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Was the Third Secret of Fatima stolen from the Pope's apartment in 1969?

"How I warned and warned that satan would enter into the highest realms of the hierarchy in Rome. The Third Secret, My child, is that satan would enter into My Son's Church." - Our Lady of the Roses, May 13, 1978

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Was the REAL Third Secret of Fatima stolen?

In November, 1969, the agency Italia published sensational news, which various journals hastened to repeat:

"In the month of August, 1969, while Pope Paul VI was resting at Castelandolfo, several pieces of artwork in his Vatican apartment were repainted.

"On this occasion, one morning a papal chamberlain noticed that a burglary had been committed in the Pope's office: a paperweight made of precious metals, the work of Benvenuto Cellini, a crucifix and a ring had disappeared, the library had been broken into and some dossiers taken. Among these dossiers was one containing the third Secret of Fatima." 

The Vatican vigorously denied the news of the burglary. The Italian agency, to give credence to its information, then claimed that the Vatican had appealed to the services of SID, the Italian counter-intelligence agency. (Brother Michael of the Holy Trinity, The Whole Truth About Fatima: The Third Secret, Vol. III, p. 656)


Many indications that a false "Third Secret" was presented to the world on June 26, 2000 by the Vatican

We know that the Catholic Church was commanded to release the Third Secret to the world no later than 1960, as Sister Lucy explained, "because the Blessed Virgin wishes it so." (Read more)  But the Pope and Church leaders did not obey.

Pope John XXIII read the real Third Secret on August 17, 1959 and Pope Paul VI on June 27, 1963, so the wax seals on the Third Secret envelope had already been broken. If the Third Secret really was stolen in 1969, was a false "third secret" put in its place by the robber? Or by agents in the Church?  This would fit with a long series of lies and coverups surrounding the real Third Secret of Fatima:

1. evidence of forgery: A forensic investigation into the document released by the Vatican on June 26, 2000 as the "third secret" pointed to a forgery (Read more, Speckin report, page 1, Speckin report, page 2). Robert Kullman, the forensic expert who examined the handwriting in the Vatican document released in 2000, versus authentic letters of Sister Lucy, stated: "It is my opinion that the number of differences noted in my comparison indicates that it is unlikely the Questioned Document  'Third Secret' was written by the same person who authored the purported known writings of Sister Lucy."

On the outer Third Secret envelope: Capital 'S' displayed twice on the envelope (print-style capital 'S', Sister Lucy's typical writing style)

On the alleged 'Third Secret' document released by the Vatican on June 26, 2000: Samples of capital 'S' are all in cursive, uncharacteristic of Sister Lucy's consistent writing style (see samples below).

2. Sister Lucy's handwriting on the Third Secret envelopes does not match handwriting on the June 26, 2000 document released by the Vatican (note that Sister Lucy wrote both the text of the Third Secret and instructions on the Third Secret envelopes on January 3, 1944). Sister Lucy's characteristic print style capital "S" is on the envelopes, but NOWHERE in the Vatican's June 26, 2000 document. The Vatican document shows only an uncharacteristic cursive-style capital "S": (Read more). Photos of the Third Secret envelope are available in Christoper Ferrara's book, The Secret Still Hidden.

Samples of Sister Lucy's writing over a 62-year period compared to the alleged third secret released on June 26, 2000
(note that only the document released by the Vatican in 2000 shows a cursive capital "S".  All of these other writings
by Sister Lucy used a print capital "S", including the writing on the envelope of the Third Secret.

December 17, 1927

May 29, 1930 

November 17, 1935

alleged third secret January 3, 1944 (released by the Vatican in 2000)

April 13, 1980

July 13, 1989

Cardinal Bertone, holding one of the envelopes of the Third Secret with the words of Sister Lucy clearly visible, which reads: "By express order of Our Lady, this envelope can only be opened in 1960 by the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon or the Bishop of Leiria." It should be noted that the Vatican's commentary on the June 26, 2000 "third secret" states that now Sister Lucy says it was not Our Lady who chose 1960: "It was not Our Lady. I fixed the date..."
Yet Sister Lucy's writing on the envelope bears witness to the truth. The person posing as Sister Lucy in 2000 was caught in a lie.
3. Father Joaquin Alonso was the official archivist of Fatima. In 1975, Father Alonso's monumental 24 volume history of Fatima was suppressed: In 1975, Father Alonso's 24 volumes of 800 pages each were ready for publication.
This monumental work on the Message of Fatima included at least 5,396 documents. The presses were literally stopped by the new Bishop of Fatima, Monsignor do Amaral, preventing Father Alonso's ten years of research from reaching the public. Two of the twenty-four volumes were eventually published (in 1992 and 1999, respectively), but only in a heavily edited form. [Note: What were the Church leaders afraid of?] (Read more...)

