case with grave or “mortal” sin; he takes possession of the body and psychic powers in such a way that the possessed person cannot freely control his own body, nor the forces of his mind and will. Somebody else - the demon - has taken them over. The possessed person is not able to oppose effectively what the demons wish to do through him. However, the very smallest tip of the intelligence and will can be opposed to all the evil to which the demons force this person. In such cases, there is no blame or guilt attached to the person.

Still less can one speak of blame if, during the “crisis” or after it is over, the person can remember nothing. This was, for example, the case for the possessed children of Illfurth who afterwards could remember nothing of what had happened during the time of the possession.

In the cases of “expiatory possession” in particular, there is what is called “lucid possession”; this means that the possessed person knows completely, or partly, what he is doing and saying. One then finds oneself in the presence of a particularly painful suffering which is undergone in full awareness.



Briefly: there can be sin, grave sin, which opens the door to the demons.

It can be that the person in question may have given himself to the demon by a pact signed with his own blood (cf. the case of a nun in the life of St. Theresa of Avila and Saint John on the Cross); or he may have delivered himself up to occult practices; or he may have been the object of a curse;[116] or God may have had special plans: Reparation...



Satan and possession belong to the supernatural - Science has no access to the supernatural; it concerns itself with phenomena (manifestations). If Science speaks of Satan and possession, it acts outside the limits of its own competency and is not worthy of belief. The same applies equally to Psychology, Parapsychology, and Medicine.

It is both reasonable and to be recommended when a case of possession is suspected, to think first of all of natural causes and also of psychological maladies. But reason also requires us to remain open to the possibility of a possession. A careful examination of the case ought to establish the causes for the person's condition. The ineffectiveness of the efforts of medicine in the treatment of the case can be a sign of possession. When medicine gives up, the way must stay open to exorcism, the remedy which the Church brings in accordance with Christ's order: “Cast out devils”.[117]

The error according to which Christ would have been conditioned by the mentality of his times concerning demons, runs counter to His Divinity and must be rejected;



Fundamentally, possession is not an illness; yet it can be accompanied by an illness. Often the illnesses of possessed people go away with the influence of the demon and cannot be controlled by medicine.



Exorcism is the remedy of the Church which strives to cast out the demon by prayer, by readings from the Holy Scriptures, with adjurations, summations in the Name of Jesus, etc....; the use of holy water, blessings, signs of the cross, the imposition of the stole, the imposition of hands. It would be wrong to believe that demons would vacate the premises on one single exorcism, one single summation. It is a hard struggle between the exorcist and the demons, who repeat over and over; “We are not yet obliged to leave!” That is why here also the following maxim applies: “God has the last word!”




Rev. Father Arnold Renz replies to questions and objections concerning the demoniacal revelations in Part One of this book:






(a) Christ was there Himself. He had not yet revealed His Divinity. He had no need of the witness of the demons. His Father was Witness for Him.


(b) Christ also commanded His Apostles to remain silent. After His Transfiguration on Mount Tabor, He gave this order to the three Apostles: “Do not tell anybody of what you have seen, until the Son of Man has risen from the dead.”[119]


(c) Christ prepared men progressively for the revelation of His Divinity. That is why He declined the witness of the demons. He did, however, permit them to say: “We know Who You are: the Holy One of God!”[120] He could have prevented them from making this declaration; He did not do so.






(a) The demons are not teaching us the truths of the Faith. When they speak for themselves - more particularly, when they are saying what they want to say - then they regularly, and skillfully produce a mixture of truth and error.


(b) Idle questions must not be asked. When that is done, untruthful answers must be expected. That applies not only to the demons, but also to seers and privileged souls. Unfortunately, they are often taken for Information Bureaus. For example, someone once asked the Curé of Ars: “Is my husband in Purgatory?” He replied: ''The man in question is saved. He had time to make an Act of Contrition.” On such occasions, there was always a special reason. It was not the reply to an idle question.


(c) The existence of demons is a fact. Holy Scripture informs us about the existence of Hell and of demons. The Pope speaks of the existence and action of demons. In spite of that, many do not believe in them. So the Virgin Mary says to Don Gobbi: “The Pope suffers and prays; he is on a cross which is destroying and killing him. This time, he has spoken too but his voice falls in a desert. My Church has become worse than a desert.”[121] Through possessed souls, the existence and action of the demons becomes tangible. This is also an affirmation for our belief.


(d) Many of the truths taught by the Church are today passed over in silence. For example, during these last few years, who has still spoken about Hell and demons? Hell and the demons were almost forbidden subjects for preaching in the Church, in the Kingdom of God. It was necessary for the Klingenberg affair to bring this problem back into discussion on a worldwide scale. The result - a division of minds: some believed in, others denied, the existence of both Satan and Hell. This has resulted therefore, in a denial of the facts on one hand, and a stronger belief on the other. Certainly many have begun to think about Hell and the actions of Satan. This would not have happened to such an extent if it had not been for the Klingenberg affair.