4. Cardinal Bertone denied the fact that the Third Secret was to be revealed in 1960, and was proven wrong when he was compelled to show the Third Secret envelope to the world on Italian television on May 31, 2007 (see picture at right). Why would Cardinal Bertone lie about the fact that the Blessed Virgin Mary had commanded that the Third Secret be released in 1960?

5. Sister Lucy was silenced in 1960: Sister Lucy was officially forbidden to speak about the Third Secret and could receive no visitors except close relatives and people she had known for a long time. Even her own confessor of many years, Father Aparicio, returned from Brazil and was not allowed to see her. (Read more...)

6. The year 1972 was not mentioned in the Vatican's version of the "third secret": (Read more...), (Read also...)

7. The Vatican document released on June 26, 2000 meets none of the requirements of the genuine Third Secret of Fatima. (Read more...)


The REAL Third Secret stolen in 1969 would explain several mysteries:


1) One of the great obstacles to accepting the fact that a phony "third secret" was put forward by the Vatican, is that this happened on Pope St. John Paul II's watch. It is not plausible that Pope John Paul II would have had any part in such a plot to deceive the whole Church, being the holy Pope and now canonized saint that he now is. How do we explain the facts? The most reasonable explanation: he was deceived.

If the REAL Third Secret was stolen and a false version inserted in its place in 1969, only Sister Lucy would be able to truly corroborate its authenticity, or lack of authenticity. There have been numerous articles written on the possibility that an "impostor Sister Lucy" was used to falsify the authentic Fatima message, regarding the consecration of Russia and the Third Secret (Read more, watch video). If such was the case, this impostor could have deceived Pope John Paul II into believing the phony "third secret" released on June 26, 2000 was authentic.

2) If the REAL Third Secret was stolen in 1969 and replaced by a forgery, this would also explain Our Lady's message at Bayside on June 18, 1986 stating that Sister Lucy must come forward and tell (not read) the Third Secret word for word. If the original Third Secret document was destroyed, there would be nothing left to read, only Sister Lucy's memory recalling the words of the REAL Third Secret given to her by Our Lady of Fatima in 1917: "I wish at this time, My children, to repeat again the need to write, to speak, to meet with the Holy Father in Rome, and plead with him to have Lucy come forward and tell the Third Secret word for word, as I give to you each evening on My appearances upon the grounds of Bayside, and Flushing Meadows." (read message) (listen to message). Our Lady of the Roses said that Sister Lucy was still alive in 1986, contrary to some theories that allege that she had died prior to 1960.

3) If the REAL Third Secret was stolen in 1969 and replaced with an false version, this would help explain the contradictions and confusion surrounding it: There would arise conflicting stories about the size, length and content of the genuine Third Secret. So many of the contradictions surrounding the Third Secret could actually be lies to coverup up previous lies, and to avoid Vatican accountability that (a) by refusing to release the REAL Third Secret in 1960, the opportunity to avert the prophesied spiritual catastrophe within the Church passed by, thus enabling the great apostasy to grip the Catholic Church and the whole world; (b) the REAL Third Secret was stolen due to the disobedience and negligence of the Catholic hierarchy; and (c) by disobeying the Fatima message, Church leaders had allowed communism to spread throughout the world, when they could have stopped it in its tracks by consecrating Russia in 1929. These Vatican contradictions and lies are "fear of exposure" for their crimes against God and humanity. Instead of humbly admitting their guilt and doing the right thing, they pridefully doubled down and perpetrated further lies.

Those who wanted the genuine content of the Third Secret obscured and rejected, would promote an alternative narrative. A false "third secret" and an impostor "Sister Lucy" would be successfully imposed on the Church, deceiving a hierarchy that had become lax, corrupt and infiltrated. A substitution for both the REAL Third Secret and the real Sister Lucy would be absolutely necessary to pull off this grand deception. The smoke of lies would grow more dense and become almost impossible to pierce, without divine intervention (such as Our Lady of the Roses apparitions, which preserves the authentic content of the Third Secret).

Satan himself would temporarily rule in the Vatican whom the Bible has called the deceiver and destroyer of nations: "How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, who didst rise in the morning? how art thou fallen to the earth, that didst wound the nations? And thou saidst in thy heart: I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God, I will sit in the mountain of the covenant, in the sides of the north. I will ascend above the height of the clouds, I will be like the most High." (Isaiah 14: 12-14)

Our Lady of the Roses warned the world on September 7, 1978: "Satan, Lucifer in human form, entered into Rome in the year 1972. He cut off the rule, the role of the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI. Lucifer has controlled Rome and continues this control now." The deceptions that have been perpetrated in the Vatican since 1972 are almost beyond belief: the “deception of the century”,
 the murder of Pope John Paul I, the Pope of 33 days, a cardinal consorting with the devil that was within 5 votes of becoming elected Pope, and the latest deception, the June 26, 2000 forgery.

4) The Third Secret stolen in 1969 would prevent Pope Paul VI (and any subsequent Pope) from potentially releasing it to the world: Recall that on June 29, 1972, Pope Paul VI had stated, "Through some fissure the smoke of satan entered into the temple of God." As long as the Third Secret still existed in that envelope, its possible release threatened to expose the enemies and plotters within the Catholic Church. The REAL Third Secret would explain the source of the changes, chaos and revolution within the Catholic Church since Vatican II as being caused by Satan and his agents. As Cardinal Oddi has stated, "I would not be surprised if the Secret had something to do with the convocation of Vatican II." (Read more) The Catholic faithful, being forewarned that the changes in the Church were satanic in origin and displeasing to God, would have rejected them and not have been deceived. Unfortunately, this heaven-sent warning (the REAL Third Secret) was suppressed and not released in 1960, in retrospect a perfect time to have released this warning to the Catholic Church.

5) Why the Vatican's "third secret" press conference on June 27, 2000 accepted no questions from the press:
And for those intrepid Baysiders and Fatima experts who could easily spot a fake Third Secret, the Vatican would hold a press conference on June 27, 2000 that ALLOWED NO QUESTIONS, in truly totalitarian style. The light of the world would suddenly become afraid of daylight, and the charade would go forward with Pope John Paul II's apparent blessing (who had unknowingly been deceived). If that press conference had accepted questions, several questions would likely have been asked:

(a) Sister Lucy, in her fourth Memoir, wrote the first line of the Third Secret: "In Portugal, the dogma of the faith will always be preserved, etc." Fr. Joaquin Alonso, the official archivist of Fatima, verified this truth. Why is this line not in the alleged "third secret" released by the Vatican on June 26, 2000?

(b) When did Sister Lucy learn how to type?
A computer-generated letter addressed to Walter M. Noelker (November 8, 1989) was attributed to Sister Lucy in the Vatican's 'third secret' report released on June 26, 2000. On October 11, 1990, Sister Lucy’s own blood sister Caroline told Fr. Nicholas Gruner in Fatima that little or no trust can be put in any typewritten letter from Sister Lucy as she does not even know how to type. In a written report on October 22, 1990, a highly regarded forensic expert from Canada indicated that Sister Lucy’s signature was forged on this computer-generated letter (Read more). Is the Vatican involved in a conspiracy to falsify the authentic Fatima message?

(c) Why does the Vatican's version of the "third secret" contain a writing style that only has a cursive-style capital "S," when Sister Lucy's style has consistently been a print-style capital "S"?
Why is there only cursive capital "S" in the alleged "third secret", and only print-style capital "S" on the envelopes containing the "third secret"?  Is the Vatican putting out another forgery?