(e) We would need neither revelations from apparition sites, nor revelations from seers and privileged souls, if we were to read the Holy Scriptures more seriously. Thus, for example, Mary says to Don Gobbi: “My messages are multiplying by as many times as the voices of my ministers refuse to preach the truth. The truths which are so important for the conduct of your life today are no longer proclaimed; for example, the teaching about Paradise which awaits you; about the Cross of my Son which saves you; about sin which wounds the Heart of Jesus and my Heart; about Hell into which countless souls are rushing headlong every day; about the urgent need for prayer and penance.”


(f) If it were just the demons themselves speaking, they would refuse to make these revelations. But in these latest cases of possession, the Blessed Virgin is indeed demonstrating her power and her sovereignty. She forces the demons to express truths necessary for our times, to make revelations for the Church of today; both truths and revelations need to be brought back to mind.


(g) The teachings of the Church are rejected, as are the messages of the Blessed Virgin from the apparition sites, as are also the revelations of privileged souls. The tears, the tears of blood of the Mother, are rejected. Now the Blessed Virgin is trying yet another means of revelations through Demons.[122] But these also are in their turn being accepted only in those places where there exists, at the least, a small spark of good will.


(h) The revelations of the demons are themselves a favour from Heaven, a testimony to the loving solicitude of the Blessed Virgin.


(i) The Blessed Virgin said at the Marriage Feast of Cana: “Do whatever He tells you.”[123] But today what He tells us is not being done. The Blessed Virgin is telling us again today, in pressing terms: “Do whatever He tells you.” She is telling us, even through the medium of demons, so that we may be saved and that we may save others.


(j) As “Mother of the Church”, as the Pope called her at the Council, she wishes to do everything to save her children who were redeemed by her Son. Would souls be less important to her than to Hell, which puts everything into working and toiling — without respite for the perdition of souls?





(a) It is understood that the demons seek only to harm us. They do not want to say what runs counter to Hell. They wish only to harm the Church, wherever that is possible for them. But as Goethe made the Devil say: “I am the Power which always wishes evil and who yet always does good.”[124]


(b) It is precisely in these cases of possession, that the power of the Blessed Virgin is shown in a tangible way, as she forces the demons to proclaim what is good, what is true.


(c) The demons are unwilling to make these revelations. They make them only because they are forced to, under the powerful authority and by order of the Blessed Virgin, and by order of the Most Holy Trinity. They make these revelations only when they are called upon to do so: in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in the name of the Most blessed Virgin, of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in the name of Jesus; when they are called upon to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. (In the text, these summations made to the demons are for the most part abridged or omitted, through lack of space and so that the reading will not be too tedious). But, without these summations, this sort of dialogue can -and did - happen:

The demon: Now, you've got a bit of a cheek! - Why? - You just say: “Tell the truth!” If you speak only in your own name, we are not obliged to say things as they really are.


(d) These revelations are a gift from Heaven to the Church. If they are complied with, they can accomplish a lot of good; for many souls, they can signify spiritual well-being and salvation, and they can be the start of the renewal of the Church. That is why the possessed people must suffer horribly - suffer right to the limits of endurance; thus, for example, the young Annelise Michel, who died after exorcism.

“We tormented her beyond all measure, said the demon from “Warnings from the Beyond”, to the point where she would have had to surrender and fall into despair, and we were very hopeful that she would despair and would fall into our clutches. But our plans fell through. She held fast and all of us demons were punished most terribly by Lucifer.” And the demons were forced to admit: “Even if she did not go straight to Heaven, she is nevertheless highly placed (in Purgatory), very highly.”

Those who know about the life of the possessed woman in “Warnings” can get some idea of the unspeakable sufferings that she has endured for many years and is still enduring. Such sufferings and such a life are a guarantee of the authenticity of this possession and of these revelations. As a prelude to the appearance of this book and these revelations, she suffered cruelly. That is why this book will be an important work both for the good of souls and the good of the Church.


(e) Hell is concerned with and seeks the destruction of the book. If the Blessed Virgin and the Holy Trinity had not-watched over the book, the obstacles and the difficulties would not have been able to he surmounted. The book would never have been published. The demons themselves have been forced to admit this. However, those involved with it were sure of this, even without the diabolical revelations. These revelations have done nothing except confirm what they already know.[125]


(f) For the exorcisms and adjurations during the period June 10 to July 13. 1977, I can say that I confined myself to the prescriptions of the “Rituale Romanum”, according to which the exorcist must not allow himself to descend in trivial conversation, nor to ask idle or curious questions, especially about the future, and about secret matters, this not being part of his role. (g) The whole development of the “Warnings” has shown that the Blessed Virgin - apparently as a last resort - has wanted to say by means of the demons, what is useful to the Church and for the good of souls. It is with this in mind that questions have been put and new revelations demanded in return, but “nothing but the truth and what the Blessed Virgin wishes.”