(d) Is the Vatican-Moscow Treaty still in effect?
If so, how does that square with Pope Pius XI's teaching that no Catholic was allowed to cooperate with communism? "See to it, Venerable Brethren, that the Faithful do not allow themselves to be deceived! Communism is intrinsically wrong, and no one who would save Christian civilization may collaborate with it in any undertaking whatsoever." (On Atheistic Communism, #58) Should the Vatican publicly repent of having betrayed the world by not condemning communism at Vatican II and afterwards? (Read more)

(e) Why was Fr. Joaquin Alonso's 24 volume history of Fatima not allowed to see the light of day?
Is the Vatican afraid that Fr. Alonso's expert documentation on the Fatima apparitions would contradict the false narrative and obvious forgery that is put forward to the world as the "third secret"?

(f) Two years after the command to consecrate Russia was made (June 13, 1929), Jesus complained that His ministers (Pope and bishops) delayed the execution of His command. This complaint was made in 1931. By what authority does the Catholic hierarchy disobey a direct command from almighty God?
Do you follow the example of Our Lady ("be it done to me according to thy word" , Luke 1:38) or Lucifer ("non serviam", "I will not serve")?


Fr. Alonso, Cardinal Oddi, Cardinal Ottaviani, Cardinal Ciappi and Pope Benedict on the REAL Third Secret 

It is obvious that the Vatican and high Church leaders have been trying to substitute a false narrative regarding the Fatima apparitions and the Third Secret. Let us read some of the more notable quotes on the Third Secret, previous to 2000:

We know that Sister Lucy in her fourth Memoirs wrote down the first line of the Third Secret of Fatima, "In Portugal, the dogma of faith will always be preserved, etc." This key sentence gives us a great insight into the essential message of the Third Secret of Fatima. According to the official archivist of Fatima, Father Alonso: "'In Portugal, the dogma of the faith will always be preserved'. This sentence in all clarity implies the critical state of the faith which will befall other nations. That is to say that there will be a crisis of faith, while Portugal will save its faith". "Therefore", Father Alonso asserts, "in the period which precedes the great Triumph of the Heart of Mary, the terrible things which are the object of the third part of the Secret, will occur. Which ones? If, 'In Portugal, the dogmas of faith will always be preserved,' one can deduce from it with perfect clarity that in other parts of the Church these dogmas either are going to become obscure or else even be lost. Thus it is quite possible that in this ...period which is in question, ...the text makes concrete reference to the negligence of the pastors themselves.... One conclusion does indeed seem to be beyond question: the content of the unpublished part of the Secret does not refer to new wars or political upheavals, but to happenings of a religious and intra-Church character, which of their nature are still more grave." (Read more)

This interpretation would seem to be confirmed by the following incident: Pope Pius XII had charged Fr. Joseph Schweigl with a mission to personally visit Sister Lucy in August 1952. After questioning Sister Lucy on the Third Secret, on his return to the 'Russicum', Father Schweigl confided to one of his relatives, Father Cyrille Karel Kozina: "I cannot reveal anything about what I have learned at Fatima about the Third Secret, but I can say that it has two parts: the one concerns the Pope. The other, logically - although I should say nothing - should be the continuation of the words: 'In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved.'" ... Concerning the part which concerns the Pope, [Father Kozina] had asked: "The present Pope, or rather the next one?" To that question, Father Schweigl did not reply.

Cardinal Silvio Oddi insists "It [the Third Secret] has nothing to do with Gorbachev. The Blessed Virgin was alerting us against apostasy in the Church." (Il Sabato, Rome, March 17, 1990). The Cardinal went on to say that "I would not be surprised if the Third Secret alluded to dark times for the Church: grave confusions and troubling apostasies within Catholicism itself...." He also linked the Third Secret with Vatican II: "What happened in 1960 that might have been seen in connection with the Secret of Fatima? The most important event is without a doubt the launching of the preparatory phase of the Second Vatican Council. Therefore I would not be surprised if the Secret had something to do with the convocation of Vatican II." (Read more)

We know that Cardinal Ottaviani, the predecessor of Cardinal Ratzinger, read the Third Secret and made reference to one of its themes on December 15, 1960, in an allocution to the members of the Marian International Academy. He declared: "It suffices to cast a rapid glance at what is happening at this moment in the world, in order to recognize that without the intervention of the Mother of all mercy near the All-Powerful, the world risks becoming pagan once more, a paganism more deplorable than the first paganism, because it is aggravated by apostasy. We are witnessing a veritable deluge of sins, a deluge which leaves behind it a nauseating quagmire, infected by immorality, lies and blasphemy..."