(h) Before important revelation, particular prayers were demanded:[126] “so that we (demons) may be obliged to tell the truth.”


(i) If the demons did not speak the “language of Hell”, a possession would not be authentic. The demons always come back to expressing their own point of view. The reader will easily recognize when the demons are expressing their own opinions.


(j) The demons are bound to the instrument in their manner of speech. So it is possible that the ideas of the instrument (the possessed person) are mingled with their revelations. That is why it is always necessary to compare the revelations with the certain teachings of the Church. “Scrutinize it all carefully, retaining only what is good,” says Saint Paul (1 Thess. 5, 21)


(k) At a time when the demons are especially powerful - and that seems to be the case today - it seems supremely fitting that the Blessed Virgin, “victorious in all God's battles”, who will crush the head of Satan, is forcing them to make revelations against their will, for the good of men and of the Church. This also is a triumph for Mary.

Throughout the time this book was being prepared, many prayers were said. The demons themselves, on behalf of the Blessed Virgin, were always asking for the repetition of certain specific prayers. “Pray much to the Holy Spirit!”

If the readers for their part accede to this demand, they will certainly profit greatly from this reading, and they will receive enlightenment, even if all the revelations have not been written (and translated) with as much clarity as desirable.





Part Two.

July 13, 1977, (Abridged Text)


January 16, 1976.

April 25,1977.

June 10,1977.

July 13, 1977 - Beelzebub.

September 15, 1977.

July 13, 1977 (Conclusion)

April 25,1977.

June 18, 1977 (conclusion)

June 29, 1977 (Saints Peter and Paul)

June 18, 1977 (continuation)








[1] This means that the Truth revealed by God is as true in Heaven as on earth, since it is Divine.

[2] NOTE FOR ENGLISH VERSION: The French adjective ‘ordonné’ can also mean ‘ordained’. It was felt that if the meaning here was that he was a priest, it would have been more clearly stated, but this, of course, is a matter of opinion only.

[3] An explanation for this could be in the message of Our Lady at Marienfried (Germany, 1945): “The demon knows how to blind men so well that even the best of them let themselves be deceived.” In the present case, doubtless a number of people have not reached the point of yielding to the evidence. Or of admitting it: both to themselves...and to others. Or again, they convince themselves very easily that it should not be disclosed. Could this not be said as much of the loyal cardinals, who know, but think it better to remain silent, awaiting the hour of God?

[4] “But their eyes were held last, so that they could not recognize him” writes Saint Luke (24,16) about the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, who did not recognize Jesus, their companion on the road. Why couldn't the same phenomenon of blindness be reproduced in the present case, by the action of demons this time, with the permission of God? Everywhere here, we come up against obvious signs of the triumphant subversion of our time, spawned by Satan, and of the “mystery of iniquity” at work. (2 Thess. 2,7)

(ADDITIONAL NOTE: It is interesting that in his translation of the New Testament Into English, published in 1945, Monsignor Ronald Knox translates this as “THE CONSPIRACY OF REVOLT”)

[5] The existence of the activity of this double are proven, for example, by a detail which all the world can verity: that of the color of his eyes. The Holy Father, Pope Paul VI, has indeed as the demon has just said, clear bright eyes of a sky-blue color, while those of the impostor double are of a color tending towards green. There are many other differences, anatomical and others, all easily seen, given by Kolberg in his work.

One can't ask the members of Pope Paul's family for information, because they do not answer such questions. Would it be because they have been subjected to pressure, or even to actual threats? Indeed, for the members of the occult Power, 'non-violence' is a term used only for export and for propaganda.

[6] The expression “imitation Pope” follows and effectively corrects what could be understood by the erroneous expression, “a false Pope”: firstly, because he (the impostor) is a simple understudy of the authentic Pope, Paul VI; and secondly, because he is only a puppet in the hands of those who have created him and who maintain him in his position - the supreme, occult heads of the Synarchy, or the worldwide occult Power.

[7] He began to make his appearance towards the end of 1974. He was often seen during Holy Year. Then he supplanted Paul VI in a more or less permanent way from September 1975.

[8] Even to the feel of him? Perhaps, but only in a limited way. Surgery can modify a fingerprint superficially: by burning, scarring...however that is immediately obvious. But it absolutely cannot create a new one (the old print always remains) and still less can it make it resemble another fingerprint.

[9] Beelzebub-Exorcism of November 7, 1977: “Look at your old man on the throne. So that he can still stretch his legs normally, and go that he is not overcome by poison, give him fortifiers secretly. Give him fortifiers so that he does not die after his eightieth birthday. Unless you do, he must die, but that will be the best thing for him. He should not have wished to guide the Church so piously. He would have done better yielding to those cardinals.

[10] In his book: “Conspiracy in the Vatican?” recommended by the demons later during this exorcism, Theodore Kolberg states that since at least the second half of September 1975, Pope Paul has been cloistered and replaced by an imposter double. It is certain that the revelations from Hell on this subject are incomplete and unfinished. The refusals of the demons to speak, during the exorcism, indicate this clearly.

[11] See note 126 above.

[12] “The true Pope has had his heart broken on account of Mindzenty, on account of this cardinal.. He suffered terribly and pitied the Cardinal... “What happened to that poor Mindzenty did not come about through the true Pope Paul VI. Even we in Hell (he points downward) could not understand how we succeeded in getting this poor cardinal put in the lowest place, such a disgusting place, while repugnant people such as Kung, Haag or others like them, are installed in the best places.” (Avowal of Judas Iscariot, Exorcism of January 23, 1978)

[13] We do not publish their names, quoted by Beelzebub during the exorcism (unedited) of March 7, 1977. But, in fact, they are well known, especially one of them.

[14] (3) Communism, Freemasonry - the two faces of subversive Janus, of the Occult Power: Communism for the poor, Freemasonry for the rich.

Avowal of Judas Iscariot, January 23, 1978: “Freemasonry will soon have penetrated into the last nooks and crannies of your churches in order to destroy them under its pestilential blast, which they (the freemasons) consider to be an agreeable wind of well-being, but which is the pestilential blast of evil...”

[15] (1) Exorcism of September 15, 1977:

E: Would it not be our duty to liberate the Pope in Rome so that he can flee the Vatican in order to be free and be able to tell the Catholic Church what he would like to tell her?

Judas: In the current situation, that would be senseless because, firstly, he must endure his martyrdom as has been predestined for him. Secondly - this could actually be the main reason - those cardinals and everyone who is mixed up with these iniquities, are so cunning and astute, that you would achieve nothing unless there were a miracle.”

[16] Theodor Kolberg: “Umsturz im Vatikan?” published by the author, Ernsbergerstrasse 19, 8000 Munich 60, Federal Republic of Germany, January 1977. A French edition is under way (ref. Jean Marty)

[17] The voice recording, consisting of the recording (followed by analysis) of the vibrations of the voice is characteristic of each individual and cannot be faked, in exactly the same way as it is for fingerprints.

[18] (3) At the end of his book, Kolberg compares the voice-recordings of Paul VI (Easter 1975) and his double (Christmas 1975), after which date Paul VI, confined since September 1975, practically never appeared again in public audiences. It was the impostor who celebrated the Office of the Nativity in 1975. We have the proof of it.

Has Paul VI revealed this secret privately? We do not know. It is a mystery. God wishes to keep him alive, according to several private revelations and also to Beelzebub himself: “He is a martyr...it is a permission from on High.”

[19] In these exorcisms therefore, the demons are simply the messengers, the voice boxes, of the Most Blessed Virgin.

[20] It is during this exorcism that Judas declares, by order of the Most Blessed Virgin: “The book (of Warnings) must go to the whole world... just as it is now, with an imprimatur if possible.”

[21] If the Pope does not have the formal intention of suppressing the indulgences, they remain valid.

[22] Complementary to the revelations on indulgences; “An indulgence is the remission before God of the temporary punishment due for sins, the guilt of which has already been forgiven. A remission which the faithful, suitably disposed and on certain prescribed conditions, may obtain through the intervention of the Church, which, in its capacity as minister of the Redemption, dispenses and applies with authority the treasure of satisfactions of Christ and of all the Saints.”

(Apostolic Constitution INDULGENTIARUM DOCTRINA of Paul VI of January 1,1967, art. 1)

[23] John 20, 29 The demon, although unwilling, bearing witness for the Scriptures!

[24] Matt. 11, 25

[25] ... to us demons, who would prefer to keep things vague!

[26] This chapter merits being read very carefully — with a completely open mind - so that the reader may be brought through the hesitations, the concealments, the beating about the bush of the demon, Beelzebub, in his avowals, to a sound judgment. The conclusion that we draw from it is that, if the idea of the Council was not in itself bad, then its consequences — even while the Council was still taking place — were, and are, to an unimaginable degree.

The cause for this is simple, always the same: the interior occult action of the enemy Forces, which the holy Pope, John XXIII, seems to have failed to recognize, except at the end of his pontificate; and of which the Holy Father, Paul VI, did become aware... a little late.

[27] There has been a persistent rumor that John XXIII died from poisoning (the same as for his predecessor, Pius XII, in whose case it is probable. Cf Kolberg's book: “The Deception of the Century”)

In John XXIII's case, for the moment, there are simply strong presumptions. As for Paul VI, it can be said that he is being kept miraculously alive by the Lord.

[28] ADDITIONAL NOTE - It is obvious in this instance, that “up there” does not refer to Those in heaven, but to those on earth, i.e. Pope John XXIII and others, and that the term relates directly to the previous reference to “down below” (in Hell).