Cardinal Ratzinger (later to become Pope Benedict XVI), in a 1984 interview with Italian journalist Vittorio Messori, stated that the Third Secret is concerned with "dangers threatening the faith and life of the Christian, and therefore the world. And also the importance of the 'last times,'... but the things contained in this Third Secret correspond to what is announced in Scripture..." [Note: The 1985 edition of The Ratzinger Report edited out this statement on the Third Secret. Why? On pages 818-824 of the book The Whole Truth About Fatima: The Third Secret, Bro. Michael of the Holy Trinity documents these changes between the 1984 and 1985 editions of The Ratzinger Report]

Cardinal Mario Ciappi, the Papal Theologian, said in 1995, "In the Third Secret it is foretold, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church will begin at the top."


"My children, long ago I warned you from Fatima, I warned you through many voice-boxes throughout your world that the time will come when you will embark upon a stormy sea, and it shall be bishop against bishop and cardinal against cardinal, and satan shall set himself in your midst." - Our Lady of the Roses, November 20, 1976

"I gave Lucy the Revelation as a temporary secret—as I revealed [the Third Secret] to you on two occasions. Make a concerted effort to bring its entirety to Our children on earth. The hierarchy have not listened to My counsel—thirty-two years lost in indecision and fear of exposure. The Faith is shattered for many." - Our Lady of the Roses, April 29, 1992


Our Lady of the Roses Bayside messages:

"Many years have gone by, My children, since I tried to warn you at Fatima. My message was scorned then by many, discarded and hidden from the world, but My message now cannot be discarded or kept hidden, for you have reached now a point in your life, My children, your lifetime upon your earth, when your days are now being counted." - Our Lady, February 10, 1977

"My child, how many warnings have I sent upon the world, and yet they go unheeded.
   "I wish that you make known, or refresh the memory of My children with My visit to the land of Fatima." - Our Lady, April 13, 1974

"My child, they converse of the secret that I gave at Fatima. It is a simple explanation. It could not be fully revealed because of the drastic nature of My message. How I warned and warned that satan would enter into the highest realms of the hierarchy in Rome. The Third Secret, My child, is that satan would enter into My Son's Church." - Our Lady, May 13, 1978

"My Mother came to you at Fatima warning that unless man stopped his path to perdition, Russia would spread her errors throughout your world causing misery, sufferings, and death and enslavement. My children, you did not listen and act upon Her counsel then, just as many now do not listen and act upon Her counsel. It is a part of human nature to exercise too free a will to reject. And this, I say, falls also onto My pastors who are scattering My sheep in My House." - Our Lady, May 27, 1978

"My warnings at Fatima were cast aside as they are being cast aside now, My children. It is a failing of human nature, My child, that that which does not give pleasure to the carnal nature of man is not accepted. Man shall blind himself to the truth, as he does not wish to face the truth. And those who seek to bring him the truth are cast aside and do much penance, My child." - Our Lady, September 13, 1975

"The forces of evil are gathering.  666 now controls all the world, and sad to say, My children, 666 has entered upon Rome, and the fight for power has begun.  Pray for your Vicar.  Pray for all men of sin, and above all, My children, pray for your children, for many parents shall shed tears of great remorsetoo late!" - Jesus, September 28, 1976  

"Satan, Lucifer in human form, entered into Rome in the year 1972. He cut off the rule, the role of the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI. Lucifer has controlled Rome and continues this control now.
    "And I tell you now, My children, unless you pray and make My counsel known to all of the ruling fathers of the Eternal City of Rome, My Son's Church, His House, will be forced into the catacombs. A great struggle lies ahead for mankind. The eventual outcome is for good of all, for this trial in My Son's Church will be a true proving ground for all the faithful. Many latter-day saints shall rise out of the tribulation." - Our Lady, September 7, 1978

"My child, they converse of the secret that I gave at Fatima. It is a simple explanation. It could not be fully revealed because of the drastic nature of My message. How I warned and warned that satan would enter into the highest realms of the hierarchy in Rome. The Third Secret, My child, is that satan would enter into My Son's Church." - Our Lady, May 13, 1978



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