[29] There is no doubt it would have required here an exorcist who was also a professional inquisitor, such as an examining magistrate with a prisoner, to push the demons to the stage that they didn't have a leg to stand on. For it is certain that the first idea of the Council was manifested by Pius XI as early as 1922. Pius XII also thought about it (in 1948). John XXIII made the decision to call it together.

[30] And Paul VI, also, was driven by ideas of “progress”. Remember the message received by Jeanette of France on I August 1976, and published with other extracts from the pamphlet “Parce Domine” in a separate leaflet in October 1976: “The Pope has opened the door to everything which is now happening, but he is paying for it with tears of blood.”

[31] The key to the mystery is there: “...these will be days of vengeance, bringing fulfillment of all that has been written.” (Luke 21, 22) And what if written in the Scriptures, St. Paul has given notice of: “Already the mystery of iniquity ** is at work” (2 Thess. 2, 7). It is at work in the Church.

**Note; The Knox translation refers to “the conspiracy of revolt.”

[32] This is true only in the light of the explanation that follows: “We (the demons) did our utmost...”

[33] To take all things into consideration, as far as is possible, it is advisable to read the work of Rev. Fr. Ralph Wiltgen, the director of an independent press agency in Rome, covering the whole Council: “Le Rhin se jette dans le Tibre. Le Concile inconnu.” (The Rhine flows into the Tiber. The Unkown Council) French edition published in 1973; the original American edition, with imprimatur, published in 1967 - English title?)

[34] “The anomalies of the conciliar texts have allowed treachery to rush into the Church, from the moment these texts were put into effect. And what the enemies have not done, the gullible ones have carried into effect.” (Pamphlet “Le pouvoir occulte a l'assaut de l'Eglise”, published in February 1975).

[35] It would astonish us very much if all the texts approved by the Conciliar Fathers were the work of the Holy Spirit! We wrote at the beginning of 1975 (2½ years prior to these revelations); “When a jurist proceeds to a careful examination of the text of the Constitution on the Holy Liturgy (December 4, 1963, he finds there a lack of precision and contradictions, so that he is automatically and legitimately led to ask the question, to find out what can be the cause of these anomalies.” And we concluded in favor of the actions of the ecclesiastic conspiracy (the “treacherous cardinals and the disloyal prelates”) in the very bosom of the Council.

[36] This does not mean, purely and simply, that the Holy Spirit was absent; if for no other reason than that God is present everywhere. But, instead of having the positive and intrinsic role of inspiration (in the strictly biblical sense), which He always should have had, He has had to be content, out of respect for human free will, to an extrinsic role of preservation from too serious blunders.

This double aspect of things is seen clearly in two typical examples: the NOTA PRAEVIA of Paul VI, to correct the dogmatic Constitution on the Church; the first two paragraphs of the Declaration on Religious Liberty, to correct the rest of this document. In these two cases, the Holy Spirit makes use of the Pope to counterbalance the dangers of the conciliar writings.

[37] “Today” - that is, June 18. In spite of the statement which may be read in another of the exorcisms, it is evident that Heaven, which forces the demons to speak here, does not disregard the new liturgical Calendar, which has transferred the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, previously celebrated on August 22.

[38] The Rosary

[39] Beelzebub would like to ridicule the prayers of the Holy Souls.

[40] The souls in Purgatory do know the judgment that God has pronounced on them. But it could be, perhaps that in this inferior level of Purgatory, they undergo a darkening of the mind, justifying this assertion of Beelzebub, who, however, corrects it immediately in his very next answer: “They bless God in complete submission that He has sent them there.”

[41] The sacrifices of others, which have allowed these saved souls to freely say their “Yes”; to make an act of love of God.

[42] The gaining of the indulgences TOTIES-QUOTIES, a plenary indulgence for the dead, is attached to each visit to a church or cemetery on the two days of All Saints and All Souls, each visit to be accompanied by certain prayers for the dead.

[43] Among these treasures, there is the application for the benefit of the Souls in Purgatory of the graces from six Holy Masses, all related to the Passion of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, Redeemer and Savior.

[44] The fact is that indulgences are no longer mentioned in the Church. Consequently, the practice of saying indulgenced prayers has fallen into disuse.

[45] This refers to days and years of the world, early penances of former times, for which we do not know the corresponding “Purgatory time”.

[46] This is exactly what we wrote in the booklet and leaflet on the New Mass which appeared in February 1975: the Holy Father having in no way expressly manifested his intention of suppressing the Rite of Saint Pius V, which has still remained in force, being able to be used, freely by any priest who so desires. To forbid him this in the name of obedience is a breach of trust and a violation of conscience. This is a conclusive case where the refusal to obey a distorted Episcopal authority, which the demons speak of elsewhere, is a sacred duty. It is true that it requires much courage...

[47] John 14, 6.

[48] Three more than those who are already at work.

[49] As a matter of fact, in this instance the word “calm” is a more apt description for the soul than the word “peace”. An artificial calm, inspired by the demon, a misleading calm. But it is not peace of soul.

[50] The seven capital sins: Pride, Covetousness, Lust, Gluttony, Anger, Envy, Sloth.

[51] The parents can prepare the child themselves, in the event of failure on the part of the responsible priest, the demon says here. But, earlier, they MUST do so if such a situation should arise. In actual fact, therefore, parents MUST act in this way in such a situation.

[52] One thing has struck us here. The demon says that the Christian who, through ignorance, communicates in the hand “is not committing a serious sin” This indicates that nevertheless, he may have committed a sin by so doing, although not a serious one.

This explains, when one rereads the beginning of the demon's warning, Christians' acting in this way because “they do not wish to stand out from the crowd nor to be conspicuous” that clearly means: through cowardice for certain, when it is not through pride.

This brings to mind the words of the Holy Curé of Ars, saying that after lust and theft, ignorance was the most widespread sin. Yes! Because ignorance is often culpable.


[53] This means the prayers of the Mass.

[54] (1) These two paragraphs need careful reading to be understood properly. If the lack of intention of the priests is an established fact, if the faithful know it with certainty, then to assist at the Mass, and particularly to communicate at it, is a physical act of idolatry. One should stay away altogether.

But one must not fall into facile suspicion, sometimes tinged with prejudice. The lack of intention of the priest must never be presumed. And it must be deduced from precise and conclusive indications; If in doubt, it is, by and large, necessary to assist at the Mass.

(2) Vatican II - Constitution on the Holy Liturgy: “The use of the Latin language... will be preserved in the Latin Rite.” Latin, the language of universality and unity, can be easily learnt by the faithful in a very short time, for the principal prayers - those of the Mass in particular - which are repeated from time to time, are always the same.

(3) Let us remember that the Tridentine Mass is one and the same as the Mass of Saint Pius V.

[55] Vatican II - Constitution on the Holy Liturgy: “The use of the Latin language... will be preserved in the Latin Rite.” Latin, the language of universality and unity, can be easily learnt by the faithful in a very short time, for the principal prayers - those of the Mass in particular - which are repeated from time to time, are always the same.

[56] Let us remember that the Tridentine Mass is one and the same as the Mass of Saint Pius V.

[57] When someone expressed surprise in the presence of His Holiness, Paul VI, at the disappearance of the exorcisms from the new Rite of Baptism, the Pope replied: “Ah, well! That was done without reference to me” (Private confidence).

[58] Even quite young children!


[59] This is the fourth time during the course of the game exorcism, that the demon, Beelzebub, speaks of the diabolical-masonic collaboration whose objective is the destruction of the Church.

[60] Beelzebub to the exorcist (November 7,1977): “Not so much holy water; you would think it was raining. We are going to have to open up our umbrellas against this rubbish. Don't do it!” The demon has said in a previous exorcism that holy water puts them to flight.

[61] The exact formula is “through the sense of taste and power of speech.” (Layman's Daily Missal Prayer Book & Ritual 1962.)

[62] In the ritual for the administration of the Sacraments (every bit as much as in the rite of the Mass), each word, each gesture, each promise... in as much as they have been fixed in the name of Christ... has its own strength, its irreplaceable value, since it derives from Christ. To change the smallest part is to diminish the graces received.

[63] One must indeed distinguish between the sacramental “character” and the graces which flow from it. The latter can vary a great deal, while the former is always the same (provided it is valid).

[64] This, of course, refers to the “left-hand of Christ”, which is for the reprobates described as “the goats” of the Last Judgment. “...He will set the sheep on his right, and the goats on his left... Then He will say to those who are on His left hand, in their turn. Go far from me, you that are accursed, into that eternal fire which has been prepared for the devil and his angels.” (Matt 25, 33 & 41)

[65] Matt 10, 32

[66] The exorcist priest senses, or guesses (from the attitude of the possessed woman) that the demon has more revelations to make, which explains the repetition here.

[67] “Tannhauser”, an opera by Richard Wagner (1845). For incurring damnation in the arms of Venus, Tannhauser must go to Rome to beg for his salvation. Pursued by the curses of the Pope, who refuses to absolve him, he calls again on Venus; but a pure song rises up: it is Elisabeth who gives up her life while asking pardon for the sinner; then Tannhauser kneels beside the body of his fiancée and rejoins her in death, while the Divine Mercy is manifested by a miracle.

[68] “De Vrouwe van alle Volkeren” in the original Dutch title.

[69] Michel Servant concluded his investigation into the Amsterdam messages as follows: “The facts in Amsterdam have their origin, we believe, in a crafty maneuver of The Evil One. Many are falling into the trap.” (Written in October 1971, published in May 1972)

[70] Michel Servant wrote about this formula: “The blessed name of Mary must be exalted and not diminished. One sees very well here the wound oozing its venom”.

[71] See INTERPOLATED NOTE which follows.

[72] None of the other great published messages of the Blessed Virgin: Kerizinen, Garabandal, San Damiano... have obtained the imprimatur; but they have all been refused by Episcopal authority (not by the Vatican).

[73] “Warnings from the Beyond”

[74] idem

[75] See note 194.

[76] This will, therefore, be the triumph of the True Mass, of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, such as Jesus instituted it at the Last Supper and as He wanted it for His Church, which will then be victorious.

[77] In the sense that it has the fullness of what constitutes the Priesthood, because of its unique, authentic reality.

[78] “Your Church - to be precise, your Church at the moment, in its present state -... this is not the Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. It is a Church of dissimulators, odious dissimulators... Mgr. Lefebvre is for many a terrible example who reminds them of their duty. They think: if he is treated the way he is, how would we be treated... we do not want to lose our little job... nor, above all, do we want to be humiliated, to be belittled, nor to create a scandal - that is what they are thinking.” (Avowal of Judas Iscariot. Exorcism of Jan. 23, 1978)

[79] One of the numerous occasions on which our bishops are fooled.

[80] According to the opinion of the demon, who is taking revenge as much as he can for the thousands of souls whom the sanctity of the Curé of Ars has snatched away from him. Has he not just admitted that “no doctorate, nor any other title, can be compared to the good done by priests who still have the true understanding of souls”?

[81] See note 10.

[82] “It is five minutes before mid-day” - thus Michel Servant subtitled his book... in 1972. “It is five minutes past mid-day,” the Blessed Virgin announces in 1977. This means that the Cup is running over, that the time of the Chastisements has arrived; and that a final reprieve from the Infinite Mercy is the only thing which, like a miracle, is holding back the anger of God...

[83] The ecclesiastics and lay people ''in the wind” having done the rest.

[84] One goes to meet men, and finishes up by abandoning God.

[85] The conditions for fasting were previously: complete fasting from the midnight preceding the Communion. During the last few years, the Holy See has reduced this delay to one hour before Communion, with some exceptions with regard to drinks.

[86] This text was a revelation for us, not much that it astonished us, but that it was clearly just one application of the infernal conspiracy, hatched since the dawn of Christianity, to destroy the Church.

[87] In this connection, one can compare the following passage from the Council of Trent (Session XIII, chapter 8):

“In the sacramental reception (of the Eucharist) the custom has always been, in the Church of God (therefore in the Universal Church and not just in the Latin Church), that the laics receive Communion from (the hand of) the priests (a sacerdotibus), and that the celebrant priests give Communion to themselves.”

The custom therefore, affirms the Council of Trent, has always been that the Holy Eucharist is received: by laics, from the priests; by the celebrant, from himself. This means, therefore, that laics receive It in the mouth; it they were to receive it in the hand, even coming from the priest, this would be the same as giving Communion to themselves. This distinction established by the Council could have no other reason for existence - it would not make sense. The Council concludes thus, to make it quite clear for us:

“(This) custom must be maintained, with good reason, and rightly, as originating in the Apostolic Tradition”.

This last part of the Conciliar sentence seems to us to be very important, for it seems to make it very plain that the custom which was established during the first centuries of Christianity, of distributing Communion in the hand (which was covered by a clean, white cloth, and the Eucharist carried straight from that to the mouth) was an exception which was not justified, because it was against the Thought and the Will of Christ, as well as the manner of action of the Apostles; and also, we can now be certain, Christ's manner of action with His Apostles at the Last Supper.

[88] The ordinary attitude for prayer among the Ancients was “standing” (Cf. Luke 18, 11-13): “The Pharisee stood upright and made this prayer in his heart... and the Publican stood far off... and said: God, be merciful to me...”. However, kneeling and even prostration at the end of supplications and adoration was not unknown to them. Perhaps it was the very humble Mary who, through her example, gave this attitude of kneeling the privileged place that it was to have later in the Church.

[89] This affirmation of the demon, which at first reading seems fallacious, makes more sense in the light of our explanation in note 204. Did the Holy Council of Trent have their suspicions about this?

[90] Dialogue, (with its sister dialectics) is the number one weapon of the diabolic and destructive strategy of the occult Power of High Freemasonry... just as is change.

[91] We recommend that the reader, particularly members of the Priesthood and medical practitioners, read this account very attentively. The life of the person concerned, from her very earliest age, is characteristic of the interference of diabolical ascendancy, and of a therapy, useless because of being inadequate, doing nothing but add to the intolerable sufferings of the victim. But God had His plan...

[92] Could this phosphorus deficiency originate from a parasitic action on the part of the diabolical Powers? “Phosphorus” is one of Satan's names for the “initiated”.

[93] Mechtilde Thaller, a German mystic and stigmatist, who was known as “Ancilla Domini” and who died in 1919, was told by her Guardian Angel: “We, the Angels, will never be able to suffer for God, not even in obedience to His Will. And if we were capable of envy, there is one single thing that we would be envious of: that is being able to suffer, since we are not able to do so.” And again: “The beatitude of the Saints is much greater than ours, because they have been able to suffer for God.” (F. von Lama, “Les Anges” (The Angels), Stein am Rhein, Switzerland 1976, with imprimatur. Ed. Resiac, Montsurs)

[94] From the Bishop of Croire, Switzerland.

[95] This took place at Montichiari in Italy. Since then, the exorcist priests have used the exorcism of Leo XIII. The demons are 19 in number (exorcism of November 7, 1977). Their names have been given.

[96] Text proper to the French edition

[97] Complete and unedited text, taken from the researches of Michel Servant. Father Lamy's biography, by Paul Biver: “Le Père Lamy, Apôtre et Mystique” (Father Lamy, Apostle and Mystic) simply makes passing reference to this incident.

[98] Included in French edition only.

[99] Karl Rahner and Herbert Vorgrimler: “Petit Dictionnaire de Theologie” (Little Dictionary of Theology) 7th Ed., Fribourg-en-Brisgau, 1968, p. 49.

[100] Denonger-Schonmetzer, 800. Henri Denzinger, S.J., Catholic German theologian (died 1883).


[101] Denzinger-Bannwart, 237-238 (1937 edition)

[102] “Gaudium et Spes, 22 (cf. Ad Gentes, 3)

[103] “Lumen Gentium”, 17.

[104] Exegesis = Exposition, especially of Scripture (The Concise Oxford Dictionary)

[105] Jog. Ratzinger, “Adieu au Diable?”, 1973 (“Farewell to the Devil?”)

[106] (5) Herbert Haag, “Abschied vom Teufel” (“End of Belief in the Devil”), Einsiedeln, 1969, p. 48

[107] “Belief in the Devil”, in collaboration, Tübingen, 1974, p. 205

[108] H. Haag. “End of Belief in the Devil”, pp.47,49.

[109] H. Haag, “End of belief in the Devil”, pp. 47,49.

[110] “Besinnung auf das Neue Testament” (Reflections on the New Testament), vol 2, Fribourg-en-Br., 1964, pp 146-148, 157.

[111] Abbe Sutler: “Aux prises avec Satan. Les possédés D'Illfurth (1868)”... ed. Résiac, 53150 Montsurs, 1977. (In the Clutches of Satan. The Possessed of Illfurth.)

[112] Rev. Fr. Adolphe Rodewyk, S.J.: “Dämonische Besessenheit Heute” (Demoniac Possession Today – Magda), ed. Paul Pattloch, 08750, Aschaffenburg, 1976.

[113] Abbe Jean Erni: Teufelspredigt” (Sermons from the Devil - Nicolas Wolf, of Rippertschwand) Ed. Siegfried Hacker, D-8031 Grobenzell, 1975.

[114] “Teufels-predigt von Altotting” (Sermons from the Devil from Allotting) Publication B. Gunther.

[115] Note from French edition: definitive information on the facts concerning Klingenberg is not available.

[116] Which includes people who are the victims of voodoo, acts of black (and even of white) magic, sorcery, etc.

[117] “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out devils.” (Matt. 10, 8)

[118] “And there, in the Synagogue, was a man possessed by an unclean spirit who cried aloud: ...I recognize Thee for what Thou art, the Holy One of God. Jesus spoke to him threateningly: Silence! He said. Come out of him.” (Mark 1, 23-25)

[119] Matthew 17, 9

[120] Luke 4, 34

[121] Don Stefano Gobbi, a priest from Milan, has been receiving messages from the Virgin since 1973, addressed to “Her Beloved Priests”, which have resulted in the setting up of the Marian Movement of Priests, then the Marian Movement (for lay people) that is linked with it. Within these messages is a spiritual treasure offered to us by our Heavenly Mother from which many souls of priests and of the faithful have drawn strength, light peace joy... and perseverance. The Marian Movement of Priests has been endorsed by the Holy Father, Paul VI.

[122] After these, if their evidence is also rejected, will any other door remain open to Heaven through which she can send her messages? Or rather, have we here the last warnings of Our Lord before the Great Warning of Garabandal, after which the Great Chastisements will commence?

[123] John 2, 5

[124] Because “everything helps to secure the good of those who love God.” (Rom 8, 28) It is obvious that whatever the demon does is evil in itself.

[125] The observations made by father Renz for the German edition are just as valid for the French (and English) editions. The subtlety and the deceitfulness of the demons are absolutely unbelievable. It is not for nothing that Scripture calls him: “THE Evil One” |Matt. 13, 19)

[126] By the demons themselves, under orders from Heaven.


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